HHO generator with iron electrodes

Hello Everyone, I recently found out about Sodium Hydroxide as an electrolyte. I have read that it does not affect the electrodes like salt or baking soda and it does not create any weird gasses like chlorine. The main reason for using stainless steel electrodes is to prevent this corrosion, but since sodium hydroxide does not create this corrosion, can I just use the much cheaper iron or regular steel as the electrode plates? Thanks in advance  

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DIY Working Iron man

Here's an idea that someone can use for the robot contest if they want, I would but I just don't have the money.You buy 4 linear actuators (such as the ones here: http://www.firgelliauto.com/product_info.php?cPath=91&products;_id=7)And you attach one to each limb, giving you super strength.I just don't have like 500 dollars to spend

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heat_up room by soldering iron ?!

Hi everybody :D I have a soldering iron and a computer fan. and I was thinking if I can use them to heat up my room!  I asking If any body tried it beform or have an idea. 

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Iron Ore/Magnetite in dirt? Answered

When I pull a magnet over the dirt it sticks to the magnet then when I blow of the dirt there is black powder.  Is this magnetite, iron, or what is it (it is not from a disinigrated  piece of metal, its all over)??  How would I collect this powder fastly and efficiently??   Thanks

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What's a good soldering iron?

Me and my dad have a really crappy soldering iron. It has a really messy tip, it heats slow, it has a short cord, and it is clumsy to hold. We were wondering what to look for if we were to go to Fry's or Radio Shack to buy a new one.

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i need a soldering iron?

High quality, decently priced

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is there a way to add iron into dirt?

I am trying to plant a maple tree and i found that it needs quite a bit of iron 

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12 volt soildering iron? Answered

I am looking for a cheap dependable way to make a no more than 13.8 volt D/C soildering iron that can be powered by the common cigeratte lighter plug or with clips on to the battery terminals any ideas?

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Iron man- is he possible?

Hi. I was watching the iron man movie recently when I wondered if it really was possible to construct a suit of Armour like that. All technology behind the Armour welcome to be discussed. Any attempts made to make any of the technology would be nice to know about. thank you

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Good Cheap soldering Iron?

Anyone know of a good, yet cheap soldering iron? I like the pen variety, not the gun type. My current one is a pain because it doesn't have a regulator, so I have to unplug it once it gets hot... or it gets WAY to hot. Sorry if there is no-such-thing...

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knex coaster "Iron Eye"

Iron eye pictures.1.this is a brake.2.this is what will hold the rubber bands back and I can shoot the car when ever I want.Its a seer system! new ok now you can see the latest pictures

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MIG Soldering Iron Concept

The plan is to modify a existing soldering iron remove the tip have a small nozzle at the front (made of a thick disk of metal, drilled with a normal bit until a small hole is poked, thus making a cone nozzle)(thinner than what i put in the picture, because the taper should be 45 degrees) the area where the tip is screwed in to will be where the solder liquidfies a hole will be drilled above that for a flexible copper tube to guide solder in the tube will be heat sinked so the solder only liquidfies when it is near the chamber the solder will be feed with some sort of unreeling mechanism or something that is controlled by a button the feed will be guided to the copper tube via another sort of tubing the pressure of adding solder will force the liquid solder out the nozzle the goal is to have a tiny drop of liquid solder, small enough for average through hole soldering, come out with a press of a button. flux should be applied before. does anybody see anything wrong that could happen with my concept? does anybody have other ideas and suggestions? had this been thought of before?

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iron man suit ideas

Hey Guys I am thinking About to build à suite likje THE picture  but i am thinking à lot of people is making à suite like ironman but is made of foam but do you want to make it from any kind of metal i do. i am thinking à lot of à Helmet first with à screen inside.... we must thinking of cooperate share picture or something Lets start with THE real stuff  Greetings from Holland  Marijn 

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why do Iron pills stink? Answered

Just wanted to know

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How to present this old branding iron

Hi, I have an old horse branding iron from our past family ranch and I want to give it to my son as an hierloom. Problem is it is about 2 feet tall of quite heavy iron which now has a little rust on it.. I was thinking of chroming it on a wall plaque but the chrome is very expensive. Any ideas what I could do to make it look nice? Thanks oz

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Connect wires without a solder iron!

Hey guys I haven't created an instructable yet, but I know how to connect wires without soldering.  Its simple and I am thinking of making an instructable about it.  all you need is aluminum foil and eletrical tape. simply connect the wires and tightly wrap them together in aluminum foil. then put eletrical tape around it and there you have it. any ametures(ignore my spelling) like me that dont have a soldering iron can do this.  although it is limited, it is easier than soldering. ill eventually try to make an instructable though.

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Circuit for battery operated micro-soldering iron.

Hi, i want to make a micro soldering iron that can run on AA batteries.i have a micro soldering iron, but it runs on 12vDC@2A. it requires an adapter.so i want to make one that runs on AA batteries heats up quick, and uses less power.i saw many products but want to build one myself. An appropriate circuit will be great help. Thanks in advance,

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Where to get powdered Iron oxide and powdered Aluminium in Devon ?


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can you seperate iron from cassete tapes with venegar? Answered

I don't have acitone and I want more iron from cassette tapes#

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Is a 1" brass rod weaker than 1" iron pipe? Answered

If you where to put the same diameter brass rod and iron pipe in a bender, which one would be toughest to bend?

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anyone? How to build a usb solder iron on my own?

I'v been goofing around for this over month now but could not come up with a solution. And 26$ is pretty xpensive 4 me so u know.

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Help with school project. Redesigning soldering iron for beginners.

Hi guys,  I am an industrial design student at the University of Alberta in Canada looking for some help for my project. I have been assigned to redesign a soldering iron and research on how to make this tool better with input from users in the specified market. In this case, I am looking for first timers or beginners who have just been introduced to soldering and gear my improvements towards their needs. My primary design goal is to lessen the learning curve by addressing issues of safety and comfort. I have posted some questions as part of my research and would love the input. All input is welcomed regardless of skill level. Thank you for your help! Soldering Iron Design Survey 1. What is your experience and skill level? ( None, beginner, average, expert) 2. Which type of soldering iron do you use? The gun shaped one or the pen type? 3. In what environment / setting do you use it most? eg. workbench, kitchen table. 4. What were some of the needs you had for the too and were they metl? (Needs meaning minimum expectations, without which the product would be a failure) 5. What were some of the wants you had for the tool? 6. What were some problems you encountered when you first used a soldering iron? 7. Which aspects of a soldering iron besides functionality do you consider being the most important? eg. comfort, safety etc. Thanks for your help! Justin 

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How to preserve cast iron seals from the old westside highway?

Hi, we own a collection of the former seals on the West Side Highway, which are made of cast iron.  Over the past 2 weeks or so, we're noticed they've begun to decay.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to save, as it would be a shame to let apiece of history go to ruin.  Any advice greatly appreciated.   They are shown here: http://www.smpub.com/ubb/images/09/nycseals.html   

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how do you remove paint from a house radiator? Answered

The radiator is an old fashion steam radiator that can't be removed from the room. It is made of cast iron.

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monkey fist? Answered

I have got in to making monkey fists and i was wondering what size rope i should use for a 2inch thick iron ball it weighs 18.60 oz } 0.527kg}                        all the same ball 1.162lb}

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What can I make? Answered

I bought a soldering iron today. If you can, please give me some links to some cool Ibles, in which you have to solder stuff, such as a calculator prank, but not that. Thanks, HD.

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How to make an Mark 6 reactor for mounting on a guitar?

I am trying to make my guitar look like the armor of Iron Man. I have seen lots of versions, but the Arc Reactors I have seen are all too thick to mount under the strings on a guitar. I just want to make the triangle that lights up in the center. What materials can I use to make the frame the exact size and height that I need? And what can I use for the top cover? I never made anything like this before. So any help would be appreciated. I included a pic of the guitar. I would like the reactor to cover where the middle pickup used to be. Thanks!

Asked by Guitarplayer06 6 years ago

Cheesy Friday

What could be better on a cold, rainy Friday than grilled cheese sandwiches? I know, nothing! Sarah and I made some last Friday, taking inspiration from this Instructable. We used aluminum foil instead of freezer paper, and put butter on the outside of the bread so we got lovely browned sandwiches.I made another today. It's my New Favorite Method!

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how to solve soldering problem? Answered

I soldered a lot but from some time,my problem is that after tinning the tip and putting in soldering paste(when needed), I get a layer of a sort of oxide or something,but that is not what bothers me. The big problem is that the solder is not tinning on surfaces (wires and component leads). what can be the cause?(i'm guessing the solder since the problems started after buying new solder)

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My soldering iron tip keeps corroding.

I recently bought a new soldering iron and it works great. The only problem is: The tip keeps corroding down! It won't solder properly and it's a bit frustrating. What can i do to stop this?

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What is a good soldering iron for about 10$ to 15$?

 Also, where can I get it?

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Re: iron man props - arc reactor coils?

Are the coils functional, do they affect the lights or the power supply?

Asked by QSDR 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Soldering iron problem, can someone help me ?

My iron heat very well at 1~2 minutes (30W) and tip also get hot as rest of the metal part but as shown in picture (Working) part where solder works and heated (Not working)/tip doesn't heat the solder ! i don't know why?? don't tell me temperature not high at tip (i really burned my self while i was checking that tip is very hot) is it solder problem or iron problem ?

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Why is solder not staying on the tip of my soldering iron?

The tip of my new soldering iron is not holding solder while tinning even after applying flux. Soldering is therefore getting difficult, can anyone suggest a solution for this problem?

Asked by Ankan Nayak 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

can i fix the tip of my soldering iron

I have this soldering iron that i totaly messed up. i didnt treet it well when i first got it and now i want to kno if it is even fixable. the tip is not only flat but the only part of it that is able to melt the solder is the size of a pin. im cash strapped and want to kno if there is some way short of buying a new tip to not only make it be able to melt the solder but to some how get it to be somewhat of pointed again. thanx

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How do I use this? Is it even a soldering iron? Answered

I know I'm a noob to this, but how do you use this thing? I need to solder two wires together because they come loose very easily. If I can't solder them, what else can I do to keep them firmly connected?

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How do you cook a steak on a cast-iron grill pan? Answered

I bought a cast-iron pan with the little elevated parts to make it more like a grill since I would have to go use a community grill and usually I am just cooking for myself. I have tried different recipes and have either found it's way too done, or just not cooked right (and still cold and red in some spots). I think I am getting closer, by searing it at the highest temp my oven can get for a few minutes on each side, but for a decent cut (around an inch) it seems that isn't actually cooked, and then I put it in the oven for what I heard was a short amount of time (I like medium-rare to medium steaks) and it was very well done... Any one have any recipes that works well for them? Also how do I not fill my house with smoke when I try to sear the steak?

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dose anyone know how to make a black polish for a old cast iron wood stove Tony

The stove is not painted and have removed all rust ect   Thanks   TONY

Asked by tony6677 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What advantages/disadvantages do gas soldering irons have over conventional (i.e. electric) models?

I was thinking about getting one of those SolderPro irons, they're cheap, have lots of funky tips and seem to be dual use - i.e. i could use it as a hot air blower and a portable soldering iron.  The '70 looks nice, especially with 100 minutes of use on a full tank. I've got a cheap temperature controlled (i assume, it's got a dial so you can vary the temp, but stupidly no actual numbers so i can have yellow or dark red heat =P) station at the moment which works but takes an age to heat up.  We've got Weller units in the physics labs at uni and they heat up within 30 seconds which is amazing by comparison. Would it be worth getting a gas iron?  I was considering getting one to try some surface mount soldering, but will the temperature control - or lack of it - be an issue?  And finally, what tip would you recommend getting for SM work?  It comes with a conical tip, hot air, knife and a flame tip.  I was going to get a 3mm chisel if i ended up buying one. Oh and this will be for PCB/stripboard/general electronics soldering rather than jewellery or anything else. http://www.nimrodeuropedirect.com/?opt=item&id;=90   Good variety of tips too: http://www.nimrodeuropedirect.com/?opt=cat&id;=Tips Cheers guys, Josh

Asked by Whiternoise 9 years ago

First or second

Which Arc reactor of Iron Man's do you like better the first design or the second design

Posted by Titanium Rainbow 6 years ago

Simple, yet Confusing.

I have this Soldering Iron. It takes 4 AA's @ 6V, and 8W or 11W. My reasons aside, I want to make it into an AC Soldering Iron now. I have various Plug-in adapters, and the one I chose Outputs @ 9V, 100mA. So sticking with the 11W setting, the Soldering Iron: > 1.83 Amps; 6 Volts; 11 Watts; And the plug.. > .01 Amps; 9 Volts; .09 Watts; So, what are my options? I got one.. find a plug with a higher current output :P

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Removing toner? Answered

When trying to make a pcb I messed up on the toner transfer... I have grayish traces on the pcb, and some of them didnt even transfer.  I know you can supposedly get toner off with lacquer thinner, but i couldnt find any. Will paint thinner work? The pcb is fine, it has some white paper on it though too.. I have acetone too :) Also, when ironing with photo paper, something melted and is all over the iron. Is this potentially hazardous? Probably not good to breath in.. Any ideas on how to clean that off and to prevent it from happening?  Thanks!

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Low-tech fireworks in China

Out in Naunquan, China the villagers use molten iron to celebrate instead of fireworks. The tradition dates back some 500 years when the blacksmiths of the day couldn't afford fireworks and did this instead. While there's only one color to work with, the effect is pretty stunning and a lot more in-your-face without, you know, melting your face off if you don't get too close.via Gizmodo

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Is soldering a health risk?

I was just wondering how (aside from being clumsy and burning yourself) soldering can be a health risk. I would suppose the fumes would be bad for you, and is there anything else? And is it safe to solder in an average room in a house, or should I do it outside for better ventilation? 

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Confused about making iron oxide? Answered

I am making some iron oxide using the method with the 9 volt and nail in saltwater. Im a little confused however in all the thermite instuctables it says that the wire that bubbles the most is the positve wire. When i connect the (what the battery says) is positive to the nails and insert the negative into the water it seems like more bubbles are kinda comming off the stripped negative wire. The water is turning a little green(update-its not to green anymore) There is brown stuff floating at the top of the water.which doesnt burn my skin and smells like metal. I am using copper wire. Any suggestions?

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Iron Man 2 Kinetic Sculpture?

For those who have seen Iron Man 2: In that one scene where Tony is in an office with Pepper on the desk there's that sculpture on her desk. I did some research (A.K.A googling it) and found that it's called the Swinging Stick Sculpture. Do you think its possible to construct one out of wood? It would be so awesome :P

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Thin soldering iron tip! -FIND-

Hello, recently i have received an audio amp. But the problem is; i can't solder it! i have thin solder, but no soldering iron tip to do the job! Please help me find a tip Thanx!!

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How to clean my soldering iron? Answered

Before a year I forgot the iron solder on a plastic made object and I don't  Know how to clean it Please I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for my bad english, I'm from hellas

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can u iron money straight Answered

Okay in the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" it shows 50 ironing some money. is it possible to iron bills straight if so on what level(cotton,ETC)?

Asked by pancho del rancho 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do you Iron Clothes? Answered

The one thing I didn't bother to learn from mom when I moved out and now I need to iron my wrinkled slacks and a cotton button up shirt for an interview.

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