how do you make donut holes?

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How to drill a hole in the bottom of a stainless steel mixing bowl?

I would like to drill a hole into he bottom of a 3 quart stainless steel mixing bowl in order to insert a 1/2" brass needle drain cock (and then secure the valve to hold liquid).  How do I measure the diameter of the valve so I use the correct drill bit?  How do I get the hole centered.? How do I keep the pot stationary? The bowl is thin, how do i keep the bit from ripping the metal?

Asked by angelikaengel 6 years ago

composter question

Never composted before, but am going to get a 55 gal poly drum. I live in Phoenix, AZ. the thing will probably be in shade most of the time.  Will that get too hot for worms? How many holes should I make, how close to the bottom and how big? Thanks.

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Black Holes aren’t Black they are Gray?

Ok so 40 years ago Stephen Hawking came up with the theory of Black holes and today they are not black but gray. It turns out that the black holes Hawking wrote about in 1974 — those places in the space-time continuum that can devour galaxies and even trap light forever — may not exist in the way that he proposed decades ago. So I read the paper. I found it a bit dry compared to A Brief History of Time but that is the life of a paper. I have always believed a theory is just that and no more, prone to evolve or be disproved with the advent of new theories and facts. After all it is just a theory and not a fact even though many of these theories enable us to the most amazing things. Which reminds me of a joke. A Canadian fisherman was down south fly fishing with an American fisherman that happen to be a marine biologist. Soon the Canadian fisherman caught a one pound brook trout and stated it was just a baby and threw it back. The American marine biologist not objecting to catch and release, objected to the Canadian calling a one pound Salvelinus fontinalis a baby. He explained to the Canadian fisherman that the Salvelinus fontinalis is genetically unable to grow larger than one pound. The Canadian fisherman retorted I catch five pounders in the Boyne River all the time and that was just a baby where he comes from. The American marine biologist objected to the Canadian calling a one pound Salvelinus fontinalis a baby. Again he explained to the Canadian fisherman that the Salvelinus fontinalis is genetically unable to grow larger than one pound. Not wanting to argue the Canadian fisherman let the subject lye and spent the rest of the day fishing throwing their catch back. At the end of the day they exchanged addresses and parted friends. A month later the American marine biologist received a parcel in the mail in it was a frozen five pound brook trout, distraught he began to write the Canadian fisherman a letter. “Dear Mr. Fuddel Duddel Thank you for the five pound specimen of the Salvelinus fontinalis, and thank you very much for ruining perfectly good science with a fact. Sincerely John Doe”

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How to repair a hole in a refrigerator curved plastic ice tray?

Our refrigerator ice tray has a 3 inch hole in the bottom. The hole is in the curved part of the floor of the tray. Is there a flexible plastic/acrylic I can use to repair the hole?

Asked by readbob 1 year ago

Patio table pocket holes

I have made the Patio table and I was debating whether or not to plug the pocket holes. I am concerned that I might have to tighten the screws over time so should not plug them but  if I do that I am worried about insects (spiders) nesting in the holes - any thoughts ?

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How to drill holes on ABS plastic?

Hi guys, I have this plastic which I think is made of ABS plastic. I need to drill a rectangular hole and and some circular holes in the container. As such, what method (milling machining/drill etc etc) should I use to achieve my goal without damaging(cracking etc) the container? I have uploaded a pic of the container.. thanks

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PCB milling: holes missing traces?

Hi! I'm milling PCBs with a CNC and some of the holes are drilled in the wrong spot (outside of their traces.) In a given piece of code, it's always the same holes that miss. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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How do you cut and sew thumb-holes into sleeves?

Ive never had a top with thumb-holes so ive not seen how they are done but have always liked long sleeves and think thumb-holes are a good idea and want to add them to my long-sleeved tops!

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How can I patch a pair of jeans? Answered

For reasons yet unknown, my newest pair of jeans is developing several holes in it. Just the left leg, in irregular patterns, with no apparent cause. It was initially a handful of quarter sized holes and I believed they were related to something I had done at work or had in my pocket but since then more smaller ones have started to appear. (Pictures can be produced if necessary.) Now while the obvious answer would be to get new jeans, they are my newest pair, fit well, and have the carpenter augments. In short I would like to keep them. I have some older pairs of jeans I can shred up for patches, but I wear these primarily for work. I work in retail at a home improvement store, where appearance is somewhat regulated. I can't just go willy nilly and make them look ridiculous. They have to still be, at the core, blue jeans, but if I can repair them, and potentially dress them up a little in the process, I'd be thrilled. Also if it can be a fairly simple fix, because I don't have a sewing machine and am not overly good, or patient, with a needle, it would be appreciated. For a little extra and over the top I am engaged in the steampunk movement, but as far as fashion goes I have not seen much done with blue jeans that leaves them recognizable. Right now my main touch is a pocket watch on a chain, but any other ideas that contribute into the current repair would be appreciated. 

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i would like to know where i can go to create my idea...?

My idea is to mold plastic with air holds and a type of fabric.  thanks...

Asked by icess 5 years ago

Will you have to create holes in the lift fan, if purchased??

On a hovercraft will I have to create holes in the lift fan, if purchased

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I came across several steel plates, 2 stees blocks, and an alumanum block any ideas on what i could build with these?

The demintions of the steel plates are roughly as follows. 6"x9.75"x0.5in I also has a 3/4" hole drilled about 1 1/4" from the top. The next plate is about 3"x16.25"x3/4" it too has a hole that's 1" in dimater and 1 inch from the top. The next plate is really beat up but it's about 5.5"x4"x1/2" it has no holes. The next plate is 9"x2.25"x3/4" it has 3 holes the first one is 1.5" in diamiter and about 1.5" from the top the 2nd and 3rd holes are about 1" in diamiter and about 6.25" and 8" from the top. The next sheet is slightly bent somehow but its about 8.75"x3.5"x.5" it has 2 rows of holes each measuring 3/4" and the rows are 1.75" apart, there are 5 holes in each row and each one is 1.25" from the next the rows start 1.5" from the edge. That piece was hard to describe and I proboly didn't do a great job but now were on to the Blocks. The first block is 3.5"x2.5"x2" and has 2 holes on the 3.5"x2" sides that are 1" is diameter 1/2" from the sides and 2" apart. The next block is 8"x3.75"x3.75" with 2 holes. The hole are on the one of the 8"x3.75" sides and are 3/4" in diameter there 1" From the closest 2" side and centered (just as the holes are unless otherwise stated). And the aluminum block is 11.75"x2.5"x1.5" with no holes. If you guys thing of anything cool or useful I could build with these it would be much appreciated. If Anything was unclear please feel free to ask. Note: I messured the distances to and between hole from the center of the hole

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WANTED: Instructable on Acrylic

I've only seen the end result of a project.  My college woodworking teaher had an acrylic cube that had curved holes drilled in it.  I know how it's done but would like to see an instructable on it.  I've searched and searched.  I only found a very broad article on the steps to do this but not detailed enough for me to attempt it. If someone knows how this is done OR has experience with acrylic, please let me know if you write an instructable on this process.  If you have worked with acrylic before but do not know the process, I can explain it. THANKS!

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How many of you listen to them? If so, what's your favorite album? Song? Band member?

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if i put holes in a guitar and if i play it holding a combination of holes shut will different sounds emerge? Answered

I need to know this for my upcoming project that combines holes like in a flute and strings like in a guitar. thanks!!

Asked by sky0 7 years ago

Drill holes in computer speakers? Answered

Best tool to drill 3/8 and 1/2 inch holes in computer speakers.

Asked by keydogstony 6 years ago

how do you draw a hole in the wall?

I wanna draw a hole on my wall but i dont know how to

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pilot hole? Answered

How do you use the pilot hole when using a spade dril?

Asked by Royke 1 year ago

Huge Holes? Answered

When you are punching holes in the leather, won't you want to use a stitching chisel with prongs that look smaller that the actual holes. If you use a bigger one, won't that expand the holes and make them too big?

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Angled holes?

How can I draw a hole in a solid and give it the angle I want (not 90°)?

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How can I punch holes in a coke can?

I want to punch holes into a coke can - 1 hole each alphabet. I do not have any power tools and I want the holes in a manner so that the can is not crushed. Any suggestions?

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How to make a hole in a glass bottle

Hi all, is there an easy way to make a hole on the side of a glass bottle using a common drill or any other common tool?

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Portable hole?

I recall there was an instructable about making a portable hole, or optical cavity with lights in it. As far as I knew, it was used as a coffee table, but I can't find it now. Has it been removed?

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Why do cloths pins have a small hole and a big hole? Answered

As you can see on the image, there are two holes on cloths pins. Why ?

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All Things Cornhole

Interested in talking about the most popular outdoor/tailgating game, CORNHOLE?  You have come to the right place.  We will share all things corn hole related.  How to make the Corn hole game, corn hole events, corn hole rules, designs, building tips and techniques, corn hole game strategies, etc.  "Now That You Know All About Corn Hole, Hush Your Mouth And Toss That Bag In The Hole!!!"

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How to make a hole on a seashell?

Does anyone know how to make holes on seashells without using a drill? Please let me know if you do.

Asked by Muhaiminah Faiz 4 years ago

How to insert addtional holes for brackets in a wooden entertainment center?

I want to add additional holes for the shelf brackets in my entertaiment center. The current holes are either to high or low for the placement of the TV. Please let me know if and how I can add additional holes for the brackets?

Asked by ighome 8 years ago

select a circle to make a cilinder and hole? Answered

How do i select the circle to make a hole for the first homework opdracht?

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cutting hole through a book? Answered

Can anyone suggest a cheap effective way of curtting a 2-3 cm hole (any shape) through a book? Ideally laeving the froint and back covers intact.thanksJulius?

Asked by julius100 9 years ago

Hole puncher featured on Geekosystem!

Just a short forum topic to show you guys what i found when i was searching around on the web. I found out that mine and shadowman39's knex hole puncher was featured on Geekosystem =) Yay! =D

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how do you fix a hole in a ram-x (polyurethane) boat?

Its hard to find something that will "stick". any suggestions? hole is about the size of a half dollar?

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Dig a hole in the ground. Compost in hole. Bugs in hole. Lid on top of hole. Hassle free Compost bin?

I was walking down the street, Gandering at my fellow human beings flower gardens and I noticed one of them had a garbage lid on the ground. I went to pick it up and noticed that underneath there was a hole in the ground with compost and bugs doing there work. I thought hmm.. BRILLIANT! I might be rambling, but I was just wondering... Why havent I heard of this before. Is it a good idea?will it work?

Asked by CrawdadMan 8 years ago

How To Make A Hole In Airline Tubing?

I'm trying to make a hole about a millimeter in diameter in the side of a piece of standard airline tubing.  I've tried poking a heated needle through the side, but the hole was too small and the heat warped the plastic.  How should I do this without destroying the tubing?

Posted by El Mano 4 years ago

Top Tip: Automatic Hole Punch?

Recently I have used an automatic hole punch to create indentations into wood where, previously, I would have drilled a pilot hole. It does the job very well and I use it instead of drilling a pilot hole about 80% of the time. Such tools are often readily available for a few dollars at the local hardware store.

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BP. They had to drill a hole to make the oil come out right? Answered

Why can't they build a weight and tie some explosives to it and sink it into the hole they drilled? Would the hole not collapse upon it's self and seal up? Sorry about the grammar.

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