new mortar

This is my knex mortar what do you think post or not? P.S. this uses a trigger similar to Iacs trigger. Gets about 100 feet I tore it apart because no one likes it

Posted by Knex_Gun_Builder 9 years ago

Knex question.

Does anyone know who's is stronger? Oodalumps's cannon or I_Am_Canadian's? They both look monstrous, but From looks, Oodalumps's looks stronger to me.

Posted by Oompa-Loompa 9 years ago

The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3 Results)

The moment you've all been waiting for! Or at least thought about, or something... You get the idea- anywhoooooo, Oblivitus still has to give me his complete list, so here are my own list and I_Am_Canadian's list. Remember, your score can still change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VICCIE.B1993 1: Killer~Safe Cracker - K'nex Solar Alarm Clock - 750/900 points. 2: Cj81499 - Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry - 600/900 points. 3: Owen-Mon-82397 - K'nex Fan - 550/900 points. 3: K'nex Mad - Knex Grabber T.N.K.I.T Round 3 Entry - 550/ 900 points. 4: DJ Radio - Video Cam Holder - 540/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORE LIST: Knex Mad: Entry: Knex Grabber T.N.K.I.T Round 3 Entry. Practicality: It is practical for the elderly and lazy people so 200/300 points. Sturdyness: Looks like a solid construction, the grabber might be a bit inreliable, but in the video he said he solved that problem so 250/300 points. Extras: No extras, so 100/300 points. Total: 550/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Radio: Entry: Video Cam Holder. Practicality: It's useful if you want to make a K'nex war video. 170/300 Points. Sturdyness: He said it's sturdy, it looks a bit wobbly though so.. 170/300 Points. Extras: You can mount it on a gun to use as a scope, or to make a video, two extras so.. 200/300 Points. Total: 540/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K~SC: Entry: Solar Clock Alarm (!?) Practicality: Everyone needs one when they have a job or school so.. 250/300 Sturdyness: The clock almost looks sturdier than the lockbox that he showed in the same Ible. 250/300 Extras: Three extra, three bonuses. 250/300 Total: 750/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cj81499: Entry: Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry. Practicality: It's smarter to just get one from the fridge, but this way you can store them in your room or wherever you are at most times so.. 250/300 Sturdyness: The legs to make the cans go down looked a bit wobbly when he pressed it but i'm gonna let it slip because the rest looks surdy. 250/300 Extras: No extras, so.. 100/300 Total: 600/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owen-Mon-82397 Entry: K'nex Fan. Practicality: You won't need one now over here, it's like minus 5 sometimes. But in the summer this might be useful. 200/300 Sturdyness: Looks like a solid construction to me. 250/300 Extras: No extras. 100/300 Total: 550/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I_AM_CANADIAN: 1: Killer~SafeCracker - Solar Alarm Clock - 750/900 points. 2: K'nex Mad - Grabber - 480/900 points. 3: DJ Radio - Camera Mount - 400/900 points. 4: Cj (numbers) - Can Dispenser - 380/900 points. 5: Owen-Mon-(numbers) - K'nex Fan - 340/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORE LIST: Killer~SafeCracker: Solar Alarm Clock Practicality 270. Sturdiness 280. Extras 200. Total 750. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knex Mad: Knex Grabber Practicality 200 Sturdiness 180 Extras 100 Total 480 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Radio: Knex Camera Mount Practicality 180 Sturdiness 120 Extras 100 Total: 400 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owen-Mon (numbers): - Knex Fan Practicality 140 Sturdiness 100 Extras 100 Total 340 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cj (numbers):  Knex Can Dispenser Practicality 150 Sturdiness 130 Extras 100 Total 380 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBLIVITUS: Still have to get the completed score list. This is about it now, i'll send the contestants a message when Oblivitus sends me his list. Cheers, and for many years more! -Viccie.B1993-  

Posted by Skreetsha 8 years ago

Whats your favourite ball machine?

Whats your top 3 ball machines?? They don't have to be in order (mine aren't) heres my none ordered one's! this (1) this (2) this (3)

Posted by MegaMetal8 8 years ago

Who's Cannon Rules----------I_AM_CANADIAN's heavy cannon rules!!

Its official, and i accept my defeat, IAC's was rated better and more people prefer it. How will it compare to my newest instructable, my HIGH POWER CROSSBOW. Whose cannon is better, My Light Cannon V2.2, or I_AM_CANADIAN's Heavy cannon V5. They are both special in their own ways. His is more powerful and flies 80 feet. It loads in over 30 seconds. Mine is a little less powerful but flies almost 150 feet. Mine loads in under 15 seconds. Also, Mine uses 8 rubber bands and his uses 16. Here is the puncturing using the same front on the ammo. Try to build them before you decide. WHOSE IS BETTER. Note-I did not fake these pictures. Try them yourself and the results will be the same. I am not trying to start a fight I just want to see whose you think is better. Note. The Video was shot with IAC's V5 and my V2.3. I just built V3.0 but did not post it yet.

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

The Grand Knexpert Tournament (TGKT)

The Grand Knexpert Tournament has started. The first challenge for all of the contestants is to make a knex gun. Yes that's right, just make a knex gun. Your gun will be judged by power, reliability, ease of use, and looks. You have to have an instructable or a video for your gun. In the video you have to demonstrate the power, ease of use, and reliability. Slide shows and forum topics are not permitted. You cannot enter a knex weapon that has already been posted, but you can enter one that you are designing right now. The top 8 will move on and the rest will be out.DEADLINEYour gun has to be entered by November 10th, 2008.How to EnterJust post a link to your instructable, slide show, etc.REVISED List of contestants1.TheDunkis [ENTRY]2.Dsman1852763.I_Am_Canadian [ENTRY]4.Jollex [ENTRY]5.Trauts [ENTRY]6.Bakenbitz [ENTRY]7.Dutchwarlord [ENTRY]8.The Jamalam [ENTRY]9.S0lekiller [ENTRY]10.Katarukito [ENTRY]11.Knexguy 12.The_Burrito_Master13.Darth Gecko Man [ENTRY]14.Pineapplebobthegreat15.Oompa-Loompa [ENTRY]16.Viccie.B1993 [ENTRY]17.Dutchj [ENTRY]18.Yerjoking [ENTRY]19.Bartboy [ENTRY]20.Shadowninja31 [ENTRY]

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

TGKT Results

Yeah so TGKT is over. IaC wins. Woo! His prize is that he gets to be adored by all ibles knexers. Yay!

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

Dropping out of TGKTR3

As the title suggest, I am dropping out of the tournament. There are several reasons why.1. People don't like the founder of the contest being in it.2. I want to judge this last round personally so people probably won't like me judging my own entry.3. I already started taking apart my unfinished entry.For all those wondering, this was going to be my entry:

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

I embedded all my videos.

Hey Guys, I thought I'd let you all know that I have embedded all of my videos now. (Rejoicing) Yay! Also, from now on my videos will be of a much higher quality, as I recently got a new camera. All for now. IaC

Posted by I_am_Canadian 8 years ago

How much knex do you have??

Hi everyone Here is the Question of the day. How many knex do YOU have?? Tell us all, here. Here are some pictures of all my knex. There are 15,600 counted pieces and thats just my storage containers, not my tubs and guns. Also the last two photos are of my folding gun. Should I post.

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago


Round 3Last round.RulesMake a ball machine.Deadline: June 1st

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

Best weapon to use in a Knex war? Answered

What is the best weapon to use in a Knex war?

Asked by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Which knex gun has a large magazine, little parts, and very reliable? Answered

I have built I_Am_Canadians AST pistol and it was really good but i want to know about some other guns out there

Asked by Shaznazabbadaz 9 years ago

Instructable rated up to 5.22!!!

There are some strange things going on on instructables...4 Knex instructables are the highest rated instructables ever...And one has ratings over 5 - 5.22, and that instructable belongs to: I_am_CanadianWhat is going on?!?

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Help! Knex Dents!

Help! I have recently found out that i have millions of dents in my walls from knex guns. Are there any easy ways to fix these without plastering/painting? Thanks

Posted by I_am_Canadian 10 years ago

Why are the winner placments still moving around after the voting has ended? (Book Contest)

Read the title. What's the deal? I moved from 7th to 12th, to 9th, and now i'm on 10th. Hmm.... Any Ideas? Also, when is the book going to be published? Thanks!

Posted by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

How Do Mepain and Killerk and I_AM_CANADIAN come up with these gun ideas?

Do they just begin building randomly, or do they begin with an idea?

Posted by King825 9 years ago

Knex piece names

It gets annoying when making an instructable, you find that you need. 5 black clips or 30 grey clips, and so on. can some one get together a proper set of names for all those little pieces that no one can describe?

Posted by I_am_Canadian 10 years ago

when making the knex circle ball machine by i_am_canadian, what does he mean by "hinges" in the parts list?

On the second step he sais you need hinges in misc, but i dont know what piece hes talking about. please, please, please help

Asked by the poodleo 8 years ago

Knex ball machine lift? Answered

Hey guys,Does anyone have the instruction pamphlet for the ball machine with the lift featured in this video? would would, please let me know, I need a peek at a page or two.Thanks!IaC

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

Homemade epoxy alternative?

Hey all, I need epoxt for many reasons, and for many reasons I cannon get/use it. So I am wondering... Does anyone know of a good homemade solution that is comparable to epoxy? It needs to harden to a really solid finish. Thanks!

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

Results for TGKTR2

Here are the results, sorry it took so long, but that wasn't my fault *cough*Dsman*cough* +P.4 Moving On:I_Am_Canadian86Viccie.B199384Jollex81S0lekill3r774 that are outDutchwarlord76Knexguy72Bakenbitz70DutchjNo EntryCongratulations to all!

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

Knex Juggling prop stand

Just a little stand to hold some of my juggling props. Takes 3 clubs, 5 rings, 3 medium balls and 5 small balls. I know I know, it's not the most outstanding thing I've ever built, but I thought is was cute... IaC

Posted by I_am_Canadian 8 years ago

Message to the K'nexers

A Poem I write to you of my observations About certain peoples' latest creations Yes this has been said before About this endless comment war The Jamalam and of course I.A.C Have seen the same things as me But they both wrote in regular style Which never stuck: not versatile So I write to you in poetry But the views are same, we all agree But my rhymes will stick into your brain The frontier in this web campaign See I notice that our knex community Lacks complete and utter immunity To spite, hate and lack of respect To many peoples' knex project It's mainly guns, but there are others too That are attacked in a ridiculous taboo That's taboo as in prejudice, you see It's gone beyond reasonable degree K’nex is a toy, don’t forget That fun really is the main object So why all the hate so suddenly It puts ya down, can’t you see? People like me, and naming others too Get ratings based not on what but who Why rate so low based on the person The situation is starting to worsen Insane Creator is one of those Who gets nought with a five in endless blows Upon his models: they ain't that bad It's who he is, it's really quite sad See why would you rate if you had no idea Of the thing you are rating: It's still unclear What would posess you to continue this theme In lowering someone's self esteem It's not just ratings, to me they ain't worth it It's the comments people think, write and submit "What the heck? This is so bad" to name an example But it's one of hundreds: a mere sample Regulars are praised, no matter what they do IAC; Killer~safe cracker to name a few True, they are good, I won't put them down But what about the other side of this web town? If I should have posted Mr. Doomsday Or put that cablecar on display They would never have got to where they are now Because I ain't as regarded, why should we allow? Allow for this rudeness and all this spite To continue all day and all through night We were never like this, can you remember? Time for a little bit of nostalgia? Once upon a time, the community was  Supportive and friendly simply because We wanted friendships and much better outcome And to spitefulness? we never did succumb! So I say please return to how we were Helping every other entrepreneur Not attacking others like wild bulls: Please, “show a smile instructables!”            -Lowney

Posted by Lowney 8 years ago

Knex Gods?

Who are considrd the Knex Gods on this site? Im not shore but Ive heard its Darth Trainman, The Jamalam, DSman, Killerk and thats all Ive heard can you tell me if Im wrong or tell me some others?*PLEASE IGNORE THE DOTTEN LINES*knexperts:---------------------------------------------------------knex GODS:(your name here)-----------------------------------------------Darth Trainmanajleece-------------------------------------------------------------I_am_CanadianDath Trainman--------------------------------------------------Viccie.B1993The Jamalam----------------------------------------------------s0lekill3rbenfoxg------------------------------------------------------------tombuckey ( o.j )The_Burrito_MasterTheDunkisTrautsWickyDSman195276I_am_Canadianknexlord1Jollexshadowman39mepainBakenbitzIronman69KatarukitooblivitusKillerKOompa-LoompaSilentassasin21glitchedViccie.B1993KnexguyoddaDarth Gecko ManDutchwarlordDJ Radiokiller~safecrackers0lekill3r

Asked by Tom Buckey 9 years ago

Two Knex Walkers of mine

Here are two knex walking machines of mine. Neither are bad, but both aren't great. I Might post the second one if I can make it better. They are both powered by two Knex Powerpacks. The first video is of the smaller one, and the second and third are the larger one.

Posted by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

What is a good way yo make a firecracker from caps, without needing to break individual caps apart?

Yeah, the title just about says it all. I have made ones that you smash with a hammer, but I want something that I can set off with a time delay (Fuse). Thanks!

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

What weapons you currently have built.

I have seen a couple of forums on what you would use in battle, I just want to know what you have.I have:BR18- KILLERKZKAR- ZakBBSA- Bakenbit'z Heavy cannon v5- I_Am_CanadianOodassault pistol- TheDunkisMini-er TDS- TheDunkisOKP- OompaloompaMosquito- TheDunkisKnexsayer- (If you don't know, you must be extremely new to knex weaponry)ZLG - ZakA couple I_A_C war bombs- I just said2 spiffs- I_Am_CanadianA few knives- no clueA few grenades- no clueDragonfly cusomizable crossbow- WickyAnd 95 lbs of knex left over.You have?.......EDIT: Now I have:10 of Carlisle's grenadesKnexsayerBR18Mini BR8ZKAR2KILLERK'S block triggerBBSAOodassault pistolRectangle Mini rectangle3 different single shot pistols mepain designed"Matilda" looking modified ZLG (matilda from resident evil 4.)Heavy cannon v5

Posted by travw 9 years ago

Ultimate Knex Contest has been changed...

Alright well this takes too long so I might as well just start it. Instead of entering and making it a contest anyone can nominate a gun that fits the category. Sorry to disappoint anyone if I did. We are still comparing we're just comparing all of them instead of entries. Alright from now voting for yourself. Put it this way. What weapon from each category would you want to have and use most in a battle? Don't just put pride in your weapons. Also it would be great if you actually built the gun you vote for...don't just make assumptions...well I guess except for best replica. Weapons mentioned Best Side Arm- TheDunkis with the TDS Radioactive with the SPEC-9 Dsman with dsman's Side Arm popomaster with the glock Most Innovative Gun- popomaster with the glock Best Grenade/Explosive TheDunkis with the D model splodies/ DX8 Splody Bomb I_am_Canadian with the War Bomb flames with the F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade Best Replica of Another Weapon- TheDunkis with the AK-74 Katarukito with the Dragunov Best Gun Overall I_am_Canadian with the super cannon dsman with the DD-27 I_am_Canadian and knexgunner12 with their Battle Rifle I entered some of the guns I remembered but if you have other guns you want to vote for and they fit the category then go ahead. Just copy the form and type out the name of both the creator and their weapon under each category. Best Side Arm- Most Innovative- Best Grenade/Explosive- Best Replica- Best Gun Overall-

Posted by TheDunkis 10 years ago

Knex Striker pistol review.

Knex Striker Review! Thanks for the awesome gun I_Am_Canadian! Feelings. Handle:10/10!!! ...................... Strength: Trigger guard 10/10! Trigger 10/10! Whole gun 8/10 ...................... Power: 10/10! (my dad saw it shoot through a box  and freaked out...................... Range 8/10! That should be about it! Thanks for looking and drop a comment to tell me how I did!

Posted by Vynash 9 years ago

Attaching a magazine to an ordinary sling shot k'nex rifle?

For a while I have been trying to develop a magazine that feeds bullets from below the barrel. The gun I am modding has a similar barrel to the K'nex Striker Pistol by I_am_Canadian. I can develop one that sits above the barrel however this looks ridiculous and in not all to affective. Any suggestions? Pictures or existing instructables are most helpful! Thanks!

Asked by JonnyDude2008 7 years ago

The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3)

Thanks to I_Am_Canadian for the contest round idea. You have to build something practical! Like a grabber for your gramps, or a K'nex keyboard maybe? Or a soda delivery cart? Something you would use everyday. Last day for entry acceptance is 30 Nov. 2009. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ratings will be judged upon these categories: - Practicality 300/900 points. How good is it to use in your everyday life? Do you / would you use it often? - Sturdyness 300/900 points. This speaks for itself, if you use it often, it has to be sturdy. - Extras 300/900 points. By the normal use of your entry, can it do something else too? You start with 100 points on this. Every added function is worth 50 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judges: - Viccie.B1993 - I_Am_Canadian - Oblivitus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contestants: - Killer~SafeCracker ENTRY: - Knex Mad ENTRY: - Silentassasin21 ENTRY: - AJLeece ENTRY: - Millawi Legend ENTRY: - DJ Radio ENTRY: - Owen-Mon-82397 ENTRY: - K'nexguy ENTRY: - CJ81499 ENTRY: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the quarter final. Three people will be eliminated. Good luck, my fellow K'nexers! -Viccie.B1993- Link to round 4: (NO ROUND YET POSSIBLE BECAUSE THIS ROUND IS STILL GOING). UPDATE: I'm waiting for Oblivitus and I_Am_Canadian for their grade lists of the entries. Oblivitus is wide awake, but i think I_A_C forgot so i sent him a message. In the meantime, go do something else than stare at a screen.

Posted by Skreetsha 8 years ago

Campfire powered foundry?

Hey guys, Ive been checking out a few of the foundry instructables here, and I want to make one. I have 2 problems. 1, I don't have any charcoal, and two, I don't have a fan. So I was wondering... is there a way that I could make a foundry that would get the heat from a campfire or firepot? I'd there are 101 uses I can think of for molten aluminum.., Thanks in advance! IaC

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

Big Powerful Knex Crossbow: Review

Big Powerful Knex Crossbow Review[http://Link!]Made by Wicky.Alight. Here it is.1 - Power/Range 8/10 Great power, the ammo goes nowhere near straight though. 2 - Accuracy 8/10 Very good, but once again the ammo doesn't help.3 - Looks 8/10 I think it looks fine, but it could have been better.4 - Ease of use (reloading and firing) 10/10 Easy as pie. What else can I say? Just grab the ammo, put it on the elastics pull back and release. I can do about fire about 3 every 2 seconds.5 - Reliability (does it jam?) 9/10 It never "Jams", but on rare occasions the elastic can catch the ammo and fling it backwards.6 - Size Efficiency 9/10 Uses very few pieces that are not needed. Barrel is piece efficient too.Overall: Awesome. Great power, very rapid firing and quite accurate, makes this gun a must. Perfect for wars (could be a tadbit smaller, come to think of it). Thats it! Thanks for viewing.IaC

Posted by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

My New Knex Gun- DG12 Marksman rifle

Hello Knexers! this is a new gun that is unpostable due to a bug that won't let me upload images on 'create'.This is a rachet system slingshot rifle. It is good enough to be a snipers rifle, but due to the mediocre accuracy produced, I decided to make it a Marksman rifle. It is accurate up to 30ft or so, but its maximum range is about 60-80ft. The mechanism is always reliable (Thanks to I_am_Canadian's striker pistol) and never breaks. The gun is only 3-layers thick due to my lack of pieces. There is a foldable rear sight positioned at the front of the stock.  Ammo is variable from a blue rod with a red connector, all the way up to a grey/black/clear size with a red connector. I would not recommend this as a primary, due to the time taken to reload in all slingshots. If so make this a sort of secondary. Mods: Last two pictures Credit: I_am_Canadian for his striker pistol Dedicated to Geodez and DJRadio, who make me laugh (geodez) and dedicate time to help me (DJ).

Posted by ~Meme~ 6 years ago

Free photo editing program? Answered

Hey, I recently got myself a sweet camera, and am now in need of a sweet photo editing program. I, being an extremely cheap guy, will not buy it. I WILL NOT! Anyway, Ive tried a few programs, including photofun studio, picasa, and another program that came with my computer. They all have at least one major flaw. So, I was hoping that you guys might be able to direct me to a good, free, editing program. Thanks guys!

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

The TNKIT: My Apologies..

My sincere apology to all the "TNKIT Contestants". I forgot to tell you guys that I_Am_Canadian took over the contest. I was kinda desperate to get the contest running again, but my computer kept dying, jamming, etc. So, do you guys accept my apology? I sure hope so, i'm really sorry but i was unable to do anything because of this "stupid twenty-first century machine", as my grandma always calls it.. Later guys, ViccieB1993

Posted by Skreetsha 8 years ago

Knex Heavy Cannon v5 - Handheld (TGKT entery)

This is going to be by entry for the TGKT. It is alike my other cannons in many ways. A few things to point out... Fires same ammo as the Micro No wheels or stand, a handle on top makes it handheld True trigger Very Piece efficient Fires about 70 feet Easy to load Cool looking (I guess thats subjective, so whatever) Thats it! I hope you like it. EDIT: Posted!

Posted by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

Homemade Juggling Rings? Answered

Hey folks,Ive been wondering... I'm a juggler, and in addition to the props that I've bought, I have made my own balls and clubs. I've never seen instructions for homemade rings, however, and these are the only other props that I want to use that I can make at home (unless someone can show me how to make juggling knives...)So anyways, that's pretty well it. How do you go about making you own juggling rings.Thanks!IaC

Asked by I_am_Canadian 8 years ago

How do you extract potassium nitrate from fertilizer? Answered

I have been fiddling around with a few homemade fireworks, and I have found a certain want for potassium nitrate, something which works very well in fireworks. Does anyone know how to remove this from my everyday garden fertilizer? I heard it can be done, I just dont know how... Thanks! P.S. I dont need any warnings about using fireworks, I am very sensible.

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

How widespread is the knex communtity in the REAL world?

On the internet, it seems every knexer out there is like in the same neighborhood. But really, how far away are we? Post your country! America NYPA-New york shadowninja31-Washington (state) Shadowman39-Tennessee bigdyaln91-Ohio TheDunkis-Minnesota jollex-Louisiana DJ Radio- Louisiana Smilee-Minnesota Killer~SafeCracker-Oklahoma knex_lover-Washington (State) cj81499-New York Canada Seleziona-Manitoba I_Am_Canadian-Manitoba ( Duh) United Kingdom ( do they have states or provences?) Hiyadudez The Jamalan Thailand knex_pls Ireland knex gun builder Austrailia agent harmsy

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

Bazooka/Mortar/ contest *UPDATE*

It is time for the first contest of the Innovative and Active knex gun Community! The rules are that the projectile must explode, like a splodie, or an I_Am_Canadians war bomb, or whatever you can come up with. With the exception of mortars, the bazooka must be able to be fired from the shoulder. The entries will be judged in explosive power, range, reliablity, and cosmetics, bonus points if you can replicate the RPG-7 or the AT-4, or make an airburst round. Contest ends August 25th NO ONE POSTED, THE CONTEST IS OFF (sorry for caps)

Posted by Knex_Gun_Builder 7 years ago

I am selling my knex.

I have put my knex up for sale on Ebay because I no longer use it. It is very good condition as I have sorted it over the period of about 4 days. I have taken great care to remove all broken/non-Knex pieces from it. It also comes from a non smoking home. There is enough knex there to build I_Am_Canadian's Heavy Cannon V1 as I have done so before. It was awesome.

Posted by Millawi Legend 6 years ago

New K'nex wheel design

I've been working on a new ball machine for a few years and finally decided to tear it down and start anew; one thing I did save was this wheel. It uses chain for a rim to make a "perfectly" circular wheel. With grey rods on every rim connector it is quite heavy, in my ball machine I used a delay to send 3 balls onto it at once to make it spin nicely. If you want you could only use once white connector and 8 grey rods to make a lighter frame that would spin well with only one ball on it. Peace! ~IaC

Posted by I_am_Canadian 4 years ago

Best Side Arm

Alright we need entries for my best side arm contest at ibeatyou. Even if you don't want to enter it would help if you voted once we do have more entries...and if you're curious enough you can see and listen to meeting TheDunkis that has to be awesome right? Guess not... Competition LinkI don't care what you say here. Sure discuss whatever you want here although the real discussion is there I'm just inform those of you who haven't joined. I would join if you haven't. Knexperts like dsman, I_am_Canadian, and Jollex have already joined me.

Posted by TheDunkis 9 years ago

How much knex do you have?

This is a forum (Not sure It's been done) Of all the knex you have, post picture of all your knex (Note I have a little more than what is in those pictures below. 1. Oblivitus's Z35 2. Oodalumps's Not a Rectangle 3. Beameron's Wolverine Claws 4. Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's Hole Puncher 5. Logic Boy's Knex Knife 6. I_Am_Canadian's Spiff 7. Pile of rubber bands 8. LogicBoy's Logic Bow And all the rest of my pics are miscellaneous pieces from around the house/coasters being made.

Posted by Vynash 8 years ago

Knexpert Search 2009!

Calling all K'nexers aged 12 and under! The Knexpert search 2009 has just opened! This is contest where you build the best knex object you can manage, and send it in. You have the chance of getting one of 7 prizes, which includes a few knex sets, some knex merchandise, and $1000 dollars in collage funds. Then there are 3 Grand prizes, that include lots of knex and knex merchandise, and $10,000!. All winners also get a free trip to new york where there are presentation cerimonys, and you will also got to see the inventer of K'nex, Joel Glickman! So if you can, Enter! Its definatly worth a shot.Good luck!Link to the origonal Knexpert search webpage:

Posted by I_am_Canadian 10 years ago

Knexer ratings

I would like to find out how everyone thinks of the knexers here.Rate form 1 to 101= Horrible2= Very Bad3= Bad4= Not Good5= Getting there6= Okay7= Good8= Really Good9= Awesome10= Knex GodNow just rate these Knexers1.Mepain2.Oodalumps3.Perfect Duck4.Mykhailo5.Dsman1952766.I_Am_Canadian7.Jollex8.TheDunkis9.J-Chode10.PineapplebobTheGreatYou cannot rate your selfExample Post:1. 102. 103. 104. 105. 96. 87.8. 79. 810. 7

Posted by jollex 10 years ago

FX-9 Sniper Rifle

Here it is, The one the only FX-9 Sniper rifle!!!This is the first of five in the FX-9 series. This has been my secret project for the last 2 1/2 months. Here are the pros and cons: Pros: Range 70-80 feet weighs 5 1/2 Pounds sturdy reliable new trigger design 11 layer design cons: uses a lot of pieces no mag bad bipod but if I post I will make a different one Now that you know about it tell me what you think. Should I post it?

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago

Knex Ball Machine - Off the Wall

Hey! Here's the most recent project of mine. Its a ball machine build entirely in my bathroom. It was a fun challenge and produced a very unique ball machine I think. Nothing too fantastic in terms of elements or anything. The triple loop, chain slide, the geared ferris wheel and perhaps the double helix thingys are the only things worth really noting. Anyway, hope you folks like it. Sorry about the photos being so dark, its hard to get good lighting in a small room with no windows. Enjoy! Video: Update: Total piece count: 8891. That makes Sproutless the winner with a guess of 18,500. Congrats!

Posted by I_am_Canadian 7 years ago