Hubcap Art

This chap - calls himself Ptolemy - makes his living recycling hubcaps into works of art (mainly fish).They're for sale through his website, but it's more fun to look at his work and figure out how you would do it...

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NiMH in series: can it be charged by an 'intelligent' Lead Acid charger??? Answered

I have tons of NiCd battery packs and tons of (sometimes) corresponding cordless drills. Only with a complicated discipline, involving several chargers, I can count on enough performance for a hard day's work. I did rejuvenate the individual cells by zapping; some packs improved, some packs died. The 'electric hubcap' site :, states that a home made NiMH battery battery pack (several chains of 10 cells in parallel) can be charged and re-charged hundreds or thousands of times, and have a better performance than Lead-Acid...  Is it worth the investment???

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Not as cute as Womble...but he comes close!

*see here and here if you don't know your Instructables history* This is my family's new-old Cushman electric vehicle. Yes, it's the same sort of thing you see reading parking meters downtown. Yay for tiny awesome cars that don't use gas! Any ideas for fun modifications? Plans so far include having a silly little decal printed for each side with an amber light on top so we look official, and mounting some 12V air horns in there to rattle the hubcaps off the jerks that pull out in front of it (We already mounted an electric ooga horn in my mom's Xebra SD, but air horns are so much more fun). Cardboard rockets that fire off of compressed air have also been proposed. He also has no name yet...we'll be working on that...

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