Laptop Screen

Hi From Scotland I am looking at a Toshiba Satellite A200 27U the screen is black I have plugged the laptop into a moniter and everthings loads up and works so is it the Lcd that needs replaced or is there anything else I should check any help would be welcome.                                  Alibole

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Laptop Screens

Hi I have several laptop screens and I would like to link them to a dvd player so that I can have a movie running on the dvd and watch it from the screens positioned in my mancave Is this possible? does the type of screen make a difference ie brand T.I.A. Neil

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Reuse laptop screen

Hi I had the greates luck finding an old laptop screen in a dumpster at school (they're currently changing computers, dumping the old ones). When I got home I also found a Video to VGA converter, which made me think - can I somehow connect these two into a working screen for  let's say an old nintendo? Either that or I go back to find a compatible motherboard and videocard and rewire it somehow - but it most rather not. So, any ideas for how to make it work as a screen? :) Fact:  - IBM 12,1" TFT screen branded M360 - Konig Video to VGA converter Sorry for the bad images, Ipads camera kina sucks :)

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old laptop screen

I have an old laptop that I was wondering if I can still use the screen without the base thanks

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Toshiba laptop screen?

Hi From Scotland Hope someone can help I am not a complete novice I do some repairs to family members desktops but never tried a laptop, so the its a Toshiba Satellite A200-27U the screen is black I have tried on a mionter and everthing  works fine so is it the Lcd or something else I could look any help would be welcome . Alibole

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connecting laptop screens?

I have several old laptop screens and I would like to connect them together to show movies in my mancave using a dvd player is this possible

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laptop monitor with xbox??

Hi got a screen from a Dell laptop and I thought immediately portable xbox:)so then I just wonder how to connect xbox monitor cable to the screen?

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PS2 Laptop?

How can I turn a ps2 into a laptop? I would like to rearrange the components of the (fat) ps2 into a more squarish shape and be able to house like a 15" screen: a replacement laptop screen from ebay for example. Fully functional ps2 Built in screen Built in keyboard 2+ usb slots controller/mem card inputs on the sides and a single power supply to power the ps2 and the screen Any help would be great, thanks

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how to change a laptop screen? Answered

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Laptop Monitor Into TV Screen?

My tv is broken (unrelivaent) would there be a way of using my laptop to play my ps3 on? (i have a dell insperon laptop

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Upgrade Laptop Screen resolution

I want to upgrade the screen on my 17" HP ENVY 17T-j100 QE CTO Laptop. I now have a 1600x900 resolution I want to install a 1920x1080 resolution screen, Can I do that? If I cannot why, if I can do I have to change anything else?

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How Interchangeable are Laptop Screens?

Can I replace an HP Mini 311 or 210 HD netbook screen with the HP Envy’s 15” 1920 x 1080 screen? I can order the netbook and the Envy’s screen with both the power inverter and the display cable from HP’s website. My ultimate goal is to make a super tablet like this one here:   It should work right, as long as the display cable is the same and I use the Envy's power inverter?

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reuse an old laptop screen?

I have some old laptops that do not have the speed needed for today's internet but I would like to 'harvest' their screens which are in excellent shape. Is there a way to separate and rewire so that I could use the screens as second lcd's for my existing computers?

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LCD laptop screen on XBOX

Hi, I have a broken laptop i would like to know how i can do to use his LCD screen on my XBOX. My xbox is softmoded so it would be a cool portable xbox. Thanks for your help and ideas. Dim

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Laptop External Screen Problem

My Dell Latitude D820 screen broke today. I have no idea how, because it was in a car, and worked fine when I put it in, and was cracked and full of lines when I took it out. I never realised how flimsy the screen was ,or how prone to breaking. I will get the screen replaced next week, but my problem right now is that I have to do some urgent work on it, and as I cannot see anything on the laptop screen, I plugged in a desktop screen in the back, but it does not work. Nothing happens. The power light on the desktop monitor just keeps flashing, and I have tried everything from re-booting to inserting the interface when the laptop is on - but nothing works! I understood that if you wanted a bigger screen, all you had to do was plug in a bigger screen and forget about the laptop screen - but this does not seem to be the case! Help!

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wireless screen

What would be the best way to make a wireless display? A display that can be carried around (within like 30ft which seems to be fairly standard for wireless). It would need some batteries to power it I imagine, but I have no idea how you would go about sending and receiving the video signal. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great! Not a laptop, just a display, no other functions.

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how to wire an laptop screen to a pc?

how to wire an laptop screen to a pc?

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Make a Laptop Screen into a Monitor for PC

I have a laptop screen laying around and i want to be able to make it into a monitor for my pc. if anybody has any ideas please post them. thx

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Is there any possibility that i can use the laptop screen of my broken laptop as a LCD monitor for my desktop???

I have a Hp laptop whose mother board is fried. but the screen seems to be in good shape. i want to use it as an LCD monitor for my desktop. please help

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laptop battery? Answered

I have a dell laptop which does not seem to charge when I try to charge it with the power lead. At the bottom of my screen it says 'plugged in, not charging'. What can I do to make it to charge? The power supply always overheats and gets in my way.

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lines on laptopscreen

Hi all I ahve a laptop that has developed 'lines' doewn the screen, they seem to be pressure lines as when presseing the chsassis they go away. Any idea how to repair ?

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projecting my laptop

Ok so i decided to build the overhead lcd projector But i would really like to be able to project my laptop screen, how would I make the lcd screen show what my laptop is showing. My macbook has a mini-DVI port in it. can this be done?

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laptop parts

Hi I'm parting out my old toshiba a135-s2276, have one that needs a fan or just want the 14" lcd screen for a project let's make a deal. I'm willing to let it go piece by piece or you can buy it all for $150 us. that said most everything works I can't confirm the viability of the CPU and the MOBO is fried. computer is already disassembled. will accept check or pay pal.

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dust under my laptop screen?

I have a pavilion dv7 and i have some spots on my screen and it looks like it could be dust. is there anyway i can take the screen apart for i can clean it? thank you

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Touchscreen for 14" widescreen laptop

Hello, I'm looking to turn an old laptop into a wall mounted terminal and I was wanting to use a touchscreen as the interface. Does anyone know any good vendors for a cheap 14" widescreen touch overlay or better yet instructions on how to build one? Thanks!

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laptop cooler

My laptop gets really hot after about 30 minutes of Internet browsing and after 1 hour of gaming (I don't know why maybe because of the modem????) so I really need a cooler. I have three 1 or 2 inch (let me know if a need exact) fans I could use and wood legos knex and rokenbok. I have a hp pavilion dv6409us laptop with a 17.5 inch screen. if you need a picture of the bottom of the laptop so I can show you the hot spots and the fan let me know.

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Wireless Screen monitor?

I know this is not a new though and people have been asking on this forum. However I didn't find a similar solution to mine and thus I would like to ask for the possibility of success. Situation: A laptop, fully working, a desktop monitor, fully working also Want: A wireless VGA between the laptop and the monitor, so I can use my laptop in one side of my room, while having the monitor sits in other corner, within 5 meter Proposed solution: A wireless kit [url][/url], so one end attaches to the VGA port of the laptop, of course a a simple will be needed to input the VGA signal into the microcontroller. The receiver will also be attached to the desktop monitor with an appropriate circuit. is it a possible solution? if so, what could the appropriate circuit be please?

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how to fix your laptop from having a blackout screen?

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Combine Old laptop Screen to Broken Monitor

I need help connecting a screen from a broken laptop to a broken screen monitor. please contact me thanks in regard

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Polarized Lights and Laptops

I was taking apart a laptop's LCD screen and found that sandwiched between the light source and the liquid crystal display were what appeared to be a vertical and horizontal polarized filter. Why is this? I always got the impression that LCD displays had the polarizers attached to the screen itself. Why would there be an extra set of polartization filters behind the screen? Or... am I just plain wrong in thinking the polarization is on the LCD itself? Could these be the only polarization filters? I have searched all over the internet for the answer to these questions, but I think I am just more confused. If these are extra polarization filters, the only thing I can imagine that they are doing is making the screen darker. Any ideas?

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how do I dissemble a hp pavilion dv6-3105ea laptop screen?

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how to change a laptop monitor screen into TV?

I have a "IBM Think-pad, i-Seriese 1445" Laptop monitor screen..... i want to change it into TV, please guied me how i can convert it into TV

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how do i rewire an old laptop screen and i mean just the laptop screen to work as a second monitor?

I am trying to make a movie projector form a OHP but the lcd screen i have doesn't have a way of attaching my laptop too it. i just have the lcd screen. period

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How to build a video or picture frame with just a old IBM thinkpad laptop screen?

How to build a video or picture frame with just a old IBM thinkpad laptop screen? I have a just a laptop screen and want to be able to power it up and and hook add a video in put to it.

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Can I repurpose some parts off of an old compaq laptop?

I had an old laptop (about to throw it away but i stripped it beforehand). It had a cd drive and some other junk i prolly won't use. I want to take the screen and keyboard out and see if I can do anything with em. Now heres the meat of the question. How, or more importantly can, I take the screen (LG Phillips LP150X08) and wire it to my current laptop with a serial port (serial right? the one i can plug an external screen onto) and use it as an extension of my screen. Part 2 Can I take the keyboard and wire it to my laptop (PS/2 or USB) it has some strange ribbon cable idk what to call it. I have the mobo and all circuitry from the laptop if that means anything. The pic is of the screen with cables coming off of it. The little i shaped connector thing was from the wifi signal ignore it. also the screen has a bunch of circuitry at the top. If you need any more details feel free to ask.

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Laptop Privacy Hood

Any ideas for a simple but sturdy hood to shield the sunlight from a laptop screen?This one looks perfect.But these look more simple to make from cardboard.Requirements are that the hood would fit securely, not damage the laptop case or screen and fold flat in the laptop bag for storage and transport.

Topic by unklstuart 9 years ago

Intel NUC with Old Laptop Screen ?

Hi, I have a Lenovo dead laptop. Is it possible i can connect  Interl NUC Kit with Laptop screen as well as the laptop H.D.D, memory ? Any tips or suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks

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Can i replace a laptop screen with the screen from a lcd monitor. I understand they have to be the same size,?

Laptop is Compaq Presario QC-60 420-US

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Can I use my old laptop as a second monitor without a Graphics card?

I have an old Toshiba A60. used it for a few years then bought an Acer 8920g with a 512mb graphics card about a year ago. I got bored and wanted to experiment with the old laptop. I read this instructable however i ran into a few problems.Well the first one is i sold the hard drive from the laptop, that isn't really a problem as the instructions doesn't require a laptop with a hard drive, however this does rule out many other uses for the old laptop. The major problem is that i'm 99.9% sure the graphics card has become damaged. The rest of the laptop is still in working order it manages to boot an ubuntu live-cd. My question is can i create something similar to that in the instructable, perhaps by powering everything from my new laptop graphics wise. I don't mind tearing apart the laptop, infact i would prefer to create a new case for it.

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Dead laptop

My acer aspire 6920 laptop doesn't boot. I have tried the POWER RESET (as an option specified on the acer website), by removing the battery, unplugging, and holding the power button for 20-30 seconds. This had no effect.How it happened:I was playing a game called Warzone2100 on Ubuntu, and it FROZE, so i did a hard shutdown and then.....When I press the power button the following happens:>The Cinedash, and power button light come on . The Hard drive and Cd-rom, fan, and HDD start-up as well.>The hard drive light above the caps lock and num lock indicators flashes seven times consistently, with about a 3/4 of a second between each flash.>The system shuts off completely>(without anyone pressing the power button)The system turns back on and nothing happened.>The system requires a hard shut down.During this entire period NOTHING shows up on the screen, and the back light stays off.I think my BIOS is a PHOENIX and according to some research 7 BIOS beeps means its a bad processor. So I think my flashing light could be a Bios indicator.If my conclusion is true, do laptop processors cost ? and where would I be able to get one ?Are they easy to install ? are they interchangeable with desktop processors ?BTW My processor is an Intel Centrino T5750 Dual Core 2.0ghz.Thanks to anyone who helps me out !

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Laptop touch screen from webcam?

I had a quick look around for something like this, but couldn't find anything. Place some kind of mirror / lens / prism over the webcam at the top of my laptop's screen so that it can register the screen itself + software to track finger(s) touching the screen. = (multi)touch screen. The angle would be easy, figuring the distance of the finger from the camera would be trickier... You might not get amazingly good resolution, but it should be enough for iPhone type scrolling sweeps and simple button pushing etc. Thoughts?

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how do i use an old laptop as a screen for my 360?

Question by Numb-Nuts 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

what is the size of my laptop screen?

 i have a hp dv8t with an advertised 18.4" screen it's got edge to edge glass and i want to get a screen protector for it.  i've searched but i can't find anyone that makes a screen protector for my computer so i figured i'll just make my own out of piece of screen protector the same size (simply missing the holes for the microphone and presumably the rounded corners on my screen).  HP's website lists the screen size as 18.4 " but it says it's dimensions are 17.16" wide (maybe i'm just reading it wrong) .  There's the link for where HP has the specs for my computer.  If you can help with any of my questions, thanks!

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Can I use an old laptop screen for a computor monitor or TV? Answered

I have an old laptop screen and I was wondering if I could reuse it for anything.

Question by DIY Dave 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Old laptop LCD screen as a monitor?

Hey guys, im wondering if it is possible to use my old LCD screen from my laptop as a stand-alone monitor? if so how? help will be greatly received! Thanks -SamoJT

Question by SamoJT 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

blue screen of death on my laptop

Ok i installed updates and when i restarted and logged on, my start bar showed up as the old windows 98 bar, and then my computer blue screened with this message stop: c00002la {fatal system error} the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 {0x00000000 0x00000000} the system has been shut down so i cannot do anything but go to the setup menu to look at the system, i cannot log on to windows without bluescreening everytime

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Old laptop avle to be turned to a monitor?

Is it possible to turn a laptop into another monitor?If so please share, and tell if you can use two monitors at the same time, one being a box and another being the laptop?also is it possible to slide stuff over to it and make more space?(does that make sense?)example in pic.... Batchers Unite

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I want to purchase a laptop for my daughter. 15 inch screen, win xp, fairly fast. What is your opinion of Dell?

Question by tmckinneyebony 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

ubuntu broken laptop screen help? Answered

New to ubuntu for a few days! :popcorn: but sadly dropped my laptop yesterday and before it broke i was using it with my desctop on the  laptop and using my external monitor to open documents so i can surf the web and read ebooks at the same time! please help me see my desktop on my external screen! using a packard bell dot and ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala!](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)

Question by Lesedi 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago