Hydroelectric Generator

This is my first topic, so I need your opinion - is this possible? I have all of these items.

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Can you use hydroelectric power for a water filter? Answered

 I'm surprised this hasn't come up before.. Hydroelectric power is great! could you use it to filter water into a jug on the bank?

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I am thinking of using a rain barrel for hydroelectric power. Any ideas?

Can you create electricity with a high pressure stream of water from a gravity feed source?

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Interesting Work

Surfing the web I found the following Chilean feat: http://ludens.cl/paradise/turbine/turbine.html The dude has done an awesome work, It deserves to be known by Instructables's community, do you think?

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I want to build a model of a hydroelectric dam. Ideas?

1st grade project: how does a dam work? model showing river, valley, dam, lake ,etc. Cross-section of dam? Any ideas or similar projects appreciated.

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New water power, 'reverse" archemedes screw from Germany and gravitational vortex from Austria

I think the gravitational vortex is a few years old and I only found the Reverse Archemedes Screw yesterday. Would anyone like to do instructables on them? It seems both are attempts to make hydroelectric power a bit more fish friendly.  They say the reverse archemedes screw is very efficient too. Check them out and see what you think.  I put videos about them in this playlist http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FD3B655FED590244 While I am here, why do the screws shown not have the auger and shell of the screw all welded together? Perhaps it is just for cleaning reasons?  Or maybe it is just  too difficult to make a "spiral staircase" inside a pipe? Anyway, it looks like excellent projects for someone.   The reverse archemedes screw is totally new to me. I have seen videos of the austrian system before. If they are fish friendly, lets make them popular. One question, how do the fish migrate up the river? Brian

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I need a hydroelectricity project for an eigth grader.

I already got a motor that powers a 1.8v LED. I wanna know the diameter of the wheel that I need [should be within 1 1/2 feet. I'm thinking of powering it with a hand pump that runs for about 20sec. I also need some ideas on how to make use of the LED. The project is about how we can Hydroelectricity in daily life so Hepl Please :)

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How to charge two AA with hydroelectric generator? Answered

For my Sophomore engineering class project I am making a hydroelectric generator that will need to charge two AA or smaller if not enough voltage is possible. The plan is to have my magnets spinning over the wrapped copper coils, but here's where I am stuck. I will have my two leads of the copper wire that are sanded down, but how do I go about charging the AAs form the wires? Do I have the positive copper wire go through some sort of diode then a container for the AAs that go back to the negative copper wire? Thanks in advance for the help. My engineering teacher is frustrating and says that I can go straight into the batteries which I know can't work.

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What is the best way to filter your own water?


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How to get energy from falling snow? Answered

From my research I've noticed that the only way people harvest energy from snow is through hydroelectric dams.   Are there any other viable options? Some ideas I've thought of: -Spinners facing the sky that spin when weight falls on them -artificial tree branches that hold a certain amount of snow and then get energy from the snap back. Could this apply to falling leaves?

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Can I run Samba File Server on Ubuntu through Virtual Box?

I have setup Ubuntu in Virtual Box and want to know if I can run Samba File Server in Virtual Box.

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New Year Moments

Happy New Year everyone on Instructables!!!!! 2010!!!!! With New year now come and gone, we are wanting to know your best and worst New Year moments. Doesn't matter what happened, just post it. Pictures are also gratefully appreciated.                                                                       HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Would you be in a new and virtually untapped green energy?

Hi I am developing a new concept for new in-pipe clean energy turbine system and looking for a mechanical electric engineer with skill in hydroelectricity. The patent has been already submitted, the proof of concept checked on a small scale prototype. I am trying to build a full working demonstration prototype. I am a scientist with good in design skills but limited electromechanical skills. I need a electromechanical engineer with computer fluid dynamics (CFD) skills to help me to build this prototype, interpret the data we will gather from the tests and find the best pilot test site. I am proposing a substantial part of equity of the company in exchange of this partnership. I'll ask you to sign an NDA before we get going. Please contact me here or at info at 100traffic dot com. Best regards, Herve

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Turbocharger to generator conversion? Answered

Hey, I was just wondering, could we turn a turbocharger into a generator that would produce electricity as water flows into one gate and out the other?  Similar to a hydroelectric generator using the mechanical energy of flowing water through a turbine to produce electricity.

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Is it possible to use a CPU fan to generate electricity to power an incandescent electric bulb?

Okay, I have to make a  model of hydroelectric power generator. I know that a DC Motor can produce only AC current when its rotated. But as far as I know AC current can power an incandescent electric bulb. So,Is it possible to use a CPU fan to generate electricity to power an incandescent electric bulb?

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Mini HydroPowered Generator..free power!?

Hello Instructables Community! I am planning to build a small HydroElectric plant in the stream behind my house. After years of all that potential power flowing by, I want to do something about it! I know the specifics of using turbines and such, but what I can not figure out is how to use this power! Should I simply wire it into my house somewhere (a special plug), or should I try to do something like store it in powerful rechargeable batteries? One of my relatives gets free Natural gas from a well on his property, and being the wizz he is, modified a generator to turn this gas into electricity and he even has excess electricity to sell back to the power company! That would be a luxury to have, but I know I'd need a lot of water for that amount of power, heh. I'm usually pretty creative, but I'm lacking right now! After searching for a couple hours on the web, I thought I'd see if you guys could help me out. Thanks Kody

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What can I do to prevent lightning damage with this device?

             I'm planning on building the device specified here:  http://www.eham.net/articles/9272 I want to place it about thirty-forty feet above the ground, between two large trees.  This would be above the power lines in my area, and also above most everything else besides the trees themselves.  This seems to pose a significant risk of having lightning strike it.  I don't want to have to put it up and take it down every time there is a storm (nor am I always here when there is one).  Is there any way to make this safe from a lightning strike?  P.S.  I know this works--one of my friends works for Honeywell and, when asked whether or not this was true, he explained that they have had conferences, lectures, etc. about the problem of static buildup on power lines.  My line length would be around 200-300 feet long, which is certainly not anywhere near the miles that many HV hydroelectric lines in my area run for, but it is still quite long.

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