hexapod robot kit

Video instructions Instructions, source code, all the parts you need, and I'll do everything I can to make it as clear and straightforward for you as possible. Normal MSRP would be $999.00 US.  This is my first kit and, as such, I'm offering a 10% discount for the first five early adopters - $899.00 US  Shipping included.  I would be glad to discuss resale opportunities, especially for educational purposes. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks! Dan

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hexapod arduino code?

I have just finished designing and building a hexapod with 18 DOF..  powered by arduino nano and a 32 channel servo controller. i need help with code. please help.

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how can you mod a xbox controler to control a robot for say a hexapod with upgrades?

I want to make a hexapod with some upgrades an would like to use a old xbox controler for it

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Has anyone successfully made the Hexapod robot?

I want to make this instructable  but I am having some trouble making the wooden/metal parts. The comments section is not very active and I was wondering if anyone has made this instructable and is willing to help me.

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What electrolytic capacitor is used in this instructable? Answered

Has anyone successfully completed this instructable robot? If so, what size of electrolytic capacitors are the two in the the eye controller board? It is not listed anywhere and the comments section is not very active.

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Anyone know what this resistor is? Answered

I am working on the eye controller board of the hexapod robot and it has some resistors on it. The parts list calls for 12 220 Ohm resistors but, based on the photos, there are more that what it shows in the text. The 12 near the top of the board I know are the 220 Ohm ones, but I do not know what the others are. The 2 vertical ones near the bottom I believe are 20 Ohm and the horizontal one closest to the bottom 220 Ohm. The 2 located underneath the 28-pin sockets are half-covered by the plastic. Does anyone have a suggestion on the value of these resistors? I included a picture of the board from the instructable page and circled the resistors in question.

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Help with programming an arduino hexapod with 18 dof? Answered

I have just finished designing and building a hexapod with 18 DOF..  powered by arduino nano and a 32 channel servo controller. i need help with code.   So far, i have'nt even stroked a keyboard to start programming. truth is, i dnt know where to start, im new at  this. If someone is willing to help me start if of or send me sample Code that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advice.

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How to make a bike-like vehicle with legs instead of wheels? Answered

For Halloween, I'm going to be riding a unicorn, and the unicorn is basically two bikes but with leg-like poles instead of wheels. This is basically like a hexapod robot, but with four legs instead of six and pedals instead of motors. I already know where to get the parts and stuff, but need to figure out how to make a working leg mechanism. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it walk?

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Should I use Arduino mega to control a Hexapod?

I'm planning to make a Hexapod with this design http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1338781. Instead of using servo controller board like Linuxmotion, can I use an Arduino mega instead? I'm using this model http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Small-Meduino-Mega2560-R3-Pro-Mini-ATMEGA16U2-Arduino-Mega2560-Compatible-/152111349696. Because Arduino is more flexible, I want to use it instead of servo board, which only have 1 function. If you can control by the Arduino mega, may I have the code? Starting from ground up is hard (I only want the move ahead and spin code, raising up and down is cool too) Another thing, can I cut the cost by changing the servo on that project? I'm using 9g instead of 12g. Because it's printed, 9g can stand, right?

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Robosapian V2 to Hexapod conversion, is there a solution to the microcontroller problem?

I've come into possession of Robosapian V2, I quickly became bored with it as I was not happy with the robots ability to move, while the robots sensors and brain is nice the field of motion is lacking and awkward so decided to rebuild the robot. I removed all of its components (sensors, motors, and controller) and converted the machine into a Hexapod (lovingly called Jinx) and have now come across a problem originally thought simple now becoming annoyingly frustrating. The brain. I was just wondering is there a way to access the software to reprogram the robot how to walk. Or if reprogramming the robot is too difficult is there a way to have the sensory information be sent to a computer and the computer sends back motion commands over a medium such as wifi? an instructable of the robot will be released once I’m done with the robots rebirth and special thanks to anyone that has helped will be given thank you i live in Australia and Auduinos are not only hard to get but pricey, my financial situation isn’t that great as I am 18 and only have a part time job but do not mind spending a bit of cash. Also I am good with electronics and software just finding this problem difficult

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dear sir, i want a electronic circuit for moving a four legged hexapod robot which moves by motor Answered

Actually sir, in this project the motor is used for running some type of gear arrangment  and i want to control it by computer so please suggest me a electronic circuit

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Can I control a robot with a wireless controller with bluetooth modules?

I'm working on a Hexapod right now, but I haven't found a way to control it wirelessly. I have tried working with nrf24L01 modules but just can't find a way for it to work.... Right now I have 2 HC-05 and 1 HC-06, can I do it? My plan is to control the hexapod (controlled by an Arduino) with a controller with another Arduino that has a joystick, along with 2 buttons to switch mode or rest mode. I'm still relatively new to Arduino so I have no idea how to search the way to control Arduinos using the 2 pins TXD and RXD. Also, which information can I send on these bluetooth modules (integer, boolean, etc)? I really appreciate if someone can help me start on how to use these things

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Phasma - biomimetics as art

On the face of it, Phasma is just another hexapod robot. Get a bit closer, though, and see an interesting difference: it has cable-actuated legs.  Driven the same way as bicycle brakes, they have rubber "knees" to redirect the basic pushing action into useful motion. Speaking of the motion... The whole thing is mechanical in the extreme, but the bouncing cable-drives and scurrying action are very "live".  If this thing ran across my floor, I'd swat it in no short order. Takram Engineering via Notcot.

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DIY Edge-Lit Display, Lynne Bruning, Digital Holga Lens

DIY Edge-Lit Display Featured Author: Lynne Bruning Digital Holga Lens Filtered Pet Water Bowl A Simple Steam Engine USB Dongle Waveguide Unique String Art Paracord Earbud Sleave Father's Day Make a Cross from a Coin Wind Turbine from Scrap Wireless Hexapod Robot USB Tester Arduino 3-Axis CNC Wiring Building a Better Stirling Engine

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Hexabot Program and Build

Can anyone give a tutorial on how to build and program a hexabot? cause im doing a project where im sending a robot into a cave where a human cant enter due to natures surprises. atm im using the VEX Robot parts and i am in the process and finishing a new tank design for what i can do and have in my hands. i want to build a hexapod body (not necessarily using the VEX parts but any) and help programing them. is anyone willing to do a tutorial on this? much appreciated.

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Membership Lost

Hi my name is sebastian, I had a problem with my subscription on instructables i paid 3 moths subscription, and it was gone when i change browser, because i was having trouble downloading a PDF from a walking 3D printing hexapod on safari so i go to chrome and didn't work to, so now i don't have my PDF and my subscription neither, I already  send a mail with PayPal´s payment and explain what happen to 3 different instructables mails. And now how did i know that in 3 moths ill have not to pay for something i don't have, im really worried about that they don't answer and don't know what to do, ill appreciate any kind of useful information. thanks.

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Learning Electronics -- Resources?

Hello! I'm a 13 years old geek. I am good at programming and the software stuff, but doesn't know anything about electronics. When I see Arduino projects or other robotics/gadget projects here at Indstructables, I feel very sad because I don't know the nitty-gritty. So what are the resources on web available  where I can learn about electronics, robotics and the likes?  I know there are many books, but they're more of theory which takes a college-student to understand, and I'm not that. I want the books, websites which makes us understand these a little simpler way with practical stuffs too. Please list any website or tutorial you know. I am also eager to make those hexapods and robots.  Regards Jack

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Robotic Biomimicry

Reading up a bit, I came across www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/2577277.htm this, and thought I would like to try do something like that, but a spider. It's a "robo roach", a RObotic Autonomous Crawling Hexapod, or ROACH. Bio mimicry is starting to become a leading factor in robots for use in the field. Biomimicry itself is quite amazing the way it uses what works in nature to, well, work! Although there's something interesting about this cockroach, by the way it's made. It uses a simple bi-axial movement principal to keep things simple and cheap. They have a download link for the episode, just go to mpegmedia.abc.net.au/tv/geo/catalyst/catalyst_2009_ep14.wmv and zoom forward to 12:25 and watch it. I'd recommend it, it's quite interesting. Would any one have any information about this? I'd love to try make a robot that's based on an animal, preferably small, but there aren't many details any where. I'd like to hear your ideas about this biomimicry, what would you make and what would you use it for?

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