I would like to make a 20 strand Kumihimo braid. What is the pattern for this? Answered

I have a beadsmith square loom for Kumihimo braiding and it comes with a 10 strand flat braid pattern.  I would like to know how to weave a wider braid; 20 strands or more.  At the moment I am not so much interested in the pattern.

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Can you do a 16 strand beaded kumihimo braid? Answered

I have made 8 strand beaded kumihimo on a kumihimo disk.  I was wondering if it is possible to do a fully beaded 16 strand braid and if there are any tutorials?   I have searched and haven't found anything so far. Thank you for your time :)

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An 'ible on how to braid kumihimo with a maru-dai?

Can anyone make an Instructable on how to make a kumihimo braid with a maru dai? I've seen websites with tutorials for doing it by hand, but nothing for doing it with a maru dai. Maybe also include some patterns? Normally anyone seeking to learn how is recommended to the book, 250 Braids from Japan to Peru, or something else. However, i think we can do better. it would also hopefully make us the number 1 source for that method as well.

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How do I reverse an 8 strand kumihimo braid so that it creates a zig zag pattern?

A few months ago, I ordered a bracelet online that was made by tibetan monks called a rangzen bracelet... It symbolizes the freedom of tibet from china, buddhism, peace, ect. Anyway... It looked like a kumihimo or marudai braid and for the past two months Ive been wondering how the fudge they did it! If anyone knows anything about how to make a zig zag marudai or kumihimo braid, please let me know... Recommendations, links, emails, anything!! please contact me!! Thanks a bunch!!

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How do I create useful fiber from lemongrass? Answered

I have a big crop of lemongrass i planted to chase off pests. i use parts of it for tea/herbs.  i would like to process the fibery stalks to weave them for mats and/or kumihimo.  

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