Whats the difference between the wiring of ipod headphones and non ipod headphones? Answered

I was trying to make a speaker for an old MP3 player, but the headphones I have wont work...any ideas?

Asked by NativeSs 6 years ago

Tube headphone amp

I want to build a tube headphone amp. Is it possible to make a smps (switch mode power suply) to power it? It would be like a mix between old and new technology!

Posted by dwj300 9 years ago

Is there a way to curl headphone cords with out ruining them??? Answered

Hello all,,, I was just wondering if there is a way to curl headphone cords with out ruining them? Like melting the plastic or something...Hopefully we can use the help for my kids DS cords as well.

Asked by bigmark 6 years ago

Headphone-Speaker switch

This goes with my last post on putting an Ipod in an old CD player case. I now have an idea to have a switch to change the sound output between headphones and powerd speakers. Again I tried to research how to wire a switch and this is what i came up with.

Posted by fresh1 8 years ago

Need help with modify headphone amp schematic? Answered

I need help with remove the op-amp part of the headphone amp .I have  another gainstage ,so i only need the transistor part.Can i modify the schematic like the image bellow ??? Thanks in advance! Sorry for my bad English!

Asked by login721 5 years ago

How to increase computer output volume without headphone? Answered

I use p5-qplam motherboard.when i connect my 100mw 32ohm headphone,I feel its volume is very low even every volume adjuster is at max. I don,t want to spend too much.How can I obtain more volume?

Asked by Suraj Grewal 6 years ago

automatic headphone audio switch

Does anyone know how to make an item that will let you plug in multiple 1/8" sources (radio, ipod, phone...) that auto switches to a single output by sequence, so the ipod is playing but when a call comes in the audio from the phone makes the switch bypass the ipod till the call is done then goes back to the music? i would love to get some help with this thanks Jake

Posted by jakehooks 9 years ago

my earphones wires dont have any colors? Answered

I was trying to repair my earphones but i couldnt beacause when ii tried to stick it with another jack from an old one i found out that it doesnt have any colors on it and the old jack have the regular colors 

Asked by medos7 7 months ago

Speaker Help

I am trying to take an old "portable" speakers (which is rather large), remove the speakers, solder on heaphones, and make a new more portable version. I did all that. But the sound coming from the speaker is so soft I can hardly hear it and it is choppy. Before I removed the speakers, it worked very well and loud. How can I make it louder?

Posted by Soileau 10 years ago

Wireless headphone with Microphone

Can anybody tell me how to make a wireless headphone and microphone. Both microphone and headphones should be wireless. I found that one can buy a wireless headphone or a wireless microphone, but not a combination of both. Why I need it. I make long phone calls, during which I need to walk around. If I use a cordless phone, I have to keep holding the receiver with one hand all the time. If I use a speakerphone, everybody around listens to the conversation. Therefore I need one wireless headphone with mic.

Posted by anilsaxena 10 years ago

Headphone amplifier using LM324, is it possible?

I have been scouring the web looking for a possible circuit for this chip. just one input and one output. i cant find anything, is it possible??

Asked by MCW1989 4 years ago

Soldering headphone jack, any special solder?

Hi. I purchased some decent headphones a little while ago and my little brother was playing with the cats with the jack. One of them stuck their claw through it and it needs replacing. They were pretty expensive headphones, so I want to repair these. Will any old solder do? I like my sound quality. I've only got Lead-free crap ATM. Cheers, Josho.

Posted by Josho 8 years ago

Free Earphone Buds

Every lose ear buds (the soft part on them), everyone has now you can get free ones from Acoustic Forge http://acousticforge.com/, you just pay S/H and you get free earbuds, if you want to support the Acoustic Forge product : IronBuds, which are fully-hackable headphones you can make a pledge at kickstarter (link on webpage). For donating they will send you a pair (or more) of headphones and you will be supporting new, modular, headphones, each part of the headphones is separate, so you can customize the  bud, headphone, cables, and much more! If you lose or break a piece rather than buying an entire new set you just have to get a single part of the headphones!

Posted by Algag 6 years ago

Need help wiring headphone amp

I ordered this amp and I'm not entirely sure how to wire it up. I have a decent guess on how to do it but I'm not entirely sure. Help is appreciated, thanks.

Posted by beckertastic 3 years ago

Headphone started Peeling, any ideas? Answered

I have a SONY MDR-ZX600 Headphone which started peeling off at the ear pad and head rest area. I called the service and they wudnt replace it and i dunt want to buy new ones 'cause i wud face the same prob later. Is ther any idea to fix this and make it aestheticly pleasing?  Thanks!

Asked by Kaushik LS 3 years ago

Adding headphone jack to stereo bluetooth headset - Confused by wiring

I have a stereo bluetooth headset which has a right channel earbud connected to the mic part and a detachable left channel earbud. I opened it up and found a green and copper colored coated wire going to the right earbud then another set of green and coppor coloerd wires going to the plug in for the left earbud. Using a left/right audio testing program on my phone I tried wiring the wires up to a set of headphones to test which wire is which. When I wire up the green right wire to the right channel and the copper colored wire to the ground I get sound through just the right channel as I would expect. When I add the green wire from the left channel to te left connection on the headphones both channels play through both sides of my headphones. When I did those tests I was assuming the copper colored wire was a ground. I then reversed the colors assuming the green wire was the ground and repeated the same test with the same results. No matter what combination I connect the wires in I cannot isolate the left channel to the left side and the right channel to the right side. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by xxxjdoggxxx 3 years ago

How to replace BT Headphone Batteries?

Hi, I own an Alcatroz Airwave 300 for 6 months and I have issues with battery. I always use it when I got home from school, doing homeworks, doing household chores, even going out to the public. I always charged it until its full but they only last for 2 1/2 hours. Recently, I noticed that my battery discharges easily. It doesn't last for 5 mins. So I decided to open the headphone where the battery and bluetooth module was installed, then the battery inflated and exploded. I was lucky that i'm not hurt but then I had no money to replace those. The warranty on this thing voided so I got no choice but to replace it. One day, I was looking for a potential replace for my headphones then I found my old nokia. It's display was damaged but the battery is still good. After 6 years of owning it, I can't believe that my Nokia battery still runs good as new. I thought to myself "why not". Also there is another problem, I don't even know how to solder a simple wire. I have the basic equipment so I need your thoughts and advice including how to do it.Note: before the battery exploded. I lost my receipt after I puchased it, without it, then I have no free warranty. Plus these thing were the last of its batch ever sold as a bluetooth portable headphone.

Posted by MikoT7 4 months ago

Solve feedback from speakers, similar to mobile phone.

Only very recently i've been hearing a sound in my headphones and it sounds exactly like when i would recieve a text message or a phone call(with a much older pair of headphones). The difference being there is no phone anywhere near me and i've never experienced this with my current pair (wirelss Logitech F540's) and i've had them over a year, even when i'm using my phone right beside them. Its recently also being happening to my housemate who lives accross the hall from me, we've both tried turning our phones off and asked for our housemates living below us to do the same, but the problem persists. Could there be some device that is causing the problem inside or outside of the house that i havn't thought of? And is there a method of fixing the headphones/speakers themselves. I'd like to get to the bottom of it! :D Cheers.

Asked by Dracoda 6 years ago

How do I make a Headphone/Microphone hub...

Hello, I'm a tabletop gamer and I have a problem. My problem is that sometimes I play at gaming rooms and there's usually a lot of noise there. What I was wondering is, is there an easy way of making a Headphone/Microphone hub that players at the table can plug in their headsets and thus ignore most of the ambient noise from the other people around them? I have an understanding of electronics and how to work with them. I just don't have the finer knowledge of how to actually make stuff from scratch unless I follow a blueprint with listed components to use. What's needed is something the "host" (be it a Gamemaster or the one who's running the game) can plug his microphone headset into and the players at the table as well (let's say 10 players, so that's 11 headphones and 11 microphones). And the host needs to have a means to talk to just some players at various times, and each player must in turn have the ability to speak to the host as well.  I'm certain this gadget or something similar is or has been made at some point in time, kinda like the conference tools corporations use for their meetings, just a little lower tech than that, and it needs to be easily transportable. I would be grateful for any help on this matter.

Posted by hnakkabuff 5 years ago

Custominzed Earphone (tuning earphone)

Hi there guys, does anyone knows how to tune earphones? like if you wan a bassy one you can tweak your earphone? i know some guys did this i just dont know how

Posted by stanum887 2 years ago

Apple-Bose headphones

Hey guys, try this!!!

Posted by Javvy 4 years ago

how to make a pair of wireless headphones?

 how to make a pair of cheap stress cheap wireless headphones??

Asked by 8 years ago

how to make sharing headphones? Answered

How can you mod headphones to be just like urbanears? and i mean the headphone jack socket on the earpiece to share your music.

Asked by Houdinipeter 8 years ago

anyone did a headphones like this??

can anyopne did a headphones like this??? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-SHC2000-05-Wireless-Headphones/dp/B000O789AM i buy this but i need an extra pair of headphones for my wife, and it will be excellent if i can biuld one.

Posted by gokufast 6 years ago

Is it possible to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to a pair of antique crystal radio headphones? Answered

I am looking to purchase a pair of antique headphones, and possibly fix them up to work like a new pair of headphones.  For example, would it be possible to manipulate these headphones, and add a 3.5mm headphone jack to them? http://cgi.ebay.com/Frost-Fones-162-1000-early-crystal-radio-headphones-/120647686331?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c172998bb Thanks for your help.

Asked by Brennn10 7 years ago

How do you enhance the acoustics of over-the-ear headphones? Answered

I recently made headphones, but the acoustics sound all wrong. Any tips on how I can fix it? The headphones: https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-Headphones/ Thanks in advance!

Asked by Justin Lam 7 years ago

Pocket Bass Amp for headphone use? Answered

If i follow the ruby diagraham or any other guitar headphone amp schematic how would i make it sound better for my bass? I looked up the details on the guitar version guitar version question, and answer:  https://www.instructables.com/community/Headphone-Guitar-Amp/ schematic for that:  http://www.runoffgroove.com/ruby.html how to add a headphone jack:   http://www.generalguitargadgets.com/pdf/ggg_ruby.pdf

Asked by Houdinipeter 7 years ago

Adding a seperate headphone socket box to a music keyboard that can be switced of

Hello all, can anyone help? I am currently repairing a number of electronic keyboards, most of which have faulty headphone sockets due to plugs being inserted and then taken out sgain. I want to create a headphone box which splits the output but also enables you to switch the headphones of without taking out the plug thus minimising wear and tear on the socket. Any ideas please??

Posted by StanThe2ndMan 10 years ago

Apple headphone Jack to 2 Speakers

I am trying to attach a apple headphone jack to 2 speakers. Which wires do I have to put where because on the right side there are 3 wires which are the red, copper, and the red and green wire twisted together and on the left side there is the green and the copper and is there anyway that you can control the volume on your ipod from the remote that's on the headphones??

Posted by moojomoore 6 years ago

How can i repair the volume control in headphones? Answered

Volume control in my headphones are not working correctly. As I increase/decrease volume, sound in one or other or both speaker vanishes. I just bought them a month ago. Is there a way I can remove volume control from these headphones and make it 'direct' and control the volume using only software (media player, etc).

Asked by 8 years ago

i want to connect speaker wire to a headphone jack (from headphones) for a project i am doing is this possible?

I need to know if it is possible to connect normal speaker wire to  the wire from headphones so that the normal speaker wire has the jack on the end, i have searched for hours on the internet but can't find anything :( if anyone is able to help i would really appreciate it :)    thankyou

Asked by jasonroughton 8 years ago

Headphone Amp For Laptop DJ

I use my laptop to play music...(using virtual dj software)....splitting the jack .. the volume from headphone is ok when playing small system.... big system the headphone volume is low....i need more ..i buy a volume switch (B5k) thinking that will solve the problem  ..but when i connect it and turn it up its the same volume i get as if i just connect it without... QUESTION can i add any thing to this to make the headphone louder..without using any external power source 6v,12v battery etc

Posted by hitek 6 years ago

Twisting 3 wires inside headphones cable not working?

I have headphone with a single cable and it has 3 wires in them (red, green, golden). I had to strip the cable because the 3.5mm jack broke. I have striped another cable with a 3.5mm male jack so as to extend the length of my headphones cable.. it also has 3 wires (red, blue, golden). These are very thin wires and has white thread in them to make them strong(i guess). i have striped the white thread off and twisted the two same colored wires with each other, but the headphones don't work....what am i doing wrong...i've made sure that the wires are not touching each other..

Asked by varun.coolmax 7 years ago

Headphone Contest - Winner announced

Hey guys, I'm putting a spare three month pro subscription up for grabs, because I collected three in as many days.  So to win the three month subscription you'll need to come up with an awesome project based around headphones, it has to have been published after this topic and mustn't be a rehash of the same project you did a month before...  Feel free to take the theme loosely though it's just got to involve headphones.  As soon as you've published your instructable comment with a link to it.  Contest ends on the 30th of june, when I'll be lying in the sun with my girlfriend making her help me choose the winner.  RANDOM PRIZE - If I can afford to give another membership away there will also be a random prize given out at the end of the contest.  Patches for all participants in the contest, out of my personal stack, so hopefully I don't run out.  ***UPDATE*** It was a tough thing to decide, I loved the quirkiness of have knit headphones, think the idea of having freedom with headphone choice and bluetooth was cool, the versatility of having a volume control for everything but overall my love of blinking lights won and I chose the Led music synched headphones, mainly because the idea was cool and because I like the thought of making this with a big pair of headphones to make glowing domes on my head. Congratulations plugable  I hope to run more contests like this, only having four entries was a bit disappointing but I suppose it's tricky getting started... With any luck I'll eventually have really awesome contests...

Posted by killerjackalope 8 years ago

DIY Headphone/Speaker switcher

Hi. I want a box where I can select whether I was the signal to go to either my headphones or my desktop speakers. I know I can just get a 3.5mm splitter cable, but I'd prefer to be able to switch of either one when it's not being used. To get around having to use several switches, I thought of this. If you think (like me) that it'll work, could you please let me know. Thanks, wbr

Posted by WildBlueRhino 10 years ago

Vintage Headphone repair, help needed

I have some vintage Superex Stereophones, model Pro B-VI (with a google search only find an ad in a paper dated 1973 referencing them). They have both a tweeter and a woofer in each ear, and I believe the resistors in the crossovers have gone bad. The high end drops out now and then to pop back in after a short while or after a minor volume adjustment - other than that the volume is crystal clear. Am I right in assuming the resistors could be the issue? The other components in the crossovers are just inductor coils, which are know are for the low pass, so it can't be those. I know instructables isn't a electronics repair forum, but I wasn't too sure of where else I could ask and find knowledgeable people. I love this site. :) I.W.

Posted by incredibleweirdo 10 years ago

Where to buy some iPod headphones in low price?

Where to buy some iPod headphones in low price?

Asked by Haileelu 9 years ago

How can I fix a short or broken wire/connection in a USB headset? Answered

I've got a USB headset (that is, stereo headphones with a built in microphone) that has either a short or a broken wire or connection inside of the in-line volume control and the right ear piece only works when the wires are held in perfect position which is really impossible for any extended amount of time. The volume control is just a wheel for volume control and a switch to mute the microphone. I've tried to get it apart along the "seam" but it appears to be sealed somehow and I don't want to irreversibly break it since it's the only one I have for the time being. I also do NOT want to just cut the volume control off an splice the ends together to completely eliminate the problem. I very much need the quick access volume controls as they are. I'm really looking for some advice on how to open the volume control without damaging it further and how to go about locating and fixing the problem. Any help appreciated, thanks. This image contains an identical volume control to mine (different headset, however): content.etilize.com/Large/10365180.jpg

Asked by Darxide23 8 years ago


I have this headphones and one side is bigger than the other dose any one no why

Asked by robertjames 6 years ago

microphone help?

I'm hoping that you Audio folks can help me out here. I'm trying to make my own microphone setup for gaming, however the only problem that I am having as of right now is that I cannot figure out how to connect the earbud with the microphone itself. If anybody has any ideas as to how to do this please let me know, I am also hoping that I can do this without an op amp as I have never used them before and am completely clueless when it comes to how they work, if somebody wants to let me know how they work and how to set one up then I'm all ears ( or eyes in this case ) I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Asked by Z0n3d0ut 7 years ago

would this IR sound transmitter work probably ? Answered

HI i was looking for an easy and good circuit to transmit sound over IR i searched using Google and found some circuits the first one http://www.electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/lab/ad.asp?url=/efylinux/circuit/feb2003/aug99_IRcordless.pdf&title=Infrared%20Cordless%20Headphone i found it on many sites and they say that it's working but the problem is that i can't find some essential parts in the stores where i live (the transformer ,bd140 or sk100) the second one http://www.electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/lab/ad.asp?url=/EFYLinux/circuit/January2007/CI-01_Jan07.pdf&title=IR%20Music%20Transmitter%20and%20Receiver is very easy and i have all the parts except for The UM66 which i think can be replaced with a 555 astable circuit to produce some sound but i want to know if it's possible to replace the UM66 with some sound source (TV , Mp3 player ,PC sound card output) ? if you have a tested circuit please post it here PS my local store http://www.ram.com.eg

Asked by aessam1 7 years ago

I want to mod by headphones to be like beats Answered

I have a pair of skull candy headphones and the wire connecting that connects the headphones to my ipod ripped!!! Instead of buying a new pair of headphones I wanted to be able to use a line in kind of cable (like beats by Dr. Dre does) to connect it to my ipod. How can I mod the headphones so I will be able use a line in cable? please help!!!

Asked by Tochi97 6 years ago

What headphones do you use for your iPods?

What kind of iPod headphones do you use now? For funny, just want to know some body eles use what headphones for their iPods. Show them here.

Posted by Haileelu 9 years ago

Broken Sennheiser HD 435 Headphones

I recently broke my headphones, snapped clean through the adjustable bit between headphone and head band, and wondered if anyone had any suggestion of what to do with them? I've already tried glueing them and that failed.

Posted by juicebarjoseph 10 years ago

How would I make my normal ipod headphones fit better in my ears? Answered

Ok my headphones for my iPod always fall out of my ear is there anyway to fit them better

Asked by ps3king1 9 years ago