Strobe Ignitor

Does anybody have any idea of how to build a strobe ignitor that uses 1/4 jacks to control a series of strobes that are all daisy chained?

Posted by ScottReed 8 years ago

6v lantern batteries as a power source in a firework ignitor? Answered

Ok so i made my ignitor, and it worked great with the 2 9v batteries when i used steel wool ignitors, however id like to use nichrome ignitors. the 2 9vs just dont do it justice, so i was wondering if anyone thought those huge 6v batteries would work, possibly 2 of them?

Asked by G-force777 7 years ago

Flamethrower Ignition

I'm making an arduino powered remote controlled flame thrower and i need an ignition source.  No pilot lights, and no tazers.  Any ideas?Thanks in advance  

Posted by mangomango 5 years ago

how much power do i need to heat 20 awg nichrome wire?

Im using 2 9 volts and its not working

Asked by G-force777 7 years ago

Will a steel wool strain run between a 9 volt battery be able to ignite certain materials?

I am working on using a 9 volt batery if not larger run through wires to aligator clips with steel wool pinched in the clips. I am using it for fireworks. I would like to know if the quick glow of the steel wool would be enough to ignite 2 different materials before it burns out. These materials are 1. Gunpowder Fuse 2. Aerosol hair spray (rather safe then sorry on the potato cannon for test usage)... I am debating wether or not i need that with a primer to make a longer last heat. If so, any suggestions on what kind of primer and how to secure it to the steel wool grain? I have tested the 9 volt running to the steel wool and it does glow and burn itself out but it does not seem to last long or even enough to ignite a paper towel.

Asked by trf 8 years ago

Is there a way to make Nichrome wire or salvage it from avalible parts ? Answered

If not where can I buy it? Lowes? Its fror rocket ignitors.

Asked by imthatguy1125 8 years ago

automatic fireworks ignitor

Its kind of a spin off on tet's but with alot less exotic pieces and alot easier to build, i plan on making a video or taking a picture soon sorry about image shack instructables thing is kinds retarded right now

Posted by iKill 10 years ago

Can someone help me with this circuit? Answered

I'm working on a fireworks ignitor based off of Bill Gurstelle's design in his book Absinthe and Flamethrowers, and I'm having some trouble. Instead of two switches, mine has three switches.  Like Bill's design, it runs off of eight AA batteries. One end of the battery pack goes to a toggle switch and a keylock switch, and the other goes to a pushbutton. They both end at a bolt. I have two long wires with alligator clips on both ends. Each clip clips to the bolt, then to a piece of nichrome wire which is wrapped around a fuse. In theory, when all of the switches are flipped, the nichrome wire lights the fuse. But this isn't happening. I've tested all of the switches, and they all work. The bolts and the nuts holding them in place both conduct electricity, but no power is arriving at the bolts. All of the components were purchased from Electronic Goldmine, except for the battery pack, which I bought at Radioshack. The ignitor is housed in a wooden (and therefore nonconductive) box. What's wrong?  (Attached is an awful drawing/collage I did of the circuit. If you need a picture of the machine itself, I can take a picture.) Thanks, Noahh

Asked by noahh 8 years ago

any idea son how to make a digital, adjustable timer that i could use to launch a model rockets?

 have a 4 channel fire control platform. i would like to change one of the channels to a digital fully programable digital timer

Asked by aogokrazy13 6 years ago

Would a piezo ignitor Ignite blackpowder?

I am planning a hand cannon But instead of a fuse i want to use a piezo ignitor and copper pipe ! Will it ignite the blackpowder Sucessfully

Asked by stephenniall 8 years ago

Pyrotechnics Ignitor

My current hobby is EVERYTHING TO DO WITH FIRE. Usually I burn ethanol (I am not a super green person i just cant buy gasoline) . Can i just use an old camera and take the power from the flash and use this as a detonator. I would like something a little nicer WITH A BIG RED BUTTON though lol.

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

Pull ring ignitor with pop its? Answered

Is there any way to mod pop its (tm) to ignite fuse

Asked by Whitedude0728 9 years ago

Why the #@$% isn't my potato cannon igniting?

I can see a spark, but can't get it to ignite. I have tried using hairspray and Lysol, and have tried different amounts of both. I also tried wiping off the screws for a better spark (which actually seemed to help, but still no ignition.)

Asked by log63 7 years ago

What is a piezoelectric crystal? Answered

I kind of know what it is, but i need a professional (Professer? Kiteman, my hero! LoL...) awnser. I know it is some form of crystal that when pressure is applied, positive (ions?) form at one side, and negative at the other. Also, how does a piezoelectrical ignitor work? What crystal does it use?

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago

Fireworks Ignitor

I'm looking to make a bottle rocket igniter, and I am trying to fit it in the smallest package possible. If I were to use the circuitry from a stun gun, and connect it to some 16 gauge nichrome wire, could it heat up the wire enough to set off a firework? I could also use wire of a different gauge(32-40) if necessary.

Posted by H20 6 years ago

Can cigarette lighters be used for a mini spud gun instead of the long nosed, or grill lighters? Answered

I've been trying to make a mini spud gun, but all the instructables say that you need a long nosed lighter or grill lighter. Can the piezo electric ignitor be found in a cigarette lighter. I have no experience whatsoever in these type of things, so an explanation would be helpful. Thanks.

Asked by Ananand 9 years ago

Why doesn't my potato cannon work? Answered

Today, I finally got to test my spud gun. I loaded it up with a plug of potato, sprayed in one second of hairspray, twisted the cap shut, and pressed the barbecue ignitor. I heard the ignitor work, but nothing happened. I tried this again and again, using different potatoes, cleaning the cannon, and checking the sparker. Every time I did it, it didn't work. I followed the instructions step by step from Backyard Ballistics, but I used ABS instead of PVC. I also used a barbecue ignitor instead of a lantern ignitor. I used all ABS parts, with the right cement for ABS, so I don't know what went wrong. Could it be my hairspray? I bought a $1 can, which seemed a little strange, because all the other cans were at least five dollars. Is cheap hairspray made with different chemicals? I believe the hairspray brand I used was called "White Rain", but I could be completely making that up.  Thanks, Noahh 

Asked by noahh 8 years ago

oil burner

I recently replaced my oil furnance with an electric one, when i dismantled the oil furnance, I found I had a perfectly useable oil pump, with the ignitor and blower. How can i use these to construct a jet engine? Terry

Posted by grizzlyterry 9 years ago

I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)?

Me and my brother had built an ignition box (1st project) that can be used for rockets and fireworks we sucsessfully had gotten the box to launch. Then we had the idea to add 6 volt lights and an organized switch setup. But we came across the issue of the circut bypassing our negative lead for our 6 light by the positive lead from the 5 light going to switch 1 so therefore basicly switch 7 isnt needed exept to light-up light 6. So now we need help on how to prevent this issue from happening. please help and thanx- Jarred

Asked by bluejuice 8 years ago

I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)?

Me and my brother had built an ignition box (1st project) that can be used for rockets and fireworks we sucsessfully had gotten the box to launch. Then we had the idea to add 6 volt lights and an organized switch setup. But we came across the issue of the circut bypassing our negative lead for our 6 light by the positive lead from the 5 light going to switch 1 so therefore basicly switch 7 isnt needed exept to light-up light 6. So now we need help on how to prevent this issue from happening. please help and thanx- Jarred

Asked by bluejuice 8 years ago

Remote electric detonator with multiple detonation buttons?

I have seen some diy electrical detonators but i kinda need one that has a way of detonating multiple rockets at different times, its hard to explain ...can anyone help? This is kinda what i was talking about...

Asked by acadena2 6 years ago

Old oil heaters? Answered

Just wondering if anybody knows of any links or anything for the cleaning, maintenance, and lighting of the old free standing oil heaters? Not the kind with blowers and ignitors, just the basic ones that people used to use to heat their houses and such. I have one in my garage from an old railway caboose and would like to use it on occasion in the winter, but the only info I can find on the net is for oil burning furnaces... A totally different animal. Thanks in advance!

Asked by Stew2 8 years ago

Whats the Best way of igniting 5 C6-7 model rocket engines at once?

I'm hoping to launch a rocket with 5, C motors. I do not have a gun powder licence so I cannot purchase D + motors. Can anyone tell me what is the best way of igniting 5 model rocket engines. I Have an ignitor and I was thinking of wiring it all in parralel. What do you think? Oscar

Asked by oscarthompson 8 years ago

Whats the Best way of igniting 5 C6-7 model rocket engines at once? Answered

I'm hoping to launch a rocket with 5, C motors. I do not have a gun powder licence so I cannot purchase D + motors. Can anyone tell me what is the best way of igniting 5 model rocket engines. I Have an ignitor and I was thinking of wiring it all in parralel. What do you think? Oscar

Asked by oscarthompson 8 years ago

Tube Material

I started thinking about how the tube material could be improved. Although I love the ghetto look of pringles wrapped in the invincible duct tape, improvements can be made. You could use PVC or ABS for the tube, it wouldnt need pressure rating because Im sure this thing wouldnt have enough power to explode the pringles/tape team. This is rather cheap and you could just glue on an endcap. Then a BBQ ignitor can be threaded in, a ring to define the chamber and barrel and fuel sprayed in! However getting the perfect cost/durability/strength ratio is hard.

Posted by SNDM 10 years ago

Make a small battery operated spark gap?

I want to make a potato gun but I don't want to use a grill ignitor (unreliable) and I don't really want to buy a taser (kind of expensive) to light it. I would really like to build some simple battery powered high voltage circuit capable of making a small spark or operating a spark plug. I would like it to meet these requirements. 1. Minimal circuitry. 2. No flyback. 3. Fits in/on an altoids tin I'm still just beginning to understand circuitry so the less complex the better. 

Asked by Schober 7 years ago

I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)? {REMADE}

Alrighti posted this before but it seemed like people didnt understand what was going on. Altight, we have a box and our first switch is a rolling switch (SWITCH 0) that is used to make sure that it only works if the box is closed. Then we have a series of 5 switches that are basic on off switches {SWITCH 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and the switches are used for how many ignition we wish to do at one time but these switches have to be switched in order so example we cant turn on switch 3 without first flipping switch 2 and etc but these switches will light a light a soon as there flipped on still with the rule that the previous switch must be switched first also the switches run a positve current throu our first alligator clips of the ignition cords. then we have a main switch (SWITCH 7) that has a cover as a safety and this will also turn on a light and this switch will run current to our last switch (SWITCH 1) which is a momentary push switch that will run the negative current to the second alligator clips of the ignition cords thus setting off what was wished to be ignited. but we have the problem of the current bypassing (LOOK AT THE PICTURE) so therefore switch 7 isnt needeed bet yet it only is used to light up our (LIGHT 6) so we need to figure out how can we prevent this from happening without completely rendering our circut.

Asked by bluejuice 8 years ago

how can i make a silent lighter? Answered

*a normal flint lighter makes noise and have to replace flints, also your thumb may get beat up from the roller when attempting to ignite it. **the electronic ignitor lighters - they don't last too long and they make a louder clicking sound upon igniting. ***using the usual disposable/refillable lighters what are some ideas to making a "silent or a quiet lighter" ex.: maybe a small button battery operation of some sort to ignition I'm open to any ideas that is compact in design, reliable, and relates to my main idea of a quiet lighter... Or if anyone has ideas to a flintless, fueless, heat source that doesn't take longer then 30seconds to generate heat

Asked by KrAx 9 years ago

Does Voltage Or Current Kill Electronics? Answered

I've heard it a million times "It's the amps that kill".  But what if we are talking about electronics?  Would something that is 1.5 volts at an amp affect an electronic device? What if I had something at 10 kV, but virtually no current, like a piezoelectric ignitor?  (Maybe both of these examples would, I'm not sure,  but which is more likely?) Just wondering if someone can tell me whether it is mainly the volts or amps that fry electronics. And also how this happens. Does the high voltage short circuit things? Or is it the current that would overheat the small little circuits inside? I'm thinking that both are possible, but I'd like to know which is more likely to kill electronics, voltage or amperage?

Asked by pkb4112 6 years ago

Is it safe to make your own mortar tube? Answered

A friend and I are putting on a (legal) fireworks show tonight with commercial fireworks. I haven't finished my fireworks ignitor yet, so we're going to be lighting the fireworks with punks and running away. We're going to set up two "stations", one for each of us so one person can set something up while another sets something off. The problem is, the mortar set we bought only comes with one tube. I'm considering making another one out of PVC of the same size as the cardboard mortar tube, but this concern my friend. Is this unsafe, even if I stabilize the PVC and if it's the same size as the original tube? 7/6/10 UPDATE: I know it's past the fourth, but I'm still interested in kowing the answer. Thanks, Noahh

Asked by noahh 8 years ago

Will this launcher design work?

Concept - A hybrid-launcher (combustion and pneumatics) with interchangeable barrels for various projectile types So the design is pretty simple, in the back of the gun launcher thing (we’ll call it ‘the weapon’ for now) will be a propellant chamber measuring 2.5” wide and 1.5’ long. On one end of the propellant chamber will be an unscrewable coupler. On the other end, a 2.5” ball valve. Attached to the ball valve will be the female end of a 2.5” coupler (without cap) From here will be the interchangeable barrels, which are simple. The barrels would consist of the male end of the 2.5” coupler and a 2.5” width converter, converting the width from 2.5" to various different sizes for the different projectile sizes (this would have to be one piece for durability, idk if such a piece exists, I hope it does, if not, i can make one) the barrel itself would measure 3’ in length A Shrater valve (bike tire valve) will be installed on the propellant chamber (for pneumatic power). A bike pump would be mounted on the weapon (like a shotgun kinda) An ignitor will be installed on the back of the chamber, mounted on the unscrewable coupler.  

Asked by ishmal1103 7 years ago

I need a 48 channel Transmitter and Receiver Answered

As I'm searching I'm finding that most of you are extremely smat and very good at what you do. I have a dilemma involving R/C as well. I'm trying to build a 48 channel fireworks ignitor. As it stands it's almost complete but it's not wireless. Right now I have to plug a cord into an RCA jck on the board and the other end is connected to an electric match. I got all that. What I need help with is making this an optional "wireless" unit so I can stand back withmy guests at my party and ignite my fireworks from a few feet away. The problem is that the biggest R/F transmitter / receiver I found was only 15 cannels, and it was expensive enough that it wouldn't be cost effective to buy 3 of them plus and additional 3 or 4 channel to build it. I'm extremely limited on experience with eectronics and have no experience with IC's but I'm willing to learn if someone can pont me in the right direction. Thanks

Asked by Music_Man608 7 years ago

Im starting an ebay gadget store. what are some cool fun things to sell?

Well technically ive already started, but now, ive made enough profits to begin expanding. At the moment i sell 70mw green laser modules (not pointer pens), carbon graphite rods 5/7/10mm wide at any length and from time to time i try and get rid off my liquid a$$ stink spray, though people tend not to buy that as postage is $6, and lastly long range, but very cheap, 433mhz receiver transmitter pairs . All of this , from within australia, i plan on selling things which are awsome, as well as generally inaccessible by many australians. Currently i intent to buy up 6v spark gap ignitors , identical to those on sparkfun, different coloured laser modules, titanium to weld to my MMO anode mesht cuts, more wireless receiver/transmitter pairs, though, this time, toggle/momentary ones, currently my ones are latching, i plan on buying small shockers, and lastly, Nitrates, Aluminium powder, sulfur, and all those chems which are so hard to find in australia. Also, i will start buying more, and in larger amounts, thermochromic pigment. I also plan on building DC-DC HV converters, for charging coil gun capacitors, (based on the instructable of the same name, once i get permission to use the schematic to base my design off to sell), small shocker modules (to make taser things from), Various oscillators, like flyback ones, 3D printing services and 1W regulated 808nm burner modules. Now, ever since i discovered the spark gap ignitor wholesaler, ive been thinking, "what else could i sell thats awsome and hard to come by?", but legal too, this is ebay after all. I would really like some help in finding things which arent especially expensive or big (im not buying stuff which costs like $100 a peice), but also things you would like to see sold in your local gadget stores. Really, just anything in this general catagory, stuff which is really awsome or very hard to get, either in australia or anywhere, but not illegal. like novelty gadgets, or things which do amazing things, such as mini spy cam bugs or something. I really need help, i know what kind of things I LIKE, and want, but not what others like and want. please help me out!

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 5 years ago

Thermochromic pigment - black - yellow - blue, 80cents aud per gram 20g/$16 and more

Hi, im starting over on ebay again selling thermochromic pigments among other things, but for some reason now my stuff doesnt appear on international sites/searches so, ebay is only really working out for me within australia, so ill just post some links here. Thats my ebay listings, i sell thermochromic pigments in various colors, all changing at 31 celcius or body temp, all priced at 80 cents per gram (which is quite cheap, i dont turn a huge profit), i also have photochromic pigments in magenta/red and yellow, really bright really long lasting glow in the dark pigment (strontium aluminate or similar), soon ill be listing chameleon pigment once i paint a working demo, and also electroluminescent phosphor pigment, same deal, once i can show a demo. Also soon ill be selling moderate and very high powered spark gap ignitors, 5v ones arcing continuously 20mm, 30-80kv, and 15v ones which do some 7-10cm or more. Anyone interested can contact me over ebay, or instructables id rather do business directly through paypal than on ebay. Also im looking to collect bitcoins if anyone has any of those they want to buy in. I offer bulk rates for anything and everything i sell so just ask.

Posted by oldmanbeefjerky 2 years ago