electronic "key"

One more forum post and then I swear I'll take a break!!! I would like to build a sort of a "secret box," where access would be had through a sort of electronic "key." A few specifications: (1) the box would be permanently out of doors, and (2) the "key" would be simple enough that I could give interested parties the schematics and tell them to make one. I'm thinking a USB connection would be a natural, but I'm not an electronics person, so I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks!!!!!

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enter key

Why is the enter key not working? I'm trying to write an ible but the enter key wont work to skip lines between paragraphs. Is there a work around besides writing in a different program and using copy and paste?

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key pad

Plz i need the help for u   i want the made key pad interface securty for my mage board  ,

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how to with keys...

Can anyone out there tell me "how to" flatten an ordinary house key??? I have been wanting to do a project for many years with keys flattened like the pennies we used to put on railway tracks. i have asked at machine shops and metal workers and EVERYONE says it can't be done... that of course just makes me want it to happen even more!!! thanks, Karen

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Making a Bump Key

Is it possible to make a bump key from something other than metal?

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Fix a Broken Key

Here's an interesting way to fix a key when the plastic loop on top breaks. It's a mini pouch with a key ring that the key can go into.I probably would've just epoxied a key ring to it, but this looks a lot nicer, that's for sure. Broken Key Fix via CRAFT

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I recently bought a used drill but it came without  a key for the chuck. does anyone have any ideas for a  DIY chuck key or a cheap replacement? THANKS!

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Old Fashioned Key

I was thinking the other day about how I could make all of the gothy underclassmen even more jealous of me and my accessories, when I came up with the idea of having a giant, ornate key as my keyring. Kinda like in the secret garden, or some other old fantasy type movie/book. I couldn't find any starting points at the craft store, but I was thinking it could probably be made from wood, metal, or some type of sculpting medium. SInce it'll be a key ring and flopping around with keys in my purse, it will be rather vulnerable to dings and chips. Any ideas?

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Key Fob for a Bicycle

Hello all! I'm going to be shopping for a bicycle here in a week or two, and based on a conversation I had with someone I'd like to know if anyone has done this, or if it's even possible: Making a key fob for a bicycle. Even though having a locking mechanism on a bike itself is a dumb idea I'd just like it for kicks. Y'know, after I've chained up my bike somewhere outside a store, turn around and "lock" it like a car as I'm walking away. Seems possible, but I just don't know how to go about this. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time and effort!

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typewriter key removal

What is the easiest, and best way to remove antique typewriter keys for use in jewelry without breakage?

Asked by squillgm 9 years ago

floating key chain?

Hi i need help making a self inflating key chain that uses a balloon or something to carry keys to the surface of the water, it needs to inflate when fully submerged but can handle some minor splashes. something similar to this:      www.water-buoy.com

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1 key keyboard?

Heres the circuit for 1 key keyboard which has to be done with a attiny85 but can i modify the circuit to be made with a  12F683

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musical key chain

For a while I wanted musical key chain where I hit a button, and it will play the first part of the Final Fantasy victory music. how can it be done? where should I start?thanks in advance! =D

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Invalid public key

Hello, today I tried to reply to a question, but when I typed the "security code" it has blocked into->Invalid public key. Make sure you copy and pasted it correctly. p.s. I've tried different browsers.

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Replacing laptop key

Hi, I have what can only be described as a "no-name" laptop sitting in the bottom of a drawer. Among other things it has a missing "G" key. The problem is I have absolutely no clue how to replace the key - I'm not going to pay for a whole new keyboard and the key + "springy bit" is long since gone. The only branding I can find is "Clevo M300N". I was hoping to buy a broken laptop and cannibalise it (there are other hardware issues, but the keyboard is driving me nuts) Can anyone give me a shove in the right direction here? (Sorry for rambling) Edit: UPDATE - I found the key, all I need now is some kind of spring or membrane to fix it right up!

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proximity car key ??

Ok so I work at a car audio shop as an installer and I see so much different stuff and do a lot of custom stuff on cars.. Ive seen a lot of cars that are keyless.. its just a key fob. when you have the fob in your pocket the car knows you are there and lets you start the car with a push button... that stuff is at least 5 years old.. now the other day a new z07 corvette came in for work and the guy handed me a fob to bring it in the shop,, nothing new at first,, but as I approached the car I heard the locks click,, so I stopped and walked back a few feet and I heard them click again... this thing is unlocking and locking on its own as I get near and away from it... And it still gets better.. after walking to and from it a few times to confirm my suspension I finally opened the door... the dash was flashing and it said welcome technician. the key I had was a valet key.. the other key fob I had welcomed the owner by name... this is really cool... I needed both fobs because I was putting a remote starter on the car and both keys are required to program it.. the valet key I had also turned on the traction control and the car wouldn't go over 40 mph... that's a lot from just a key fob... NOW FOR MY QUESTION HERE.... Is this done with rfid or some sort of proximity sensor on the fobs?? I want to build one for my car but just for the locks and push button starter... but I want to retain the factory key also..any ideas or maybe a link to an instructable?? ive searched them but cant find one for my purpose.. lots of rfid stuff though..

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Key chain multitool

I was thinking of getting a multitool that is small enough to fit on your key chain. Here comes the dilemma though... I don't know what tool to get. Leatherman has the squirt and the Micra. Other companies have ones as well... I was thinking of getting the squirt, but if I do, I cant decide if I want the P4 (pliers) or the E4 (wire cutters). Ahhh I cant make up my mind. Any help? The thing about the pliers and wire cutters is I don't have a set of wire cutters. However, pliers would probably be used more often. But if I need the wire cutters, I would wish that I had got them instead. Right now I am leaning towards the pliers, but...

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Can you make a masterkey out of a change-key? Answered

I was wondering if you can turn a change-key into a masterkey. ( A change-key is a key that works only one lock in a masterkey system)

Asked by DIY Dave 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How do I turn a imprint of a key into a actual key? Answered

I imprinted my key in some floral foam and it was perfect but now I want to turn it into another key

Asked by Chromatica 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

key-less entry / key-less ignition (arduino based)

Hey guys, I want to make a key-less ignition and a key-less entry on my car. I have no doubt that arduino can be the core for this system. as of now, I am thinking of using arduino UNO to control everything and an RFID unit for the key-less entry. I know that there are many types of RFID, some for sensing close like tags or cards, and some for larger distance like 10 to 20 ft. the one I need will have to be able to read a module from around ten feet of the vehicle. I am debating whether to automatically unlock the vehicle when the module is within range or put a button on the door handle and trunk so that they will unlock if the key is in range. I decided that the push button ignition will include a toggle for ignition and a push button for start. The ignition switch will be wired through a relay so that the arduino can "enable" ignition when the key is present. I want all redundant systems so I will wire the ignition in parallel so the stock key will still start and run the car. I post this for advice, comments, and any improvements you guys can think of. My budget is $200 maximum. My goal is to make it for under $150. Any help would much appreciated. - Jordan

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key pad unlocking device

Building a geo cache, i am looking at using a key pad to unlock a box but im not going to pay over a hundered dollars to put outside , is their any thing like this that can be made from a board and electonics with batteries or something of the sorts thanks

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how does a skeleton key work? Answered


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Rekey a key-based electrical switch? Answered

I'm looking to make an enclosure for my 3D printer here shortly, as I plan to take it to a convention or two. While I plant to ALWAYS have someone I trust at the printer, I am thinking long term, and wanting to ensure that no one can mess with the printer while I am away (say for a snack run or to use the bathroom).  Either way, the enslure I plan to make is also planned to have a set of key-based switches. I would like all the switchs to use the same key, so I only have to keep on key on me to run the whole thing. I would also like this to be the same key that locks the access panel to the PSU and the actual printer itself, but I know that may be pushing it a bit.

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Where can I find cheap key switches?

I need a momentary key switch, like the ones in car ignition switches for an upcoming project. I also need one that toggles. Like these, but from a cheaper source.http://www.amazon.com/Key-Switch-with-2-Keys/dp/B0002BA3PE/ref=pd_sim_e_3http://www.amazon.com/Momentary-Key-Switch-2-Keys/dp/B0002ZPBHK/ref=pd_bxgy_e_text_b

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How to bend a house key, car key into a ring?? Help

Hello, I would like to know how to bend a key into a ring. I have the yellow blowtorch that heats the metal faster and which makes the time quicker to heat the key. I'm not sure how long to keep it under th flame for and I need to know what type of hammer to use for the key. I have a ring mandrel and will soon be getting an anvil. Please let me know what hammer I would need for bending and shaping the key and how long I should keep the key under the flame. Thank you, Lauren Kay

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Is there a way to have an electronic key on my cats collar so everytime she goes in my room a buzzer goes off ??

I was wondering if you could make an electronic key or something like that so when she crosses or enters the area a buzzer or alarm goes off so she runs away.

Asked by jules15 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I would like to purchase a manual on how to braid paracord. Can you give me the price on a manual of this type ?

I am interested in making different key holder, and other items out of paracord.

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this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can logon. Do you want to activate windows now "

Hi all! Currently your computer using Windows 2K3 64bit but present it to the logon error message this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can logon. Do you want to activate windows now " Activate your click report it is activated then log off out. Now you can not logon to be more, so ask yourself how can overcome this error is not? TKS! sorry for poor English

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New tournament, yay.

Just what we needed. Another K'Nex tournament! Yay. There's gonna be 5 rounds, and rules depending on the round.Sign up in the comments, but only by July 10, 2009.First round starts on July 15, 2009.In weapon rounds, you must post a video in a Forum Topic.The winner gets 5* on each and every one of their Instructables.We're gonna judge you in 10/10 on range, originality, power, how innovative it is, and accuracy.You can participate once in each round.Judges!1: DrWeird2: wafflicious3: DJRadio4: Killer~SafeCracker5: TheJamalam Contestants!1. Killerboy2. ObsessionmanUPDATE! Well, this flopped. How embarrassing.

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Holy moley! Pneumatic mouth cannon!

I don't know how much more random fun you can find. I discovered this while at a buffet with my girlfriend and her brother on his birthday. Anyway, I was finished after two plates and a salad, and was balling the straw wrapper between my fingers. A tiny piece, probably a half-inch by a half-inch, ripped off in my hands. Staring at this little fragment, I put down the rest of the wrapper. I balled up the fragment, and put it between my fingers in such a manner that when I blew, it sent the fragment flying at great velocity. Thank God no one noticed or was killed. I have yet to chronograph this little amazing scientific breakthrough, but I estimate about 25 fps. Cool, huh? Anyway, rip off a tiny corner of a napkin or straw wrapper. Ball it up. Touch your thumb and index fingers on both hands together like you're rubbing something off of them. Put the tips of them together, and there should be a little diamond-ish hole between the four fingers. That's where the ball of paper goes. Put the ball in that hole, and pinch gently. Put your lips up to the hole, and blow. If nothing comes out, good! Blow to ready this little weapon, and release the pinch of your fingers to fire. Awesome, huh?

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C# key word list? Answered

I'm looking for a list of keywords used in c# that also includes there definitions. I'd like it so i can print it out

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Knex key pin lock

Im search for a key lock with pins thats can slide.

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HP Laptop Keys Not Working?

I recently bought a HP Pavilion dv7-6c27cl laptop and half of the keys on the keyboard don't work or are very unresponsive                            Any help would be greatly appreciated.                                                       Thank You

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Lego Universe beta key?

Hi, Is anyone here going to CES? If so, could you go to the NetDevil booth and get me a beta key? Just PM me the code, and if you do, I'll be incredibly greatful. Thanks

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Key Retractor How to Make

Has anyone figured out how to make your own key retractor/key reel/badge reel? I use them a lot, but none of them have exactly the features I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like something with: Metal case loop to attach to belt/pants/whatever with string or wire stainless steel retractable wire split ring on retracting end

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The Return/Enter Key Not Working

I've just started a new I'ble and after finishing the first paragraph, I hit the return/enter button to start a new paragraph and it won't take me to the next line.   Even as I write this, it doesn't work.  I've tried it on other sites, programs and email,  and had no problems.  Does anyone have any ideas on a fix?

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Controlling ServoBlaster with Keyboard Keys?

I am working on a project involving multiple servos, a pi, Servoblaster, and a short period of time left. What i was wondering, is that is there a "interface" of sorts for servoblaster that would allow me to control the servos with keys on my keyboard? I saw a thread where someone made an interface where you could switch between servo pins using left and right arrow keys, and adjust the servo with the up and down arrow keys. However, this could only be done one at a time. What i want, is to be able to control all 7 servos with 14 keys. Because of the lack of time (This is needs to be done before next week Saturday) i don't care if i have to access terminal with putty to control said interface. (A web page would be nice, but again, lack of time, and first i need the actual interface.) It really isn't an interface, i guess... I don't need to see what i am pushing/what is happening, so long as the servos move when the keys are pressed. I have a custom ./servod, which basically changes pin layout, and the max and min for the servos. Beyond that, ServoBlaster is vanilla. How would i do this? I haven't written any code for Servoblaster, nor any massive coding in general (I know basics of Python, nothing more.) Is there something like this that exists? Anyone have free time to make it? I am willing to try, so long as i am told what needs to be done. (Time is short, and i am busy. Though, i will still make an effort.) Thanks for your time!

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Broken "enter key" on profile

I don't know if this is just my safari browser but htings have been acting up lately. Recently, I updated my profile and I had "enters" or spaces between paragraphs. like this but when it updated, the spaces dissapeared and it turned into one long paragraph. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but...

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Proximity key fob for motorcycle

Hey guys, I am working on a custom barebones motorcycle. I want to make the starting system incredibly simple by just carrying a keycard or fob that can be sensed within 4-5 feet of the bike which would allow me to just kick start it and go. I worked in access control before and to my knowledge the cards and fobs needed to be placed basically on top of a sensor to activate it, is there any way to give in just a touch more range? so just having it in my pocket would close the circuit and allow me to kick start the bike? wiring it in isn't a problem, I just need a switch that would sense a fob 4-5 feet away and close a switch. thanks! Rob

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Chevy Flip Car Key Fix

I have one of those older flip Chevy fobs. Well the key broke off the fob so it's just a piece a metal and I use the fob to turn the ignition. I am looking for a fix with maybe like sugru or something to make a top portion to make it look like a key again.  Any ideas??? or plans of action? don't want to fork out another 100$ a key.

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Will not acknowledge or save key words - will, therefore, not let me proceed beyond "ADD KEY WORDS"

Posted by marlowe93 4 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

is there anywhere that sells a keyboard or a keyboard key with the ubuntu logo instead of windows??

Is there one because i want 1 windows key and 1 ubuntu key

Asked by GASSYPOOTS 6 years ago

ALtoids Key security?

I have an idea for a key security device! altoids tin you would use some batteries, and croduce a current through the key via copper wire. if someone (who knows the location of the keys) decides to take it they'll get a shocking suprise! to safely take the keys, just remove bateryes. oh and you mite have to coat the inside of the tin with something

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how to crack a wepkey?

I some how locked my self out of my router and i dont know wat the wep key or net work security key is there a way to crack the wep key? and i tried to reset the router and it still asks for a key

Asked by stormer1127 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

key-style "blooming" trinket box?

Hey guys!   I want to make an oval-shaped box that slowly "blooms" when I wind it up with a key. I have absolutely no idea where to start. I've scoured google over and over again for such an object, but to no avail. :(  Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'm desperate.  Thanks! ~J

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How does a car key turn on a car?

I was wondering how the inside of a car "tumbler/ ignition" worked? How does it know that it is the right key? and Is there a switch to tell if the key has been turned? or is it some digital encoder?

Asked by squirt8500 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I'm looking for a free alternative to those rubber rings that people put on keys to lessen the noise?

I've thought of Sugru, but that would cost more than actually buying the key covers. I want suggestions using stuff I can already find around the house. Thank you.

Asked by Shadow13! 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

mac keyboards

Can i use a mac keyboard on my windows computer

Posted by corey_caffeine 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Tritium encased in plastic: a few questions

My main question is, the Key fob being sold at  Deal Extreme, is it safe?   I seem to remember from one article that stated it is fairly safe as long as it remains exterior to the body (in other words, do grind it up and breath / snort it, and don't swallow it). Is that a fair (generally) statement? I am started to question some of the things I find and read at wiki-im-pedia     

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

music string

I was wonder how to make a electronic harp by connect the line to sound sensor. any one can help?

Posted by carlosong 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago