Humana Contest Finalists

Update:  There was a minor bug which prevented all 25 finalists from being displayed here.  Not to worry, the judges have the full ballot of finalists to choose from! Best of luck to everyone.

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Contest question? Answered

Was looking at entering the Humana Health challenge contest with one of my older instructables.  Was wondering if my LED interactive table is to old for the contest? Friend of ours has a son with autism and saw the table, she said they have similar tables for sale for sensory seeking autistic children, but none that are interactive like this one. So I thought this would be a great thing to enter as well as my others.  If its too old, I get it - Keep things fresh, if not, am I missing something? Which with me is usually the case, often resulting in me going - oh  This should be simple for someone to answer, I'm sure its me just missing something like a date. After all it has let me enter some of my other instructables that are very recent.  Thanks in advance for the advice and or answer.  Here is the page for the instructable in question.

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Accepted in a contest

I've published my instructable 3 days ago and it is still not accepted in the contest Am I doing something wrong? This is my instructable

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Surprise Sugru Speed Contest Now Open!

Hey everyone! We just launched an awesome Sugru speed contest, Sugru Life Hacks! You can find the contest page here  Two awesome things about this contest.  1. Your qualifying entries in the Sugru contest will also qualify for the Humana contest.  2. We have one prize in the line up that will go to an entry chosen at random from all qualifying entries that don't win another prize. Yep, no votes or judges, just a random number generator!  So get cracking and make something that helps people live life to it's fullest.  This contest is open to international entries! 

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Next time when it's contest voting time...

It would be fairer to sort the entries from least views at the beginning, to most views at the end. Now, it's the opposite. And visitors are too lazy to browse to the last page of the contest, which can be seen in the views counts: Right now in the Humana Health by Design Contest, the last entry has 43 views, which is only 0.1% of the views the one at the beginning has: 32,171. This means that whether an entry is going to be a finalist, only depends on little differences in views at the beginning of the contest. The ones that are just a little in the majority get almost all views, the ones who were just a little in the minority get much less views, so the differences get bigger and bigger during voting time. And the amount of votes of course depends on the amount of views. It would be fairer if all entries get about as much viewers, so the same chances. This can easily be done by sorting them in the opposite order, so they switch positions all the time.

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New assistive tech channel?

We're about to break out a new channel for assistive/adaptive tech projects, and other "disability hack" type of Instructables.  The big question:  what do we call this channel, and what category do we sort it under? Why is this a hard question?  Check out the Humana Health by Design contest entries - they include everything from ultra low-tech tools and life hacks to construction projects and full-on techie builds.   Perhaps we need more than one channel.  If so, how should we divide the Instructables?  Do we need one channel for high-tech projects, and one for low-tech?  I've been playing with the ideas of "assistive tech"  for the high-tech/gadget-based projects to be filed under Technology, and "adaptive tools" for the low-tech/reuse projects and life-hacks to be sorted under Living.  These still seem to be arbitrary distinctions, and I'm not sure they make sense.  What do you think?  Please discuss in the comments, or feel free to send me your suggestions by email/PM!

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Halloween = Success at Instructables HQ

Welcome to Letters from the Editor, a new feature we're trying out!  This week I'd like to share some highlights from our recent Halloween Show & Tell party. It's been a busy week here at Instructables HQ.  Halloween is a favorite holiday around here, and when we do it, we do it up right.  This year we did a series of in-house projects and guides to bring you the best of Instructables Halloween, and we went all out. Our ramp-up to Halloween culminated in a community-wide Show & Tell last Friday night.  HQ was transformed into a proper party hub as we socialized, snacked, and shared our latest projects with the crowd.  The night kicked off with an impressive costume by Peter and Nick Matsakis (winners of our costume contest!) inspired by the game Plants vs. Zombies.  Peter dressed as a Threepeater with working pea shooters, and Nick was Crazy Dave.  Why?  Because he's CRAAAAAAZY! Other highlights from the Show & Tell included Grathio Labs' Secret Knock Detecting Gumball Machine (you have to know the secret knock to get the gum!), and Robert Hermes' impressive Covert Public Messages, which you can only see when looking through polarized lenses. Very cool stuff. And let's not forget the food!  Drawing from our library of creepy Halloween treats, we recreated Edible Zombie Eyeballs omitting the goo to make it vegan-friendly, Pumpkin Bread in mini muffin form, Extra Satanic Deviled Eggs with a wasabi twist, and Halloween Candy Bark in various creepy colors.  Additionally, you can look forward to new Instructables detailing the making of peanut butter and chocolate Buckeyes and my Towering Pumpkin Cheesecake! All in all, it's been a very successful Halloween season.  Next we look to all of the great contests we have running.  Did you know that Humana's giving away a Dream Vacation to one very lucky innovative user!  Enter now! And don't forget to check back next week to cast your votes for our Halloween Contest finalists.  We weren't the only ones to go all out - you impressed us with almost 400 entries already! Until next time, all the best. Sarah P.S. for even more pictures, look here and here!

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