What is a heatsink? I see the word everywhere? Answered

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Is heat pipe is effective to evacuate the heat out of the system during heat season ?

I want to maintain a temperature of water feed into an equipment to be  no less than 0 C in winter and no more than 20 C in summer case using a heat pipe technology. The surrounding temp is about -15 C in Winter and 40 C in summer. How is it possible? Please advice !

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can you shrink heat shrink tube with a hair dryer? Answered

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which absorbs more heat, flat black or high gloss black?

Does flat black or high gloss black absorb more heat from the sun?

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How Often do you use heat shrink?

Just curious, I find that I use a lot of heat shrink when wiring. Its just so handy, I used to get through a lot of electric tape but heat shrink it easy & simple.

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If a material is heated from the one side (100C), does it require the same amount of cooling (-100C) to get it cold?

If a material is heated from the one side and it takes 10min to transfer the energy to the other side, how long will it take to get the material cool to it's original temperature? (10min?) Does it depend on heating versus cooling. in other words, if it is heated at 100degrees, do you need to cool it at -100degrees to equal the time it takes to enter versus the time it takes to exit?

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how to make (DIY) glass that keep the heat of the drink ex for hot coffee? Answered

I like to drink coffe, but it getting cold easily. i wonder how to make my own simple, DIY, glass that can preserve the heat of my drink. thanks before :)

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What is the best smallish enclosure for a coffee maker type heating element?

I'm wanting to start a project involving the use of an old coffee maker heating element. I don't know what type of safe enclosure to put it in to keep it separate from the wood fixture it will be attached to. Any ideas?

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How best to circulate wood insert heat into the bedrooms at the end of the house?

We have a decent size wood insert with dual squirrel cage fans in the center of the house on the ground floor.  It does a good job of heating the room its in, however none of the satellite rooms nor the upstairs bedrooms get much heat.  We have central air,  would running the system on circulate help, or will that just pull the warmest air out of each room (the returns are up high)?  Ultimately, I'd love an air/water heat exchanger to plumb into our HVAC but that doesn't seem practical from a house layout, expense or cosmetic perspective.

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How do I remove a heat mat so I can reuse it on a different tank.?

I started to remove the mat and decided I better ask someone before I ruin it. K

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I am looking for a material that is thermally conductive, but electrically insulating. Answered

I need a thin sheet of this material to electrically Isolate my transistor from the heat sink without hampering the heat transfer...I tried Mica ..is there something better?

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Is it possible to take a low heat spread over a large area and convert it into a high heat in a small area? For example a normal fireplace can't melt cast iron, but 2 or three create enough energy. Could you concentrate that? (thats just an example, I have a much more brilliant plan) Thanks

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How many BTU's of HEAT rise up out of the ground per square foot in the winter ?or... how can i measure it myself? Answered

It is a little known fact, but 60 degree HEAT is under the ground, and it RISES UP out of the ground. I know, because i used it to "heat" my house last december. My house didn't get colder than about 60 degrees, even though the outside temperature got down to 35 degrees... and i kept my furnace OFF. I tried to search the internet for information but cant find anyone else who mentions it.

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tesla turbine question.? Answered

I was wondering, if i make a tesla turbine with big a** blades, then completely enclosed them, and finally covered the enclosure with heat sinking fins would i be able to develop a heat differential between the center and the outer? and could i make it colder/hotter by allowing the air to turn in on itself at the bottom? how much could i expect, a few degrees in Fahrenheit? or could this possibly get down to -120 degrees Celsius?

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how to make electricity from temperture difference

Hi, One day I saw on Discovery a guy using a local stream to make electricity. really cool, he attached a light bulb to it and put that into layers of stone. by doing so, the stone heated and so he was able to cook on it. Basically what I am asking is, how can you make electricity from the local stream by means of temperature difference with the air temperature. TXS!!!

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How to make Chimney Auto Start?

Hi All, I would to make automation for Stove chimney. My goal is , as I start my gas stove for cooking my chimney should start immediately. Please give me some idea to achieve this goal. My Idea is it can be achieved using heat sensor near gas stove with a relay switch. If my idea is correct please help me to design circuit. Let me know if further info required. Thanks Vinit

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Temperature rate of rise on unexposed side of material with resistance R?

If a material with a thermal resistance R is exposed to an elevated temperature, how do you calculate the temperature of the unexposed side as a function of time?

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Coldheat where to get.

I read about Coldheat an alternative to soldering and i was wondering if i can get it in a store like walmart, superstore, the source by circuit city or something like that. I don't like to ordering things off the internet so yeah.

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how to calculate heat transfer rate through a heat pipe ?

Objective: maintain a temperature of water feed into an equipment to be ( 0C-20C). he surrounding temp is about -15 C in Winter and 40 C in summer. I would consider the soil as a heat sync. Any equation to calculate the amount of heat the heat pipe can transfer or  be dissipated  ? Thanks !!

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How Can I make a Homemade pyrographic heat regulator using salvaged parts??

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Heat Reactive Fluid? Answered

I've seen metal once that was reactive to heat, it changed color when heat was applied and changed back afterwards (funny note it was used in a urinal) I'm wondering if a liquid form of this exists ? 

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How do you make a cheap heating coil? Answered

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Heat pad

Has anyone made a Heat pad before?  I want to build one for an out door cat house.  Maybe I can just use a battery operated light bulb at a high Watt.

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Heating element for Arduino circuit? Answered

Hello everyone, another question! I am working on an Arduino Uno powered thermostat/ liquid heater. I would like to know if anyone knows how to make a 5v fully submersible heating element or the likes. I am connecting it to a relay that will switch on and heat the liquid inside a container when the temp drops below 30 degrees C. Any Ideas?

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Does copper wire work well for heating coil? Answered

I want to make a diy hair dryer (https://youtu.be/NyXi30acGO0) however the heat coil is a tricky part. I have seen that video saying you need 32 AWG nichrome wire; and another video similar that uses 25 AWG nichrome wire.  I got an old long ethernet cable, however it uses 25 AWG copper wire.  Does anyone know if copper wire will work well for heat coil?

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Water Heater Idea?

Hia! Would this work. I have a lava lamp base, which heats up (I think its a heat lamp). If i made a platform and put a metal kettle ( Hey! That rhymes!) on top, would it heat the water up? hat about other food uses for one? Thanks!

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How can I bend a steel wire without a heat source?

I need to bend a steel wire that's about a little less than a half of a centimeter thick. The bend needs to be very clean, and I don't have a heat source. How can I do it?

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What is the highest temperature the ink from sharpie markers should be heated to? Answered

I need to use some kind of ink for a project that will be heated to around 400 degrees F (~200C). I was wondering if it is safe to use sharpies at these temperatures. The pen won't be heated up. Just the ink. Some kind of technical sheet would be helpful but any info you have is nice too. And also if anyone has ideas about other easily accessible high heat resistant inks then that would be awesome. Thanks!

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Would a container in space maintain its temperature?

It space where there are no particles in the air (metaphorically), would a container maintain its heat.  A vacuum doesn't conduct and in theory that would remove any chance of something losing its heat energy.  And if so would the earth lose all of its heat in the even't of the sun going away.  Or would it average out all of the temperatures, which would still be very cold and would leave the earth feeling about 0 degrees Celsius.  But in theory this would allow us to use some vast heating operation to raise the temperature of a planet and maintain it for us to live on.  I know that there are some things on earth that use the heat and convert its energy to other forms therefore heat is removed from within earth, but could those be eliminated?  This is all just food for thought for people and I kinda wondered what people would say.  Its all in all just fun to learn new things.

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Concentrated Photovoltaic?

I have converted a Satellite TV dish to a solar concentrator. Now, how do I generate electricity from the concentrated heat? Is there any photovoltaic available for this?

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Hunter Thermostat for a heat pump how to get the a/c working...?

We had this guy install a Hunter Thermostat and replace a coil so we could get heat when it was real cold. Well now that it is getting hot we want to run the a/c but it's not working right when you put it on a/c it blows out hot air and gets hotter as it blows. He hooked all the wires up except for a purple wire he said didnt need that one and put a jumper from one wire to another. The heat started working right away. At the time we were worried about heat because it was cold. Now that we found out there is a problem with the a/c we can't get the guy to come back out or the guy that was the one that put in the heat pump and did all the wiring for it. He doesn't like working with Huter digatal themostat so he is avoiding us. But I want it fixed can anything pls help me try to fix it. Tks Jennifer It is a Hunter Touchscreen Programmable thermostat model 44860 2 stage heat/2 stage cool

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HEAT SEAL or vacuum seal

Been looking all over the net for help on this, thought maybe someone here might be able to help. I need to mock up a DVD package for a DESIGN class and wanted to do something based off the Special Edition SAW DVD case in which a red liquid was trapped floating between to layers of transparent, flexible plastic. In this space it could be moved by pushing it through the plastic. So does anyone know a way i could accomplish this on my own? Vacuum sealing? Heat sealing?

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how can i make a reusable compact hand warmer?

I need it to last for a while and hen be able to heat it up. It also has to be thin and compact

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Conductivity of heat through copper?

I have a piece of flat copper, 150 mm X 30 mm X 1mm thick. I put 50 watts onto one (150 mm) end, how much arrives at the other? so: Surface area: .00015 m2 Distance: .03 m thermal conductivity copper: 400 W.m-1.K-1

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Mirror Heater/Demister?

Hi, I need some advice on how to wire up a homemade mirror heater or demister. I have an old toaster which I have gutted to get the heating elements. I also have a few old wallwarts to power the thing. Is using these wires the right thing to use as a heat source? It doesn't have to get hot, just slightly warm. What kind of circuitry will I need to warm up the wire? I also got some modelling latex to embed this wires in to make a heating "pad" for the mirror and to insulate it. Is there a better material I can enclose the elements in. Thanks.

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Heat conduction containment between windows and curtains

How do I contain the heat rising between curtains and windows in east and south facing windows? (on the cheap, please) It will spread across the ceiling and blast into the room...ugh...? I just installed new thermal draperies that go from floor to above window but there is that gap at the top...and no room for a valance type box... The east windows span 124" x 69"--5 Anderson type windows. The left and right ends of the windows (5 panes) are the ones that open. The south wall is 124" by 56"--two panes, both crank open. Any good easy practical suggestions?

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Powering oven resistor Answered

Hey :)Does anyone know how to power an oven resistor ? Is it really a simple resistor (I'm not sure as it is directly exposed in oven, it seems too dangerous for the user if it is simply a metal stick) ? If I plug it to 220V sine 50Hz will it heat ? Thanks :)

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I have a science project. my partner and i want to make a mini stove out of magnets. how do we get it hot without fire?

I have a science project. my partner and i want to make a mini stove out of magnets. We have a bunch of magnets and we put electrical tape on them. how do we get it to heat up without using fire?  Can we use a battary and wire to heat it up? We want to heat food. Is there any Safty tips. Would we be able to eat the food we make?  The magnets taped together a 3 by 2 inches, and is about a cm thick. plz help soon!!!

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whats the highest voltage transformers have ( less than 60v)? Answered

I work on magnetic wire which gets heated when voltage runs through and i wanna know the highest voltage which must be less than 60 v a transformer can achieve

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Heat sink mystery

While harvesting parts from a tiny refrigerator, I found something that I don't understand. There was a heat sink about 6 inches square on the back with a 12v fan attached. Underneath this arrangement was a smaller heat sink about 3 inches square and sandwiched between the two was an aluminum block, also 3 inches square and about 1/2 inch thick. Between the block and the large unit is what appears to be a ceramic tile about 2 inches square, seperated from the larger sink with a thin layer of white foam. This tile is glued very securely to the back of the larger heat sink. What puzzles me are the two wires running from a PCB to the ceramic tile. They disappear into the foam but I can't tell what they connect to. A heat sensor that is attached to the large sink, perhaps? There was a twist knob inside the unit that allowed you to adjust temperature from Min to Max. I don't want to pry off the tile just yet in case this might be something useful in its current condition. This refrigerator is probably more of an ice chest than anything, else. There are no coils on the back and no compressor. The only motor is what drove the fan. There is a drip pan on the back and what looks like a plastic hose connection but I don't know if this tube let water in or out. The whole refrigerator is only about 2 feet cubed. It was powered by a standard grounded AC cord. How did this thing cool? And what do those mysterious wires under the ceramic tile serve?

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What part in a computer get's the warmest? Answered

I think it might be the CPU?

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can home pressed briguets make a reasonable fuel source to heat my home Answered

I  live in a  rural area   and  are  trying to   do my  part for the enviroment. My question is   for  my   wood water stove i was  intending on  installing to heat  my  house has  anyone attempted to fuel  a  stove  with    briquets   made from  grass ,saw dust,leaves,  paper and    other    biodegradable   materials   ina home press  ? I  know i can make them  , but  dont   know  how the   burn time   or    burn heat  would  be.  I am always trying to make  use of  something i throw  away .  I  have teh means to make a press  and    have   plenty fo   bio degradable  materail laying  around   that is normally  discarded.

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Does anyone know how to make a kettle corn popper?

Hi... Went to a fair and got my first smell of kettlecorn popping and thought about making my own, but alas, I have no talent! Anybody have any idea on how to make a heated kettle pot to make sweet popcorn? Thanks!!!

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what can I do with a big sheet of fresnel magnifier plexiglass?

My neighbor through out his old rear-projection television, and I salvaged the pane of  plexiglass with ridges in concentric circles used to magnify? or focus? the image.  I am sure I could figure out how to solar heat something with it.. but I thought you all would like to know that I am open to suggestions.

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i am making a overheating detector for my desktop PC, Please tell if the circuit shown below is right.?

 i am using an op amp 741 for this circuit, and a thermistor with P T C .plz tell me if this circuit would work in the real life and please mark the thermistor and resistance for it, that which one should i use.... the purpose of this circuit is to ON a led and a buzzer(not in the diagram i will get to it) when the system starts to get heat up (for more than 50 degree C) and the user will known thats he should On the extra fans..plz plz indicate for any problems and advancements.

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