Ironman thrusters

Everyone likes to fly like ironman but he uses high technology like plasma, repulsors to fly which are still in research. But i have an idea , with enough pressure, air compressor can be used to lift us like flyboard but they are little heavy, but it can be modified. so tell me your ideas in this forum. Air extinguisher is good but lasts for only few seconds, so share your ideas, Thanks.

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Arm Ironman ? Answered

Hello everyone , I know somebody help on building a mechanism for the arm of Iron Man Mark 7 which comes out a small rocket ? quakcuno or it sells the mechanism ?

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pepakura files for ironman

Hi im new to this hobby but im wanting to learn all that i can in this art form. im searching for a file for an iron-man mark 2, 3, 4,5, 6, or even 7 but mostly i want to get mark 2, 3, 4, or 6. can anyone help me find a file. also finding out how to size the file to the correct body size will be helpful as well. thank you for reading

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is there a way to make working electric whips of ironman 2?

Question by mb inventor 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Do you really think that it is possible ?

To build a suit like IRONMAN'S, Does the technology really exist and how would you begin and what kind a CAD software would you use to begin the design,To build an ARCH Reactor period let alone miniturize it? Does an ARCH reactor even exist or is it just a clever part of the comic book story line? And what about a repulsive ray? Does the techology exist , is it even feasible? Ad what about the head-up display that was in the suit ,and could it be hooked to a satellite computer for ground to air GPS, and how would you write the code for the software to hardware that does as of yet exist?

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How would you use a standard servo and linkage to raise the visor of a repro Ironman helmet?

I am thinking that I could use a standard servo (or 2) to do the raising of the visor incorporating a DPDT switch to reverse the polarity to bring it back down again. I am struggling with the translation of the rotary action from a servo to push the visor out and up.. What would be the best linkage to use? what would be the interface between the servo and the linkage

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Is ironman like exoskeletons possible

I was wondering cause this site called Aegis avenger has a exoskeleton although not finished

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knex ironman mag help?

So im working on a new gun and want to use somesort of ironman mags. but instead of the large fairly bulky mag i redesignd the mechanism. so it would be slimmer offering a smaller overall gun but i cant find a way to get ironman mags to work with a yellowcon-greenrod-yellowcon. with the typical bendy rod method any ideas of what i can do?or is this just a forlorn hope. also i should be done by this will be up late friday or mid saturday.:)

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knex iron man

please sent me pictures and instruction on iron man projects because i am making a suit and i wanted know what other people build and please no small shiity things because they piss me off so  if you are making any things like arm suit please sent them in and this iron man out

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knex iron man helmet v2

I just finished making my second version of an iron man helmet its got a flip up mask and a lot slimmer look instructions coming soon

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Why oh why does this always happen?! He turns up, shows us his amazing guns, and leaves. Or maybe he went away for a while. Either way, it's not fair! Lol, I needed a little rant. Now I need some milk...

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How do I Making a mould from a ironman helmet made from Polyurethane resin?

I have recently brought a hollow wearable ironman helmet cast from  Polyurethane resin. I was wondering if its possible to take a mould of this helmet to recast it make replicas? any help would be greatly appreciated..? I have uploaded a picture of the helmet so you can see it.. Thanks Chris

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How to make real ARC REACTOR of Ironman's Suite?

What is the material required for Arc Reactor.How to give  energy/power to Arc Reactor to activate?

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Bypassing touch sensor on led puck light

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on a current project. I bought a small Led puck light. The light has a very sensitive touch sensor on it, so much so you only have to hover near it to activate/deactivate the light. I need to bypass this, end goal being I want a SPST style on/off instead. I have never seen or modified a touch sensor before, so looking for anyone that had done this for any reason. The light is DC powered, 4.5V.

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Warning the following task is extremly difficult please help. I want to make a mark IIIironman suit. READ DESCRIPTION!!

How do i make an ironman gauntlet that has a smooth finish and isn't bulky? Just like the one in the movie. Also, I want to make the full suit but I need to know how to make it look real with a smooth paint finish where to puchase the items and around how much it will cost. FULL ARMOR: SHOES TO THE HELMET. I have been searching the web but they never tell you where to buy them or exactly what to do. Please help ASAP thank you. PS also want repulsors, arc reactor, and eyes, but still need to be able to see through. Finished product should be similar to picture below.

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iron man suit ideas

Hey Guys I am thinking About to build à suite likje THE picture  but i am thinking à lot of people is making à suite like ironman but is made of foam but do you want to make it from any kind of metal i do. i am thinking à lot of à Helmet first with à screen inside.... we must thinking of cooperate share picture or something Lets start with THE real stuff  Greetings from Holland  Marijn 

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how do you stop a rumour

Please how do you stop a rumour

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is thunderbirds possible

I am always trying to rap my head around the machines out of thunderbirds and i was wonder could it be possible

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my knex builder awards

Best replicators: trauts,the dunkis, ironman 69 best rifle builders: benfoxg,mepain viccie,the jamalam, darth gecko man,dsman best pistol builders: Iac, viccie,trauts, oblitivius best cannon builders: Iac, winchester shotgun, viccie best shotgun builder: oblitivius best builders overall: viccie, Iac ,mepain,dsman, oblitivius and dath gecko man most innovative builders: mepain, viccie ,IAC ,ironman 69.

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armagh knex war

If you live in armagh city ni and are avide builder like me turn up outside armagh omniplex cinima with your models on satarday

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here are some great ideas for knex weapons

If you need some ideas for knex guns please make this one because these guns are two hard for me

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sick baby help

My neice is sick and she has hardly any energy she has a 98.4 tempreture and im getting worried please help

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Is a helmet lighter when made with a plastic cast mix or a resin mix?

See, I am making an airsoft helmet and I wanted to know if using a plastic cast mix (such as the Smooth-on brand) would be lighter than a resin mix (such as fiberglass resin and Aqua Resin). Please give me an answer and/or links to find out more.

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what should i make

Im looking for something that moves and hasnt been done before like a plane so please tell me your ideas

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Jetpack-HELP - Gas turbine backpack-Make/Build???

Hi guys busy with an EXPO school project  I'm trying to make a Williams gas turbine backpack but only find dead ends on the net Can someone PLEASE share some info on how to make or build ASAP  Flight time doesn't have to be more than 8-10 seconds but if possible that'll be great !! And lift doesn't heave to be more than 15-20 cm off the ground . Any help is greatly appreciated  THANKS  -IronMan-

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Arduino + Beagleboard + Sensor project?

Is there anyone who knows about the project related with Arduino + Beagleboard+ Sensor? I found one about IronMan on this website, but I want specific tutorial... Please help me if you know that. Thanks.

Question by ohforce 7 years ago

m4 carbine

I'm going to try and make the best m4 yet so in the next week there maybe pics so yeah things I will try to include I will try to make it as close to the real m4 it will have a realistic working stock maybe my hk416 stock good mag maybe ironmans nice handle

Topic by nutty guy 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

need help now please

Neeeeeeeeeeeed heeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppp now i need a sub for those black clips aka those things that you can make track out off because im making a knex tank for art in school so if you could help me i would like that

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What is the best way to attach a magazine? Answered

Well, sometimes I have problems with making a magazine, and I want one like ironman's with a flexi rod, but then the bullet won't come out and if I put more rubberbands on the pin sticks in the bullet itself. So I need hyelp with making a good choice for a good magazine.

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How can I make pepakura models for my size?

I'm making an Ironman costume, and I'm going to do it with Pepakura. I downloaded the files, but I can't get it to my size. I saw that there is a formula to calculate the percentage of the resize, but it's for Master Chief. Can somebody help me?

Question by yonch 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Arduino + Beagleboard + Sensor project?

Is there anyone who knows about the project related with Arduino + Beagleboard + sensor ? I have to use the three for doing project. If you know any tutorial website let me know.. I found one about IronMan but it is not too specific and too hard to do.... Please help me . Thanks.

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would this be possible

If you have seen superman returns you will know what i mean would it be possible to piggyback some sort of shuttle on aircraft such as a modified  boeing 777 with a  twin tail config to a sutable launch possation so that the shuttle could ignite its engines and climb into orbit under its own thrust just a thought

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New mag design

A new top loading mag WITH an internal pusher. The only other i've seen that has both top loading and an internal pusher is ironman's; but his uses a bendy rod as a pusher. Just let me know what you think and any guns you might make using it. Credit goes to Ironman69 for the top loading idea.

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How to make a simple DC device that opens and closes?

Hey all I'm making a new project for Halloween '09. I'm making a better Ironman. remember how he makes his missile launcher open and close on his arm? Well I need to know what the best way to go about this? Also what kind of servo would I need to use?

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I know I am known for my knex transformers but to change things up a little. After watching Ironman I wanted to recreate something from the move out of knex so here is the Mark 01 the first iron man suit . It can stand on its own with no supports or non knex pieces.

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TNKIT entry and FN SCAR H (Now with pictures)

This is my TNKIT entry, an F1 based car. It has built-in suspension (not independent, but on the axle), and realistic features. The last pictures are of my new assault rifle, an FN SCAR replica. The stock is different because of the internal ram mechanism, and it has Ironman rails top and bottom, with strange new rails on the sides, which hold a bipod at the moment. An ironman mag adaption allows for extremely quick mag changing, with the release lever an inch from the trigger at the front of the trigger guard. The flip-up iron sights have been modified since these pictures, and the barrel (area with the bottom rail, not the false barrel at the end) has been shortened by 2 units, making the weapon more realistic and easier to use. Uses lots and lots of y clips and hinges, and requires about 6 cut white rods (can get away with 5). The EGLM fires a large projectlie using a push trigger behind the mag (in front of and below the handle). Also for your enjoyment; my MP5 from May.

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knex morter need help

I was wonder has any body made one because i was building one that folded into itself and had the abilty to fire things using fire works and rubber bands but the problem was when i but the rubber on in exploded its now completely destroyed so has any built one because i would some tips on builting the mortar

Topic by The ironman 7 years ago

what should my new knex assault rifle have

Choose from the list of things that my new gun should have on it or with it. pick 1 from each section apart from the 1st one because I could try and put all those things in. some kind of rails like Ironman's (ill try and make my own) adjustable stock adjustable cheek rest fake charging handle if you can think of other things please say! what ammo should it use rods yellow blue white green grey red black connectors grey orange grey and orange joined together (like my m110 and scar) what should the gun look like M4 m16 scar Xm8 m468 hk416

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Ok ive been knex'ing for a little bit ive decided that i like pistols the most. my favorite being the M1911 and beretta 92fs but the king of all pistols the desert eagle i have seen every replica of this gun/guns (including the other two) and none of them work like them. if im correct selezonias M1911 looks real but no mag in the handle and no slide. i havent seen a beretta yet. and the desert eagle no one has actually made one that works like the real one (back slide action) the closest gun ive seen is ironman's i forget which one so i want everyone to tell me which one i should build. your vote would be very helpful.

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its a bit late but someone had to do it

i would just like to thank nikola tesla for all his work for humanity he was a genius and in what i have heard about him even edison couldnt hold a candle to him he invented ac electricty(widely used today despite EDISONS FALSE CLAIMS)                     floresent bulbs                     a more effective of way of maufactaring light bulbs(up yours edison)                      the electric motor                      romote control                     xrays                     robots                      tesla turbine                      spark plugs                      vtol aircraft and many more patients and god knows how many great ideas in his head   but sadly he died penney less alone and mad in the new yorker hotel in manhatten                    and the only reason why is best idea arnt in use today is because (im not conspiracy theorist)  that the  people who are in charge bankers oil companies extra are afraid if they cant control the electricty they will lose there power and be over througn by the masses

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K'nex Sniper thoughts?

I'm drawing up some mental plans for a Sniper rifle. I posted some non-gun k'nex projects but they were never as popular as weaponry. I know there's a tonne of K'nex snipers out there already, but most of them underneath the body are just a basic gun with a blue rod mag, and a lot of the time the mag isn't actually removable. Of course there's nothing wrong with this, I myself have made guns with this setup. However, for my new Sniper, I want a removable mag with lesser-used ammo. I was thinking either orange-connector+grey connector ammo or yellow rods. Basically I wanted to see what the community wants the most, aside from Oodammo, because that's a tad awkward!  Also any suggestions as to what else I should add to my Sniper? I was thinking: Removable Mag, breach loading single shot chamber, rails (like ironman's), detachable scope and Bipod, rear monopod, true trigger (of course), pin guides and maybe a section where a small pistol can fit, probably TheDunkis' flat pistol or r3con's (spelling?) mod for it. Oh and maybe a heartbeat sensor for all the MW2 fans out there XD -Lowney

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Amazing Visit in Pier 9 (2015 Summer)

Dear Community,        !!Spoiler Alert!!         Last summer, my family took a vacation to the California America!! My parents only planned 2 day in SF!! It is such an vibrant city! i wish i had stayed longer! In our brief stay we did went to ILM's lobby and Pier 9 under my strong request!! A super friendly Community manager helped us to sign up between our DM.          We began in the lobby, a gentleman Jacob was our guide! He took us through a round of self introduction, the tour size was 9. And i was the only instructable member! After learning about the exhibit in the lobby and what role does pier 9 serve for Autodesk's development, we headed to the little showroom next to the kitchen. I saw projects i read about in real life! The feeling was incredible. My father was picked to try out the cocktail mixer from Manhattan project. We also learn from example hoe artist's work give feedback to software design and the cycle goes on and on, resulting in better iteration every time.        We then are instruct to wear lab goggles since it is time to see the CNC milling room. Luckily, there were only 2 machine in used. We got open up and see the inside of the machines with its extensive variety of drill head. We also get to hear from those who are currently using  the machines! Pass this door, is the wood and metal work room. Behold the Killer view(see attached pics). All members of the tour asked interesting questions. I was wondering if the metal chips and bit can be recycled in house, turn out they don't. We didn't spent much time there, since there is nobody working there. But hey, who would mind so decent carpenter metal-smith experience, making game related armor and weapons.       I was taking picture with my Canon DSLR. At this moment, the battery flated out despite being fully charged the night before. I continued with my Phone Camera. Which turns out that my Camera was shorted and formatted the sd card. Luckily recovered some pics later.        Up stairs we went, to the 3D print farm!! There is also the laser cutter. It is the busiest room in the pier. People on computers, setting up the printers, washing the water soluble support away. I am so overwhelm by the fillament, powder, even paper based printer which eat A4 and pumps 3d models out!! A massive amount of 3d print works are on a shelf. There are multicoolor print, a sabertooth skull, Human ears. A continuous track that i was told that it was printed that way without any assemble, which was made possible by the water soluble support! It was also one of my favorite room as a 3d artist. How i could quickly prototype parts and toys!      Afterwards, it is the skywalk of over the top of the milling room. there is this fun over head track with handles. I certainly took a spin!! haha that is what i mean by tech meets fun!!      Across the skywalk, we saw the Arduino and electronics room next to the internship area, where host XYZen-Garden and mini clear King Kong!! Many more!! The sewing room with so sewing machine mounted to the wall! With every equipment and machine i see, i can see myself using it to create interesting PROJECTS!! My brain was constantly bouncing into storming mode!! Unlocking new possibility of creation! New present idea i can surprise my Girlfriend with!!      The tour ends with the restaurant grade kitchen! Which was brief, since we were running out of time. We asked so many quality questions along the tour and time is almost up. It was the most interesting workshop i have ever been to!! As a scientist-artist hybrid, I really wanna work there some how!! To put my ideas to the test!      Enough about my visit, there are so many things i didnt wrote about though. Have you been there? Any fun ideas about HQ? Please tell me!! draft and  Craft, Mchau2 Who am I? I am joined instructables at March 2013, I published my first instructable about a year later!! It was a paper ironman that i built without peps. Being picked as featured the first time was my honor. I am from HK, apart from Digital art, I focus on prop making and D.I.Y. Toys. I tried my best every time. Until next time, Happy instructabling.

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