Its weird....

This ible Was unpublished, but I didnt get a comment from admin like everyone else.I only saw that it was unpublished when i was on my profile and it wasnt in my posted ibles.Is there a bug, or did they stop doing notices? I dont think it is a bug, but i want to make sure.

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Logout error- on 'ible page

When I navigate to this 'ible page, it logs me out. It won't stay logged in no matter how many times I try. When I navigate away from the page, it logs me back in automatically. Specs: Firefox 3.6.4 (updated today) Windows 7

Posted by nickodemus 8 years ago

Hi! I cant seem to find my recently published ible' when i search for it. Whats wrong? Answered

I find it if i look among my published ibles but want my friends to find it more easily. It should show up in sports and crafts. Or am i doing somethin wrong? Please advise.

Asked by Vidar_76 8 years ago

Featured Items are now displayed differently

I just noticed that Ibles that have been featured have a "featured" mark in their picture, at least when looking at the member's page or on the search!

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Sorry, we just can't find that one! -

Sorry, we just can't find that one! -   We're sorry, the URL is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below. is the message displayed when someone who is not logged in visits my ible..... i published the ible a day ago but the problem has not been resolved:( can anyone please help solve this? thanks, KnutKnackebröd

Posted by knutknackebröd 4 years ago

Which ible is most highly rated?

Browsing the instructables, you can't sort by favorite.   If there was a battle royale between the most favorited instructables, which one do you think would win? I realize it's hard to say:  Some ibles have been here a long time, so their favorite stats are higher.  Some ibles deal with less popular topics, but are super popular for the people who are interested in it.  So go ahead and make some allowances, and tell me about them. My two picks from what I've been able to search: 3031 fav, 3.9 million views, 2011 3732 fav, 3.6 milion views, 2007 Not sure which one I would pick.  The bracelet one is really old, but has about as many views as the LED one, so the ratio of fav/view, it wins.  But from a fav/age standpoint, the paracord bracelet wins.

Posted by insusr 3 years ago

The Name Escapes Me

I was digging through a pile of old stuff the other day, when I found an old toy I built. It is made from a wooden dowel with notches in it and a propeller at one end. When you rub the notches with a stick (a secret way), the propeller spins, and can change directions allmost at one (with the secret). I think it's called a Huwie stick? I'd hate to make on iBle on this without knowing the name!Also, I need to know if these are spelled spelt** right:Roy Rogers and Shirley TempleThey are also my next iBle.**Ha! Take that, Goodhart! :P

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Spam/sponsored content

Where does the line between spam and sponsored content go? I'm specifically thinking about instructables like these: They are fairly informative, but also contain advertisement for a company. Where does the line go? I see a lot of these ibles.

Posted by jurgemaister 4 years ago

How do i add my instructable?

How do i add my instructable to this group?

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

'ible points

I have a new idea for a simple ranking system on instructables. The system would use points, you would get points for doing things around the site. A few examples of what rewards points: Using Instructables. The more you use Instructables, the more points you get. Using our Forums system. Creating Instructions. Using a premium Membership. Recruit friends into our Membership program. Adding and verifying your email address in Settings. Donations. View count. Medallion scheme. A few examples of the points you would get: Using Instructables. The more you use Instructables, the more points you get. (every hour on the site actively would get you 0.1 points) Using our Forums system.                                                                       (Your total posts are divided by 100 when converted into 'ible points). Creating Instructions.               (for every instructable posted you would get 5 points and if the 'ible got featured you would get 25 points) Using a PRO Membership.                                                                                             (A PRO membership would give you 50 points) Adding and verifying your email address in Settings.                                                            (This would get you 20 points) Donations.                                                                                        (each donation would get you a certain amount depending on the size) View count.                                                                                        (Your view count is divided by 10 and the result i the points you get) Medallion scheme.          (If you have a bronze medal you would get one point, silver medals would get you two points and a gold medal would get you three points.) The points could be displayed near the medallions as a shield or similar. Would this idea work and i so could it lease be considered by the editors?

Posted by JM1999 3 years ago

What is your favorite ible and why?

There are lots to choose from!

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Captions for photos in photo-ibles

I can't see any way to add captions to individual pictures in Photo-ibles. Have I missed the obvious, or is it obviously missing ?

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Help! I can't add my ible to my group! Answered

This is the ible I want to add. Here is my group. It won't work! I click the "add yours" and its not there! Only 14/15 ibles show up!

Asked by HMice 6 years ago

how do you remove an excess step from an Ible? Answered

I recently created an Ible and accidentally added one too many steps.  I am still getting used to the new format for Ible entry.  How do I remove this excess step so the Ible looks better?

Asked by Lorddrake 4 years ago

Old ible is showing up as new.

This ible Was posted almost 1 year ago, but it is on the first page of the recents. It also has a date of 2009.I took it down for a few weeks, and then reposted it. I did not make a new ible.Can something can be done about this?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Ideas for an easy 'ible in tech? Answered

I am really interested in electronic stuff, and all I really have been doing since I got my instructables account is commenting and answering. Any ideas?

Asked by MatanSilver 9 years ago

Is my 'ible stuck in the filters.

I published an 'ible about a hat steamer in the wee small hours of December 30th & it still hasn't gone to the site, is it possibly stuck in the filters? I do think it would be a good idea to give some information about what causes this to happen, a list of keywords to avoid for example would be very handy. It does seem a bit random at times, I have seen 'ibles come out when people have asked about the same problem that were entirely inoffensive & others go straight to the site which contained what I feel were highly inappropriate words in images but not in the body text, one recent one had the f word in it at least a dozen times in images but the author was very careful not to actually use it anywhere in the text of the 'ible.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 4 years ago

What is with the new instructable viewer?

Why did they change it from a ton of ibles per page to a few? It takes me much longer to find the one I am looking for. 

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

There is an 'ilbe that should be removed. It's not in the spirit of this site.

There is an ‘ible that is totally worthless.  The author basically brags that “he did it, but isn’t going to tell you how.”  It’s completely against the spirit of this website. Here is the ‘ible… (Note, I don’t know if the author has other good or bad ‘ilbes, but this one should be removed.) Once done, you can then delete this topic.   8>)  

Posted by inchman 8 years ago

Ible frustration.

I went through the "food" category of Instructables and I stopped around 60 or so. Now I find I have to click forever to get to the point I left off. I am so frustrated I simply quit looking. Why can't you put a box near the number bar at the bottom of a page so you can type in a number such as (60) and jump to it? I simply won't keep clicking anymore and a number of authors will have to suffer from someone not being exposed to their ideas.

Posted by meddler 4 years ago

URRRGH!!!!! People make accounts, then do nothing!

I find it very annoying seeing people from 2006 who have done nothing but post one or two comments! Ibles should create a way like if youur inavtive for 2 months, you get a warning e-mail, then boom! good-bye, or they change your username to something like dead_account 1 dead_account 2 dead_account 3 Etc. Etc. Authors of ibles, please reply as to WHY you have not done this, thank you Bartboy ( I would be Bartman, but SOMEBODY took that, and they are one of the people I am talking about! )

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Question about publishing an IBLE

Because I may be getting a MAKE store front soon at Make Mag's on line site, the device I wish to sell there I WAS going to publish as an instructable (it is still not ready, I have only bread boarded the prototype). Does ANYONE see a problem with me doing both? Or do you think it might hurt my sales to publish here? All opinions welcome. Thanks ahead of time !UPDATE !It is now official: the folks at Make have not only given me their blessing in publishing my BOX here, but have said it would be a GREAT thing for me to do. Thanks guys and gals !

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Can't see my Instructable with the recent ones.

I can't see my new Instructable in the recent tab.

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

How to make a guide in instructables? Answered

I can't find the option of making a guide in instructables, though I made one before! need help.

Asked by Muhaiminah Faiz 5 years ago

Email is classing instructbles stuff as spam?? what can i do? Answered

I was recently sent the email about the Maker Faire but my school email classed this as spam? what can i do so that things like this aren't sent to my spam box or do i just put up with it? thanks :D

Asked by AussieAnglerGal 6 years ago

Here's a first!

This is a first for me - I've done a requestible.I published braids with seven and eight strands of yarn, and then I got a request to publish a 16-strand version.I did it! Working out the moves in my head nearly plaited my brain, so I just sat down and tried it - it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought.I am now confident that I could create a braid with any multiple of 4 strands above 8.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Step-by-step Ible preview rendering

When looking at the preview for a new Ible, I saw the following screen (FF 14 Win XP yada yada) Some formatting issue/font size problem.

Posted by steveastrouk 5 years ago

I Found This Place...

Hi, I found this place in Derbyshire called Ible. 'ible is short for Instructables so I thought this might be cool to show you guys! NM

Posted by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Featured Ible did not show up in front page?

My instructable got featured and I even got a mail stating that, but I noticed that it did not show up in the home page. All my other featured instructable did show up on the home page. Is this a bug or is there some other reason to it. Link to Ible

Asked by ThisIsSteve 3 years ago

Ok, Because I don't get "many" ibles out, I thought it would be ok to mention my latest one is finished.....

...if this is not ok, let me know, and I can delete this. Here is the link to the latest one....Hacking the digital recorder....

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Cannot edit my 'ible, won't let me save a step or go to other steps.

When i try to edit my 'ible, I cannot add images or save the step. I have added images and image notes on the first 2 steps, but cannot add images to the other steps. The only way I can switch to another step is to switch to the old editor and click the step. even then I can't save the step. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by Cartermarquis 9 years ago

I realise this putting together a Scorpion model project is old, and still not finished but....?

The project is something I will be doing with a young AS person this weekend.  It is not a super simple model, but it does only have about 12 parts to it.  I also, later on, want to modify it a little, so I was going to document that portion for sure. But would it be interesting enough to include pictures of me and the others putting it together?   I would LOVE to be able to take some video too, but alas, I don't think my current equipment will handle the audio portion, which is going to be the best part.  I know, I know, you will come back with Kiteman's law......but really, this isn't a "build"  as in make from scratch, it is a simple "make from a $9 model" project (originally priced at $24.99 at Discovery Store).   Let me know, AND ALSO if you have any ideas on how to make it more awesome (I will be fitting it with UV LEDs later on, since the skin it transparent....and if I can find a small motor, maybe even actuating the one movable claw :-) ).  REVISED:  Sadly, I have been informed that the youngin's are down and out with a cold that may last into the weekend.   SO, that delays my project for one more week.   But THIS ONE, I am definitely finishing.  :-)   I still haven't FULLY finished the project, but I have added some pictures. 

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

What would happen if I won an 'ibles prize pack, but was already a Pro member? Answered

Would I get another year added on to my Pro membership, or would I simply not get it? As you can plainly see, I am not a Pro member, and can only hope to be one someday. I just needed things cleared up. Thanks.

Asked by nickodemus 8 years ago

Why wasn't my Instructable featured?

I don't understand why my instructable wasn't featured, It looks :feature-worthy to me:

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

how do i colaborate on someones ible? Answered

How would i colaborate on a ible thats open to caloborations?

Asked by sharlston 8 years ago

Voting Glitch?

I have noticed that the voting system seems messed up. So I can vote for a ible, then shut down the tap, reopen it, and come back to the same ible I voted for, and it says that I didn't vote for it! So I can do this again and again and again... Is it supposed to be like this? Does it give a legit vote every time I hit the 'vote' button? Is it not voting at all? Help is appriciated!

Posted by random_builder 5 months ago

Choose Your Favorite Picture For My Instructable?

I'm working right now on a HUGE project And, I need your help for choosing the best picture for my Instructable If you're interested, This Instructable is going to be on how-to-make a: 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Light Panel, Which I will use for taking pictures for my 'Ibles. And for some reason the pictures are on there side, Is there any way to fix this?

Asked by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Featured Ible'

I just noticed my instructable on making stars from scratch in photoshop just got featured ( I just wanted to say "Thanks!!!" to whoever featured it!!!

Posted by LoneWolf 7 years ago

Why was my 'Ible rejected from the "Three Ingredient" contest?

Why was my "Retractable Helping Hands (My Mini Soldering Helper!)" rejected form the "Three Ingredient" contest? The whole project uses only 3 ingredients: 1. An Old IKEA Lamp 2. Mini C-Clamp 3. Epoxy Putty

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

What could I make out of these things? (nice assortment!) Answered

What could I make out of this stuff? The Link to the Video: I'd like to make something new, something awesome. Any ideas let me know! If I make an 'ible out of one of your ideas, I'll link to your profile/one of your 'ibles. Thanks in advance! GoDoggie

Asked by godoggie 6 years ago

Does anyone have any really old ipod(s) they would give me for free? Answered

I am wanting to make a retro ipod by modding it and i will make a 'ible about it. I do have an ipod touch, but i dont want to be painting/modding that ;)Please let me know if you can help me!(if you have 2 i could mod them both and send a modded 1 back to you =])

Asked by DELETED_JoshM96 9 years ago


Hello, fellow instructablers, I am working on a HUGE Minecraft instructable, and I would like your help. If you would like to collaborate on this, just respond, simple as that. Tnx Gaiz, P.S. That picture Is of my minecraft sandcastle, the forth tower is now complete and so is the first bridge. To the right is the beginning of the HUGE (at 20 units high now) wall for my mining fortress. Just some fun stuff to get you interested.

Posted by Buzzsushi 7 years ago

First Instructable Featured

I'm not sure it is intentional, but I feel that the Instructables crew does a great job of featuring members' first instructables (given they meet a certain standard). My first Ible was featured and it's a great boost knowing that they really do pay attention. Keep up the great community and hard work, guys!!! -BG

Posted by BeanGolem 8 years ago

y7mail with ibles?

How do you recieve your y7mail emails with ibles?

Asked by aidanjarosgrilli 6 years ago

the best of ibles competition

Tell us which one of youre favourite ibles is the best and it may be in with a chance of getting into the best of ibles group you can also vote for youre own ibles

Posted by sharlston 8 years ago

what was ibles orginal indended for? Answered

What was ibles orginal indended for? just wornding

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago


Hey so i just got my Instructable T-shirt. I'm gonna be representing instructables at the detroit maker faire with it. how do you like it

Posted by ostomesto 7 years ago