I think I am gay. I have a best friend and I really

I think I am gay. I have a best friend and I really want to kiss her. She is really pretty and really nice. I have a boyfriend though and I don't know what to do. I am 16. Please Help?

Asked by kykethedyke 9 years ago

i m 15 and i havent had a boyfriend. i know i m young but all my friends have one and i m tired of not having one. help?

I m 15 and i havent had a boyfriend. i know i m young but all my friends have one and i m tired of not having one. i dont think i m too bad looks wise and i get along well with lads in generally. But when i see my frineds with their boyfriends i just get so jealous and wish i had one. Any help in to how i can fix this?

Asked by marybr 8 years ago

I need advise. . .

I have a best friend and I have been really tempted to kiss her but I don't know how. I have a boyfriend and I don't know if I should tell him or not. I don't want to lose either of them. I am so worried about it. I am 16 - Please help me.

Asked by kykethedyke 9 years ago

how to publish a instructable? Answered

i made a instructable , i publish it but when i searching for it I cant find it. i tried to log out but nothing happen when i log in and i go to my profile i can watch it but when i search it i cant find it HOW TO PUBLISH IT??

Asked by Andrew_48 7 years ago

How i can programed i Atmega32L ?

I need to do LED Cube 4x4x4 but wen i jet to step wen i bring the ic i looking for it i don't find her but i fund Atmega32L i need to way to programed the Atmega32l  can be happen in this ic if  worked can get the circle to program her                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thanks.....

Asked by matrex 8 years ago

That I project can I make with an integrated 555?

That I project can I make with an integrated 555? i have a protoboard

Asked by mr.mister 9 years ago

How do I know if I made it into the judging or not?

I entered into the Halloween Contest but how do I know if I made it into the Judging stage, and how do I know how many votes I got? -PyroMan99

Posted by PyroMan99 8 years ago

How do I unsubscribe to the site?

I wanted to view an instruction and got a message that I needed to sign up and I did? I went back the the instruction I wanted to see and got a message that I needed to pay? No thanks.

Asked by ditheprincess 8 years ago

i have this friend that just separeted, and i like her. how do i tell her or should i tell her that i love her?

Shes older and has a kid, which i get along with. and i have fun when im around her.

Asked by semicoolguy 9 years ago

how do i restore a disabled i pod touch 16gb?

The screen says disabled connect to i tunes. I can't get it connected. bought it like. I connected it to i tunes and it doesn't give me a option to restore

Asked by Vicbry 8 years ago

I made it post keeps disappearing?

Hi all,I just added an I made it! post to an Instructable I followed. After I added it, it appeared on the site, but when I refreshed it disappeared. I tried again and the same thing happened. Do I need to use a different browser or is there some kind of hold? Thanks!

Posted by lollicopter 4 days ago

I hate taking pills. I was wondering if i put it in a piece of food and ate it would it work?

If I put a pill in something like bread or cheese and then ate it would the pill work. Would I get all of the medicine that I need from it? Please reply as soon as possible!!! I need a pill to get rid of an annoying rash!! Thanks!!!!!

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

how do i know if i really love my bf?

I know i do but how do i explain how i know to him and why does he have to be so confusing please help i know because he is all i think about all day and when i a with him i am always happy but how do i tell him with out sounding cheesy or creepy.

Asked by hotforyou 9 years ago

I disappear! I'm not anymore on the epilogue challenge. I was on two days before.

Before when i wrote "paper in the instructables search, i was on the first page. and today i disappear! What's happen? The same for the epilogue challenge, i looked all pages and i didn't find my project "paper bin in paper". I received any messages saying i was out of challenge or i changed something, or other. I participated to this contest, and i was happy to! Where i am? What's happen? Who listen to me?

Posted by vfavia 9 years ago

What should I make? I want to make sumtin but I cant think of anything!? Answered

Help? Please. I have no idea what to make

Asked by guitarmaster101 7 years ago

How do i leave?

I think i joined on aciddent D= how do i leave?

Posted by Quenihana 10 years ago

i have a timing preoblem

Ok i have this solenoid. adn i want it so when i hit the power button i want it to start moving for a certin amount of time. then turn off. even if i hold the button for longer then tht set time. FOR EXAMPLE i push the power button and hold it for 2 seconds but i want the noid to act for one second. basically i need consistency how do i do i do this with out a mivcro proseser. is their a timming cuircuit i can adapt to what i need?

Posted by fretmelter 10 years ago

I have always wanted to be a wolf or a vampire. How would I go about doing so? I wanna be changed into an immortal Help?

Since I was a little kid, I used to growl at people I didn't like and I howl when i'm lonely I also bark at people when I think there is something wrong. I need to be a wolf (or vampire). It would make my life so much easier. I love being pet. Help? I know this sounds crazy but I am being serious.

Asked by Wolf6 5 years ago

I Have a Single Servo Motor, What Should I do with it?

I was making a robot, so I had to modify the servos for continuous rotation and I accidentally broke one. I didn't dare risk breaking the other one. What should I do with it?

Asked by Robot Lover 7 years ago

Hey i get extremely bored ...what do i do when i only have pen and paper? Answered

Hi i have PROBLEMS sleeping...so i get extremely bored how can i prevent from getting this bored

Asked by kctrooper 7 years ago

It won't work I know it

I just moved and before the move I asked out thus girl she said no and she didn't talk to me sense then I moved and I found this girl I really like but I don't know if she likes me and I really am shy

Asked by Creepycheepy 2 years ago

does anyone know why after I paid for pro yearly

 ( so i could get the pdfs when i wanted and i liked the daily ) i stopped getting the daily's i liked how do i fix this who can i address this to?

Asked by piggyly 7 years ago

How can you get music off a I-pod touch with out I-tunes??? Answered

I have a 4th gen 8gb I-pod touch 5.1.1....How can I get the music off of it without I-tunes???

Asked by bigmark 6 years ago

can I make an instructables private. I dont want it to be searchable on google or anything Answered

Can I make an instructables private. I dont want it to be searchable on google or anything

Asked by catfishracer4748 8 years ago

Arduino Code Help

Hello! for(int i=0; i I know this little bit of code is probably very simple but for some reason I'm having a hard time understanding it. It seems like 'i' would be reset to 0 ever time it was done with the statement in brackets. How can you put multiple test statements inside of a if statement? When I try to add another one  like this for(int i=0; ii>3; ++i), it doesn't work. Why can't I add another one? Why is it ++i? I thought it was supposed to be i++. Could someone please explain it? Thanks! for(int i=0; i  {    repeat something in here    delay(100);  }

Posted by HavocRC 4 years ago

I have a pic16f72 and is burned can i erase it and reburn it?

What software should i use i have pony prog.

Asked by ddeepu 4 years ago

help with 3 wire Arduino keypad

Hello all , I have read the this post "Arduino 3 wire Matrix Keypad by XenonJohn" and try to do as he said but something doesn't work I have the same resistors ,and the same connections - but it doesn't work when I press 1 I get "3" when I press 5 I get "0" when I press 6 I get "5" when I press 8 I get "0" when I press 9 I get "4" when I press * I get "9" when I press 2,3,4,8,0,# I get nothing what could be the problem ? I have build the circuit 3 times now - and always get the same result - what am I missing ? Thanks  .  

Posted by david123456 4 years ago

I am creating an instructable, I can add steps and photos, but I cannot add my text for the steps.

I am creating an instructable, I can add steps and photos, but I cannot add my text for the steps. If I do type text, it will show the same on all steps, if I try to full preview, it deletes my text. I am using IE7. .any suggestions?

Asked by ziggy1982 6 years ago

should I publish a steampunk short story I am working on?

I am working really hard on this so I have been wondering should I publish it?

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

Cmd Shutdown -i help

Hello Okay i run Cmd as Administrator and i got the correct ip adress that i wont to shutdown. When i try it in the Shutdown-i program stop working and it will not work

Posted by Kokosmel 10 months ago

I want to share credit on an instructable I published, can I add a collaborator after the fact or did I mess up?

I wrote the instructable for a project that I did with my friend, I want to add him as a co creator because he deserves credit, Can I do that now that  its already up on the site an featured?

Asked by bigdaddycole 3 years ago

I have received several emails saying I canceled my pro account when I did not. Please reinstate me..!?

If I am provided an email address I will be able to forward the emails that say I am cancelled.

Asked by craftyrn1959 7 years ago

hello Sir i need vpn server how i gate?

I need vpn server like this http://www.vpnsell.com/

Asked by khrshimul 6 months ago

These are the part that I salvaged from a broken I Home. I was wondering if you knew or had a resource that would explain to me how to control them?

I think I would be able to make something cool from them if I was to figure out how they worked 

Posted by acehunter1337 5 years ago

Which pistol should i build? Answered

I have a oodammo pistol that i have built. It seems to be great. I want to know what oodammo pistol I should build so i can compare it and see if it is up to par (equal).

Asked by 182515 8 years ago