why density of ice is less than water?

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Is there a way to chemically freeze ice?

I need to know how to freeze water outside a freezer.

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ice dam quick fix ?

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whats the purpose of the glowing ice bulb ?

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where do you get dry ice from?

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what happens if you hold up a lighter to dry ice? Answered

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Things to do with ice? Answered

I live in a place where the temperature climbs over 95 degrees a day.  So I was wondering if anybody has any ideas of stuff that I can make with ice.  Thanks!

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instant ice?

i watched a 3 minute clip on utube where a glass of water was pplaced on a table. next...salt was sprinkled into the water. then a straw was lit, placed into the water and removed after a few seconds. the water turned into ice. is this a camera trick or true

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I have a portable counter top ice maker, it still freezes but all the parts to hold and move the water/ice are broken.

Does anyone have an idea what I can make with it before I toss it?

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What to do with dry ice

I have a little bit of dry ice and I can't think of what to do with it.I have alreadythrown it into the poolmade bubbles with itpointed my laser into itfroze a quarter in ita bunch of other things that I cannot rememberAny Ideas? I have an hour left with itNO DRY ICE BOMBSthey are illegal you know

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I would love a recipe to make ice-cream without a machine. Thank you.?

As I don't have an ice-cream machine I would still love to be able to make my own. Does anyone have an easy (or other) recipe I could try. Many thanks. carost.

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What can I do with a lump of dry ice? Answered

I don't have a lump but I am curios all the things I could do with one if I bought some.

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frozen yoghurt

Can you use home made frozen yoghurt or ice cream in a soft serve machine?

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Invent an ice cube big enough to fit in a big gulp type cup or make smaller freezer container so ice won't melt in drink Answered

You know those square blue reusable freezer things you put in your kids lunch bags? Something like that for a Big Gulp Cup only round.

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how would you build a portable ice maker?

I want to know how to build a portable ice maker that could run on 120v and 12v or just 12v so i could use it in the RV or who knows. i have seen them for sale but no one ever has them can some one help with ideas on this or insight ty

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How to make hot ice with sodium acetate?

Using 100 gram bottles of sodium acetate and boiling into water to water can't handle any more crystals. Then I pour into a glass and cool off in fridge, then pouring into another container to try to get the "freezing" effect but nothing happens. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? 

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Ice Rink Leveling?

Looking for anyone's practical experience here. I have made backyard rink last 3-4 yr, now upgrade to Nice Rink liner. Holding water never a problem, many in Northeast last yr had limited time due to warm winter. My rink is triangle shape with legs 20x30. Slope on one side  goes from 1" to 7" or so, average ice thickness is 3-4". Part of rink over brick patio block. Use wood 2x6-2x10 borders. Was thinking of putting hay/straw under liner in the deep sections to reduce volume/depth so I can freeze solid and not have water layer under the ice. Or do you think the trapped air (under liner) will warm and work against this. I would think enough straw would not fully compress and help reduce water level, but then interface between liner and actual ground will have a lot of air space. Got a few months to think on this, my season is late Dec-mid Feb.

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soduim acetate

Could someone please help me and my son? we are doing the hot ice for his school science fair project..I'm unsure how long to boil the baking soda & vinegar...what color should it be? after we filtered it it was clear again...is this right? Please please help...this is our last weekend to try!!

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Prevent evaporation? Answered

I am planing on doing an experiment but I need to make sure that none evaporates over a few ours, how do id do this?

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Snow maker

Awsome site! Hi everyone I'm new here.... I had hoped to fine some info on a homemade snow machine/maker. Any ideas? Thanks B

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what can you make from ice cream sticks?

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II have a water softener but my ice taste like salt?

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Back to Basics Ice Cream Maker

I purchased a ice cream maker at a yard sale and can not get any directions.  it is electric with a double insulated 1.5 quart mixing bowl.  I need directions and ingrediants list.

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Ice Alaska Venue

The World Ice Art Championships are held in the Ice Park in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2009 the venue may move to North Pole, Alaska. Each team is provided with a site on a looping trail through the park. The sites are surrounded by small black spruce are double as R.V. parking in the summer. In 1999 I rented chainsaws from the blue bus for the competition.

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3D printed personalised silicone ice

Hello all, I'm trying to 3D print food grade silicone ice in different little shapes such as boots, tires and cans. Does anyone know of such 3D printing company? Thank you very much, Chantal

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cooler lid off cooler lid on both with ice which soda will be colder?

We have 2 coolers both with ice with cans of soda in each. Bothin the shade One has lid on one has lid off which soda will stay and be colder?

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ice melt. NaCl, MgSO4, CaCl

Http://andthatsthewayitis.net/2011/05/17/salt-does-not-melt-ice/  thought about running a chainsaw to remove ice from roof gutters. rethought that. sodium chloride? corrode metal gutter and hurt plants. mag sulfate?   have it on hand, but above link indicates it wont work. would it work if baked to drive off h2o?  stuf comes hydrated. calcium chloride? directly on metal?

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Solar Ice Maker

Tried hunting through the 'ables, and also hunted for it elsewhere. Has anyone done an Instructable on making a Solar Ice Maker? And if not, will anyone do it? I've got some ideas for trying to use it as part of a home cooling unit, but I don't know how to make it yet. Thus, modifying it seems kind of out of the question. Thanks for any help in advance.

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What to do with portable ice maker?

So I have a portable ice maker that I dont want anymore. When I decide that I dont want something, I take it apart and keep parts that I think would be useful someday. But before I destroy it and keep some parts, does anyone have good ideas on what I can turn it into? or what I can build with the parts?

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Ice Art Alaska Team Member: Jesse Tyler Walton

I am an artist living in San Francisco's Dogpatch. My work mainly consists of sculpture, installation, kinetic sculpture, drawing, animation, and printmaking. I am currently attending The San Francisco Art Institute for an MFA in sculpture. I received a BFA in printmaking and a minor in German from The University of Iowa in 2003.

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How do you tie hockey ice skates the correct and tight way? Answered

It's winter time and tying your hockey skates is a hassle. One time my cousin didn't tie his hockey skates well and ended up with not a sprained ankle something else a little worse I forget the exact name. I don't want this to happen to me it looked very painful.

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Ice rink on an old volleyball court in my backyard in Northcentral PA - is it a good idea in this climate?

I live in Northcentral PA - we have had record lows these past 3 weeks average 30. I am thinking about building an ice rink in my backyard on a grassed over volleyball court - Is this a good idea based on where I live and on an old sand volleyball court? I wanted to build it for my nieces and nephews who will be here in about 7 days for the holidays.  Since we have 7 acres of grass thought this would be fun for the family.  If so what type of plastic is best?

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Alcohol bottle in a block of ice: How can I make a mold ?

I tried by making a rectangular wooden box, cut in half, with piano hinge on one side and clasps on the other sealed with silicone on the edges. Very hard to get water tight. I somehow made a successfull mold, but not good for multiple use. Water seeps through the wood (even after varnishing), i am looking for an easy solution.

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ICE or Medical Alert App for Android.

Hi folks. Following some recent life changing events I find myself in the market for a reliable ICE or medical alert app. There are hundreds available & understandably looking at the various web pages they all claim to be brilliant at the job & the best ever of their genre, unfortunately the self promoting reports I have read so far are frankly about much use as a chocolate kettle. I need something that someone has actually used & an honest opinion of its reliability it would be even better if it has been used on a Samsung Galaxy S2 but any info about something that you have experience of would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. NG.

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large ice box project - which framing materials?

Which framing materials are ok for a very sturdy box- that is able to withstand regular movement and 'rough handling'? metal or aluminum? the box i have in mind will be about 4ft by 4ft by 4ft. i.e. 4ft cube. Also, in view of the size, i plan to have the box move on wheels or suitable castors. the core material for all the sides, bottom and lid will be extruded polystyrene([pink or blue board)- 3 inch thick. will this thickness be adequate in view of the size?

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DIY icecream maker

I'm new to working with gears so I need some help with setting up the gears. I have an idea that I could use a an old welder tank of some kind, cut down to size to fit inside a wooden barrel with screws to hold it in place while churning I got at an estate sale and use copper pipes cut in half length wise as the dashers. What I need to know is what kind of gears I should get for the ice cream maker and where to buy it and how to mount it. Also I'm planning on using normal lead free sodering to hold the churner togeter but am wondering if it will crack with the temp in the ice cream.

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Do any of the icebox spot coolers work well in Florida? It's very humid.?


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How can I make my own whiskey stones?

The only material I've researched is soapstone.

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Motor for hand cranked icecream machine Answered

He guys, i wanted to make my hand cranked iceream machine into a motorised one so would like to know what rpm and torque the motor should have.

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What would be a better medium for "cooler cells"?

Talking about making cold packs by reusing plastic bottles. They'd be used in a portable cooler (stacked between spacers for airflow). The obvious option would be just water, but I was thinking something a bit more creative. Possibly: ~water and salt ~water and alcohol ~water and antifreeze ~just antifreeze ~polypropylene glycol ~https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-%2420-ice-pack-for-%242/?ALLSTEPS (The bottles would likely need to be epoxied shut to prevent leaking. Their life would also matter, can't have stuff growing in them after a few uses.) Which do you think would stay cooler the longest?

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I put a water bottle in the freezer but it didn't freeze, but then...? Answered

I took it out and unscrewed the cap, and then bam the whole thing inside froze and it started from the top straight down like a loading bar. Anybody know what just happened?

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I just built a home hockey rink. The water finds it's way around the outside of my boards and tarp. Any help?

I used 2 x 12 boards and wrapped my tarp/liner on the outside. But I only wrapped it 2-3 inches.   I thought wrapping the liner on the outside would be best so it didn't get beat up by my little hockey players.  But in the end, it appears I needed to wrap it all the way up on the boards.  It leaks up on the low side and drains. I thought it would the water would freeze up against the board and form a "seal".   But it does not.  It appears to be a major problem.  I am thinking of taping another strip of plastic along each side, using snow/ice duct tape.  But I'm worried about it not sealing.  Any ideas on how to fix my problem would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to/can't start over.  Thanks!

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How can I melt a lot of snow quickly? Answered

At work, I've got a mound of snow piled up about eight feet high and it's right over a staff member's parking spot.  The sun is helping to melt it and I began to shovel a little bit out each day, but I was wondering if there were any other handy tricks to melt it quickly. I can't use fire and I don't have enough salt. Any ideas?

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Ice wall

If someone froze trailer tail lights in an ice wall... turned them on...

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melted ice

If I ask you for melted ice and you come back the next day with plain water have you behaved unethically?

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Can you use frozen soda, or flavor ice as ice, in an Electric snow cone maker?

The exact product is the Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Maker, if you need to know.

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How to make a ice rink with multiple tarps? Answered

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to build a backyard ice rink with four 9 by 12 tarps?

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Instant Ice

I want to make instant ice by mixing water and some chemical to produce ice instantly, i won't use it for drinking, just for cooling off this summer, which chemical will help me do that.? thanks any help is appreciated.

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