IC Answered

I'm using an ATmega328 for a projekt and was wondering if I need to use a resistor for the input voltage? Thanks, Sofus Christensen

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instant ice?

i watched a 3 minute clip on utube where a glass of water was pplaced on a table. next...salt was sprinkled into the water. then a straw was lit, placed into the water and removed after a few seconds. the water turned into ice. is this a camera trick or true

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Ice wall

If someone froze trailer tail lights in an ice wall... turned them on...

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melted ice

If I ask you for melted ice and you come back the next day with plain water have you behaved unethically?

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Instant Ice

I want to make instant ice by mixing water and some chemical to produce ice instantly, i won't use it for drinking, just for cooling off this summer, which chemical will help me do that.? thanks any help is appreciated.

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Dry Ice

I need some dry ice. Does anyone know where to get it?

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Identifying ICs

Hey everybody, I have a bunch of ICs lying around, about 50 of them, and I have no clue what any of them do. I've googled a few of them, without great results... What I'm wondering is: Does a website exist that has just a bunch of datasheets on ICs? AND, when I search for them, what item number do I use? Most have a 2 different strings, one with 5 characters and the other with more... Thanks!

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what are these ic's? Answered

I have puled two components out of an old radio/amp/ cd player etc. and i want to know what they are and if i can use them to make an audio amplifier. one says BC Power Module  SVI 3101 D on the front and 424  1w2  on the back and has 14 legs (it can be seen here, this is actually the exact one i have from the same appliance :  http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1042/4733036801_a2d72f1df9.jpg ) . The other looks kind of like an op amp, it has 12 pins and the part no 5a3920, and below that 218 130a (as you can tell i am not a good at desoldering and not having a solder suck doesn't help).

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I was thinking that what will happen if we arrange inlet & exhaust valves on the piston (spark plug remaining on cylinder head)? i think that may be by using metal foam on the cylinder head the knocking of the engine might decrease. please assume that somehow i use proper mechanisms for valve timing & they dont have any appreciable effect on the piston. just consider that the weight of the valves is added to the piston. i was wondering that this might increase the efficiency of the engine because suction will take place more slowly (so it will near a reversible process, so efficiency will increase) & force of the explosion will be better. please you ppl; if anybody can give me satisfactorily explanatory answers, do reply! :)

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what ic is suitable with ic win8072?

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Things to do with ice? Answered

I live in a place where the temperature climbs over 95 degrees a day.  So I was wondering if anybody has any ideas of stuff that I can make with ice.  Thanks!

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Ice Alaska Venue

The World Ice Art Championships are held in the Ice Park in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2009 the venue may move to North Pole, Alaska. Each team is provided with a site on a looping trail through the park. The sites are surrounded by small black spruce are double as R.V. parking in the summer. In 1999 I rented chainsaws from the blue bus for the competition.

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Solar Ice Maker

Tried hunting through the 'ables, and also hunted for it elsewhere. Has anyone done an Instructable on making a Solar Ice Maker? And if not, will anyone do it? I've got some ideas for trying to use it as part of a home cooling unit, but I don't know how to make it yet. Thus, modifying it seems kind of out of the question. Thanks for any help in advance.

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Ice Alaska: Ice

Ice for the competition is collected form gravel pits around Fairbanks. In the summer gravel is mined from old river channels. The resulting ponds contain little organic material. Additionally during nine month winter, temperatures range from +40 to -60F (+5 to -50C). These factors combine to create exceptionally thick clear ice. The following are pictures of an iced over gravel pit.

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Ice Rink Leveling?

Looking for anyone's practical experience here. I have made backyard rink last 3-4 yr, now upgrade to Nice Rink liner. Holding water never a problem, many in Northeast last yr had limited time due to warm winter. My rink is triangle shape with legs 20x30. Slope on one side  goes from 1" to 7" or so, average ice thickness is 3-4". Part of rink over brick patio block. Use wood 2x6-2x10 borders. Was thinking of putting hay/straw under liner in the deep sections to reduce volume/depth so I can freeze solid and not have water layer under the ice. Or do you think the trapped air (under liner) will warm and work against this. I would think enough straw would not fully compress and help reduce water level, but then interface between liner and actual ground will have a lot of air space. Got a few months to think on this, my season is late Dec-mid Feb.

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Dry ice in microwave?

What happens when you put dry ice in a micro wave? Im just wondering cause a local grocery store is now selling dry ice for Halloween effects (yes i know they cant sell to minors).Are the result any thing like this? (i dont think that microwave was turned on)

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The Ice King's Crown

It's my take on the Ice King's crown. For the "gold" part, I first tried gluing plastic paint buckets together, but they were too thin. I ended up covering the outside of one bucket in Bondo and then cutting in the peaks with a jeweler's saw. For the jewels, I cut a positive mold for each one out of a scrap of cutting board, then pressed them into clay to make a negative mold. Then I mixed up some casting resin and red dye and cast the jewels. They were epoxied onto the crown before I locked them in with Bondo bezels. If I were to do it again, I would use a more acute conic shape and make the peaks taller. I might also use fiberglass-reinforced Bondo and try a different gold paint. If I'm real adventurous I'll cast the thing out of scrap aluminum.

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IC connection with Arduino .

How to connect IC L298n with Arduino ??

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Battery charger IC

Looking for IC that charge Li ion batteries. can anyone point me in the right directions. Just wanting to know what kind of IC's by name

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Alternate IC for PIC16F688...? Answered

Im making 5x5x5 LED cube display and im unable to find micro-controller IC PIC16F688. Can anyone suggest alternative IC...

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Unusual Cupcake Icings?

I was just wondering if there was any unusual cupcake icings I could make as my cupcakes are a bit boring- buttercream, 'water icing' etc. So if you have any ideas can you let me know! Thanks!

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Avr, Arduino, ic...

I am new at electronics and I would like to knew more about AVR, Arduino, IC and others microcontrollers, so could someone give me site about it or make instructable whit codes, programming boards and pins.

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Need help in ICs

I m making a project for my college. I m finding somw difficulty in getting ICs of it. So ne of u know ne good company website from where i can get free samples of ICs. Plzz tell me . I m from INDIA.

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Substitute IC for WIN8072???

I want to make a voice changer circuit but it seems that WIN8072 is not available in our country. please help!

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help me with ic's Answered

I recently got some ic's from texas instruments and two of them came in bags that say: notice!! moisture sensitive parts. bake prior to vapor or ir soldering to reduce the chance of damage.What does this mean?

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Good voltmeter ICs? Answered

I would like to make a readout for my knob-controlled DC power supply so I don't always have to use the voltmeter with it.   Web search for "LSI DVM" did not produce useful results. What are some good ICs to use for something like that?

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Current in IC chip

Hello, It's a bit stupid to ask (I think), but essential to me. From all schematic I readed over intructables I never saw anything or anybody that cared for that. If a IC have a maximum and minimum current to respect ie: 6mA to 10mA, do we even care? Do I need to limit the current somehow? As I said, every schematic I readed never added any resistor or talked about anything relate to limiting the current on the VCC for the integrated circuit. I'm currently building a device that use one 555 timer IC in astable and a few others IC and they are all connected in parralel to the power suply. Thanks

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Replacing IC's with components

It it possible to use simple components, arranged properly, in order to replicate the use of a simple IC, such as the 555 or LM386? If so, where could I find diagrams of the internal electronics? Google has turned up nothing so far... Thanks!

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Atmel ICE basic?

Hey I got Atmel ICE basic, 6 pin wire and atmega1248. I try to sent  program code, but there comes error message. How I should connect  pins? http://www.atmel.com/Images/Atmel-42330-Atmel-ICE_UserGuide.pdf http://www.atmel.com/images/Atmel-8272-8-bit-AVR-microcontroller-ATmega164A_PA-324A_PA-644A_PA-1284_P_datasheet.pdf

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help!ic chip?

Alright, so, i have this ic chip and want to do a project with it, but the problem is , i don't know what it does therefore i don't know what i can do with it. the writing on top of the chip says mc34063 and underneath it says 1110 please help me if you know what it does? i will put a picture on this thread. extra info: i salvageed it from a radio i believe

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Amplifying speakers and IC's

I have come to the instructables forum today in search for knowledge. So I have been working on a simple speaker system for my ipod shuffle, the speaker I used is quite old, but was the only one I found laying around. When I plug my ipod into the circuit everything works fine the only problem is that it is barely audible. Is there a way to amplify the sound so I can actually hear it without having to stick my ear right next to it? Pictures of my work so far will be provided. Oh also identifying the IC's included in the gallery would be of utmost help. Thanks in advance.

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arduino and 4051 IC?

I have followed your instructions in https://www.instructables.com/id/SNF-Drumming-MIDI-Glove-using-Arduino-and-light-se/ and I successfully. I now make the same project but with 11 light sensors use arduino uno rev 3 and 4051 IC. Please help me to modify the original code to work with arduino uno rev 3 and 4051 ICs. Thank you very much link about arduino and 4051 1. http://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/4051 2. http://miscellanea.com/how-to-get-more-arduino-analog-inputs/ 3. http://dawson-station.blogspot.com.br/2010/01/mux-demux-cd4051-parlor-tricks.html

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Hydrogen Boosters for ICE's.

I've been reading quite a bit about hydrogen boosters for vehicle motors ( gas and diesel )on the internet. Seems like there's some debate about whether they are effective. They are a bit pricey. Does anyone know of any DIY plans to make such a booster?

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Is there a way to chemically freeze ice?

I need to know how to freeze water outside a freezer.

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why density of ice is less than water?

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ice dam quick fix ?

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What to do with dry ice

I have a little bit of dry ice and I can't think of what to do with it.I have alreadythrown it into the poolmade bubbles with itpointed my laser into itfroze a quarter in ita bunch of other things that I cannot rememberAny Ideas? I have an hour left with itNO DRY ICE BOMBSthey are illegal you know

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where do you get dry ice from?

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How to make hot ice with sodium acetate?

Using 100 gram bottles of sodium acetate and boiling into water to water can't handle any more crystals. Then I pour into a glass and cool off in fridge, then pouring into another container to try to get the "freezing" effect but nothing happens. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? 

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what happens if you hold up a lighter to dry ice? Answered

Asked by unominame 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What can I do with a lump of dry ice? Answered

I don't have a lump but I am curios all the things I could do with one if I bought some.

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how would you build a portable ice maker?

I want to know how to build a portable ice maker that could run on 120v and 12v or just 12v so i could use it in the RV or who knows. i have seen them for sale but no one ever has them can some one help with ideas on this or insight ty

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I have a portable counter top ice maker, it still freezes but all the parts to hold and move the water/ice are broken.

Does anyone have an idea what I can make with it before I toss it?

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Invent an ice cube big enough to fit in a big gulp type cup or make smaller freezer container so ice won't melt in drink Answered

You know those square blue reusable freezer things you put in your kids lunch bags? Something like that for a Big Gulp Cup only round.

Asked by aprilsflower1958 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I would love a recipe to make ice-cream without a machine. Thank you.?

As I don't have an ice-cream machine I would still love to be able to make my own. Does anyone have an easy (or other) recipe I could try. Many thanks. carost.

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whats the purpose of the glowing ice bulb ?

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What exactly is the difference between an Analog IC and a Digital IC? Answered

I have to make a project at the university and I would like to know whether IC LM 3915 is analog or digital? I'd also like to know the difference between the two types of IC's.

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frozen yoghurt

Can you use home made frozen yoghurt or ice cream in a soft serve machine?

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soduim acetate

Could someone please help me and my son? we are doing the hot ice for his school science fair project..I'm unsure how long to boil the baking soda & vinegar...what color should it be? after we filtered it it was clear again...is this right? Please please help...this is our last weekend to try!!

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