Can you make a masterkey out of a change-key? Answered

I was wondering if you can turn a change-key into a masterkey. ( A change-key is a key that works only one lock in a masterkey system)

Asked by DIY Dave 9 years ago

Making a Bump Key

Is it possible to make a bump key from something other than metal?

Posted by Batryn 10 years ago

Where can I find cheap key switches?

I need a momentary key switch, like the ones in car ignition switches for an upcoming project. I also need one that toggles. Like these, but from a cheaper source.

Posted by Gamernotnerd 8 years ago

key pad unlocking device

Building a geo cache, i am looking at using a key pad to unlock a box but im not going to pay over a hundered dollars to put outside , is their any thing like this that can be made from a board and electonics with batteries or something of the sorts thanks

Posted by gadget1961 10 years ago

Is there a way to have an electronic key on my cats collar so everytime she goes in my room a buzzer goes off ??

I was wondering if you could make an electronic key or something like that so when she crosses or enters the area a buzzer or alarm goes off so she runs away.

Asked by jules15 8 years ago

Rekey a key-based electrical switch? Answered

I'm looking to make an enclosure for my 3D printer here shortly, as I plan to take it to a convention or two. While I plant to ALWAYS have someone I trust at the printer, I am thinking long term, and wanting to ensure that no one can mess with the printer while I am away (say for a snack run or to use the bathroom).  Either way, the enslure I plan to make is also planned to have a set of key-based switches. I would like all the switchs to use the same key, so I only have to keep on key on me to run the whole thing. I would also like this to be the same key that locks the access panel to the PSU and the actual printer itself, but I know that may be pushing it a bit.

Asked by DoctorWoo 3 years ago

I would like to purchase a manual on how to braid paracord. Can you give me the price on a manual of this type ?

I am interested in making different key holder, and other items out of paracord.

Asked by Jwillbigj 8 years ago

this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can logon. Do you want to activate windows now "

Hi all! Currently your computer using Windows 2K3 64bit but present it to the logon error message this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can logon. Do you want to activate windows now " Activate your click report it is activated then log off out. Now you can not logon to be more, so ask yourself how can overcome this error is not? TKS! sorry for poor English

Asked by truonght 8 years ago

New tournament, yay.

Just what we needed. Another K'Nex tournament! Yay. There's gonna be 5 rounds, and rules depending on the round.Sign up in the comments, but only by July 10, 2009.First round starts on July 15, 2009.In weapon rounds, you must post a video in a Forum Topic.The winner gets 5* on each and every one of their Instructables.We're gonna judge you in 10/10 on range, originality, power, how innovative it is, and accuracy.You can participate once in each round.Judges!1: DrWeird2: wafflicious3: DJRadio4: Killer~SafeCracker5: TheJamalam Contestants!1. Killerboy2. ObsessionmanUPDATE! Well, this flopped. How embarrassing.

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

Holy moley! Pneumatic mouth cannon!

I don't know how much more random fun you can find. I discovered this while at a buffet with my girlfriend and her brother on his birthday. Anyway, I was finished after two plates and a salad, and was balling the straw wrapper between my fingers. A tiny piece, probably a half-inch by a half-inch, ripped off in my hands. Staring at this little fragment, I put down the rest of the wrapper. I balled up the fragment, and put it between my fingers in such a manner that when I blew, it sent the fragment flying at great velocity. Thank God no one noticed or was killed. I have yet to chronograph this little amazing scientific breakthrough, but I estimate about 25 fps. Cool, huh? Anyway, rip off a tiny corner of a napkin or straw wrapper. Ball it up. Touch your thumb and index fingers on both hands together like you're rubbing something off of them. Put the tips of them together, and there should be a little diamond-ish hole between the four fingers. That's where the ball of paper goes. Put the ball in that hole, and pinch gently. Put your lips up to the hole, and blow. If nothing comes out, good! Blow to ready this little weapon, and release the pinch of your fingers to fire. Awesome, huh?

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

Fix a Broken Key

Here's an interesting way to fix a key when the plastic loop on top breaks. It's a mini pouch with a key ring that the key can go into.I probably would've just epoxied a key ring to it, but this looks a lot nicer, that's for sure. Broken Key Fix via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago


Will not acknowledge or save key words - will, therefore, not let me proceed beyond "ADD KEY WORDS"

Posted by marlowe93 3 years ago


I recently bought a used drill but it came without  a key for the chuck. does anyone have any ideas for a  DIY chuck key or a cheap replacement? THANKS!

Asked by embochner 7 years ago

is there anywhere that sells a keyboard or a keyboard key with the ubuntu logo instead of windows??

Is there one because i want 1 windows key and 1 ubuntu key

Asked by GASSYPOOTS 6 years ago

ALtoids Key security?

I have an idea for a key security device! altoids tin you would use some batteries, and croduce a current through the key via copper wire. if someone (who knows the location of the keys) decides to take it they'll get a shocking suprise! to safely take the keys, just remove bateryes. oh and you mite have to coat the inside of the tin with something

Posted by Sadam and Osama 10 years ago

how to crack a wepkey?

I some how locked my self out of my router and i dont know wat the wep key or net work security key is there a way to crack the wep key? and i tried to reset the router and it still asks for a key

Asked by stormer1127 9 years ago

Chevy Flip Car Key Fix

I have one of those older flip Chevy fobs. Well the key broke off the fob so it's just a piece a metal and I use the fob to turn the ignition. I am looking for a fix with maybe like sugru or something to make a top portion to make it look like a key again.  Any ideas??? or plans of action? don't want to fork out another 100$ a key.

Posted by tunes4x 2 years ago

Old Fashioned Key

I was thinking the other day about how I could make all of the gothy underclassmen even more jealous of me and my accessories, when I came up with the idea of having a giant, ornate key as my keyring. Kinda like in the secret garden, or some other old fantasy type movie/book. I couldn't find any starting points at the craft store, but I was thinking it could probably be made from wood, metal, or some type of sculpting medium. SInce it'll be a key ring and flopping around with keys in my purse, it will be rather vulnerable to dings and chips. Any ideas?

Posted by makaalohilohi 9 years ago

electronic "key"

One more forum post and then I swear I'll take a break!!! I would like to build a sort of a "secret box," where access would be had through a sort of electronic "key." A few specifications: (1) the box would be permanently out of doors, and (2) the "key" would be simple enough that I could give interested parties the schematics and tell them to make one. I'm thinking a USB connection would be a natural, but I'm not an electronics person, so I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks!!!!!

Posted by Purple Chez 2 years ago

How do I turn a imprint of a key into a actual key? Answered

I imprinted my key in some floral foam and it was perfect but now I want to turn it into another key

Asked by Chromatica 9 years ago

How does a car key turn on a car?

I was wondering how the inside of a car "tumbler/ ignition" worked? How does it know that it is the right key? and Is there a switch to tell if the key has been turned? or is it some digital encoder?

Asked by squirt8500 8 years ago

I'm looking for a free alternative to those rubber rings that people put on keys to lessen the noise?

I've thought of Sugru, but that would cost more than actually buying the key covers. I want suggestions using stuff I can already find around the house. Thank you.

Asked by Shadow13! 5 years ago

C# key word list? Answered

I'm looking for a list of keywords used in c# that also includes there definitions. I'd like it so i can print it out

Asked by hightekrednek2396 7 years ago

key-style "blooming" trinket box?

Hey guys!   I want to make an oval-shaped box that slowly "blooms" when I wind it up with a key. I have absolutely no idea where to start. I've scoured google over and over again for such an object, but to no avail. :(  Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'm desperate.  Thanks! ~J

Posted by DunpealChild 6 years ago

mac keyboards

Can i use a mac keyboard on my windows computer

Posted by corey_caffeine 9 years ago

music string

I was wonder how to make a electronic harp by connect the line to sound sensor. any one can help?

Posted by carlosong 6 years ago

Tritium encased in plastic: a few questions

My main question is, the Key fob being sold at  Deal Extreme, is it safe?   I seem to remember from one article that stated it is fairly safe as long as it remains exterior to the body (in other words, do grind it up and breath / snort it, and don't swallow it). Is that a fair (generally) statement? I am started to question some of the things I find and read at wiki-im-pedia     

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

xp install help?

Ok so i have an xp pro tag on my net-vista and every time i try to install using it it says it is not veiled and i cant get threw install with out it   

Asked by abadfart 8 years ago

What would you include in YOUR detonator

What would you include in your detonator, to make it work, be safe, work better, be safer, make it look cool, make it easy to use, make it whatever you want

Posted by larsjet 10 years ago

USB wiring question, How do i fix my Keyboard? Answered

I have a USB Keyboard that for one day for some reason i cut the end off, i lost the uactual usb connector and some wires, problem is now that I noticed it has 5 wires! Some one plz help plz hahaha I really want to se my keyboard again

Asked by MilotisX 9 years ago

Is it possible to bind volume controls to a keyboard that doesn't have default volume control buttons? Answered

And if so, how? I just bought a keyboard that doesn't have any preset volume control keys, could i somehow bind the volume control function to two keys i don't ever use?

Asked by Sanclous 8 years ago

Need to identify 2 objects: one works "like" a lock, the other looks LIKE a door knocker....

Pictured are the two items: several pictures of the FIRST item are included since it needs them so show "what" it does and all it's nuances; the second item there is only one picture of it and a notation on the picture. Can anyone identify them?   The "brass" looking first piece seems to work like some sort of lock with a very simple I beam shaped "key" to unlock it.   The black item "appears" to be a door knocker "except" it is WAY too light in weight (aluminum or something).  Thank you for any replies.... OH and BTW,  can't we add "notes" to the pictures anymore? NEW INFO: on the anchor looking thing,  there is green in the crevasses, dark green and hard to indicator of  metal composition  (copper ?).

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

How to remap a key board key?

I want to change what some of my key board keys do. (I have a Windows computer if that helps) Can any one help?

Asked by TurboFish 5 years ago

How to make a external keyboard key?

Im looking to have an external key pad (connected with usb) with only one button, so that it has its own key function and can be independently bound to any program in your computer. Think of it as an external alt key or ctrl key that can be used for hot keys It can even be an existing key on the key board but more preferably its own key. If anyone thinks they can do this DIY please let me know, Thanks!

Asked by 9 years ago

why is there to shift keys on my laptop? Answered

I have a macbook and there is two shift keys 

Asked by GianniMora 8 years ago

typewriter key removal

What is the easiest, and best way to remove antique typewriter keys for use in jewelry without breakage?

Asked by squillgm 9 years ago

enter key

Why is the enter key not working? I'm trying to write an ible but the enter key wont work to skip lines between paragraphs. Is there a work around besides writing in a different program and using copy and paste?

Posted by ecsaul23 4 years ago

Chroma-Key in iMovie? aka green screen? Answered

I already have a program that runs chroma-key, but I am making a project specifically in iMovie '11. It would be nice if I could keep every thing within the perimeter of one program. Does iMovie '11 have this option? Thanks!

Asked by jediwhiz3 6 years ago

How can i tell if my keyboard is working correctly?

Is there a program i can use to see if my keyboard is sending information when im not pressing any keys?

Asked by coldpsyco91 7 years ago

Debian Install Debootstrap Error...?

I'm sure this is going to be spammed with people asking what's "debian" or "linux". Mostly because of some of the other answers I've seen to questions like this... Anyway, I was installing Debian Etch onto another comp of mine. Though when it got to installing the base system files ti gave me an error window saying, "Debootstrap Error: Release file signed by unknown key (key id 9AA38DCD55BE302B)" I tried google to see what came up but ended up with only 7 results that weren't what I was looking for...Is there a way to get around this key? Maybe going into the console and deleting the archive.gpg file? Thanks, RX

Asked by Rockerx 8 years ago

Key Fob for a Bicycle

Hello all! I'm going to be shopping for a bicycle here in a week or two, and based on a conversation I had with someone I'd like to know if anyone has done this, or if it's even possible: Making a key fob for a bicycle. Even though having a locking mechanism on a bike itself is a dumb idea I'd just like it for kicks. Y'know, after I've chained up my bike somewhere outside a store, turn around and "lock" it like a car as I'm walking away. Seems possible, but I just don't know how to go about this. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time and effort!

Posted by Energyzed 6 years ago

does anybody have any ideas on how to convert a pull start lawn mower to a key or button start?

I imagine there would be a combination of batteries, starter moters and momentary switches, but other suggestions would great!

Asked by theonlymurray 9 years ago


CONTEST EDIT!! first person to figure out the mech and build it gets kudos from me!! :D Whats this, a SAFE? I've seen hundreds of these, you can just pull the door open or easily pick the lock. Wait, thers no TUMBLERS! How can that be? That must be new! WELL IT IS BRAND SPANKIN NEW AND HAS NEVER EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!!!!! A secure knex safe that opens with a KEY! and its a very specific key. ONLY 1 KEY WORKS ALL THE OTHERS WILL NOT TURN! Tis is truely my most innovative creation EVER! If you do not like this, your a hater! I am going to be inactive so criticize me if you want it wont do anything. BEST THINGY EVER TRY TO BUILD FROM THE PICS IF YOU CAN! AHAHAHAHHAAHA I will put up a video soon.   Sorry it's gone so no instructions :(   If anyone wants to build this please check out zbrown2016's instructable. It is very simmilar and I believe he did a great job on trying to replicate my prototype from the few pictures I've posted.  

Posted by Electroinnovation 8 years ago


Https:// Would there be a way to make the lock, code protected, so like if there was a little keypad or something connected to the deadbolt and put into the door, would there b e a way to set a code to open and close the lock?

Posted by astrozombies138 10 years ago

Mac 'alt' key? Answered

If I'm using a mac, what do i use for the 'alt' key?

Asked by MarkB554 1 year ago

I would like an item 3D printed

I would like printed. How much would you charge to print it and ship to central florida? All the files needed for the parts that make up the item are included, I just need the services of a 3D printer.

Posted by fireblast_1212 6 years ago

how can I cut a keyway without a mill? Answered

I need to cut a (roughly) 3mm keyway in a piece of 10mm brass rod and I don't have access to a mill. I do have access to most hand tools, though. Can anyone recommend a way I can cut the keyway? I'm not too fussed about accuracy, as long as its within +/- 1.5mm of the nominal width I'm happy. Also, if it matters, it will be about 5mm deep.

Asked by the_mad_man 6 years ago