What is infrared heater? Can we build it?

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12v dc nichrome electric heater

Hi friends i want to make electric heater that could give sufficient heat with 12 volt dc battery. how much nichrome wire in lenght should i use and how much gauge of nichrome wire should i use. i love for your kind replies. love u all

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3 phase to 240v?

I have a sauna heater Voltage: 380~400 V 3N~ is there any well of wiring it up to 240v 

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what is the relation among them?

Hi my good friends want to ask a simple question i want to make an electric heater. what is relation between wire length and gauge of nichrome wire for use in heaters. how gauge and length of wire can effect the efficiency of heater output. is there any other wire that have more heating output than nichrome wire? thanks all and love u waiting for your kind replies.

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how to make an above ground pool heater?

Solar heater for above ground swimming pool

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12v car heaters

12v 120w car heater should draw 10amp per hr and 50amp in 5 hrs , is this correct or is there other factors effects this guesstimate?

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water heater popoff valve?

I am trying to replace a popoff valve on my gas water heater, the heater is about 10 yrs old and is leaking at the plastic valve on the top where the water supply comes in. I have found a replacement but not sure how to get the old off and the new on?

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solar heater HOW TO? Help!

Hey I got this solar heater stuff off craigslist but have no idea how to hock it up to my water system any idea what parts goes where?

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how do I wire up heater for a whirlpool tube?

It did not come with any instructions

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Solar Water Heater?

Does anyone know where I can find a solar powered water heater? I have an outdoor kitchen & would love to have heated water. Small size-under 15gl would be just great. Thanks-txrosee@yahoo.com

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Can an induction heater for domestic use (2000W) of 220V/60Hz be used efficiently with 230V/50Hz power supply?

I purchased one Induction heater (2KW) in Korea where the supply voltage is 220V/50Hz. I want to use this in India where the supply voltage is 230V/50Hz. Can this be used? 

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How do I hook my gas water heater to a wood stove safely?

I heat my house with a barrel stove(w/plenum surround) that is in my basement. My propane water heater is 3 feet away and I wonder if I can add a coil of sometype and connect to the water heater and be able to control the water temp. Are there any plans out ther? Thanks for your help, David

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Homebrew heaters using resistors?

Hello, First time poster! :) I've been reading up on some projects on this site centered around small homebrew heaters. One I came across I want to adapt is using two resistors and usb port power to make a small coffee mug heater. I'm kind of a novice at electronics, but I'd like to know how to design such a heater with safety and functionality in mind. I also want to control this heater via arduino if I can get a prototype together. Some questions I have: Where to get and what kind of resistors for heaters? How do I figure out what resistors to use based on power. e.g. 12v or USB power? What's a good thing to "encase" the resistors with that will withstand heat? I have thought about using radiator repair epoxy. Thanks for any help!

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IR heaters?

Hi all, So I've been searching / reading up on IR heaters and I can easily find IR bulbs /heaters, at 30W+ but the bulb's are pretty big (in regards to what I want). Is there not any smaller-scale /electronic componets for producing IR heat? I know there are IR LEDs but is that the same thing? I'm a bit lost and I swear I came across something before that had an array of small scale IR heating componets, but quite frankly I dont really know what I'm searching for, in regards to a correct name etc... Thanks in advance :)

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I have old wall heater in my 1956 house is there so thing clever I can do with it?

I have old wall heater in my 1956 house. I don't want to rip it out. is there so thing clever I can do with it? A secret space, book shelf, storage? And how do I take it apart?  It looks like the image I loaded but I remember it having a central column.  Suggestions, comments. can opener. 

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the heater fan in my 1993 geo prizm quit working?

At first the fan would go on and off now and then if i hit a speed bump or a mud puddle. if it wouldnt come back on i could open my hood and slam it back down and the fan would start. now my fan quit working all together. i have tried to look for loose wires under the glove box and to check fuzes. i checked the fuzes under the hood and when i was looking under the glovebox (as well as possible) i noticed 2 more fuzes. do u think this is a loose wire or fuze problem or a burnt heater.  whats the best way to get to the heater fan. and where is the fuze located

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Williams Room Heater..propane....model # W531129440.....Exhaust not going up pipe

Replaced a new damage heater same make that did the same thing. Exhaust doesn't go up pipe so there fore gets hot and shuts off. Checked pipe for blockage. Found nothing. Service man doesn't get it either. Does anyone have any ideas? .

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Old oil heaters?

Hello, just wondering if anyone could post any links or anything about old oil heaters. Not the pressure fed ignited furnace type, but the gravity fed ones with a simple carburetor. I have one in the garage that originally came from an old railway caboose. The previous owner (5 years ago) used to heat the garage with it but I haven't the foggiest how to clean, light, or maintain the thing. I'm sure if I take it apart I will be able to figure it out, but was just wanting to get and idea of what to do to it to maintain it. Thanks in advance!

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Inflatible pool water heater?

I have one of those inflatable pools that is 12'-0 x 3'-0. It is in a partially shaded yard and the water does not get very warm. Any ideas on how to warm up the water??? I have thought about using black pvc pipe and mounting that on top of our roof and possibly getting a larger pump to cycle the water. Please help

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Miele washing machine - tripping the electricity (RCD)

Hi I have a Miele W5741 washing machine which is three years old. The other day it tripped the electricity (RCD) I found that it would trip the RCD every time regardless of what program I used. After a few trials I have found the following: if I use the machine and select cold water (no heating of water) then it does not trip the electricity (RCD). So my conclusion is that it is the heater that is causing the washer to trip the electricity! What do you think? I opened up the front to locate the heater. However I don’t see how I can remove the heater as I see no screws! I have attached a pic so you can see the front/heater.

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solar garage heater

I would like to build a solar panel to heat my garage.  I intend to use a 4x8 used piece of glass, 2x4s, and cardboard tubing.  I can handle this part.  I need help with the air circulation.  I would like to have a solar fan come on when the temp inside reaches 70F.  What parts do I need and how do I connect the parts?

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how to install an electronic thermostat?

I want to replace my old style AC/Heater thermostat with a new one that has electronic temperature settings. I do not necessarily need to have a programmable thermostat. the heat/AC unit is electric

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Heating a Water Garden?

Im looking to start a water garden, i dont have much room in my back yard so i have decided on a 8 foot long trench thats about 6 inches wide with a pump to keep the water flowing. the only problem i am having is the growing season here isnt long enough to grow some of the plants that i would like to grow, i was thinking an underwater heater would be a good solution to keep the temperature above freezing and some what extend the growing season. Any thoughts on a good heater set up i could use that would keep the entire trench an even temperature without having to have a seperate heater every few feet?

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Cordless Car Heater

Hi all, I am camping in my SUV in northern CA. It's a bit cold at night and in the morning, and can stay warm with blankets and a sleeping bag, but, when I get up, and want to change clothes or just sit, it is really cold. It's a 1999 Ford Explorer V6, and I am trying to find or make a device that would heat the interior without turning the engine on.  I've seen handwarmers on amazon and ebay, but I don't see anything that warms that much space without a plug and without CO2 emission. Any ideas?

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Heating for outside battery storage compartment.

I have an idea for a wind powered outside LED light for the family's cabin. It would be on a pole and illuminate the pathway, just like a street light would do. So I wanted to have a battery in a box with my wind turbine charging the battery through the day and night. The problem is, it gets really cold sometimes like -36F / -38C and that would kill the battery. So, I also wanted to include some really small, simple heater inside the box. I'm having problems finding anything on what would be the best way to go about this. Wikipedia says heaters are made by resisting current. Are there special types of resisters you add to your DC current to create heat? Thoughts, suggestions, feedback are all welcome. Thanks.

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Hi to all, new here but I thought Id ask if this would work? I have a dead AC unit that I want to turn into a heater?

If I take the outside cooling coil fron the AC,. bring it inside and rapp it around the top of my fireplace/ wood stove . replace the freeon with glycol or anti-frezze. Would I not be able to take the exccess heat from the wood stove and move it to the $$$forced air electric furnace  for distobution trough the house? What do you guys think? Will this work? What did I miss? Regards Neil

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diy pool heater

I have tried so many different ways to heat my pool water and have had little luck. One way I did it was to take about three hundred feet of black 1/2" drip line and run it around the pool rim. I supplied cold water from a smalloutlet attached to the return line,using the power of the filtration pump to move the water from the pool through thecoil and I adjusted the flow to about half of the normal, then at the end I had the heated water re-enter the pool. Iwould say the water got to about 100 degrees, by the time it went through the drip line. The problem is that it wasn'tefficient enough to have any real effect on the pool water temperature which stays at about 60-65 even on the hottest days. I live in the Sacramento area of California, and we get pretty hot summers, usually about 90-105. Any suggestions on how I could make this idea more efficient? My pool water temp is always too cold to swim in, and I have a capacity of 12,000 gallons.

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HELP measure resonant frequency on induction heating. ? Answered

Dear  All..... In this circuit and formula  on (GOOGLE). Please could you help me to know 3 questions: -How  I can measure resonant frequency  of this circuit, because it has   2 L and 2 C on this circuit?. - where I  must to put the probes in this circuit for measures frequency? - If I want to used less power(less heating) I must change L  or C  or both?  Thank you so much in advance  for your time.

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Low cost water heater

I wish to build a simple, afordable, low cost, solar water heater that is easy to construct and does not need electricity. Is that possible?

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how do in save energy on my hot water heater with a time switch?

I want to save on electric bill by installing a time switch. on my hot water heater how do in find the right type of switch?

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Is it dangerous to take apart a honeywell space heater?

I have a broken honeywell space heater. Everything works exept it dosent heat up. Is there a way to fix it and is it dangerous?

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how to hook up a Triton 5L Portable Water Heater to my older park model trailer that i live in?

      Our water heater just kicked the bucket and until we have the time and $ to replace it I was hoping to some how hook up our Triton 5L Portable Water Heater as our source of hot water. I've heard of people doing this with their rv and was wondering if it was possible to do to our older park model trailer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.     

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Coffee pot space heater

Ok, so this is my first post. I love this site! Anyway, I have a couple of old coffee pots that still heat the water, they just dont make coffee anymore. Im wondering if maybe i could make a very small and very low energy use space heater out of the parts. any ideas on how this might be accomplished would be great.

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Old oil heaters? Answered

Just wondering if anybody knows of any links or anything for the cleaning, maintenance, and lighting of the old free standing oil heaters? Not the kind with blowers and ignitors, just the basic ones that people used to use to heat their houses and such. I have one in my garage from an old railway caboose and would like to use it on occasion in the winter, but the only info I can find on the net is for oil burning furnaces... A totally different animal. Thanks in advance!

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can I have a small heater being powered by solar power and or wind?

I live in Scotland and I have a small greenhouse on my balcony, as the winter is coming and is already quite cold I was hoping it could be a way to have a small heater powered by solar power or wind power.  It doesn't need to put out high heat, just enough to bring the temperature so my chilli plants don't die.

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Heat storage device for car cabin heater

I want to increase the heat storage capacity of the existing car heater so that I can run the heater (just the fan and a liquid pump) while the engine is off and so I can have a warm car as soon as I start on a cold day. The current heat storage is the coolant circulating in the engine. I want to increase the capacity of that. Instead of simply attaching a liquid reservoir to the heater circuit (to increase the coolant volume), I was considering using a picnic cooler (insulated) box with a coper tube coiled in it. The box would be filled with oil and paraffin. Paraffin melts ≈ 40° C  and I can take advantage of the latent heat of fusion when the paraffin changes phase. The oil is a medium to suspend the paraffin. I need a recommendation of an electric 12 volt pump to circulate the fluid. I request any other thoughts or criticisms.

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How to build a Gazebo solar heater ?

Ok this is my first post Was looking for heater for DIY wooden gazebo to take the chill off but don't want chiminea fire, smoke I'm just starting up on solar set-up so looking for low power heater was thinking at first car 12v cigarette socket heater witch is an option But what i would really like to do is make something unusual So hear goes thinking about small oil radiator with element replaced for 12v 120w travel kettle element Now the closest thing I can think of to this is a towel rail but that's 240v I'm trying to keep it simple system 12v lights heater music USB gadget charger something like image attached I do hope 1 person out there thinks this is a good idea Questions 1. would it work 2. would it get hot or just warm 3. how long would it take to heat up again if at all giving image as example size and style  Description Specification 5 Fin oil-filled radiator heater with single heat setting Ideal for heating small offices or in the home. Voltage: 220-240V Wattage: 500W Frequency: 50Hz Plug Amp: 13A Low Wattage & Cost Effective Power heat 0.5kW Built-in Carry Handle Weight: 3KG

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18650 Battery Question - Battery Powered Heaters

Hi, I have a question before I begin a project.  I have carbon heater fabric that I want to make heated grips for my snowblower with.  I want to connect the ~0.5 meter x 15mm carbon tape to 2x18650 cells. Are there any precautions I need to take to make sure I dont "short" the batteries and cause damage/explosion etc?  I know technically I am shorting the batteries and making heat.. but how do I know if it is damaging the batteries or putting myself at risk for explosion?  

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Making a dry sauna heater with parts from a 120v hot plate

I have a small closed in shower (31" X 31") and have sealed the 6" opening over the door. It makes for a great steam room. However, I love very hot dry saunas. I have been wondering if I could make a small heater placed in the corner with one or more single burner hot plates and stones. I am wondering if this could be done safely if the AC lines are totally protected. I could easily turn of the power when showering. I welcome any feedback.

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Can anyone tell me if they know where to buy a small solar heater kit.

Hi there,   I am looking to plug in a small convection heater and need power.  No electricity etc.  Was hoping for some company that has small units.  I am not looking to power a house so those guys that do this from home depo only for example would just hang up on me.  And I need larger than an i pod or cell phone charger.  Thanks a whole heep and I sure do hope someone knows about this.  For example you go camping or use a van and want to stay warm n toasty and do not want to make too much by scratch. Looking for a collecter that I could mount to van or car or lay in the grass.  With the wire and a plug to plug the heater into.  I have not found out the wattage of the heater yet its for sale at Bed bath beyond.  Do not think they are going to look in box some specks are outside sometimes.  If you know of solar heaters that have thier own collectors that would be good too.  MusicofJesusishope@gmail.com                                                     

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Space Heater Repair, is there a glue for broken heating element coil spacer that is inflammable? Answered

Usually a space heater consists of a fan mounted to a motor which is then mounted to a back plate. Connected to the back plate are reflective spacers that hold the heating element coils seperate from eachother so they don't spark. Recently, I figured I'd repair my space heater after it started sparking instead of going and buying a new one. I opened it up to find the spacer plate which has several arms for holding 1-5 coiled wires. One of the arms was broken and the coils touched which is why it was sparking. Seeing as this is a heater, i'm fairly certain I can't use a super glue or epoxy to fix the plate due to its flammable nature. The plates are not easily replaceable themselves as they've been spot welded into place. So the question, is there a type of glue which will hold up under high temperatures which is not flammable that will bond metal / plastic / ceramic. I'd estimate the heating element probably reaches no higher then 700 degrees. If you have any suggestions on how I would go about repairing this I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks in advance.

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wood burning heater idea and questions.

Hey guys, I hear alot about not using copper pipe in chloronated water and rather to use 316 stainless steel, it's just the price difference between copper and that grade steel is vast... so is there anyone that tried copper in chloronated water? And is their any other alternative tubing to copper and steel. Another design i was thinking about was maybe using a barrol, fill the barrel with water, heat the barrol to get water to near boiling, have coiled polypipe in the barrol where the pool water will run through, what you guys think?

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Building a low cost (within $ 100) a home solar water heater

 I am from India and want to build a Solar Water Heater for use in the bathroom for having bath for only two of us (me and my wife).  The capacity of the tank need be only 5 litres. The battery backup is not needed since this will add to the cost of the gadget. An open terrace is available on top of my house where the solar panels can be fitted and sunlight is available uninterrupted for nearly 8 hours..   My budget is within $ 100.  Request members to provide the details for this DIY gadget. Waiting for the replies  A. S. Bhasker Raj India

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Need help diagnosing my non-working gas wall heater.? Answered

Hello, I live in Arizona so we just tried to use our gas wall heater for the first time tonight (hasn't been necessary before now).  This is the type of heater we have installed in our hallway/bedroom. http://www.homedepot.com/buy/williams-monterey-50-000-btu-natural-gas-top-vent-wall-furnace-5009622.html#.UJ-qvYaElhE I lit the pilot and then moved up to the thermostat that is mounted on the wall.  I moved the dial from the left (which starts at 50) over to the far right (which stops at 90).  I felt and heard the thermostat click over at about the 65 degree mark (which seems accurate to me), but nothing happens.  Usually, immediately after the thermostat clicks over, the gas flow increases, and the heater starts to do its thing. I have included some pictures of the thermostat, and heater itself.  If someone could tell me which connections I need to check with a volt meter, it would be greatly appreciated. One thing I want to add, we had a light socket go out on the same wall about a month ago, that doesn't seem to be getting any power.  I have tried several new bulbs and it doesn't work.  So I would need to figure out how to check if the thermostat is even getting power as well.  It's possible that the thermostat isn't even getting power. Thanks SOLVED:  Thanks everyone for your replies.  It actually was the solenoid inside of the heater, but the good news is it works fine, a wire just came loose.  Everything is working great now.  I wouldn't have thought to look there if it wasn't for your comments.  Thanks again!

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USB heater

Hi everybody! As sais in the title of the topic, I want to realize a USB heater. Let me introduce you to what I think. Last week, I was in the store near high school with some friends, and one of them told me : "It would be cool if we could heat up things in high school, to have like a mini oven directly in our locker, working with battery." Of course, the idea is not to install a oven in our locker, firstly because it would need an incredible battery, and secondly because it would be pretty dangerous.... So here is the idea : the goal is to heat up at least 2 chocolate breads at 60°C. The heating time is not very important, but it has to be under 40 minutes (a system will start the oven before our break). But here is not the most complicated : the oven has to get its power from a usb power bank(I can plug in 2 power banks if necessary). To conclude, I have to fin a solution to heat approximately 1.5L,( but most of it is filled with air), at 60°C, with a power of a maximum of 20W. I saw things to heat coffee by USB, would it work if I take the heating pad? Also, I would like to know how much power I can  get from a power bank (in W), before it to heat too much.

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Peltier Cooler/Heater - Pooling Brainpower

I recently acquired a thermoelectric mini fridge. As a fridge, it doesn't work so very well - it will get down to ~50 degrees with an ambient temperature of 70. So, I took it apart. You know the saying: "If it ain't broke - fix it until it is." So I now have a peltier effect cool/heater. I put my meat thermometer on the cold side with the fan off - and it gets down to freezing (probably a bit below). On the hot side, with a big sink and fan - it seems to be ~85 at it's warmest point (this sink is about half a square foot and an inch deep). Ideas on where to use? It's 110 service.... It literally almost killed me a few days ago when I touched a transistor sink that was part of the rectifier circuit while holding a plate that was grounded (I got knocked out for a few seconds) I've got a couple ideas, I just figured I'd pool brain power and see what happens :p

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Re-purposing a refrigerator

I am re-purposing a refrigerator to make an egg incubator. What crossed my mind was that perhaps rather than using another source to heat it, perhaps the chiller system (which is fully intact and working) could be reversed? Has anyone on here undertaken a project which involved deliberately causing a refrigerator to work in reverse and so heat up inside? Any information would be gratefully received.

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How can I control the heat to this band heater? Answered

I need to be able to control the heat of this heater Located Here What do i need to do this?

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can home pressed briguets make a reasonable fuel source to heat my home Answered

I  live in a  rural area   and  are  trying to   do my  part for the enviroment. My question is   for  my   wood water stove i was  intending on  installing to heat  my  house has  anyone attempted to fuel  a  stove  with    briquets   made from  grass ,saw dust,leaves,  paper and    other    biodegradable   materials   ina home press  ? I  know i can make them  , but  dont   know  how the   burn time   or    burn heat  would  be.  I am always trying to make  use of  something i throw  away .  I  have teh means to make a press  and    have   plenty fo   bio degradable  materail laying  around   that is normally  discarded.

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