how do i delete an instructable.?

How do i delete an instructable

Asked by Paperworker99 8 years ago

how can nos work? Answered

Need to know info

Asked by yo man 8 years ago

How do I make a suggestion to this website? Answered

I have a few sugestions for instructables. How do I tell instructables about them

Asked by TOCO 9 years ago

hello Sir i need vpn server how i gate?

I need vpn server like this

Asked by khrshimul 6 months ago

Deleting Pictures from your library?

How do you delete pics from you library

Posted by Shifrin 10 years ago

how to make a easy headboard using foam board?

I need to make a lightweight headboard. I have a 3 panel screen I thought about using, but would like to use foam board because its light weight. No fancy designs, just basic square shape maybe covered with microsuede.

Asked by forgetmenot5106 9 years ago

How should I wire this all together?

Hey guys, me again bugging ya's. I took some pictures today of some stuff I've put together and I want to know how I should wire it together to do something useful with it. Take a look at the pictures below, my questions are mostly in the yellow notes. I have another question though, I have this here 6v sealed lead acid battery and was wondering if it's possible to charge it using a current less than 6v?

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

How do I tell if my cat is pregnant?

My cat got out a couple months ago,we think she is pregnant,we can kind of see she is getting bigger but we think she is just growing.If you think you have info on my question please comment,I need to know.If you comment;thank you.If you comment and it is not nice;don't comment again.  

Asked by charizard101 7 years ago

Need to UNSUBSCRIBE Answered

I need to unsubscribe as I do not wish to continue.   Thanks

Asked by SeedSaver 6 years ago

build an italian icy cart?

I'm interested in selling italian iceys but don't have the money to purchase one, not even a used cart comes in cheap. I'm kind of crafty so my wife suggested build one and we don't need refrigeration so a simple one will do. I know i can have loew's cut my pieces but what about the stainless steal inside and out, how do tackle that?

Asked by scottiex 9 years ago

i want to learn how to crochet? Answered

I want to learn how to crochet?

Asked by stdugan 8 years ago

how do I view my subscribers?

how do I view my subscribers?

Asked by ajay842 7 years ago

How do I change the tags for a Group?

???? So how do I????

Posted by Gordon Freeman 9 years ago

How do I make a group

I just joined a few days ago and I am wondering how to make a group?

Posted by TheMoonMaster 10 years ago

how do i change my screen name?

How do i change my screen name

Posted by 12V 9 years ago

how do u post an instructable Answered

How to u post a good instructable without having problems. if anyone finds the awnser privete mesege me .

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

how///////what? ?

How do i do things without messing up whats the best and easyest inbles whats the best gift site

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

how can i charge this? (capacitor)

I have a camera capacitor i need to charge. (not for a tazer). it 330wv, 120uf. how can i charge this. with a aa battery and a resistor? any ideas?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

How do you currently start a group? Answered

 how do you start a group? I looked this up but the  new group page has been blocked. It says 403 this has been forbidden by the administrator.

Asked by gearup500 3 years ago

how do you do a collaboration with another member? Answered

Id like to make an instructable with another member.

Asked by That One Eegit 7 years ago


I want to know how to enter in instructables design contest with the same project which i have used in hack it contest also and it was accepted! can you please do it your self! my name on instructables  is samaddon and i am a pro member the project i want to enter in design contest is : How to make a soldering iron with a 6 volts battery.

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago


How do I unsubscribe when my year is up? Not that I will. Just want to know.

Posted by Bill on the hill 7 years ago


Hey guys keep your eye out for a cool new site called Howcast - video how to on everything.

Posted by J_SCAP 10 years ago

how many small dc motors can an arduino uno control

How many small dc motors can an arduino uno control  when I am wirellesly sending controls from anther arduino uno by nrf24l01 modules  I want to get the maximum amount of motors abled to control

Asked by alys5 3 years ago

How can i win 1st prize contest? (Is it a luck?)

What can i do something to win a contest? Do i need to do something really hard like something looking great? Can somebody tell a know how? And i'm living in another country (not in america) but can i get a prize?

Asked by namugagy13 3 years ago

how do you survive in the...

With one instructable made of lego and nothing else in the desert some guy got with this in the lost in the desert once, never made it out alive. what would you do? by the way he didin't have a choice of instuctable, it was just the lego propeller or pee.

Posted by rde 10 years ago

need help design robot

How to build easy pick and place robot..what are the parts,circuit or anything to make this kind of robot..any website or references....plzz for my final project...

Posted by zlk 10 years ago

how do i read this stuff?

I have played around with motors hooked up to batteries and thats about it. i know a few things about electronics but i am looking to do some projects that involve circuits. i dont know how to read it when it is in a drawing. it looks to confusing to attempt. all those lines crossing and all those symbols. i have a book called electronics for dummys but it doesnt give to much detail. does anyone know how to read this stuff and can help me? is there any sights on the internet that would help me. remember i am pretty newbish. so it needs to be in newbish form. lol. the drawing below is from a powersupply that i would like to build. thanks ~Josh

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

fake rocks

hey one and all, i just wondered if anyone has make large fake rocks, 4 the garden etc??? fake rocks made from fiberglass etc and how 2 go about it. regards steve

Posted by dagyboy 8 years ago


Okay so this is where you would go to learn how to hack... go ahead and post if you need to hack something or "PM" (personal message) me if you need any assistance. Remember this group is to unite us so we can gather each others intelligence so one day you cn say "HEY I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!! AND IM A KID/TEEN!!! :D" *Please dont abuse this privilage*

Posted by Director Shadow 6 years ago

Y'all seen WikiHows?


Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

How to Become a Zombie

Want to ditch this mortal coil, but not all the way? Curious to see what your face will look like as the flesh begins to peel off of it? Then you might want to check out Rob Sacchetto's site where you can submit a photo and he'll draw an undead version of you and send you the print. The sample pics on his site look suitably gross enough to merit the $80 price tag. Zombie Portraitsvia Drawn!

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Unsubscribe from instructables

Please let me unsubscribe from instructables! thank you

Posted by knitsue 8 years ago

ipad case?

Is there any good ipad cases that protect and any stick stubstinc that i can stick on my ipod/ipad?

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

Kitesurfing explanation

I've noticed that there are a lot of instructables about making kites and making stuff to get pulled by your kite. But they all seem to assume one already knows how to kitesurf/control the dang kite, which is kind of an issue for people like me. I'd like to see an instructable with photos (maybe even video) of how to kitesurf, specifically omving the kite around and getting pull in various directions. With explaination in plain english of the headache-inducing technical terms. Sorry, but when I googled directions all I got was more confused. Of course, I'm thousands of miles from the nearest ocean, so I won't be doing this on the water probably (are reservoirs big enough?). In fact, I plan on learning all I can about how to control a kite so that I can go tool around out on the plains on a mountain board type thing. P.S. On a mountain board, do the trucks flex and turn the wheels somewhat like on a skateboard, or can I mount them rigid?

Posted by Rishnai 10 years ago


I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

Posted by cremolada 9 years ago

How to make a simple cheep music note generator

I teach music in Elementary school(s) and have a class with several special needs students. I'd like to make a music note generator like a simple keyboard but I want to use buttons they already have. Example. While the rest of the class is playing recorder. These students have a large piece of black poster board with several round dots with note names. While the group plays these students push on the round dots. I would really like to be able to make those dots play the same pitch as the recorders. Just one simple sound with about 6 or 7 different notes. i.e. from D to low D or C. Did I mention that this should be cheep too? (- Thanks, Carmine

Posted by carmitsu 9 years ago

what can you make out of parts from a Dreamcast?

Just died, replacing it, wondering if i can make anything with it. Most parts undamaged.

Asked by warning! 7 years ago

How to Take Down a Traverse Decorative Rod

Hello Friends, Decorative traverse rods are one way to accentuate your windows with drapery. Traverse rods enable you to open and close the drapes with a pull cord. Sometimes one or more of the rings breaks requiring replacement. Unfortunately replacing rings requires removing the traverse rod from the window. Taking down a traverse decorative rod enables you to separate the rod and remove the faulty rings. Unlike standard rods, the traverse rod fits inside a channel clip across the top of the mounting brackets. Unhook the drapes from the traverse rod master carrier. The drapes hang on metal hooks that lift out of holes in the traverse rod. Hold one end of the traverse rod with one hand and turn the decorative end cap counterclockwise with your free hand. Remove the end caps on both ends in this manner. Find the screw on the retaining clips securing the rod to the mounting clips. There is a mounting clip on each end and one in the center. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Grasp the center of the rod and lift straight up to remove it from the brackets. Pull the rod away from the wall. Thanks and Regards, Baron Davis

Posted by DELETED_BaronDavis 5 years ago

Spring-loaded cannon

My friend and I are considering building a spring loaded cannon. The idea right now is to have a pvc pipe for the cannon chamber, and pvc pipes flanking it to hold springs in parallel. A cross-bar will go through all 3 pipes through slits cut long ways in the pipe. The springs will be attached to some point forward in the flanking pipes and to the cross bar, which will be used to pull the springs back and, once released, will launch the dart/ball in the center tube. My research so far - the spring rates of springs loaded in parallel are additive. With 5x 10-in*lb springs, we can produce 667 newtons of force when pulled back 3 inches (springs in question are 5.5 in long) . That will produce an acceleration of 303 m*s^2 on a 1 lb (2.2 kg) albeit for only a fraction of a second. These are the springs we're looking at. We'll need to use an even number of springs, so either 4 or 6 (or 8 or 10). So, what do you guys think? Practical? Will we be able to get any distance? Any suggestions? A ROUGH picture is shown below. === are spring tubes, | are handles, and left arrows indicate direction in which springs will be stretched, and the right arrow is a dart flying out of the center launch tube. ===== XXXXXXXXX     ------> =====

Posted by chs9 8 years ago