Ipod to ipod downloading?

HI Im wondering if you could make a cable that streams music  and apps iPod to iPod.

Asked by crazyJ113 6 years ago

new ipod!

The new ipod is Chromatic!

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

iPod Tricks

Found out some tricks with the iPod?

Posted by Arbitror 10 years ago

ipod device

How to copy a file from CD to ipod without the use of computer?

Asked by vicky.s1 8 years ago

K'NEX iPod Stands

Post your K'NEX iPod Stands here!

Posted by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G ?

Is there a method for jailbreaking an iPod Touch 4G that will NOT leave an iPod unable to update via iTunes?

Asked by RogerP44 2 years ago

The Best iPod

What is the best iPod out there? Is it the Nano, Video, Shuffle...

Posted by Arbitror 10 years ago

Extend ipod battery life?

Would it be possible/feasible to buy a replacement ipod battery, open up the ipod, and solder the battery in parallel to increase the battery life? Or is the new ipod too thin to do that?

Asked by 7654321 7 years ago

Ipod touch for droid

Would you guys consider a ipod touch for a droid a good deal. The ipod has a 40$ case and is a 8gb.

Posted by silentassasin21 7 years ago

Should I Get An ipod Touch 3g 32gig?

I have 300$ and I want to get an ipod touch  3g, Is it worth the money? >Axiys

Asked by Jesus. 8 years ago

how do you make a homemade ipod case?

For a 4th generation ipod nano

Asked by 8 years ago

ipod touch or ipod nano?

I am going to buy a new ipod because my ipod broke last week. I dont use apps all that much but i do sometimes. I like how you can use the nano as a watch too. Should i get the ipod nano and maybe carry around a computer or psp Or  pay extra and get a bigger device?

Asked by connoboarder 6 years ago

(ipod dock) i cant find the pins that conect to the ipod so i can play and charge the ipod at the same time!!

Im building a ipod dock for my first instructable so im using a female usb plug for the ipod cable that conects to the ipod that mounts on the dock, so i need to know the output audio pins for the "L" & "R" speekers i have the 5v and the ground pins any recommendations are welcomed im using a 9V board with 2 bass inputs and center left and right speakers on a compact eficient case with 2 female usb chargers that i also want to use them to play ipods with

Asked by ptacnik 8 years ago

Where to buy some iPod headphones in low price?

Where to buy some iPod headphones in low price?

Asked by Haileelu 9 years ago

Knex Ipod

Wouldn't it be cool to have a huge ipod dock made from knex, that looks like a HUGE ipod, also it could be rigged so that when you turn the humongus wheel, the ipod wheel moves! Just like this, but with the Ipod inside!

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Huge knex ipod

Imagine a huge knex ipod dock, that looks like an Ipod and has a huge click wheel! this would be awsome!

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Can you make an Ipod Touch? Answered

Is there a way to make an IPod Touch It would be amazing there was!

Asked by BuilderLoon 9 years ago

Zune to Ipod socket connector

I've just got a ZUNE, love it, but all MP3 accessories seem to be made for Ipods. Has anyone seen a adaptor from Zune to Ipod accessories?

Posted by destamator 10 years ago

iPod 2G to iPod 5G Hard Drive Converter

I have two iPod 5Gs (iPod w/ video), and one of them went through my washing machine. I also have an iPod 2G (with the actual spinning wheel), and I want to transplant the larger 30G hard drive into the older iPod. I opened them up, and was disappointed to find out that the connectors were different. Does anyone know if there is any way to connect the larger hard drive to the old iPod?

Posted by Ora 10 years ago

ipod touch tricks

I think you got it.

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

how to fix broken ipods?

How do i fix a broken ipod or create a customizable working one?

Asked by 9 years ago



Posted by rickick 10 years ago

iPod video to iPod touch

Hi.Hello.Hey.What's up?Anyways, has anybody seen that hack for the iPod video?It changes everything up, and it has an iPod Touch theme, except no touch screen and stuff.It's on YouTube and stuff, but I don't know how to do it.I saw it on craigslist...-Click.-

Posted by GorillazMiko 10 years ago

is it posible to put dvds on an ipod touch?

I have some videos i want on my ipod touch and was woundering.

Asked by bluegorrilla 8 years ago

iPod to iTunes (Please help!!!)

Does anyone know how to transfer songs from your iPod to your iTunes??

Posted by Medrephobic 10 years ago

Solar USB ipod Charger

Please help me design a charger that will work with a ipod touch 4th generation.

Posted by DoctorDv 6 years ago

Can you put ipod touch firmware into a ipod touch clone such as ''Sylvania 8GB Touchscreen Audio/Video MP3 Player''?

I can get a ipod clone at Future Shop, but I want to try putting ipod firmware into it instead so I can do more with it. Anyone that can help?

Asked by ANDY! 8 years ago

iPod super dock

What can you do with the iPod super dock? The only things that I've seen is the audio out and the USB and FireWire sync. Is there a way to control the iPod throgh the super dock?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

how long should I keep my iPod in rice?

I accidentally had my iPod touch 4g in my pocket when I went swimming. I discovered it 10 min later. How long should I keep it in rice?

Asked by tvsamuel 6 years ago

Ipod Imbedded in Shirt?

 Hey I wanted to know if I should make a sweater that has a pocket for the IPod and the headphones are in the hood strings.

Posted by sir instructable 8 years ago

Troubleshoot iPod Touch 4th gen?

The music that I download from my computer and iTunes to my iPod disappers from my iPod when I connect it to the  computer. Is there a way to keep that from happening?

Asked by 1KingDavid 6 years ago


Hey guys, how do i make a ipod charger thats powered by fruit?? thx

Asked by zombeastly 6 years ago

Is it possible to trade my old iPod to a new one?

Hi, I have an iPod touch 3rd gen, I was wondering if you could trade it for an iPod 4. Thanks, NM

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Ipod charger?

Ok i have looked at all the ipod charger instructables, and my ipod nano 4th gen won't charge! I hook it exactly like the ibles and no response! Some body please help!!!!!

Asked by Adum24 8 years ago

What headphones do you use for your iPods?

What kind of iPod headphones do you use now? For funny, just want to know some body eles use what headphones for their iPods. Show them here.

Posted by Haileelu 9 years ago

Can I use ipod accesories for Iphone 2g(a1203)? Answered

I see lots of $1 accessories in stores for Ipod movie and other ipods like ipod movie cable for Tv, as  well as car charger (after modification) will this Ipod data connector? thanks

Asked by celalboz 8 years ago