James Bond Instructable

Today was the day that the new bond film was announced to the world which was "Spectre" which me and several other million people around the world were really excited to hear this morning and in celebrating this news, tommorow for you bond fans I' am going to be releasing a K'nex James Bond Instructable. It's not a weapon seen in the series but it is in fact a vehicle from one of the old films. This was something that I made along time ago when I first saw this film at a young age to which I still remember the day I built it.

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The robots have gone back in time and taken over the funk! FULL DISCLOSURE: I listened to a ton of James Brown during my senior year in college and seeing a sci-fi/JB mashup is amazing to me. I also re-fell in love with "Appetite for Destruction" the same year. It was a good time.

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Contest : Bike Weapons

I was hoping to pimp out my bike with James Bond esque weapons. An example would be a way to deploy oil, tacks, smoke, or water out the back of the bike. Rockets wouldn't be so bad either. Mines or flame thrower would be great. Try mounting the control box on the handle bars. I do have basic Oxy-acetylene setup that is good for all around jobs. I also have black powder and other chemicals like KNO3. Please leave a picture below of the project with details, plans, etc. etc. I know there are a lot of bright minds out there who would find this fun and challenging project tailor-made for them.

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Instruct a wave.

Instructables can be much better. Powered by google wave. after i get my server set up with google wave i will try to help instructables by building extentions to help the whole thing work. Installing instructable found @ https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-install-Google-Wave-to-your-server/ first instructables would need to install the wave extention to openfire and send me an email at james@jamesm.com.au when thats done for me to start working, making extentions. Installing instructable found @ https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-install-Google-Wave-to-your-server/ robots made: Rossy, translater, spelly, spell checker, bloggy, alows waves to be on https://blog.instructables.com/ blog? please can still use wave, robots i will make: Sally, alows people to sell there projects using paypal, not made yet, hard, instructables robot, will be a hidden group that would include the robots above, hardest extentions i will make: JW, uploads video(mp4, flv, avi, ect), music(mp3, avi, wav, ect), images(jpeg, jpg, gif, ect), not yet, easy, swf view, alow swf files to be shown on instructables, not yet, easy Questions... will this disable instructables for a little lime? NO, to annoying. will we need to resumbit our instructables? NO that would take forever, robots job. what would instructables like this for? NO SLOW FLASH, faster to load, interactivity, save space Facts. Addsence will be getting instructables more $$ by more users. members can make group projects. members in an area can organize an event. eg maker-fair (please come to australia) members can add any files into waves. (some files may need a new extention just made for them) I will be updating this alot when I think of more so come back soon. Extentions found: Canvas -- bad when i saw this -- vectoreditor -- this has a little prob with text. like/dislike, html_gadget. Extentions i'm working on: JW player uploads and plays videos. (still needing some more development) Bot_protecter. simple editable div can not be recorded by bots eg. email addresses. (NOSPAM WAHOO) i will add all the xml files to a wave for me to create installers and add them stright into the instructable robot i am also working on. How will the gadgets be called without the xml file to add manualy? ok so if i can i will alow the instructable robot to change [canvas] [video] [like] [html] into the gadgets. the video first ask for a file and then embed that video with the jw player and lisenced if donations go towards that later in this project. and for the bot_protecter it will just pick up email address and add them into the safe gadget i made or get called by [safe]. theese can be shown as plain text by {canvas} that will show as [canvas]. if you want to see what some gadgets are goto http://jamesm.com.au/blog/ just remember that you neeed an account untill they alow guests to look at waves it is a smart way to embed the waves that i will make better when i can and this is not installedd on my server because i need to update the java. cheers and happy waven.

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Powderly Released From Prison - Plans Instructable

As you may have heard instructables friend James Powderly was being held by the Chinese government for planning a pro-Tibet laser tagging event. He was held for 6 days and was finally released on monday. Here's what he had to say in a statement on Artnet:Powderly, who feels he was subjected to psychological torture, nevertheless stresses that what he went through pales in comparison to the ordeal of political prisoners or other inmates. He intends to share his experience with human rights groups and politicians, as well as with the public through his art. "They're going to really wish that they killed my ass," he said.If you're interested in his experience you can check out the article at Artnet, or you can wait for Powderly's own instructable in which he plans to instructablize his "Beijing projection machine" calling it "How to Get Yourself Thrown in a Chinese Jail." And from the test image you see below, it looks like it's going to be great.We're glad you're back and safe, James.

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Swiss Army Bicycle

I watched this last night, having recorded it a few days ago. Anybody else notice an instructable hiding on the bike?  In the full episode, you get to see it in action, along with the drill and grinding wheel, all separately powered by the rider.

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James Haskin's talkbox voice modulator mod!

Www.instructables.com/id/Make-A-Talkbox/ Ok, so after watching James' video and looking through the instructable this is the nicest construction of a talkbox for almost no cash what so ever, for those of you that havn't seen it the link is at the top.. James uses a DPDT switch on the guitar.. For my purposes though have the switch on the amp.... well its not as user friendly as need be.. I was wondering how hard it would be to make a seperate footpedal to activate this talkbox...something alittle more professional than just longer wires to a small box with the switch there.... unless that seems to be the right way? I'm not sure maybe i just over anylized the situation, could it be that easy? i was thinking of adding a resistor and an LED (although) you will be able to know when this is running it would just add alittle touch to it you know?

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Friend of Instructables and Friend of Humanity Held in China

Long-time friend of Instructables James Powderly of GRL, FFFFFAT LAB and Throwies fame is currently reported to be held by the Chinese Government for over 24 hours without further word for planning a pro-Tibet LASER Tag event in Beijing. "James is proud to have been kicked out of the Synthetic Times new media art exhibition in Beijing because he wouldn't censor his little art project. James wonders why organizations like the MoMA, Parsons, Eyebeam, Ars Electronica and many other arts and cultural institutions around the world who claim to support free speech and expression would participate in a show like this. But they did! It was after being kicked to the curb by the show's curator that James connected with Students for a Free Tibet and decided he would go to China anyway and do what he though was right in support of Tibet, Taiwan, free speech and the people of China. James lives, if indeed he is alive, in the County of Kings, Brooklyn, and teaches at the Communication Design and Technology program at Parsons the New School for Design. I am James Powderly and I approve of this message."We wish the best to him and his family.This via Boing Boing.

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how to program in Java using Dos?

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how do I order parts .?


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Wake Up!

<br> Just a quick video I threw together today.

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I was wondering exactly what defines a metal as parabolic. not being ferrous?

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help with transistors

Could someone tell me if this will succeed in keeping itself on if the button is hit once?

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Every body knows Adams phrase I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN or THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM Do you know some more? Give your opinion on them? Which is the funniest to you?

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Entry of a New Guy

Good Wishes to Everyone, Let me introduce myself to this community, I am Milton James, very new to this community, I want to be a member of this forum by participating in the discussion forum and also want to share my views and suggestion regarding various topics of this forum. I hope you all will support me throughout the discussion. Thanks and Regards Milton James

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Chips [video]

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My 1st attempt at art

Any comments, good or bad, would be really appreciated. Thanks 

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Trying to create a James Bond car, but having trouble with the machine guns....?

Okay, so this is my problem:  I'd like to operate two of the mini m-16 style airsoft full automatic guns using the trigger on my old salvaged joystick.  So what I have done so far is purchased a battery box for four D cells with the thought that since each worked off of four AA batteries, the larger batteries would run both and they dowhen I connect the wires directly from the battery box to the two guns.  The problem comes when I try to use the button as a switch.  I've already used a continuity checker to verify that the switch is working and from the correct wires, but when I put the switch in line, all the guns do is make a faint strain sound, like the guns aren't getting enough juice for the motors to run.  I've taken apart the joystick and the bottons are very much like the ones I have here shown on the cuircit board, they are like the ones in the base sets of old wireless telephones and such.  So if I'm correct, the switch is limiting the amount of electricity going to the guns so I was thinking about using the joystick to operate a relay that connects to the battery box maybe but I'm totally lost when it comes to which relay to use, where to get the relay, if this will even work, etc, also I was thinking about running 12v car accessories from the other buttons so how might I do that.  Thank you very much in advance, I love this site!! : )

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Hey I want to get into airsoft, but I'm 16 ands I'm quite certain my dad will think I'm a sissy. any ideas?

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'Craft Your Dream Car' Competition

A competition for those interested in crafts and/or cars. £200 prize! http://www.carcraft.co.uk/info/design-your-dream-car/

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Current Free E-Books? Answered

Anyone know where I can download CURRENT free e-books? Current like Rick Riordan, James Dashner, etc.

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canceling membership

Can someone on this site please help me understand how to cancel a non-paypal 2.95/month membership?  i really wish there was a clear way to cancel on this site.  thanks, james

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IR Jammer

Could some please show me how to build an IR jammer? I want one that broadcasts at all frequencies, as to not have to adjust it for each IR reciever. I would be most thankful.

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A fee to license Bicycles?

Last week, James Vesely, the editorial page editor at The Seattle times, Proposed the idea to Impose a license fee on bicycles, more here What do YOU think?

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How can I make an AVATAR on Gimp?

How can I make an AVATAR-James Cameron's Movie AVATAR- version of myself using gimp 2?

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Does anyone have any good ideas for an action movie?

My friend Josh and I considered making an action movie, mostly just for kicks and giggles. however, I need a good, solid Idea in order to write the script. I already tried facebook, but got nowhere. anyway, I was thinking something along either a James Bond style or a Matrix style.  in the paraphrased words of Neo, "it's going to need guns. lots of guns." also any tips on cheap (safe?) stunts, camera tips, and other helpful hints are welcome and appreciated. I have access to some high-adventure equipment , so heights aren't much of an issue on the stunts point. Thanks in advance! Ciao!

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I dropped my Nintendo DSi and the top screen colour has gone negative. How do I make the colours go back to normal?

Everything else on my DSi is unaffected.

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Is it possible to either create a concentrated brine or to separate sea salt from sea water by centrifuging?

If it is possible, how many RPMs would be required to achieve such result? Thanks for any help! James.

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Instructables Lightpen Proposal

Check out what came through our Twitter feed this morning. It looks like a NY maker used the LED Light Pen project (and a few friends) to propose to his girlfriend. Very clever use of LEDs, friends, the Brooklyn Bridge, and digital film editing software. Gentlemen, the DIY proposal bar has been raised. James, sir, we at Instructables doff our caps to you. Well-made and well-played. Now watch the video: For Julie: A Lightwriting Proposal from James Veluya on Vimeo. (I assume she said yes. I was saying yes by the end of it, so she better have said yes.)

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This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time.

This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time. The park was built on the remains of an abandoned rail system in New York City. Check out our video of the new High Line, with exclusive interviews with the design team including Lead Designer and Landscape Architect James Corner of James Corner Field Operations and architect Ricardo Scofidio of Diller Scofidio + Renfro who made this stunning new park possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIerTFnRiR4

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Weirdest vending machine change

I got the most unusual change from a vending machine at school today. A Susan B. Anthony dollar, a James Madison dollar(I didnt know about those before), a Sacajawea dollar, and some unimpressive quarters.

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lcd pin out help

Hi, I have a quasar model:vml458 camcorder and I would like to repurpose the lcd screen w/sound. If anyone know the pin outs (power,video,etc) for it that would be a great help. thank you in advance, James

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I need some Info on loading a leather strop...

I just bought a Razor Renew Long Leather Sharpening Strop, Should I load the suede side or the smooth side? And should I load the entire side or just part?

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ship in bottle

This my first posts.  I had done it for a long time . Today I want to show it for you . I hope that U all love it.   I am worried about i hadn‘t take photo when i did it .  I  will did it again. and write a tutorial.

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How can I change an "if" in an arduino code ? Answered

So I have this code from James Hutton and what I want to do is to change the "rainbowCycle" to something else, like "NeoPixel_Cylon_Scrolling_Eye". Is it possible ? Thank you very much !

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Feature request -- embedded links vs. PDF

Can the links embedded in the text be reproduced in the PDF's? Even a chart at the end would be nice-- like: (pretend this is formatted correctly)TEXT | LINKElec-Trak | http://www.elec-trak.com/farm supply | http://www.agrisupply.com/default.asp and so on.Thanks,James

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What does it take to film a successful video tutorial ?

What does it take to film a successful video tutorial ? ... With relation to filming techniques, choreography, tutor presence, language, etc. ? ... What methodology do you appreciate or employ yourselves, to best communicate with the audience ? ... All opinions welcome, Thank you !

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What type of potentiometer should I use to limit two .25W speakers?

I need to limit the volume of two .25W speakers with a small potentiometer.  The speakers will be played and powered by a standard MP3 player.  I need to know which type of potentiometer to use (power rating etc...) thanks! James

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Achiev'ibles - 19/08/2012

Here are the patches handed out automatically this week (Mon 13th - Sun 19th) to members of Achiev'ibles. Want to track your stats and receive patches for reaching notable milestones? Leave a comment below if you're not already involved and I'll add you to the list. James Total Views: emilyvanleemput A-Nony-Mus Bot1398 Subscribers: acidbass mg0930mg Comments: mikeasaurus

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can i use 1 speed controller (24v 350w) for x2 24v 350w motors????its for a electric cart?

Im looking to build a electric cart with two 24v 350w motors but im wondering if i can use just one speed controller for it, the speed controller is 24v 350w thanks  james

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PLEASE HELP!! (sonic grenade)

I'm trying to make an insanely powerful, directional sonic grenade. all I need to know, is how in the world to get something smaller than my fist to put out between 300 and 600 DB however, there is a small catch. I want it to put out a pre-recorded sound that I designate. not just a random beeping.

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OAWR Legs Lock Up

I'm currently assembling an Obstacle Avoiding Walking Robot, however I find the legs keep locking up.  Basically, as I move the legs the nuts are tightening to the point where the legs won't move any more.  I have washers in all the correct places so must be missing something else. Any tips on how to avoid this? Thanks. James.

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can I turn 2A into 5A? Answered

I am makinga hot wire foam cutter and using the hot wire foam calculator from Shawn James and it says that I need a supply of 7.5V 5A, but my transformer only gives 2 A. I've seen voltage multipliers and I don't know if there's a current multiplier. If so, please give me the instructions to make one.

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can i use 1 speed controller (24v 350w) for x2 24v 350w motors????its for a electric cart?

Im looking to build a electric cart with two 24v 350w motors but im wondering if i can use just one speed controller for it, the speed controller is 24v 350w thanks james 

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Make a LED turn on for variable times, including 1/60, 1/120 and 1/500 of a second?

You guys probably already know, I'm making a flash for photography. To do so, the flash has to "flash" very quickly. Does anyone know a component that will be able to make the LED "blink" in that amount to measured time? Thanks in advance, James

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Welsh boy builds rollercoaster (and Kiteman posts about K'NEX!)

Nine-year old Welsh boy James Morgan has built a working scale model of one of the rides at Oakwood theme park in Pembrokeshire.It appears to be made of K'NEX... The story was mentioned on the BBC, but not credited properly.You may think the model looks a bit flimsy, but have a look at the real ride and you'll see...

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Gun Purse

I couldn't help but post this. The Persuader is a purse designed by James Piatt to look like a gun. He writes: "For the girl on the move the Pursuader features a handy cell phone compartment in the clip. Constructed by interlocking laser cut leather this handbag has no stitching. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Create the look no one can refuse."For the woman in your life who has everything! - via Craft: - via geekologie - Link.

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Instructables not showing up

1.I am using a windows 7 computer   2. I am using Internet Explorer 10 3. https://www.instructables.com/id/My-Flight-Simulator-Cockpit/    https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-Zippo-Lighter/ https://www.instructables.com/id/James-Bond-Outfit/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Frodos-Sting-Sword/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Civil-War-Outfit-Union-Soldier/ 4. I just put together the pictures to be the instructions.

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