Another langage Instructables ?

Hi everybody ! I'm french and i discovered yesterday at late night. What a (good) shock ! It's very impressive to see people have so many ideas ! As far as I know, we doesn't have the same kind of website in France (and again: as far as i know). It's too bad, I think some french people, and many others langage speakers could really be interessted ! So here's my question: can i make an instructables in full french if i want? As far as i made it in english too of course :) I really want to make people discover your great website. Thanks for your attention and my apologize if i'm posting in the wrong topic :3 

Posted by Zenki 4 years ago

Quebec excluded from contests?

I really wanted to know why contests are open to canadian members except Quebec? In my head, that does'nt make any sense, because even if the first langage is French, almost everyone speaks English too. If the reason is anything else, and if you know the answer to my question, please answer me. I would really like to have a chance to win a contest while sharing my creations with the world. Sincerely, Tjay42

Posted by Tjay42 6 years ago