Larger K-nex like parts for pre-K

I just discovered that the K-nex like building set I have isn't K-nex!  The pieces I have are larger and are made of a softer material.  They work well for children in the 2-5 yo range.  Would anyone know what these pieces are called?   The 1000 pieces of K-nex are going to have to wait a few years..... Thank you in advance.

Posted by brainfog 1 year ago

k and a slide switch

I got a k and a slide switch and i dont know how to use it to connect the wires to it.

Posted by southautomatic 10 years ago

For Sale: K-number of 2! Get Yours Now! Don't Wait!!

.  I have a K-number of 1 (see here). Make me an offer for having me collaborate on your next project! - giving you a K-number of 2!!! .  Limited time offer! Bid often and bid high!! . .  NachoMahma!!

Posted by NachoMahma 8 years ago


I wonder how many people are using the "no-K'nex" script and can't see this forum post?

Posted by V-Man737 10 years ago

k nex bb gun

Ok im making a k nex bb gun that fires well.. bbs i just want to know if any other person tried using a rotery clip (like a revevolver and posted here if they havent im gonna make one right now (ill make one either way)

Posted by gotja 11 years ago

K*bot Competition

Anyone attending this event? WHAT: 2010 K*bot World Championships This competition features robots made with K'NEX parts.  WHEN: July 19-23, 2010 WHERE: Las Vegas NV, Suncoast Hotel and Casino. WEBSITE:

Posted by ftking_83702 8 years ago

K*bot Competition

WHAT: 2010 K*bot World Championships This competition features robots made with K'NEX parts. WHEN: July 19-23, 2010 WHERE: Las Vegas NV, Suncoast Hotel and Casino. WEBSITE:

Posted by ftking_83702 8 years ago

3D Printer Thermistor in a K type thermocouple

Hi all,Quick question before I butcher something unnecessarily.Can I connect a bog standard thermistor as found in Chinese 3D printer (of which I have spares) to a k type thermocouple plug (I have none) and use it in my k type thermometer?Or should I just buy the slightly more expensive correct lead?I want to monitor temps @ the heat break of a new hot end.

Posted by Squibo 6 weeks ago

The K-3, Shotgun Internals, and The Failed K-4

Well, I am pretty tight on time at the moment, but the video should explain things pretty well until I can do so here.  here will also be many more pictures of the K-3 and Kinetic Shotgun, but I just need some time for those too. As for the K-4: Everything worked the way it was designed to work, but certain mechanisms (the trigger and the BTS) required a lot of force to function, thus reducing the amount of tension that would be even remotely practical to use on the bow.  It was a good attempt and I have learned a lot from it; things that I will take with me as I move on to bigger and better guns. Here's a video for now, and I will explain everything in depth as soon as I can.  

Posted by Kinetic 6 years ago

first ever BIG BEN mini K`nex model


Posted by Benjoe96 9 years ago

Teaching K-12 students to build

Hi all, I have launched my indiegogo page today ( ) to start a program that will focus on teaching k-12 students how to design, build and program micro-controller related projects. All support and suggestions are welcomed. Check it out, hope you like it. Best

Posted by thetechelective 5 years ago

Knex gun bullets

These are my knex gun bullets,one looks like bullet bill, the other is a mini splodie.

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Those "K"-things blocker, now with Instructable

Bad move on my part...Its blocked by the old version of the script :PYou'll need the new one to get updates. So if you didn't notice, because it was blocked, check it out!

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

Exploding K-cups in a Keurig coffeemaker

Our Keurig coffeemaker is several years old. We began to see a ragged star opening in the top of the K-cups after brewing and coffee grounds various places outside the K-cup. All of the usual recommended fixes were no help. (See below.) This video gave me a solution that worked very well for us. (I have no personal connection to the video or its maker.) We now see only a neat round hole in the top of our K-cups after brewing, not a torn and ragged opening. Video summary: Remove two screws under the flip-up cover above the K-cup holder. Remove the decorative plastic cover by tugging at it. Snip the zip tie that keeps the soft white tube on the fitting. Pull the tube from the fitting. Hold the end of the tube over a cup. Cycle water through the Keurig until several cups come out clean. Clear the upper and lower needles of coffee grounds. Attach the tube with a new zip tie and screw the cover back in place. One word of caution: Very hot water spewed onto the soft skin at the base of my thumb and it was very uncomfortable. I draped a folded towel over my hand while hot water was being expelled from the disconnected tube at the top of the Keurig. Also, I ran quite a number of cups of water through the Keurig until I got three consecutive cups of water without any debris particles of any kind in the water. (I did not see an accumulation of coffee grounds like the man describes in the video, but I saw what was similar to pieces of a brown wing from a housefly.) In the two or three days following the procedure in the video we did occasionally have a K-cup blowout, but have seen only perfect round holes after a week or so, and we probably brew a dozen cups of coffee each day. The usual recommendations-- +Keurig's official recommendation as the cause of grounds migrating outside the K-cup is too much air inside the K-cup as evidenced by a domed lid on the K-cup before it is punctured. Their recommendation is to poke the top of the K-cup with a pin before putting it into the Keurig. Because of my observations and experience, I give very little credence to this. +Accumulated lime from the water needs to be descaled from the inside of the Keurig. Lime accumulation does cause a partially full cup of brewed coffee. We regularly descale our machine. We have also run water through our machine whenever we have seen grounds in our coffee and some grounds came out with the water. Descaling is a good thing to do, but I doubt it has a connection to bursting K-cups and grounds where they do not belong.  +Clogged upper and lower needles. The video will direct you to use a wire to insure open passageways inside the needles above and below the K-cup.

Posted by Phil B 9 months ago

Knex Ceatures.


Posted by pls 9 years ago

Introducing the Kiteman number

Seeing the new Kiteman 'ible "Welding a barbeque", it strikes me we ought to develop a "kiteman number" here, like the Erdos number beloved of mathematicians. The K-number is the number of steps between your 'ibles collaborators and Kiteman. Clearly Perryscope, Kiteman's co-conspirator on the barbeque has a K-number of 1. I myself claim K-number of 1 too. If you collaborate with someone with a Knumber of 1, then you have a knumber of 2 etc. What's yours ? Steve

Posted by steveastrouk 8 years ago


Well just post jokes its a bit of fun.

Posted by K-Dawg 9 years ago

k-line arduino project, speed and brake light

Hello. I have a simple task to achieve, I guess, but I'm stuck. I'm using the setup from the attached image. All I need to do is to read the Speed of the vehicle using data from the obd2 k-line pin, and then to send a command to blink the brake lights when a certain decrease in speed is detected (e.g. more than 2km/h/s). I can not initialize the k-line and I am not able to red anything on the serial monitor on arduino :(. After I manage to read the raw data I am planing to figure out what's the code for turning on the brake lights by just simply pressing the brake pedal. The vehicle is an 2004 BMW E60, but I guess this is not an issue. Question... Are the TX/RX pins connected as it shod on the arduino board? Thank you. Ant help would be appreciated. I need this for a school project and a have a deadline :(((

Posted by CatalinP8 1 year ago

K'nex Contest 2016???

Will there be a K'nex contest this year ????????

Posted by FanPlastic 2 years ago


For creators of robots that DON'T have wheels, yet still move!

Posted by robotmaster 10 years ago

K'nex Innovation is BACK.

No need to worry anymore. We are back.

Posted by Mepain 10 years ago

KNEX Robotic Walker

Some images of a walker we just built.

Posted by ftking_83702 8 years ago

Um. What's going on here?


Posted by Perfect Duck 10 years ago

Hechler and Cock gun

Hey,I was wondering if anybody made a really good H&K gun  

Posted by didexo 6 years ago

We've Done It

The Kinno-1, by Kinetic and Innovanna. Enjoy!

Posted by Kinetic 6 years ago

Hooke's law (my brain just reached it's elastic limit)

I was very daring and entered the intro to engineering class as my elective in my first year of highschool. It turns out that I am in over my head. I am always up for a challenge, so I am sticking with the course I am one of the 3 freshmen in the class. On the first day of class our teacher was introducing the class and brought up that we would have to use some trigonometry and other math that the freshmen have no learned yet but he is willing to help us out with that... Anyhow today at the end of class we were given a hand out about "hooke's law" because we had just done a lab where we attached weights to a spring. The paper is pretty straight forward about hooke's theory and the formula F= K (delta)L (Force = K times the change in length) it defines k as the "proportionality constant" which I do not understand. What is a proportionality constant? wikipedia says its a force or spring constant which I still do not understand. Wiki also gives the formula F= -K x (with arrows over the k and x). help please!

Posted by astrozombies138 10 years ago

Greatest K'nex Gun Ever?

Almost. Here is a prototype turreted NAR.  Discuss.

Posted by MotaBoi 8 years ago

K'nex Chat

Get on and get into building better guns! Join me and other builders here.;

Posted by Knex Lego Maniac 5 years ago

knex pump action true trigger shotgun

The is a forum to see if I should post my Shotgun it uses hack124x768's (modded) trigger its auto load and pump action heres a pic oh and i also made a coke dispenser i want your opinion on heres a vid

Posted by adamsdead 11 years ago

any knexers have a facebook

 if so give me a link to your page

Posted by knexfreak95 8 years ago

Knex Arm Blade

Here's a thing I made because I was bored

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

What is the best k'nex pistol?

....but preferably without black y clips or using to many pieces

Posted by airhead12 9 years ago

Favorite K'nex Gun?

What's your favorite k'nex gun?

Posted by Banana Suicide 8 years ago


I made a sear system, mag fed skorpian!!!! Working on the collapsable stock and curved mag.

Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

unpublished knex stuff

These are my never published knex creations

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Posting Gungun =~ p


Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

What are these!

What are these pieces! i have hundreds of them! what are they for.

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

MRSS (Knex Sniper)

Here are some pics of my new sniper.Video:

Posted by jollex 10 years ago

I got bored.

So, I decided to make an instructable for Oompa-Loompa's crossbow.

Posted by razzlekunai 10 years ago

K'nex sniper rifles

This forum is for K'nex sniper rifles that look good, can shoot atleast 50 ft, and are accurate.

Posted by Smasher555 8 years ago

Help me please!

Posted by smattman22 8 years ago

Better Than MLCad?

I have something better than mlcad, for modelling knex. Its only 2-d, though

Posted by HBF 11 years ago


Leave any suggestions for future K'NEX projects here. Suggestions can include cars, guns, and any other K'NEX based things.

Posted by DjJosh98 5 years ago

knex gun ideas

Does anyone have any good knex gun ideas?

Posted by poptart64 7 years ago


This question has been pusaleing me all day if we have "c" in english , why do we have "k"? they both make the same sound.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Has anyone?

Has anyone actually built one of my ibles? any of them?

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Finding googols without a search engine!

It is not often that you encounter a googol as a "measured" (or inferred) quantity referring to something physical. A preprint out today on arXiv:astro-ph presents a calculation of the total entropy of the observable Universe (in units of Boltzmann's constant, k), coming up with a result Sobs = 3 × 10104 k. The dominant contribution is from supermassive galactic black holes, for which the entropy is proportional to their surface area, which in turn scales like the mass squared.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

LED-lit K'Nex rollercoaster

Check out this Flickr image of a long exposure LED K'Nex rollercoaster. the author:Well I got a K-NEX roller coaster for Christmas, and for fun I disassembled one of the cars and mounted an LED light on it. I then set my camera to do a 15 second exposure and TA-DA!Trainman, this is perfect for your stuff!via Evil Mad Scientist.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Instructables T-shirt Giveaway (Closed)

Hey guys and recently I came in the nine runners up the K'nex toys and rods connectors contest 2014 and I have received my prize a week ago but the t-shirt that came with the K'nex set was to small for me and it wasn't the colour I thought it would be so I'am giving it away to the person that asks for it will get it. The t-shirt is purple and in size medium.

Posted by Zombiekiller-93 4 years ago

Merry Christmas!

I wish all the k'nexers at Instructables a merry Chrsitmas!

Posted by jollex 9 years ago