What is this item? Answered

Had this kicking around for a bit and was wondering what it was. Solid iron and no markings. Thanks

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How would i do this? it's a moving iron man helmet

I'm going to be using a smaller system for my hayabusa helmet eyes. would it be expensive? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS2yRKO-5qk&NR;=1&feature;=fvwp

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How do I make an Electromagnet? And a few questions about them and regular magnets?

   I’m looking to learn about electromagnets and magnets. I looked up all those common videos on YouTube of course but It’s not the same as asking people who can tell me directly how to go about making one and things I can do with them.    Here is what I know about electromagnets so far. I know that you wrap wire around a piece of iron neatly (the more times you wrap the stronger it is). Then you attach a battery to the ends of the two wires that are left and then you have a electromagnet. I also know that to much power is bad because it can heat up. I want to make some cool things with electromagnets. So here are my Questions: Center Of The Electromagnets Questions - What is the best thing to put in the center of a electromagnet? - Is Iron the best and if so what is the best type of iron to use? - If different materials will have different effects could you please list them? Wire For The Electromagnets Questions -What kind of wire works best? -Will thinner or thicker wire wrapped more times around make it stronger? -What is a good wire to iron ratio? Power For the Electromagnet Questions -Could I use a DC wall Plug instead of a battery? -If I use a wall plug could I make a separate Positive and Negative electromagnet? Few Random Questions -What materials will that block electromagnets? Which works the best? -What can you tell me about electromagnets that I didn’t ask? Thanks for reading guys hope you guys can help. I check this constantly so feel  free to pour Info in here.

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how to extract from rust form rust rich soil? Answered

OK, so I have this big water treatment plant around me and there is a huge pit where the soil is deep orange and filled with rust. I know its rust because the people who work there told me its rust. If you just touch it your fingers are orange. So I went down there with a plastic bag and gathered up some chunks of soil that were dry and orange. I was wondering how i could extract the iron oxide(rust)  from it so there is no dirt in it and I have a pile of rust. I want to use it for thermite. Thanks alot!

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How to make a propane burner using black iron pipe. Answered

I have a grill that has 4 burned out cast burners and I would like to make some new one for it myself.  Problem is, the instructable for making the black iron pipe burner seems to no longer be on here. Thanks! Thanks for the link.  Not the same as the instructable I saw before, but good stuff.  The one I saw months ago had horizontal cuts that made it ideal for a bbq grill burner replacement.  Would still love to see that one again. Thanks again!

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how do you make a sliding iron gate roll smoother? Answered

Have a heavy iron driveway gate that has two sets of brackets fitted with 2x3 inch grooved roller bearing wheels. I have oiled and cleaned them on a regular basis, but the gate is hard to start rolling. When you do get it rolling it can rapidly develop momentum. I would like to be able to open this gate with minimal effort. My wife struggles to make the gate to start rolling. A solution would be most welcomed and appreciated.

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Soldering copper to copper?

I'm just starting out but most of the instruction I've seen on soldering (jewelry) talks about flux, the solder itself, and a torch or soldering iron. When soldering copper to copper is there a special flux and solder to be used so that the solder doesn't look "silver"? Does it matter whether you use a torch or a soldering iron?

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Eco-conscious: -167 Watts and No Iron Wrinkle Solution

First, sorry for the blurry pictures - I've changed some sort of setting on my camera and now it's very difficult to get a good image without a tripod.I like canida's segments and thought I'd throw in some of my little bits. Not as significant, but in terms of consumption, every little bit helps ;)First, do you really need 180 watts of light in the bathroom? Personally, most of the time I'm either in the shower or taking care of nature's call as opposed to actually using the mirror.Estimating 2 hours/day usage. We save a little more than 10KwH monthly. So about $1 a month (this bulb pays for itself in 2.5 months).Second. I don't like my dryer. Some of my clothing is air dried or only partially dried by machine. Wrinkles are a problem for me. So my anti-iron solution is a hook in the bathroom. After a few showers (or one way too hot shower), the moist air will release most of the wrinkles. If you really need every wrinkle out - then fine, go ahead and fire up the iron. An alternative to an iron is a steamer. I have the kind that you add a little salt to the water and uses much less power than a conventional iron (this statement was verified empirically).Perhaps there should be a group :) "Semi-Off Grid" :P

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In the world of electronics......what is flux used for?? Answered

Do you put it on your soldering iron or on a wire?

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Does any one know how holograpy projection in space work like iron man?

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What kind of Dremel should i buy?And what soldering iron? Answered

I've heard good things about them and I would like some recommendations.  I am also thinking about a soldering iron.  Also, if you could, please support your answer with details.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Thermite questions

I made some Iron oxide from using a car batterie charger and some salty water and i made some aluminium powder from putting aluminium foil in the blender for a while, I mixed it together and i used my blowtorch to ignite it but nothing happened can someone tell me why

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Could you make a ghetto mortar out of an iron pipe? Answered

Imagine that you take a four foot long iron pipe and cap one end of it. Near the capped end, you make reasonably sized exhaust holes. Just above said exhaust holes, there would be a few metallic protrusions that would stop a round from sinking to the bottom of the barrel. Aforementioned round shells would be made of smaller, thinner metal and filled with propellants. Means of ignition is still TBA. But if such barrel and rounds were constructed, could it effectively launch rounds long distances?

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Get creases out of clothes that an iron and starch cannot handle...?

Boyfriend bought a nice button down shirt today. Unfortunately it has random creases along the edge down the side with the buttons. It can be hidden if he decides to button up the shirt, but he usually doesn't wear these shirts that way. I have seen these creases before in other garments but no matter how much time I spend ironing and trying to keep it smooth, once I wash it the creases come back. Does anyone know how to fix this or even what causes the fabric to do this? Thanks a bunch!!!

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Stator back iron and Slot dept determination? Answered

Hi All! I am working on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor design. I need assistance on how to determine analytically or by any means possible stator back iron and slot dept dimensions other than using machine design software or application. Also, the Rotor Core size or diameter so as to know the spindle diameter. In the course of my research, I had uncovered how to calculate slot width, tooth width, pole arc etc but am yet to solve above problem. Anyone with the solution please help! Thanks in anticipation.

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How do you starch a shirt with homemade starch?

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is this good rookie soldering tool?

Is this good for a rookie solderer ? my dad is going to take me to ace hardware so i can buy a soldering iron so i have to pick one quick so i know what to get when i get there so isthis a good starter kit

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Wiring for cosplay - arc reactor - soldering help?

Iron Man cosplay trouble - my soldering iron won't tin, first off. It worked fine last week. I've tried cleaning, sanding off the dirty parts, using flux... I'm stuck. Also, it's heating the solder enough to melt it, but not the wires enough for it to create any kind of connection. It's a pretty small space that I've got to wire everythig in is pretty tight. I could post pics of the set up / ideas for the actual wiring? I've got 6 white LEDs and 2 3v batteries for power.

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how can remove chloride from ferric chloride?

First i dissolved iron ore with Hcl and then i filtered it and then i  titrated that filtrate  with NaoH then i got precipitated iron ore solids by filter that solution, but more than 10% chlorides are present in that solids, so can any body tell how to remove that chlorides from that solids ?

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i need to use my 60w 127 vac sodering iron in my car as in 12 vdc so i need a cheap easy to make inverter any ideas?

Later i would also like a inverter that could handle a 950W 127VAC angle grinder also cheap and easy (ish) to make

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DIY Rechargeable Cell Chemistry?

Hi i was wondering if there was any electrically reversible battery chemistries that can be made from around the house materials like copper wire, iron nails, galvanized nails, graphite rods, aluminum foil, and other items like those.

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How can i use silver from x ray films to eletroplate a soldering iron tip?

That's it: i have a ton of old/useless x-ray films and a bare copper iron tip. I usually clean the x ray films with sodium chloride (at 2%, from bleach) to use the pvc sheets to make stencils. Once i left the resulting solution to air dry. It took something like a week for the 25cc of liquid to evaporate and left some crusty, green matter - which, i'm pretty sure,had silver in it. The questions are: what is that solution? Can it be used in eletroplating as-is or need to be refined? If yes, how? Put your brains to work, my friends! A silver-coated soldering iron tip is something of our common interest, i believe.

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magnitism? Answered

During a recent stay I showed my granddaughter (8) how to display magnetic lines of force with iron filings. She asked me a question I couldn't really answer so I will ask the combined wisdom (mainly because I can't find an answer on the internet in general) Her question: The iron filings line up along the lines of magnetic force - Why are there gaps between the lines? My answer: My initial response is that the iron filings become magnetic and so repel each other so they form up in the lines we see because they are quite big but the magnetic lines of force are either much closer together or one continuous "beam" Any insight?

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Setting up Indoor Soldering Iron Station

I'm interested in having a place to work on electronics projects inside, and was thinking about building a workstation in my room. I would be soldering, and doing all other electronic-related activities at this workstation. I was wondering what I would need to do to make this happen in a safe, productive manner. Any suggestions?

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stamping on leather

Hey I wanna stamp on leather i know how to do that but my problem is i wanna create my own logo for the stamp and i can go and buy a iron stamp so i can stamp on leather but then it is not my own logo so i wanna create my own logo on a iron stamp just like the picture below or something like that or is there a nother way to stamp on leather?

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Wanting to construct a fake brick rendered front fence out of blueboard

Any specific ideas on how exactly i would go about this?I already have the wrought iron fence panels that go inbetween the fake brick columnsnow i just have to construct the fake brick fence part to screw the brackets of iron panels to. Thanks in advance.

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This normal?

I just got into soldering, and I've been haveing a very bad problem of burning myself. Within the first 10 minutes of using it, I accidently touched the tip of the iron to my finger, and it HURT! And then jsut now, I was soldering, and my mom called me, so I kinda of jumped, brushing my finger against the newly melted solder. Is this normal for beginners?

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Solder Pen instead of standard solder iron .? Answered

I had an idea about making a pen that writes solder not ink i searched for it and i found that it has been made this year but i'm thinking about making my own version maybe of wood link for the solder pen : http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/07/01/faux-pen/ if you have an idea please share it here

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How can I measure grams without a scale?

For those who have done the measurements for thermite..  I know you're supposed to measure the iron oxide and AL powder by weight but does anyone have the measurements like in teaspoons or whatever because I dont have a scale.. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Soldering substitute? Answered

Is there anything that i can use instead of solder to bind electronics with? Im asking about solder itself, not the iron.

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(wanted) your zippo lighters

If you have any zippo lighters you dont want let me no

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Shirt design printing? Answered

Im currently going to start making some t-shirts and have a few questions -can i put the t-shirt on a flat piece of plywood and use a iron to put the t-shirt transfer on? -will the iron burn the t-shirt transfer? -and can i print out a design on the transfer with regular computer ink?

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saleing cast iron castings for models

Monday foundry is a small jobbing foundry meaning we take in any small work and some larger. if you would like to have a part cast for something just ask ( motor houseings and other motor castings, custom tools, ect castings are NOT machined unless asked for; cost of machineing is almost double the cost of the part, (unless its as simple as drill a hole aka)

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Can I make sulphuric acid in the following way?

I have read most instructables but I was not able to find sodium bisulphate, sodium metabisulphate etc. I check the web and find that Iron(ii)Sulphate -->(Heat) Iron(iii) oxide + sulphur dioxide + sulphur trioxide Can I dissolbe the sulphur dioxide and trioxide into water and form sulphuric acid? I have make a diagram, have a look!

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I'm looking for a lead free soldering station.

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a lead free soldering station. I have to do some soldering/desoldering at work and I'm having a problem. The solder on the board is too high of a temp for my trusty Radio Shack soldering iron. To date I've purchased a 50watt iron and I would say that almost did the trick. But, desoldering was a fail. So, I would like to get a professional strength iron that can do the work without breaking my budget ($120). At this point I don't know what to look at 60 or 70 watt or 80. So, if anyone can recommend a good digital lead free solder station? Thanks Everyone!

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Most used objects

So, what do you think are some of the most used things on instructables? Duct tape dremel soldering iron What else?

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Arc Reactor

These are the photos of my arc reactor I built. This particular arc reactor is based off the second model from the 2nd iron man movie.

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Storys of your life.

Share a story of the cool / funny / dangerous and just plain stupid things you have either done or heard about !

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Why are power cables from mixture of aluminium and iron,not copper any more?

Please give me the right answer thats for my assigment

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liquid weld

I patched the bottom of an iron pan we use for camping with liquid weld, is it safe to eat food cooked in the pan?

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How could I make a double sided mylar sealer like the HotJaw ? Answered

 Sure, they all say, "You can seal thick mylar bags with a clothes iron".  Whatever.  It may work, but it doesn't work well, or fast.  A commercial sealer like the HotJaw by Sorbent is cool, but it is like $140.  How hard could it be to bastardize a couple of clothes irons, swap the plates to make a good mylar sealer?

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Nickel sponge+Soldering tip cleaner

Hello, I am a computer engineer and interested on making instructables ! Since i bought my soldering iron like 2 weeks ago i am on the making of one soldering station (with helping hands and such),I bought a sponge but i didn't noticed that wasn't copper (it writes nickel on it). Should be oki for my soldering iron (I mean to keep my tip clean)? Greetings from the sunny and bankrupted Greece ! Xristos.

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How to buy a soldering station?

I've been looking around for a soldering station but I'm not really sure how to decide which to get? I will be using it for general electronics soldering. Also, I may want to repair stuff by replacing the broken components. I'd like a soldering station over an iron and I'm thinking about $50 or under. What temperature range should I be looking at? Should I consider a good solder iron like a Weller? Thanks

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Hey I made an instructable about finding iron and diamonds. So I made this forum! Use it to chat frequently! Lol!

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What kind of solder to get?

I am just starting out in electronics and am wondering what kind of solder to get for my projects.Thanks.

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How to glue patch?

I want to glue several patch to my sons backpack but dont want to iron then. Can i just use a good glue to set them? Thankyou

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