I need help identifying a bayonet I bought at a yard sale?

I bought this at a yard sale and I have no information on it. Any help would be appreciated. 

Asked by colinmcbeath 1 year ago

Can anyone help identify two components? Answered

This board is from an old Barbie piano I'm fixing for my aunt. In order to further troubleshoot it I need to figure out what these are. They are indicated by the two arrows. Edit: Just wanted to add that I have attempted to google the codes on the two and it came up with nothing.

Asked by Thoughtninja 5 years ago

Can anyone indentify this pick for me please and what it might be used for ..??

Antique pick head found near an old goldfield.

Asked by Barnacles56 1 year ago

identify this vine please

Can anyone tell the name of this vine? i'm in jamaica and anyone else who has doesn't know the name of it either (i've seen it mostly in the hilly,cooler towns) i tried to get a pic of the old and new flowers together but it's kinda blurry ( very windy out) the new ones are red then they turn pink right before they fall off the vine i have taken the off the stakes it was on as it gets real heavy the older it grows but the vine doesnt get thicker just more leafy. all the birds like it especially hummingbirds .the scent from the flower is similar to night flowering jasmine though not as strong flowers are always open it maintains itself i have never watered it or pruned it... and i can't think of anything else ... thanks for the help

Posted by kirstie 9 years ago

What is this tool for?

Can anyone tell me what this tool is for?   I came across it all rusted and thought it was some type of pliers or cutter. After I cleaned it up I could tell it was probably neither. What I thought was a plier jaw is actually one piece and does not close and what i thought maybe the cutting blade, actually had lines and numbers, like a ruler. The one small screw that the spring is attached to, will allow you to adjust how far the jaw/cutter will close and the other screw, when loosened a bit allows you to slide the little metal 'arm' in or out, like a measuring template. It has some fancy designs on the handles as you can see and the only marking says "Made in Western Germany".

Asked by millsy22 4 years ago

Looking for someone to identify this object? Answered

Recieved this item as a challenge to figure out what it is. The drill bit in the picture comes out of the end of the tool and the tool itself has three adjustable jaws that are sharp at one end.  The only other interesting marking is the drill bit has a hole drilled in the end of it.

Asked by chuds21 5 years ago

Help identify small IC chip

- Found in LED light assembly  - DIP package with 5 gull wing leads in the 1,2,3,4 & 6 positions, as referenced below 6____5____4 |                      | |__________| 1         2         3 - Top says "TF98" - Bottom says "S354" - Small, about 1mm X 2mm

Asked by shuo888 6 years ago

can you help me identify this alternator? Answered

I just got this alternator from my grandpa and am going to use it in a generator I'm working on but I Don't know what kind it is. He told me its a one wire but it has some prongs on the top. Any information is helpful and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks       Harry

Asked by harry88 4 years ago

What is this tool??? Help??

Please help tell me what this is and what its for!?!?!?!?!

Posted by brian.leedy.5 3 years ago

Need help with unknown component

I'm having a little trouble figuring out what this little fellow is. I recently got a grab bag of components and so far only two have puzzled me, this is one. I'm really just not sure how to identify it so if someone would be kind enough to help out it would be greatly appreciated. markings: (symbol looks like ti maybe) 8432 el salvadore 660570 61047

Posted by chandlerman 9 years ago

What causes these strange characters �� to appear in a post? Answered

Ï¿½ï¿½ I hope they translate here so someone can translate the problem.  Thanks in advance!

Asked by bajablue 5 years ago

Alternator identification cross reference info

What make vehicle would my alternator fit? There is a sticker with the following information on it  palladium p8230-t any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help 

Asked by MichaelS359 2 years ago

Does anyone know this knife ? Answered

My brother just gave me this knife for my B'day. i would like to know where its from. The markings are very worn. It says on the right side of the blade "MO or MC-----" and more, but unreadable. The left says " P----", also unreadable. Here is a picture of both sides too. It looks like a Gurhka style knife. Its 14.5 " OA  and the blade is 9.75 ". Blade is 1/4 " thick. It has a full tang handle too. I thought it was a bayonet but it has no rifle barrel hole on top nor does it have any attachment point. Any help identifying this knife will be deeply appreciated! Thanks, Triumphman

Asked by triumphman 6 years ago

WHICH ONE? Answered


Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

Who said this? Answered

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go and do that, because what the world needs is people who are alive." This is one of the most profound quotes I've ever read.  I'd love to know who the author is. Any ideas?

Asked by bajablue 6 years ago

Mystery (to me ;-) Succulent Identification: What is this? Answered

I bought this really interesting succulent(?) from a door-to-door plant salesman a week ago.   The pot is 5", so that gives you a size reference.  This strange-growing plant appears to have thorns, but the spikey protrusions are not hard or ouchie-sharp. Does anyone know what species it is?

Asked by bajablue 5 years ago

Music Equipment- What IS this stuff?

This equipment belonged to my friend's late son who passed away unexpectedly.   I'm trying to help her sell it, but first I need to know what it is and if it has any value?   I trust the knowledge of this community and would appreciate any information/advice you can offer. TIA- Thanks in advance!

Posted by bajablue 6 years ago

Identification needed!

Hi there, I'm messing around with a cheap Chinese camera I got a while back and was looking to replace the rather poor camera with a nicer, clearer one. I'm a complete newbie at doing this as this is as far as I can get!! It seems there is a clip in camera for the circuit board but now I have no idea how to search for another compatible one to buy online. I've typed in 'camera circuit board replacement' and 'clip in camera part' etc. etc. but to no avail. Here are some also rather poor images of the camera in question but hopefully it's enough for someone to point me in the right direction of another replacement module that would snap in and work! Thanks! Josh

Posted by JoshingTalk 6 years ago

need help identifying a plant

My mother recently received a plant that she could not identify if anyone can help out in finding out what kind of plant this is  thank you, fidgety 2

Posted by fidgety2 6 years ago

Does anyone Identify this IR Receiver Component?

I recently disassembled a stereo receiver (rx-4010r) and I found this ir receiver, and I would like to to control it with my arduino. Can anyone help me get the datasheet, or suggest what are the connections?Thanks, Ariel.

Posted by ArielE20 5 weeks ago

Help Identifying unknown Transformer

Hello I got this transformer from an old ups, there are four wires on the primary side black, blue, green , yellow and two on the secondary red and blue. This transformer used to charge 12v 7.5ah battery also converts it back to 220V in backup mode. Tried testing its output and got this (Mains 220V) Black to ground Blue to mains-> 7.9v on secondary Green->5.5v Yellow->6.5v Connecting Blue and Green to mains and it was a shot circuit and blown my fuse. I want to use this for making a decent power supply 12v+ output, is this possible? I also saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc4GZM-kFUY&hd=1 The guy is using his ups transformer for generating hv to power cfl using tip122, i am not sure how to do this using my transformer. I need to make use of this transformer somehow, otherwise its just eating dust at my home.

Posted by Clarkdale44 3 years ago

What kind of Motor is this? Answered

I can't turn the gear by hand and i tried 9volts but nothing happen i forgot where i got it form but i just want to know what it do.?

Asked by Kante Tech 6 years ago

Can anyone help me identify this plant, please? Answered

Found in my new Community Garden plot, among the weeds that had sprung up over the winter. I was going to pull it, but then it starting looking to me like it might be a desirable garden plant. A few clues:garden is in Seattle, WA; in a Temperate Rainforest climate.raised bed garden, filled with a none-too-rich commercial compost, built on top of native soil composed of equal parts clay & glacial till.this plant or its seed survived an unusually long hard freeze (for this area) this last winter, 12 days of temps ranging from 10-20 F.discoloration on leaves is probably Leaf Miner damage, of which our community gardens have a minor plague.just before deciding that it might not be a weed, I discovered that it has a thick white taproot that extends well below the 4 inches or so that I'd dug out.Thanks for any help you can offer.

Asked by Gorfram 9 years ago

What is this weird reamer?

So I found this in the shop the other day. It looks like a normal reamer but it's not round. Four flutes extend to a larger diameter while four extend to a shorter diameter. The shorter flutes are sharpened just like the outer ones so they were clearly designed to cut something, even though they appear to have no clearance with which to do so. The tool has a keyed taper meaning it was intended for use in a heavy machine. The dimple in the tip of the tool does not go through the tool body.  Can anyone identify this weird tool? None of the professors or machinists I have shown it to have any idea what it is. 

Posted by ilpug 2 years ago

What is this thing called? (3 leds with a diffuser)?

I acquired a bag of these a while ago, they had no markings and the bag was just a generic clear plastic one.  I've been taking out the leds to use on various other projects, but I found a decent use for them as is, and wanted to know if there's a specific name for them, if I need to go and buy some.  

Asked by chrispaccord 6 years ago

Ok, certainly someone can tell me what THIS bug is? Answered

 I was wiring up some stuff behind my door, and found yet ANOTHER bug. Now I know I asked before and no one could really tell me what it was, but this is a completely different bug than the first one, and yet I have no idea what it is. I have one REALLY clear picture here, surely someone can tell me?!?

Asked by Punkguyta 8 years ago

Looking for Info On These CNC Motors For Replacement

I purchased a surplus 2-axis CNC machine with built by Yamaha. I hoped to rebuild it into a new machine for myself, but it ended up requiring 200 volts AC for the controller and motors, which I don't have access to. I sold off the controller already. I don't know too much about professional CNC macahines, hoping someone has some input. I am hoping to replace the motors with ones in the same form-factor that run on DC or 120v AC(if such thing exists), preferably stepper type. I do not know what form-factor/package/mounting style to look for, or even if any are available with the power requirements I want.  Motors are the same for both axis and are part#: TS2620N664E122, attached are some pictures. Thanks,

Posted by ChromationSystems 2 years ago

Identify ceramic/film capacitors?? what?

So i went on this website, because i need a 1.0uF ceramic capacitor. would the numbers be 105 and a letter?(there doesn't have to be a letter, but there may be)Thanks!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago

Can someone identify this mystery seedling? Answered

I purchased a couple of rose bushes from a mobile vendor and this small seedling was growing alongside one of the bushes.   At first, I assumed it was a weed, but now I don't think so. The seed it sprouted from is fairly large. Can anyone tell me what the name of this plant/flower is? The leave are just a couple of inches long now, but I imagine they will increase in size as the plant matures. I'll let pictures can do the rest of the talking. ;-) btw... I am in zone 9.

Asked by bajablue 6 years ago

Where can I find an online archive/library of aquatic plants, that will help me identify various lake plants?

I've said it all... It would be nice if I could narrow the species down one step at a time, simpily answering yes or no to descriptors. Picture comparing would be nice too...

Asked by Arbitror 8 years ago

What is this?

Does anybody know what the object in this photo is?  The thing was in a box of stuff I got at an auction and neither myself or several friends know what it is for. It is 6" long and made of metal (I think it is brass) and is kind of heavy in my hand. The tip on the smaller end of it unscrews at the narrowest point and reveals a hollow shaft. Thx for your input!

Asked by vjpcat 6 years ago

What's the name of this brass part?

This is on an adjustable length cane, where this thing can be pushed into the inside of the tube to adjust length of the cane, and pushed out by a spring with a "click" sound to lock the length. This is also on kayak paddles to select and lock the angle of the paddles. In fact, this is fairly common and used in many other places... But I don't know its name. I want to use this on one of my project and I am not sure what name should I use to search for the parts. Anyone can help? Thanks!

Posted by ccyg8774 1 year ago

How can I identify what kind of resistors I have? Answered

Recently I have been trying to identify and categorise all my scavenged electronic components. I know how to identify the values and tolerances of the resistors by using the colour bands, but some of the resistors have different 'body' colours. I know the standard beige/brown ones are carbon film and metal film resistors are often blue. But I have some other colours, which I would guess are also metal film-but I don't know, they are all shown and labelled in the picture. Let me know if you think you know what they all are. From left to right: 1st is a standard carbon film 2nd I'm sure is a metal film resistor 3rd: ??its a slightly greeny aqua colour 4,5,6,7th:??? these are a torqoise green type colour 8th: ??? this is lime green

Asked by mdog93 6 years ago

Could someone help me identify these components? Answered

Hello everyone,                             I was opening up a pair of  old piezo buzzers and found these inside(attached picture).Dunno what they are nor what they do but when I opened up a relatively new buzzer,I found that this has been replaced by a 470 ohm resistor.The rest of the circuit remains the same which include a few resistors,a BC 547 NPN transistor and a speaker.The observation is that the old buzzer produces a much louder noise than these new ones with the same volts and amps...Given all that,anybody seen 'em before?

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 4 years ago

What are these? Answered

I came across about 100 of these, I am not sure if they are photodiodes or LEDs would like to use them for something!  Have tried them at alot of different voltages, they all have a resistor inline with them which makes me think they are LEDs not sure on operating voltage. they also have a glass lens. markings - mexico 1150

Asked by mutantpoptart 7 years ago

Is this a capacitor? What kind? (Sunpak flash/speedlight circuit for Nikon cameras)

UPDATE: I received one response (on the Strobist forum) saying this _is_ a capacitor, and I must desolder to measure capacitance.  I hope someone here can confirm this, and, if true, also help me figure out _what type_ and its likely _voltage rating_. ========================== This circuit board is from a Sunpak NE-2D dedicated module for Nikon cameras.  Can anyone help me identify the rectangular component with blue sides?   I can't find any markings on it. High res. pictures of the part and the board are linked below.  The capacitance tested around 47nF (still soldered in place).  I'm fairly new to electronics, so I don't know if I did the test right or even the right test.  If it is a capacitor, I'd like to know what type. (FYI: A dedicated module is a removable foot that attaches to various Sunpak flash units. The foot/module connects to the hot shoe connector of specific cameras.  This particular module is dedicated to older Nikon SLR cameras. It allows compatible Sunpak flash units to provide Nikon-specific TTL flash functions (Fire/X-sync, Quench, Ready light, etc.). ) Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Asked by macmcb 6 years ago

Can you help me identify an old film reel? Answered

I recently came into posession of an old 8mm Kodak Brownie, which has about 28 feet of film shot on reversal film.  Various clues of stuff in the camera box believe me to think it would have been used in 1959 or 1960.  I went ahead and used the other 23 feet of film, and am in the process of trying to find a place to develop it.  One such place told me to look at the end of the reel for something to help identify it.  I came up with KMA 0-683073503 dot-matrix stenciled into the last few inches of film.  Anyone out there know what this actually means?  

Asked by yokozuna 7 years ago

What are these components I harvested from old boards? Answered

If you know what any of the components in the pictures are please leave a comment with the number of the picture in which the component you are referring to is in. Thanks

Asked by mdog93 6 years ago

Identify This

Can anyone identify what this is?

Posted by snuz 7 years ago

Can any one identify these strange pliers?

I have been lent a pair of unusual pliers, and have found them to be incredibly useful for working with wire chains. I would like to buy a pair, but can not find anything that resembles them, so does anyone have any idea as to what these are called? Many thanks in advance!

Posted by ChrisM590 1 year ago

HELP !! how can i identefy an unknown metal (I have less than 24h)?

For chemestry I have to Identify an unknown metal by causing a GAS REACTION, it can be any metal ! - I can't incinerate the metal - I can't mix the metal with water - I can't measure the volume of the metal There must be a gas reaction !! I probably have to use some kind of acid and measure the mass before and after the reaction i think. PLZ HELP ME !! i have to know it in less then 24 houres ! it is very important for my grades.

Asked by anres321 6 years ago

Help me identify this spider?

OK so, tonight I was getting out of the shower when I saw what looked like a little bit of red string dangling in the air. I inspected closer and found out it was some kind of spider! It kinda just dangled there on what seemed like one thread of web from the ceiling about 1-2 feet from the floor. After blowing on it to conjure some sort of reaction, nothing happened. It just slowly swung without moving. So seeing as it was dead, I grabbed the stand of web a small distance ahead of it and dropped it into the sink. As soon as it touched the sink, it sprang to life being the sissy I am I filled the sink with water and let it be sucked into its watery grave. Here's my description, I'll post pics tomorrow. It was a deep red color, I'd say almost burgundy. I found it in my bathroom in Phoenix, Arizona As for it's size, I'd say it was relatively small, maybe the size of a nickel at the largest. Remembering back from learning about insects in fourth grade, because it was a reddish color I deducted it could be venomous, but I doubt it.

Asked by Fizzxwizz 7 years ago

identifying unknown electronic component? Answered

Could anyone tell me what the red electronic component might be?

Asked by nfarrow 4 years ago

Need help identifying this connector? Answered

Hello I need some help identifying this connector? Also where do I go to find more.

Asked by Oracus 7 years ago

Need help identifying a tool!

We're cleaning out my late grandfather's house in Caseville, MI. We found what we think is a garden tool but none of us could identify it. I need help identifying what it is and what it is used for. 

Asked by HollyHinchman 2 years ago

identify this tool

can you tell  me what this tool is and how is it used.

Posted by campbellsoup 4 years ago