iPad now is the price?Wanted to buy the iPad, and how the iPad configuration is better?

Had never used the iPad, please give advice

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iPad & Safari to publish new Instructable

Hi, Has anyone successfully uploaded photographs from an IPad please?

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What is the cheapest I can get an iPad?

How much and where can I get a 30 to 60 dollar iPad i know someone knows?

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Apple iPad - comments and opinions?

OK, you've all seen it now. What do you think? (Image via Reddit)

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Artsy iPad cases?

Hello! A friend of mine recently did a brilliant painting on an iPad case which looked awesome. Then another dude got inspired and he airbrushed a piece on his. I kinda want something artsy like that, but can’t seem to find good places to get them online. Who knows where to find your not-so-standard cases online?

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iPad case with keyboard

I’m looking for an iPad case with keyboard and specifically one that can take intensive typing. I gotta work on the road quite a lot and am not carrying my laptop everywhere. Came across the Typad, which is kinda what I’m looking for, only that it’s over 120 dollars. Another case is the ZAGGmate which is cheaper, but I haven’t found any satisfying reviews. Anyone has recommendations or experience with these keyboard cases?

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iPad Orchestra

Is this the orchestra of the future?  http://www.ismashphone.com/2010/08/ipad-orchestra-is-the-symphony-of-the-future.html The iPad Orchestra from Alex Shpil on Vimeo. via www.ismashphone.com

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iPad toon

iPad 2 is hitting the streets, and I just discovered FoxTrot. Serendipity, anybody?

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Ipad or Tablet

What do you think is better ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1 give reason

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iPad ambient light sensor a camera? Answered

Is it possible that the iPad's "ambient light sensor" is really a camera and the camera will be activated in a software update (like the iPod touch (2nd gen) with the Bluetooth introduction in OS 3.0)? 

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ipad case?

Is there any good ipad cases that protect and any stick stubstinc that i can stick on my ipod/ipad?

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My Ipad Mini is possessed!!!

Send amberlamps!!

Posted by Assassin Tube 5 years ago

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad?

I have got an iPad from my friends who bought a new iPad Air 2. And now i want to transfer some photos from my iPhone to iPad but don't know how to make it. 

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Instructables app for iPad?

I had a app for my iPad, but there is no update? So I deleted it. Where can I find a new App for instructables for the iPad?

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Problems with new site and iPad!

The new web page format includes many dropdown boxes that do not work with the ipad. The ipad does not support a "hover" event so when you to select a dropdown item it doesn't work. Did not have this problem with previous website. I know that there is a limited app for the iphone but it does not appear appropriate for the ipad.  This makes it virtually impossible to navigate instructables on the ipad. 

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iPhone app is a great idea but what about the iPad?

I got all excited when I saw there was an iPhone app but unfortunately it isn't compatible with iPads (not even on 2x). Any chance a boffin could get an iPad version going?

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Reply function doesn't work when using iPad

"reply" function doesn't work when using an iPad. Clicking it just reloads the page.

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Ebooks on iPad? Answered

How in the world do I get an ebook that I downloaded to show up in the iBook app on my iPad?

Asked by solardave 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Robot Contest Ipad?

On the home page there is an ad for the Robot contest, in the corner there is an Ipad displayed but in the prizes section of the contest page the tablet is not mentioned. Just wondering what is up with that. Secret judges prize? 

Posted by Zaphod Beetlebrox 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Favorites unaccessible on ipad

On the top right hand corner, under YOU, the pull down menu does not let the user input a command such as 'clicking' on favorites.

Posted by macguy787 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Current challenges not visible on iPad

Until last week I was able to pull/view the current challenge on the home page (using my iPad).  Now it seems the only way I can view them is if I log onto my PC and click on "contests". Is there a way to view the current contests (that are still open) conveniently on my iPad?  Thanks!

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How do you make an iPad clone?

Can you describe the process how to build an iPad clone using video and images. Please describe the process to an audience without prior knowledge of Computer Science? And how much is the hardware and equipment required to build it?

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Help with ipad camera connection kit

Hello all can you please help me, I want to make a camera connection kit to my ipad but there is no single way, how can I do that, i found a lot of it on the net (called otg cables)

Posted by msaad11 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Trying to connect Samsung mb ph cord to IPad cord

Hi i have s Sansung galaxy S mb ph & trying to connect cords for tethering my Ipad. is there an adaptor available to join both Usb cords. thanks Kitty

Posted by Kitty532 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

cant submit with ipad

I acnt submit an instruvtable with my ipad. the submit page comes up, but only in the background. The updating bar just stays there forever. this happens on bith my ipad2 and my husbands ipad1. It will also not allow me to submit this to the forum. i had to dig out an old laptop.

Posted by MomDuck 6 years ago

How to make / source storage clipboard for Ipad. Help?

How do I (as an ER doc) make a storage clipboard that will hold my ipad and a few other tools. I need it about 5cm deep. Nothing available to buy that Ive found.  Help? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71FFHL7fTWL._AA1500_.jpg  was tried but I want a tray (with foam to hold in position) and tray below for ipad ( so inside a deep holder with a clip on the front.

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DC to DC Convertor?

Does anybody have a circuit that is able to turn solar power from a solar panel (preferably 1 watt) to make enough juice to recharge an iPad? The iPad requires 10 watts of power to charge. I wanted too use Adafruit's mintyboost but I don't think that has enough power to charge the iPad. Any suggestions?

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iPad app exiting when pressing "Explore All"

I am using an IPad air with latest iOS updates and version 2.64.5 of the Instructables app For the past 6 months or so, whenever I go into the app and press "Explore All" the app simply exits back to my IPads homescreeen. All other app functionality appears ok. I have tried: - shutting and restarting the app - a hard reset - deleting and redownloading the app - as a last ditch effor, doing a factory reset and restoring from backup None of the above has worked and it's really destroyed my ability to use Instructables on the IPad and the desktop version is a little clunky to explore on a tablet. I have submitted feedback a couple of times through the app but that hasn't seemed to have done anything. I really hope asking here might help me resolve this! Thanks Darren

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ipod touch tricks

I think you got it.

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Pdfs not downloading

Hi all,  since ive upadated my new iPad Pro to the newest operating system from Apple I cannot download PDFs anymore, it worked fine before I downloaded the new operating system, anyone else have that problem? anyone know how I can fix the issue?

Posted by cockleman1 2 years ago | last reply 1 year ago

Digitizer problems after screen replacement on iPad 4

My wife's 1 year old plus iPad (3 or 4 I think?) suffered a minor accident (cat knocked it over) and the Lighting adapter broke inside the receptacle. Since it was impossible to retrieve the piece of connector inside the plug I decided to take the iPad apart following several online tutorials (I am usually pretty handy) While I was trying to open the iPad I broke the screen , so once I was done I ordered both the Lighting Connector receptacle and a new screen. After I received the new parts, I was able to reassemble the iPad without too many issues, once again following instructions in a step by step tutorial and a couple of videos. The finished job Looked great. However I soon discovered I had a few serious issues: 1) Some areas of the screen do not register touch at all. I poke and poke and no response. This is like a 1" strip on the long side of the screen. Everywhere else, such as the opposite side of the screen, it works fine or it is actually too sensitive. 2) Siri keeps coming on. Even with the ipad asleep sitting under the bed, siri will turn on and off by itself. Quite annoying during the night (I had to turn the iPad completely off). 3) The keyboard works terrible with the keys in the "dead zone" not responding and those in the "live zone" typing 3 or 4 characters per key "press" I really don't want to open the iPad again until I know what I did wrong and how to do it right next time. Could I have placed the new screen too close on one side and not enough on the other? What else could have caused this? In all the tutorials I have read before I attempted this repair I took note of all the possible shortcomings, but I did not read anything about a behavior like the one I am experiencing. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

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iPad Cart for School

I am a teacher in a public school with a limited budget.  Our community has bought 50 iPads for the students coming up next year, but did not budget anything for a cart.  The administration has tasked me with solving the issue on the cheap and I seek your help.  The requirements are: Preferably, it's mobile.  It needs to be locked.  This can be a simple padlock  with a latch. My colleagues hope to have two carts of 25 each, but three carts of 20 each (with some empty slots, obviously) is okay. They have not told me if needs to power AND sync, or just power.  At present the cart they have only powers them up. For IPad accessories, what's in the box is what I have. My school is looking to do this very cheaply--a simple box with a power strip inside is preferable than a big cash outlay, but I'd like to do better than that.  I certainly don't want to spend the year dealing with small issues that come up with middle school students being unable to do this or that. I have thought of using a two drawer filing cabinet (top for iPads, bottom for the guts)  and a 24 USB port hub with AC adapter.  But I could make a box out of wood, too.  I know it needs ventilation, but ideas on this end are appreciated.  I tinker and build but my tech knowledge hits a wall, which is why I'm looking to crowdsource this to success. Thanks in advance.

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iPad Problems - 14 Problems with Apple's iPad

Apple just revealed the new Apple iPad Tablet that will probably make it one of the first failures by Apple's latest line of products. Apple revealed this new Tablet PC as a challenger to netbooks. However, it's already been labeled a "less powerful, but more expensive netbook." Here are 14 iPad problems that made this Apple iPad an iDisappointment. 1. No Multitasking The Apple iPad is just like the iPhone, in that there is no multitasking. You can't work on a document and talk on AIM or Gtalk. In other words, the iPad just a giant iPod Touch (the iPod Touch being better) and cannot match netbooks. 2. It Has an Awkward Design The design is a bit awkward because you have to hold it in one hand and balance it while your other hand uses the functionality or more likely you will need to put it on your knees to use it properly. It's like holding a monitor, I'm sure nothing will happen to it. Some people complain about the Bezel being too large, but perhaps this was necessary so that you don't constantly give commands while moving around. 3. No Adobe Flash Were you considering watching Hulu on this? How about youtube (well we'll have to wait for an app for that)? Thinking of playing flash games while waiting on the bus? Oh well. 4. No USB, Need Adapters Again with the iPod design, you need to plug in the special Apple adapter. If you lose it, you'll have to buy another. If you want to plug in multiple devices you need USB to iPad adapters! Since it's not even using Mac OS, most USB devices would probably not work anyway. 5. AT&T; Once Again Are you thinking of purchasing the 3G version? You'll need to get it with AT&T; and think of how overloaded their service will be now. There is no Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint service available for this product, some of which has better coverage. You can't use T-Mobile's 3G at all because of their MicroSIM made specifically for AT&T.; 6. Memory Business Model Apple will charge you extra for higher memory. It's a business model they use for all their products to increase profits. That's why they don't want other storage devices being inserted to improve memory. You're also stuck with a limit of 64GB, so don't think about putting in all your music, movies, or games. 7. Touch Keyboard Many people were complaining about the touchscreen keyboard. Which would be fine if it worked perfectly and you didn't have to sit it exactly on your lap and make sure it's flat. You can however, attach an Apple keyboard, just another way for Apple to make money. 8. App Store Again Just like the iPod Touch you have to download everything from an App store. Meaning if you don't like Safari, you're stuck with it. Some apps may be banned once again. 9. No Cameras Yeah no web cams on the front, and no cameras for photos or videos from the back either. 10. No Removable Battery You can't just take an extra battery with you on a long trip because the battery works the same way as an iPod (though my bet is, it doesn't last as long). 11. No HDMI/DVI Output You can't plug this thing into your TV to display your HD movies. You'd need AppleTV for that. 12. No Widescreen 16:9 ain't happening, you're stuck with a 4:3 screen. 13. No GPS There's no GPS, so --unlike the T-Mobile MyTouch or the Verizon Droid which both run on Android, can multitask and have GPS so that you can use the Beta Google Maps Navigation system for turn-by-turn directions-- you're stuck with locating yourself via WiFi hotspots. 14. It's Large, Slow, and Clunky Not only will you have to buy accessories to protect your device, it's very large making it easy to drop and probably won't live a healthy life in a backpack filled with notebooks and other possibly sharp objects. There may be a number of accessories sold by Apple to cover some of these problems. The iPad max speed is 1GHz (A4 processor) and will probably be just as slow surfing the web as most other smartphones and it won't match up to netbooks. There is no Mac OS X or anything either, it's definitely the iPhone OS except without the Phone capability and of course I'm sure they will ban Google Voice and Skype. The iPad is about the size of a Kindle, so it is nice for reading e-books I suppose, but then I'm not sure why I wouldn't just buy a Kindle. As with all companies that initially have much success, they get a little overconfident and launch a product just to create more hype and increase their stock prices.   More related iPad Problem resources: ipad wiki - What you need to know about iPad The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. Announced on January 27, 2010, it is similar in functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch, running the same operating system (iPhone OS) and almost all of the same applications...

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How do I write an app? (without paying for a service)?

I found plenty of places to pay for it, http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/13_tools_for_building_your_own_iphone_app.php  but how can I do it myself?

Asked by sarahfish 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How to use University of Houston E-mail on iPad?

Can anyone please tell me how to use University of Houston E-mail on iPad?. I would appreciate it. Mahad A.

Asked by mahadabrahim 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Head unit not charging iPad

Hey All, In my car i have an after market HU with a usb port that my iPad 3/ iPhone 4s / iPods can connect to. However when my iPad is connected to it is unable to charge. The charging indicator in the iPad has the little lightning bolt going through it, indicating that it is indeed charging however the iPad looses about 7% of its battery every hour. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can get my iPad to charge through my HU? Cheers  

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What do you want the iPad 3 to have?

Hey! The iPad came out last Friday and I've already started to hear rumors about the iPad 3 coming out in later 2011. Now, this doesn't seem like Apple because they usually have a one year refresh of their products (as in the iPod touch and iPhone). What would you guys like to see on the iPad 3? Thanks!  DP

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Site will not let you log out on ipad

On my ipad in the top right corner where it says 'You' when I tap it and tap something in the list that shows up, it disappears and pulls up whatever add was in back of it. ):

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Is or has instructables designed an app for the iPad?

Asked by cockleman1 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago



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Instructables iPad/iPhone app.

Hey, is there anyone out there that can write a iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that would automatically sign into Instructables, and show all steps?

Asked by Robotic_mage 8 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Using an iPad as a wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 fat?

How can I use my iPad as an wireless adapter for my Xbox 360 fat?

Asked by Dawsondanielhensley 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Found my iPad

Hey guys, my iPad got stolen about three days ago, and I would like you to know that I will be posting some new things soon. Sorry for my inactivity, I can't write much now, gotta get to school.

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Ceiling rail to place an iPad?

I'd like to make a rail or tube that's attached to the ceiling and you could have a bit at the bottom to slot an iPad in, anyone have an instructable on that?

Asked by strangeguru 6 years ago

Play SNES on your iPad

There are more and more gaming apps coming to the iPad all the time, but if you have a retro gaming itch that you want to scratch you can play SNES games on it with a Wiimote. Lifehacker breaks it down into four easy steps so you can see if you can still get high scores on the classics. How to Play SNES on your iPad in Four Easy Steps

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Ipad Comment Problem

For some reason I can't type any comments on instructables from my ipad. Whenever I type nothing happens and it is really annoying! This is the only website were I have that problem and it has only been happening for a week.  Is this my fault or is it just a bug in the website?

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Can I use a wired keyboard with a ipad without the adapter block?

I have seen videos on youtube of people using a ipad with a wired keyboard but they all use a adapter block. Could I use a female to female connector instead of the adapter block and the orignal usb cable would it stiill work. If anyone has a Ipad and a female to female connector can you try it for me? Thanks.

Asked by David97 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

How to play youtube video on my ipad?

Hello every one, I have got a new ipad few days ago. Now I want to download some youtube videos to my ipad for watching, but I can not do it well. Firstly I don’t know how to download, secondly I have no idea of converting the Youtube video to ipad video supported video formats, so it is really a headache. If you are good at playing with ipad, would you like to provide me a link to operate it? Thanks.

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Preview not scrollable on ipad

I'm using your website on Safari on an iPad mini. (iOS8, current version of Safari) I edited a project and hit Preview to see my changes. A modal opened over the page. However, the modal was not scrollable and had no option for closing it. I had to touch the background page (very small target along the edges of the screen) to get out of the modal. 

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