Iphone IR nightvision

I have been thinking of using my iphone 4 as an IR nightvision device. I have read that some of the Iphones have IR blockers built in. Does anyone know if the Iphone 4 can see IR light, and if it cant is their a way to make it? Thanks

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Cutlery iPhone stand

We've had plenty of iPhone stands here at Instructables. But none of them have been made with cutlery. So check out this bizarre and awesome way of using two spoons and three forks to hold up your cellular god. You can even buy one of these from the maker on Etsy or try and do it yourself. Link via Make

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Lol ICarly Iphone!

Lol I saw this show called Icarly the other day and I didn't think it was too good but there was a part I thought was funny. She had an iphone with a pear on the back instead of an apple! LOL

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Instructables iPad/iPhone app.

Hey, is there anyone out there that can write a iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that would automatically sign into Instructables, and show all steps?

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iPhone charger connection to sound?

How do you connect an amplifier to amplify the sound through the charge connector and still be able to charge the phone for an iPhone4 instead of using the headphone out to amplify the sound?

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Is there a way to decompile iPhone apps? Answered

I was wondering if there was a way to decompile apps on the iPhone that were made by apple (Clock, Calender, Stocks, etc.) in order to get the Obj-C source code (or any editable code if you cant get the Obj-C).  I can ssh into it to get the binaries, but dont know how to decompile them.  any help would be great.  Thanks.

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DIY Waterprrof Iphone case.

Hello, I have an iPhone 5s and want to make a durable waterproof case for that, specifically for white water rafting. So I have an outline plan and want your inputs if I am doing something wrong or if you have a better suggestion. 1) Get a plastic box in which iphone cases come (some thing like this but which is strong http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v3/1574895035_1/iphone_5s_case_hard_plastic_box.jpg) 2) Get a rubber seal and fit it exactly for the size.     http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/AlwAAOxyOalTYCK2/$_35.JPG 3) Make a wrist strap with some elastic and make a holder for iphone with it.       This holder is needed to keep the phone in place on hand and when I want to take the pic I can easily get it off, shoot and put it back. 4) Fish wire.      This will be used to connect the actual phone case and wrist strap so if I drop the phone it still remains with me or use a retractable cable to make it more professional. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51ZbiJQuOsL._SX466_.jpg So far this is my idea, what do you guys think about it ?

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should i jailbreak my iphone? Answered

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what to do with an first generation iphone?

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iPhone app ideas

I was wondering if any of you guys had some cool iphone app ideas.

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How to replace damaged LCD in iPhone 7

Yesterday while getting out of my car, my phone slipped out of my gym shorts and hit the sidewalk. I came to a complete halt and slowly but carefully picked up my phone. "Maybe it got a couple of scratches and that's it?" But when I flipped the phone over, I discovered that it had a bunch of spiderweb cracks. I would like to repair this myself, I found a good video guide: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxKlNJ577sGSnZAb5fLPD1g Should I follow this instuctions, I think it is pretty decent job, what is your opinion?

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Can my iphone 6 be fixed after salt water damage? Answered

Hi, Can my iphone 6 be fixed after salt water damage? It was sitting in rice for about a week while I was on holiday after salt water got through my waterproof case. After a week I can home and put it in isopropyl alcohol and then let it to dry for 24 hours. This didn't work, opened it up and there's lots of corrosion, one of the connectors has corroded and the battery has corrosion on too.  IS this past repair??

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who here has an iphone

Who here has an iphone

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Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?

Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?You can send me one do ?

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can i take a ATT iphone 3g and use it on Verizon network?

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Any One Can Help Me For Reboot My iPhone Without Power button ?

I Lost Power Button of My iPhone .. So, due to this problem i have feel bad situation, I can't reboot my iPhone Now. so can you help me ? 

Posted by iPhonicworld 4 years ago

Iphone charger, 1A.

Hello I have a Iphone 3Gs with the original Iphone charger. On the charger it says that it supply's  5V,1 A, and a normal computer usb-port supply's 5V,0.5 A. Is it safe to use my mp3player with the Iphone charger? On my mp3 players charger it sayd 0.5 A but I lost it. Can my mp3 player's battery break if I use double the current that is recommended? Question 2: If I buy those Iphone chargers on ebay, is it safe to use them on my Iphone? cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll Question 2: If I leave my charger in the outlet will it still draw current? Without any devices attached to it?

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iPhone App?

It seems the iPhone app for Instructables doesn't work for me on my iPod Touch. When i try to download it, a message pops up saying "The item you tried to buy is no longer aailable." Any ideas on how i could get it to work.

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Iphone, extension cable?

Hello I´m trying to use a usb extension cable to charge my iphone 3Gs. But it´s not working, I get an error.? I use a usb extension cable to connect to the charger and the iphone cable on the female port. www.ace-plus.com/product/data_c/usb_extension_cable.jpg Do I have to buy this kind of cable? www.geardiary.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/iphone-dock-extender-cable.jpg Does any Iphone 3Gs user have this problem? EDIT: If I use a shilded usb-extender it works, but why not the other...naked one?

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does anyone know a good jailbreak program for an iPhone for free?

Without use of firmware

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My car charger for my iphone died. Does anyone have plans for a homemade one.

All the ones sold in stores are made in china and i don't buy communist. i know the phone was made there.....?

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calling all iphone lovers this is a toughie. Is it any use??

Ok sorry firstly for the inconvience of this cause its probably been asked a million times but iv been asked by a tutor 2 unlock her iphone for her and i havnt got a clue whats been done to it already can any one help me to find out so i can actually unlock it please?

Asked by the-missing-link 9 years ago

can you fix a wet iphone 4?

With my mind on something else I very very stupidly(i KNOW I KNOW)put my almost brand new iPhone 4 into the washing machine. Its been drying for 3 and a half days but still wont turn on. My new plan is to put it in rice,leave it in the airing cupboard overnight and try plugging it into my laptop in the morning. Any other advice?

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New iphone 6?

The say we, the iPhone 6 is still quite far from its 'official sunrise' but rather as close as it advances now seem to be the two official versions of the device, while the price of the basic model would be around the 710 euro and then a figure even lower than the launch of the iPhone 5S 16 GB (729 €). On the price, in fact, we feed more than a suspicion that they may arrive at certain levels, but never say never, especially if the version phablet will come to the top of the hill 900 Euros and will represent the true top of the line. So, in summary, and using as a yardstick the dollar, the iPhone economy is expected to cost between 650 and 800 dollars, while the Apple iPhablet would bring with it a price that the sfiorerebbe 950-1000 dollars.

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how can i put speakers/iphone dock with this led music box?

How can i put speakers in this https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/  and an iphone dock . i would be very gratefull in every means of help (more detailed means much more helpfull. im just a tech noob. so be very nice to me hehe thanks

Asked by nmoraga 7 years ago

Can i buy it ready to use?

HelloIs it possible to buy the iphone solar charger ready to use? :https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-solar-iPodiPhone-charger-aka-Might/?ALLSTEPSHow much it will cost?Thank you

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Altoids Tin Can Charger

Hi, ive made an Altoids tin can charger awhile back and it chargers all my devices but my iphone 5s? Its charges my iphone 5, 4, 4s, and every ipod. What circuitry do i need to allow my charger to charge my iphone 5s? Right now i have a 5v regulator and 2x 200ohm resistors off the positive lead into the positive, data -, and data + connections. Should i add capacitors on the inputs and outputs of the 5v regulator?  The only reason i build my own chargers is because i take long trains rides and flights and i use my rc car 5000mah battery that can last me a week, i put all the circuitry in an Altoids can to hold it together.  

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my i phone battery donot lasting?

My i phone battery donot lasting?

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What type of ipohone shall i get otterbox or lifeproof?

I need the case to be strong and if there are any other options plz tell me.

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there's a new iphone...

Apple is releasing a new iPhone on july 11. it comes with 3g, and games and gps and all the other crap. see it right here

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What is a good project to use Arduino and an Iphone for?

 just bored, and i want something to do using an iphone and an arduino duemilanove

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IPod touch and iPhone games?

Asked by chrizw123 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

For what can i use iphone screen?

My friends trashed an iphone and gave it to me.The screen,the motherboard and the camera are alright.What can I do with them?

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Help Transferring Notes From Old iPhone to New iPhone.? Answered

Just got the latest New iPhone, the phone co. transferred my phone directory and my service from the Old iPhone. But I have lots of notes that I don't want to re-type in! Anybody have experience with this ?

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Anyone have any suggestions for an iPhone / iPod Touch? Answered


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iPhone Spoof

This is great and well done! :)

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will jail breaking my new iphone 4 harm it in any way?

Asked by jman1416 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

can you put pics on questions with iphone? Answered

I dont own an iphone, but my mom does, and i figured it would be way easier to get pics on seperate questions with an iphone. i know how to get pics on with other cameras, but im to lazy...

Asked by the poodleo 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Does anybody have any ideas for iPhone apps?

I wanted to make an iPhone app, but I would like some more ideas. Thanks in advance. :)

Asked by Zephyr Wind 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Site does not work on iPhone

The site does not load anything on the iphone browser. Example , when i click on a link to a project from the daily emails. Why is this ?

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iPhone users : have something like this happened to you?

A friend of mine told me that his iPhone takes about half an hour to sync , has this hapened to you ?

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6 volt source to charge my iPhone. The iPhone likes to get 5 volts at 350ma to 1 amp.

Looking to power my iphone off a 6volt input. Want the best way to provide 5volts at no more that 1amp no less that 350ma? Any clean simple methods for a novice? Want decent current control and cleanest path possible.

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Iphone App - Comments

I have downloaded the iphone app, and its good, but you cant see any of the comments attached to an instructable. Comments can be really important for additional information or improvements... I think you need to be able to see them. The iphone web interface handles them well.

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Compatible external battery to my iPhone 5

Hey guys, I want to buy a external battery for my iphone 5, but i dont't know what brand to buy. do you have any suggestions?? Make sure if any external battery to iPhone 5?

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iPhone 5 Charger lighting pin layout?

Does anybody know the correct way to wire up a circuit to charge a iphone 5. I remember the old circuit set ups for the iphone 4. Have they stayed the same or have they changed?

Asked by Kante Tech 4 years ago

Can i turn my Iphone G3 into a midi controller for Ableton Live?

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