who is the first inventor in the world? Answered

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Inventors needed

Dear inventors and instructors, Let me welcome my self , my name is Arylic Singh and i have just started a small company called : Arylic which is divided into three small component companies which include Arylic Robotics, Arylic Green and Arylic Inventions. You see the main goal of our new business plan is to use the least amount of money on the publicity and the advertisements and gain as much profit on the sales. So our objectives now is to look for young and old inventors and makers and make deals with them for their invention or products. So what we do here is we take the idea or plan or prototype of the invention or product and manufacture it under the companies name but their would be a deal that 30% of every sales goes to the inventor. There is a advantage to the inventor because he/she does not need to put any money into the manufacturings. SO now we are looking for new and fresh inventions and inventors to join our company and sit back and eat the creams........ Pm me for further information or post here.

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American Inventor

Did you watch last night? I agreed with the judges on the final three. 6-in-1 bra - I don't wear clothes that would require something like that. I liked her and I liked her product. Guardian Angel Tree Extinguisher - I liked him and I liked his product. I'm allergic to real trees, so I have no use for it either. It could save lives. People who need it are probably to stupid to buy it and use it. Design and Build your own cars and planes - How much and where? I like this guy. Love his product. Not just for kids.

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I thought this was interesting: Future Edisons - on PBS

Everybody has a great idea that could change the way we work, the way we live or the way we play. Everyday Edisons documents the development process of 12 inventions and the parallel stories of the people who invented them. Selected from thousands, the 15 Everyday Edisons learn how their extraordinary ideas are taken from a sketch on a napkin to a store shelf.Take Sheldon Levinson and Michael Diep: both like to tinker with concepts for new and improved products, or simply the next crazy fad. Levinson, a true kid-at-heart, is always looking for the next best toy or gadget to make people smile. Taking the traditional favorite bubbles and combining them with the lava lamp, another iconic American gadget, he developed the latest twist on bubble toys.Diep, a refugee from Vietnam, has thousands of inventions in his back pocket, one of which is a new design for a dual cat toy and claw scratcher. As a hectic business consultant, Diep encountered a challenge many of us face lack of time. With limited personal free time, much less time to take his cat to the veterinarian for nail trimmings, Diep incorporated sand paper into his jungle gym to naturally file the nails as it played.Inventing isn't just for adults, the retired or the self-proclaimed inventor. Mark and Cody Fox, brothers and juniors in high school, were tired of paying year-end fines for bent corners and broken spines on their school text books. After combining a few fabric swatches, some hot glue and pieces of plastic, the young men developed a way to prevent the dreaded fines come June.And The Link to the PBS site

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The United Inventors Association of America

HI, I found this site by accident really – but I’m glad I did. I’m not sure if many of you have heard of The United Inventors Association of America – but in the event you have not – we are the largest Inventor Organization in the world. We’re also the only Government registered non-profit 501(c)3 in the inventing industry. Our mission is simple – to educate inventors so they are not taken advantage of. There are hundreds of thousands of creative people like those here on instructable who are taken advantage of each year as they work their way through the inventing process. The UIA helps to arm them with education about how a product is taken from your basement to the store shelf. Membership in the UIA is FREE – and the opportunity to learn from professionals in the inventing industry, well, that’s priceless. If you get a moment check out the UIA (www.uiausa.org) or find a local Inventor Group in your town! Thanks – and keep being creative. Mark www.uiausa.org  

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Instructables in Inventors Digest - Five Questions with Eric Wilhelm

Here's my five-question interview with Inventors Digest that appeared in the June 2009 issue:Five Questions With ... Eric WilhelmEric Wilhelm founded Instructables.com, "the world's biggest show and tell" Web site where users crowdsource do-it-yourself or DIY projects, from lawnmower race cars to skateboard sails. The site began in 2005 as a way for Wilhelm to document his mechanical engineering work and grad school kite-surfing projects. He's co-founded Squid Labs, an innovation and design partnership, and a number of Squid Labs spin-off companies including Potenco, producing a human-powered generator for cell phones and laptops; Makani, an energy company seeking to harness high-altitude wind; and OptiOpia, developing low-cost portable vision-testing and lens-fabricating devices. Talked innovation with him in this installment of Five Questions With ...More news and press about Instructables here.

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Favorite Inventor/ Creator

Well, who is it? My favorite has to be Tesla. Its just that simple!

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Hello Instructables! My name is Nic and I work for Discovery Channel Canada. Our premiere show Daily Planet is current looking for any wild and crazy backyard inventors for our new fall season! So if you have a great invention and think you'd be good on TV, send me a private message describing your invention and a bit about yourself. We're focusing mainly in Canada and the United States but everyone from around the world is welcome! We're still looking and still hoping to hear back from more inventors!

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Davison and being an inventor

Last week a company called Davison was running targeted ads on Instructables through Google Adsense. After checking out what Davison does, I decided they weren't a good fit with us and removed the ads. Normally, this would be no big deal, but because of the business Davison is in and the specifics of this case, I wanted to share my thinking.More here in the forums.

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Davison and being an inventor

Last week a company called Davison was running targeted ads on Instructables through Google Adsense. Google Adsense typically places contextual-based ads on sites making connections between advertisers and publishers based on their search technology. However, advertisers can also work with Google to directly placed ads on specific sites. At first, we were flattered that Davison chose to target us, and further flattered that they were actually using our terminology in their ads. You may have seen "Cool Instructable?" or "Have an Instructable?" text ads running in our right sidebar.After checking out what Davison does, I decided they weren't a good fit with us and removed the ads. Normally, this would be no big deal, but because of the business Davison is in and the specifics of this case, I wanted to share my thinking.Davison solicits ideas from independent inventors, creates prototypes, markets potential products to manufacturers and distributors, and collects royalties. This is not worlds different from what we did at Squid Labs, except I would characterize Squid's activities as more technical and with the aim of creating sustainable businesses rather than exclusively creating products to be licensed.The rub comes in that Davison is not forthcoming with how they actually make money: high fees paid by the independent inventors. Here's a Forbes article that goes into greater depth, but for me, the important statistic is this: 37,000 or so people have contracted Davison Design's services in the last five years; but only eight of those who have signed up have realized royalties exceeding their fees to Davison.A 0.02% success rate is just awful, and clearly shows that they are preying upon people who don't know any better.The thing that personally put me over the edge was a section from their Questions and Myths:9. Can I tell people about my idea? We recommend that you do not publicly disclose your invention/idea to anyone (not even a friend or a family member), unless you have confidential documents in place to verify that you are the originator of the invention.Obviously, I have a conflict of interest, because I want you to share your initial ideas here in the forums and how you built your ideas into prototypes as Instructables to help me grow the site; however, the concept of absolute secrecy is anathema to me. Here at Squid Labs, we know of no one that has had their invention stolen by some big corporation (more on this at Saul's column in Makezine Vol. 9; full text available as an attached PDF, kindly permitted by Make). My experience has uniformly been that sharing yields stronger results than hiding. The person you share your ideas with might turn into a business partner and be instrumental in your shared success.Clearly there's demand for services to help inventors. Davison seems to have a nice facility at Invention Land; instead, why don't they invite the almost 8000 people per year that contact them to attend an "invention boot camp?" Attendees could learn some basic design, CAD, and machining skills, give mock presentations, and learn how to do a preliminary patent search. If Davison was doing a good job, they would start to see some success from their graduates, and companies looking for innovation would seek out the graduates or ask to attend the camp's final design reviews.Teaching people all these skills might sound impossible - like a full undergraduate and graduate series of degrees compressed into an 80-hour crash course. No course can cover everything- instead, it should give motivated people the basic skills and confidence to start doing it themselves, and teach them how to seek out the additional knowledge they need. It's surprising what motivated people can accomplish if you just get them started.In 2002 Saul and I taught a one-week class called Cyclomerisation where we taught a group of 12 people just enough bicycle design, CAD, and manufacturing to make them dangerous. Each person then designed their own custom bicycle using 8020 extruded aluminum and jet-machined connectors. We had telescoping unicycles, recumbent tricycles, and plenty of standard bikes; for example, check out Saul's 8020 Chopper. Half the participants were MIT students, half were not, and it made no difference -- everyone was motivated to learn something new and to put it into practice.If this idea isn't Davison's thing, then maybe I've found a project to work on after Instructables can run itself. In the meantime, I'm sharing the idea with all of you, because that's the best way to vet it, see if it has legs, and make it stronger.More pictures from Cyclomerisation here and here.

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The Great Egg Race Returns!

Brits of a certain age will remember The Great Egg Race - teams of ingenious chaps using the contents of a typical shed or kitchen to solve a problem of which they have no prior notice, kind of a cardigan-wearing precursor to Scrapheap Challenge (aka Junkyard Wars). At the same time, an international egg-mobile contest was going on; teams and individuals competing to make vehicles to carry a 70g egg as far as possible, powered only by a single, small elastic band.  For American readers, it's a similar idea to a mouse-trap car. Well, it's back! Firstly, there's a digitised archive of shows from the Early eighties (the years when I was in secondary education!) available online here (sorry, I don't know if they are available to US viewers, but maybe you can find it YouTube?). In addition, Auntie Beeb is bringing it back, or at least, it's spirit, in the form of a new Wallace and Gromit show, with animated inventions, instructions for making your own gadgets (some familiar to us here, like a vibrobot, others more unusual, like a Magnus-effect car (I'm really curious about that one!). Keep an eye on this show, folks, and on the hands-on page - it could be a great source of inspiration for new Makers, and your own Instructables.

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MOSI's Idea Faire - Innovators Wanted!

The MOSI Idea Faire is a two-day inaugural celebration of human creativity and innovation featuring a convergence of robotics, video gaming, science, engineering and makers. Participants in Idea Faire will find inspiration through interactive activities, gaming competitions, technology workshops and make-and-take building projects. Participants will also enjoy electronic music shows, performance art, high-tech fashion, robot races and presentations by experts and innovators. The sharing of ideas and experiences will be at the very heart of Idea Faire as students demonstrate science and engineering projects in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) area while makers teach others how to create new technologies to improve the way we live, learn, work and play. How to participate?   Become an exhibitor at MOSI’s Idea Faire. FREE to participate as an exhibitor (and only $50 if you want to sell a product), we are looking for innovators in Gaming, Robotics, Design, Technology, Music and Art. Event Details: Your exhibitor booth will include a 6ft table, 2 chairs, and WiFi internet access. Any other needs must be brought in by exhibitor or may be available for an extra charge. Please contact Kim Chavez at kim.chavez@mosi.org  or 813-987-6030 for any questions on your vendor booth. Application Process: We invite businesses, groups, educational institutions, makers, innovators and clubs to participate in our Idea Faire. Anyone interested in participating must send in an application before Oct. 15, 2012. You can download an application by clicking here. *Please note that this is a PDF document that allows you to fill out, save and email as an attachment without having to print it. All you have to do is fill out the form, save a copy to your computer, click on the email link for Kim Chavez, attach your completed form to the email and send. You can also print and fax if you like.   Please contact Kim Chavez at 813-987-6030 or kim.chavez@mosi.org for more information or to obtain an exhibitor application.

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Invention USA is looking for inventors

The History Channel is sponsoring a search for inventors to be feature on their show Invention USA. The History Channel site links to the application to enter this event.

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Back-room inventors' contest.

From the Popular Science website: World-changing devices don't need to come from big labs funded with big money. Sometimes radical technological innovations roll, whir, or fly out of basements and garages. Do you know you've invented something that's poised to disrupt a market, or have you toiled building prototype after prototype in your home workshop to prove your idea works? Whether you're a professional engineer working on a self-funded side project, a hobbyist who has launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to refine your gadget, or an obsessive teenager who's built a sellable product in your bedroom, please tell us about it! Enter the seventh annual Popular Science Invention Awards. We’re looking for game-changing products developed by passionate, independent inventors -- not academic or corporate R&D; labs. Popular Science editors will pick 10 entries that best represent the spirit of homegrown ingenuity and solve real-world problems in a practical, innovative way. Then, in our May 2013 issue, seven million readers will get the first look at the winners. This is right up your street, Instructablers, because you have to make a thing, that you can show working, and you are not allowed to enter if you have a commercial or university research department backing you up. Link for more details.

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PopSci National School Inventor's Challenge

Our friends at PopSci are holding a National School Inventor's Challenge! Winners get $5,000 in science equipment for their school.Details:Teachers submit their students' inventions and/or ways to improve the world - it seems to be open for individual and group work. Separate categories for elementary, middle, and high-school entries. US-only.

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New inventor seeks industrial designers......

Hello, I am inventing a new golfing product.  I have a working prototype and I'm filing my patent now.  But I needs some help with improving the design.  I'm not a professional designer but I have some mockups in Sketchup.  I am looking for someone with experience designing commercial products in solid works.   The product is going to be made out of plastic and it's has a few moving parts.  For the most part it is very simple but I want to make it into a higher quality product.  If your are interested in working for me as a consultant, let me know and I will send you an NDA to sign. Thanks, Joe

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Inventor Builds His Perfect Woman

From The Sun, 11 Dec 2008:SHE is the perfect wife, with the body of a Page 3 pin-up and housekeeping skills that put TV's Kim and Aggie to shame.Her name is Aiko, she can even read a map, and will never, ever, nag. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't she fellas? And she is.Aiko is actually a robot, a fantasy brought to life by inventor Le Trung. Devoted Aiko --- "in her 20s" --- has a stunning 32-23-33 figure, pretty face and shiny hair.She is always happy to clean the house for "husband" Le, help with his accounts or get him a drink.Computer ace Le, 33, from Ontario, Canada, has spent two years and £14,000 building his dream girl.He had planned to make an android to care for the elderly.But his project "inspired by sci-fi robots like Star Wars's C3PO " strayed off-course. [ ... ]He said: "Aiko doesn't need holidays, food or rest, and will work almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman."Aiko sparks mixed reactions in public.Le said: "Women usually try to talk to her. But men always want to touch her, and if they do it the wrong way she slaps them."Read the whole article, with a video clip and pictures, at http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2023392.ece

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Inventor of Pringles Can Buried in Pringles Can

The inventor of the Pringles can, Frederic J Baur, passed away recently and was partially buried in a pringles can, his most prized invention.

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Revision3 looking for inventors in the SF Bay Area

Hey everyone -  We here at Revision3 are looking for a couple smart inventors located in the SF Bay Area for a potential online series. If you're interested in participating, send a video of you and your invention (or inventions) to inventors@revision3.com Thanks a lot! Revision3.com

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Obama '08.

This is a group for all Obama supporters!!! WHOOT!!! :D

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Android App Design with App Inventor Tutorial Paint App 1 of 3

Https://www.instructables.com/id/Android-Development-with-App-Inventor-Tutorial-1-o/ This is my first tutorial on instrucables~and will include 3 tutorials! Click on the link and enjoy, comment, and favorite!!

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Science Channel Seeking Grassroots Green Inventors!

US television network wants you and your green inventions! Are you a grassroots green inventor who wants to be featured on a new television series? Do you take it upon yourself to create your own ingenious solutions to environmental conundrums? We’re looking to feature inventions and inventors from all walks of life that will inspire a greener globe! A brief description of your savvy invention along with why your project is deserving of national attention should be included! Photographs would also be great, but aren't necessary. Email us! greeninventors@peacepoint.tv Very best, Stephanie Pickering Chase Producer 416-365-7734 ext. 213

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Build Night Jameco en The Inventors House

El pasado jueves 24 de Agosto se llevo acabo la segunda Build Nigth en The Inventor´s House patrocinada por Instructables y Jameco En esta ocasión decidimos realizar la build night durante el día, para ser precisos a mediodia, nuestra intención fue que la familia se reuniera para hacer inventos con electrónica, El evento comenzó a las 12:00 hrs. se coloco todo el material electrónico en el centro de las mesas, varios venían preparados con material extra como cautín, arduinos, GPS, Xbee y algunos tutoriales visto en internet. Lo mas genial de todo fue que contamos la presencia de niños, papas, jóvenes y de hasta la TV local!! Que hizo un reportaje Enseñamos un poco de electrónica a pequeñas niñas que encendieron su primer led,  varias personas tuvieron su primer contacto con la electrónica y crearon geniales proyectos. Para ver todas las fotos tomadas durante el evento no olviden visitar nuestro album de facebook Estamos listos para recibir el material de la próxima build night de septiembre patrocinada por Lumi Sin mas, gracias a Jameco e instructable por la experiencia, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México.

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Saul Griffith: Lofty ideas from inventor with eco ideals

Inventor Saul Griffith sits down with CNN to discuss the environmental crisis, autonomous electricity generating kites and what inspires him.I don't think this has already been posted...unless this is much older than I thought...Via CNN

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can someone post an instructable on using "autodesk inventor pro"

We are using it in school and i need to know how to use it

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Help me in led different modes (led Flicker , led flow with timer set,etc.) control using mit app inventor

Help me in led different modes (led Flicker , led flow with timer set,etc.) control using mit app inventor and bluetooth.

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How do I open a Certificate Trust List in Inventor so I can pull dimensions and manipulate the object?

I am trying to open a CTL file that was downloaded from thingiverse and Inventor is giving me problems opening and manipulating the object(engine block). I converted it to an STL  but it still will not let me place it in a drawing.

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Only one armpit smells? Answered

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Science Channel's All-American Makers is Casting Inventors!

Calling all American Inventors!! Science Channel’s All-American Makers is looking for inventors that are looking to take their product to the next level. Are you a Maker at heart? Do you think you have an invention that is worth serious money? Then why not submit your product here to see if your invention can stand up to the test? Requirements: -Must have a working invention that can be tested by our experts -Must have at least one prototype available. If interested, please contact 212-993-8528 or ggatdula@brayentertainment.com.

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World's youngest inventor - holds patent for new broom.

A boy of five is thought to be the UK's youngest person to patent an invention after coming up with a labour-saving broom to help his father sweep leaves.Sam Houghton, of Buxton, Derbyshire, was just three when he came up with a double-headed broom to collect large debris and fine dust simultaneously. Sam, who was inspired by animated inventors Wallace and Gromit and Archie the Inventor from TV series Balamory, said: "I saw my Daddy brushing up and made it. There are two brushes because one gets the big bits and one gets the little bits left behind."I don't know if I want to be an inventor when I grow up but this was fun.""I was swapping from one broom to the other and he asked why. When I said it was to pick up the different leaves and twigs it must have got him thinking."He got a large elastic band from the shed and put it over the two brooms, holding them just the right way to use both together. He then called me and announced that had had made up an invention." The broom works with the coarser brush at the front to pick up larger objects and the finer brush at the back.Sam's invention has been taken up by the UK-IPO, which is hoping to use it to encourage other youngsters to come up with inventions through an initiative called "Cracking Ideas".BBC StoryCracking Ideas websiteIntellectual Property Office

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Build Night Sugru en The Inventors House (Mexico)

El pasado jueves 25 de Julio se llevo acabo la primera Build Nigth en The Inventor´s House patrocinada por Instructables y Sugru Una noche en la que a pesar de la lluvia que cayo en la ciudad hubo varios participantes que dejaron volar su imaginación y crearon cosas geniales. El evento comenzó a las 20:30 debido a la lluvia, se les entrego a todos los participantes un sobre de sugru, varios venían preparados con material extra como cautín, partes de fuentes de computadora, plugs de audifonos, controles de playstation, madera entre otras cosas para hacer sus creaciones. El evento estuvo genial incluso contamos con la presencia varios niños todo en un ambiente colaborativo y de creatividad. Estos son algunos de los inventos realizados en esta Build Night con mostramos el video y algunos instructable. Un cubre polvos para tu celular: Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cubre-polvo-para-celular-hecho-con-Sugru/ Un Joystick mejorado de control Nintendo 64: Holder para celular con Sugru Base para ventilación de laptop: Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Mejorar-el-enfriamiento-en-Laptop-con-SUGRU-Im/ Un mouse USB/PS2: Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Ratn-PS2USB-con-SUGRU/ Aquí pueden ver mas fotos tomadas en el evento Ya estamos preparando la siguiente BuildNight que será patrocinada por Jameco. Con mejoras como "Mini taller para realizar correctamente un instructable" Sin mas, gracias a sugru e instructable por la experiencia, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México. P.D. Por fin pude publicar mi post, sin caracteres especiales xD

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How do you make an Inventor assembly with parts that interact? Answered

Currently, I can use constraints to assemble parts, but when they are moved around, they simply go through each other. How can I make the parts push each other around? For example, I'm designing a paintball marker, and it has a body, bolt, trigger assembly, and various pins. How would I make the bolt catch on the trigger when it is moved rearward? How would I make the bolt go forward when the trigger is moved rearward? I'm using AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2012. Also, I have access to most current Autodesk programs if they are required.  

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how long will a lemon battery last for?

Question by mb inventor 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

What is the little strike in the gear box photo?

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Not a question but? Answered

Today 2/11/11 is A. Edison's 164 th birthday.

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Any Ideas On What I Should Post?

Hello, K'NEX community! I am the Knex Inventor, and I am looking for ideas of what I should post. If you have an idea of what I should post, please comment below with your suggestion, and I will consider making it. If I do make and post one of your ideas, I will give you partial credit for helping to come up with it. Thanks!, -The Knex Inventor

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is there a way to make working electric whips of ironman 2?

Question by mb inventor 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

were could i buy leds online cheap?

Question by mb inventor 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Which is More Popular; K'NEX Guns or K'NEX Ball Machines?

Instructables K'NEX Community, In your opinion, which is more popular on Instructables; K'NEX guns or K'NEX Ball Machines? Please post your answer below. Thanks!, -The Knex Inventor

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how many leds can run of 3 AAA baterys?

Question by mb inventor 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

what is the maximum volts from a lemon battery using 1 lemon Answered

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Build Night Dodocase en The Inventors House Hackerspace Mexico

Hola a todos!! El fin de semana pasado celebramos la Build Night de Octubre patrocinada por Dodocase e Instructables en The Inventor's House, nos la pasamos genial iniciamos desde las 10 de la mañana y terminamos hasta las 8 de la noche armando dodocase, realizando modificaciones y haciendo instructables, estos son algunos de los instructables que realizaron los participantes: Modding Dodocase Guía completa en español de Armado de Dodocase Dodocase manos libres Como convertir un videojuego para Dodocase Ademas realizamos un video donde hablamos de los Dodocase y su armado para promocionar el evento Muchas gracias a Dodocase e instructables por la BuildNight, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México Atte: Staff The Inventor's House  

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Boy inventor re-imagines doorbell, gets VERY rich!

A 13-year-old boy from Croydon is set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after inventing a doorbell that calls the householder if no-one answers the door. The boy entered a school "Dragons' Den" type contest, and ended up with his idea in production.  Orders made so far should earn him £250,000 ($411,000).  Three of his fellow contestants ended up with full patents on their ideas, and one other is negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer to get his idea on the shelves.  That boy is only twelve! Dubbed Smart Bell, the device came about in response to a competition hosted by Rook's London school. The contest, however, necessitated a working prototype. Rook's parents passed the plans along to a family friend, Paula Ward (crowned world's top female inventor of 2004 at INPEX), who sent the plans to China. Less than a year after its development, major U.K. retailers have signed up to sell the Smart Bell, which will retail for £40, or about $66. The Smart Bell has a built-in SIM card and other cellular technology that will call the owner's phone. The unit also produces some subtle white noise that mimics the effect of an intercom.

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CALLING ALL INVENTORS: Make a Quick Checkout Body Scanner

Can someone PLEASE invent a body scanner (like a metal detector that you walk under/through) that is used in store checkouts to speed up the process and make waiting times less for lines?? I imagine it would work something life this: the tags on the items would have special chips in them (and/or metal pieces for quick detection of how many items you have), so that when you walk under the scanner with your shopping cart full, or stuff in your arms, it nearly instantly calculates how many items you have and at which prices. Then you can use your card or cash to pay for your purchase in that same machine (like an ATM). Would be BRILLIANT! Thanks :)

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Circuit Scribe Makey Makey Build Night @ The Inventor's House

En esta ocasión regreso la BuildNight a nuestro hackerpace y estábamos muy contentos, toda nuestra comunidad estaba muy entusiasmada por recibir la tinta electrónica mas famosa del mundo "Circuit Scribe" nos encantaron los modulos que se incluyen en los kits de desarrollo. Ademas es genial usar 123D para poder simular los circuitos antes de empezar a trazar en físico, aunque aun le faltan algunos extras a la plataforma nos pareció genial Les dejo los links de algunos de los proyectos que realizo nuestra comunidad Mho PlayGround Circuit Scribe Tarjeta de regalo interactiva Y ademas algunas fotos del evento, un saludo desde Mexico, sus amigos de The Inventor's House y muchas gracias instructables y Circuit Scribe

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who invented the internet?when?how?

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use google sketchup model in edgecam? Answered

I want to use a landscape i made in sketchup(a mountain range) and mill it out of polystyrene using edgecam. Maybe there is a way to convert to  autodesk inventor first?  The model is only a face, which is why its hard to use in a solid modeling program. Ive used a rough face before on the cnc machine.

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How Do YOU Design K'NEX Guns?

K'NEX Gun Builders of Instructables, The reason that I am posting this Forum Topic is that I would like to hear how YOU design YOUR K'NEX guns. What are your secret techniques and tricks of the trade? Please post your comments and answers below. Thanks!, -The Knex Inventor

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Hey...Can anyone suggest a reliable K'nex gun ? I'm in need of one.

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Why is knex a popular subject? Answered

Everybody tends to post slideshows is it because its apparently fragile and not for instructables or are they just lazy?

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