Header update

A change up top, and a bunch of cleanup under the hood!  We've been working on the header bit by bit to try and make it clearer without taking up too much page space.  I think it's going well... We've also been cleaning up code underneath, so please let us know by posting a bug category forum topic, if you find anything we broke.  Most of the invisible changes are javascript and CSS.

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

Is there a way to remove the gigantic Instructables header that does nothing but waste space? Answered

Do I just have to use that webmonkey plugin for Firefox, or is there a simpler way to do it? Adblocking the image seems to do nothing.

Asked by weblionx 8 years ago

Search header on website not working

The search feature on the website header does not work on my computer.  The header is fragmented and shifted over.  I cannot click in the box that is supposed to be the search area in order to search for a topic.   I'm running Windows XP and IE 7 (our office won't upgrade to IE 8 because of potential conflicts....that's what I've been told).  I've attached a screen shot in a Word document, I hope it comes through.  

Posted by sjax 8 years ago

Change instructables header from orange! Update 4

(Made new topic because old one was getting crowded and ugly)Yes, folks, the moment we've all been waiting for...you can customize the header at long last!For years the instructables header has been full of orangey goodness. Maybe a little too much orangey goodness. When I first saw the site, I thought, "Huh. It's February. A little early for halloween...". No lie. When I realized it's like this all the time, I realized something had to be done. I finally got around to sitting down and once and for all giving full control of the header to the user. Now, don't get me wrong. I love orange. I think the admins did a great job picking colors, I'm not trying to hate on them. But let's face it, sometimes change is good.With these handy-dandy styles, you simply install stylish, load them, and presto! No more header screaming ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE and pounding you over the head with shocking vibrant hues until you die. No more co-workers saying "are you on instructables again?! " Yes folks, the header is in your control! Yellow! Green! Invisible! Lots more! Links are all black, to avoid conflict with buttons and such. Link colors (and header color) are easily edited. To install, Firefox users can just install this addon and load the ClearHeader style. However, that's not the only way to install. Firefox users can use greasemonkey if you want. Opera users, IE 7 (ptooie!) can load the style as a userscript. It's cross browser!Many thanks to Gmjhowe for his generous contribution of mad photoshop skillz. New! Red: http://userstyles.org/styles/21622Blue: http://userstyles.org/styles/14765 Invisible: http://userstyles.org/styles/15029Yellow: http://userstyles.org/styles/15107Green: http://userstyles.org/styles/14804Eric's shoes Purple taken from his famous shoes instructable!: http://userstyles.org/styles/15032Gray: http://userstyles.org/styles/15030New! Black: http://userstyles.org/styles/21620Kiteman: http://userstyles.org/styles/15039Ewilhelm: http://userstyles.org/styles/15099Edit, tweak and post these to your heart's content. If you want THE WHOLE ENTIRE HEADER gone, not just graphics - you want EVERYTHING GONE from that bad boy, see here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Remove-the-entire-instructables-header-NOT-just/If you have questions, problems, etc, please post them here or PM me and we'll get it worked out.Many, many thanks to Yokozuna for providing me a handlogo file so I didn't have to color them in pixel by pixel like I was earlier, or mooch off gmjhowe like I did after that. :-DUPDATE: I have made substantial changes to all scripts. Please update your old versions. Due to name changes, some of them may not even update properly. If this happens, please uninstall any previously installed versions and install the new ones.Changelog:* Fixed bug in Blue header causing header to appear in all websites, not just instructables* Added the hand logo to Blue header * Marked obsolete versions of scripts* Changed all titles to reflect the application to instructables* Changed all descriptions to reflect the application to instructables* Made Black header* Made Red header* Gave all headers (except black) hand with proper white outlineFAQ:Q: I installed one header, then another one. Now I see the first one that I installed flash briefly before it goes to the current one. Now what?A: Make sure you disable all header scripts except for the one you are currently using.Q: Why are there CSS color codes at the top? That's extraneous code! You're dumb!A: Actually, I left it there on purpose, to make it nice and easy to refer to should you wish to change the link colors. Q: It's not working! Ahh!A: Make sure you have greasemonkey/stylish and the script itself enabled. If you continue to have issues, uninstall and reinstall.Q: I want to make my own. How do I do this?A: How to change the scripts:To change link colors, open the script and go to the sectionlinks */a {color: #000 !important; and change from #000 to whatever color you wish. To make custom-color scripts, download this file: . Edit it to whatever color you wish. Upload the file to an image hosting site such as tinypic or picoodle. Next, go to the first place where you see a url like (www.foo.jpg) and replace the url with the url of your uploaded picture.To make avatar headers, upload the appropriate file to an image hosting site and change as above. Then, go to the second url location and delete the url. Please upload any cool new scripts you make so others can enjoy them! If I like them I'll link them up here, too. ;)As always, please post bug reports and color requests in the comments.

Posted by Lithium Rain 8 years ago

Small change release

Just a few changes this time around.  You'll notice the header - we made it a bit shorter to use less screen real estate, and less ... orange (personally I liked the orange but many found it distracting). The main thing is that we've opened up Guide writing to all Pro users.  We're soft-starting this, it's not being announced anywhere but here as yet, so we can start out easy and see how it goes.  Guides are awfully useful and we figure more should be better but it's also good to start small sometimes. Also we're starting a new ad campaign with Dremel and there's some special content we had to prepare for that.  You'll see it very shortly!

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

how should I go about replacing the analog headers on my arduino uno? Answered

I want to replace hte headers because I dropped it and the header broke on onalog pin 5 exposing the metal that catches the pin from a shield.

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

New Header

Last night we released a new header, it quickly gives you access to all the areas of instructables that you know and love! If you see any issues please put them in the bugs forum, thanks!

Posted by frenzy 6 years ago


I noticed on the forum page overview, that the page header is always "instructables". As far as I know, it is the only page that doesn't say what it actually is. I suggest changing the header to something like "Forums - Page 1", simply for continuity and consistency.

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

cable header sockets with .1" pitch

I'm looking for sockets like the ones pictured but I'm not having any luck. I guess I don't know what to search for. What I'd like is a way to make cables to connect PCBs together. I'd like to buy the sockets and wire them up myself. I'd also like 2 pin and even 1 pin versions. At a job I had a while ago they had wires with single sockets on the end that were very handy for connecting to standard .1" male pin headers. If anyone has any idea where to find these sockets or what to search for on Digikey I'd appreciate it.

Posted by nolte919 9 years ago

New layout of comments meta-data seems compressed and cluttered

I don't think I like the tweaks that were done to the comments format.  The user's avatar, date/time stamp, and username are all mashed together with no spacing between them.  I liked having the date/time in the upper right corner, but I know that a lot of users missed the information (leading to silly bumps and year+ late replies).  Perhaps you could do something like: [Avatar] wrote on : with some spaces to keep the formatting nice?

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Remove the *entire* instructables header, NOT just graphics

As requested by  https://www.instructables.com/member/weblionx/. No, I don't know why either. But hey, who am I to judge? You need greasemonkey and, optionally for firefox, the stylish addon. Install and enable the following scripts:http://userstyles.org/styles/15029http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/59367Please note, you will need to either stay logged in all the time (so keep cookies on!) or else disable these scripts to be able to login, use the forums, and upload new instructables and the like, unless you type the urls directly - laborious!Please let me know of any bugs.

Posted by Lithium Rain 8 years ago

Homepage header mods using Adobe CS5

Psst:  we're doing something fun with the Homepage header this week!  Adobe gave us a sneak peek at their Creative Suite 5 package, so we've used some of the new tools in CS5 to create five new themed headers and make some snazzy mods to some of our house ads.  It's a great way to have fun with our header, and celebrate the release of our new categories! As a bonus for all you Photoshop artists out there, fungus amungus will be posting an Instructable documenting how he made the header images.  How did he get the laser-cut logo to float?  There are some neat new tricks that made the process super-easy. Check out How to Make an Instructables Header for full instructions! Check back on the homepage every day this week to see what's new, and let us know what you think! Note:  the rest of the site is normal; any changes are the result of our new categories and updated header.  The homepage header will revert to its normal orange on Saturday.

Posted by canida 8 years ago

New Editor Header 3 Formatting Bug

I'm writing a new Instructable using the New Editor, and the formatting on my intro page keeps reverting to an incorrect formatting. I start off with one sentence written in normal text formatting followed by a couple of line breaks. Then, I have the word "INTRO" in Header 3 formatting followed by a line break then a line in italicized normal text. After a short while,  the word "INTRO" will change to normal text formatting and the line break will be replaced by a space so that the following italicized normal text line is next to the word "INTRO". I've tried correcting this several times, and it just keeps eventually reverting back to the undesired formatting. I have similar formatting in other parts of my Instructable, but this is the only place I've noticed this change occurring. Before and after pictures are attached.

Posted by TheAquaponicSource 4 years ago

Why is that little solar panel sneaking about...

That little solar panel that popped up behind robot, it was a link before but now it's in a sensible place...  Actually it was a little advertising easter egg earlier but now it's sitting there in its rightful place all smug and whatnot, lording it over me like some kind of photovoltaic fuhrer, thinks he's so good with his ability to turn photons in to voltage differentials, like I can't do that when I try. 

Posted by killerjackalope 7 years ago

New tabs.

The new tabs work, but they are counter-intuitive, and not as functional as I would expect. I would propose that the "More" tab be renamed "Community", to give a better indicator of what you will find there. Plus, I suggest that the "Explore" tab include an "All Recent" option, to allow people to see all the latest projects, without having to trawl all the categories to find out. See also: Frenzy's announcement. Goodhart's thread. Steveastrouk's thread. Mpilchfamily's thread. I am also starting to find it bleedin' annoying that a brief drift of the cursor too close to the top of the page means half my screen is covered by the drop-down menu.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

What Instructable is pictured on the home page?

Hello, NK here, There is an Instructable pictured in the website's header slideshow, as of October 6th, 2014, linking to the Halloween Costume contest. The picture shows a fantastic Warhammer 40k space marine costume. I would like to find that instructable, and my searches haven't really helped, so I was wondering if some kind soul could share the link in the comments. Thanks!

Asked by nerfrocketeer 3 years ago

What is with this thing on 4chan?

There's a ->F**K<- (censored) (there's unicode arrows on the real page, but they dont work here) thing in small, red, bold, italics text at the top of the page. what's that?

Asked by awdirpotrawrzb 9 years ago

Is a header needed? Answered

Do you recommend getting a header with the ESP8266 board or not!

Asked by Newoldbuilder 6 months ago


How do I space pin headers apart to use the finished PCB on a breadboard?

Asked by suzi333 1 year ago

What's the opposite of a header called?

What's the opposite of a header called (in electronics)? Like if I was searching mouser, what would I call it? A header receptacle? I dunno Basically I want a 2x3 socket thingamadousy for programming AVRs. In my ned project space is a factor and I need the 2x3 instead of 2x5

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Header Ads

I just got this up top where the ad should be...

Posted by Weissensteinburg 9 years ago

Where can I find the file "WProgram.h"?

Whenever the PS/2 library for mice and keyboards ("ps2") is used right out of the box, it is missing the file "WProgram.h". Where can that file be found?

Asked by VirtualBoxer 5 years ago

Change the header picture for a Group [SOLVED]

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to change the header picture on our Group page? We have moved and we want to put a picture of the new location up. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Posted by Hack42 2 years ago

Put the robot on your browser.

So yesterday when I had the usual Firefox Google page open up there was a little thing at the bottom that advertised an add-on called Personas. I checked it out and it turns out it has a lot of different "skins" for Firefox that you can interchange without restarting your browser. So, when I saw that you could make your own skins I thought of one thing, an Instructables persona, and here it is. For those who think that the amount of orange on each page of Instructables is not enough for their daily lives.The file for the footer is 3000x100 pixels. The file for the headers is 3000x200 pixels which is required for the headers and footers. The pictures below are just showing what the right sides of the different headers look like. The links below lead to the original files for the headers and footers so you can make them a part of your browser, just follow the instructions here, go to "Do I have to add my Persona to the public gallery?". Just download the original pics from these pages.Robot Header copyRobot Header 1 copyRobot Header 2 copyRobot Header 3 copyFooter it is just the darker orange color on the headerUPDATE:The persona for the first one is finally available on Personas

Posted by n8man 9 years ago

Has answers disappeared from your 'ible header too ? Answered

As of this morning, I can't see answers in the 'ible main page. Steve

Asked by steveastrouk 8 years ago

I meant the female header

Asked by Rekshid 5 months ago

Custom PDF not working correctly

When I go to make a custom PDF, I remove the Header, Comments, and related instructables. However, tonight it is still showing the header and related instructables..

Posted by josheggleston 7 years ago

Do it yourself

I want to open an interior supporting wall and make a six foot wide by four foot tall pass thru window/bar counter between the kitchen and living room. Do I have to build a header for the opening?

Posted by TAPena 6 years ago

i need headers... that fit.?

So my set up is, I have a 366 big block from a 2 ton grain truck. and before you say there is no such thing, it is a real motor. I have one, it is the smallest big block but its a big block. with a SM465 granny tranny and NP 205. normal headers wont fit the starter is in a weird position the starter solenoid is in the way. I need to find cheap headers that will work? do you know where I can get some? this pic was taken without the starter on. we tried to put the starter in afterwards and ya it did not work lol

Asked by vince 09 9 years ago

Epilog contest page layout

So, I saw the Epilog contest today and when I saw the page, I noticed the different layout for the header, and I liked it. Just stick in the orange and change the "You" bar to white and you have a much slimmer header bar for Instructables. Any thoughts?

Posted by n8man 9 years ago

Can an xbee send live video streaming? Answered

Well, the header says it all. SKC

Asked by Balls of Kevlar 6 years ago

Me likey the new header layout.

Ok you guys, the new update rocks, especially the new header layout, and the profile page featured banners. On the header, when "Contests" and "Community" were right next to each other, I would always click on "Contests" when I wanted the other. The renaming of "Community" to "Forums" and moving it over is great. I always missed the featured banners on profile pages, and now that they're back, I love instructables even more (again!). And the new contest page layout is great. That's one less page I have to wait to load. On the "Awesome prizes" tab, though, you may want to insert some pictures. And I also like the relocation of the search bar. Overall, a very, very awesome update. Nice job, instructables team, give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Posted by kcls 7 years ago

Page Layout

The menus and header layout don't display right in IE9 (nor IE8 or IE7 mode). See the attached file.

Posted by rrdenn 6 years ago

Pages blocked

Just recently certain pages have not been displaying, along with the Instructables header. Probably ad ware problems

Posted by Mud Stuffin 9 years ago

Is there any way to program an arduino nano without the USB port or ICSP headers?

I was wondering if there was a way to program an arduino nano without using the USB port on it or its ICSP headers. My arduino's USB port broke off and i don't have a programmer for the ICSP pins. Is there a way to program it with another arduino? If so, it would be great if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Asked by Robot Lover 6 years ago

Rendering of Instructables in Chrome

Rendering of the Header section in google chrome obscures the login button with the contests button see attached image 

Posted by m^3 7 years ago