Is there any way to make a piece of leather stiff/rigid without distorting it to much?

Looking to make a leather and canvas bag, the bottom 2-3" in leather, and the top canvas; with a zipper closure between the two sections . Would like the leather to be stightly rigid/stiff so that the bag will stand up straight and not sag.

Asked by Immeknotu 7 years ago

A have this old leather book bag do any of you guys know what I should do with it?

I have this leather bag it's a very light brown color I want something to do with it like make a sling or a wallet maybe so that's it I think.

Asked by Firelad 5 years ago

How do a cut and etch a belt out on a laser cutter when the leather is larger than the machine?!

Hi I would like to cut and etch leather to make belts.  However, the hides are large and even if I roughly cut the size it may fit width wise but length wise it will be too long.  I could perhaps try to line it up then shift it along but this isn't very precise and if I'm etching a pattern I fear I wouldn't line it up very well....   Also does anyone know what to treat leather with after it's been etched? after my experimentation it smells and leaves a black residue on your skin if you touch it.  I appreciate all and any answers! cheers, Lara.

Asked by laraamelia 5 years ago

leather alternative? Answered

Is there a good alternative to leather cord for this project?Thank you!

Asked by sheabo 7 months ago

Leather forming/embossing

Hi all, Curious how this necklace has been achieved. The description said the links are leather. The designer also does a lot of embossing with leather but this one is puzzling me...

Posted by jarris 4 years ago

Can you suggest ideas for recycling leather from a broken recliner? More imaginative than belts, purses or pouches.

It seems a terrible waste of quality leather to just trash this chair. Can you help with creative uses of the leather pieces I could salvage?

Asked by febert 9 years ago

I can't find websites that teach you how ot make things with leather.... anyone know of one?

I have been searching online for about an hour and I can't find a website that will teach you the basics of leather working, and how to make things outta leather. All I'm finding are leather suppliers, online stores to buy leather and leather items, and I don't need any of that. So if anyone knows of a website that shows you how to's and stuff with leather, please let me know!

Posted by Fendermage435 9 years ago

How can I adhere an engraved nameplate to my leather Bible cover?

Adhere metal to leather

Asked by 9 years ago

how do you tan a fish skin as in turning it into leather?

Looking for ways to tan a fish skin as into leather

Asked by 8 years ago

High Quality Leather for a Journal

My friend and I really want to find a leather journal, but so far we've had no success so I thought it might be easier to just make one but for that we need to find some good leather.  I have no idea where to find leather, so any advice will help.  I live in Westerville OH but anywhere near columbus would be good too.  I don't want to have to buy leather off of the internet because then I can't feel it and assess its quality.

Posted by dustin61 8 years ago

Burnt Leather! How can I get rid of the smell?? Answered

I recently used our amazing laser cutter on leather. The product was awesome (soon to be posted!) but three days later it still stinks! What can I do??

Asked by scoochmaroo 9 years ago

Where can i find small quantities of leather?

So I'm making my Halloween costume and I'm making some leather Armour (for my arms and legs) but i have no idea where to find leather. Does anyone know if fabric stores might have some? that would be most helpful. (I'm also avoiding buying online)

Asked by monsterlego 5 years ago

How can I transfer an inkjet full color photograph to a textured leather surface?

I want to print a full color photograph on a wide format HP inkjet printer on to some kind of transfer paper and then transfer that image to leather that has a textured surface. The problem is getting the image down into the grain of the leather and not just on the raised surface of the leather obtaining a complete and clear image.

Asked by 9 years ago

How do you change the color of leather? Answered

I have a brown wallet my girlfriend got me that she thought was black (she's colorblind), bc i like black so much. I like the wallet a lot, only problem is it's brown. I tried polishing it with black leather polish, but that hardly changed it.

Asked by tigerdog330 8 years ago

Will the finalists in the leather contest ever be announced?

The title says it all. The contest should originally have ended the same time as the PUMPKIN CHALLENGE and PRESERVE IT! CONTEST but it have been changed to end november 11. If that is the case shouldn't the finalists have been announced by now?

Posted by Andersenleather 2 years ago

Studding leather

Hey guys, Okay so I came across a bunch of spiked studs which I throught were screw on, but it turns out they're not. The backs look like they should be able to hammer into the stud... but Im not sure of how. I've tried as many ways as I could think of to hammer them in but the stud always slips sideways preventing the back from going in .... Anybody have any ideas?

Posted by lyingsage 10 years ago

What kind of leather projects are you interested in seeing Instructables for?

I am new to this site, but I have been working with leather for a little while and I have over 200 projects done. I have also done work with metal fabrication (custom BBQ pits), foam sculpting, engraving, sand blasting, stained glass, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am by no means an expert, but I am better at some things than I am at others. Is there anything in particular you would like to see instructions for or do you just want me to shoot from the hip?

Posted by tony.fantasia 3 years ago

i need a tutorial on how to decorate the surface of leather?

I have tried working in leather a few times, and i would like to know how to make shapes and patterns on the leather using water and different tools, however not by cutting/carving the leather.

Asked by shalow 9 years ago

How to glue silicone to leather ?

Hi I need to glue silicone to leather, i've tried to glue it with various glue but it always comes off... is there any known way to glue very good , silicone to leather ? thanks!

Posted by giorgiomartini 4 years ago

Leather: I want to make a full ace leather mask, any help? Answered

Well I wanted to make something like these, but less complex and maybe only the bottom half and a monocle attachment. I understand the basics of leather but was confused in how to: • Attach leather to brass • plan a mask • create a mouthepeice any and all help would be great!!! :)

Asked by MrSalvador 8 years ago

leather classes? Answered

Are these classes free?

Asked by TheresaD42 7 months ago

Where can I get (faux) leather for cheap?

With all the steampunk instructables involving leather, it begs the question of where I can get some leather. Real or fake, I don't care, whichever is cheaper.

Posted by greynolds1 6 years ago

Different weights of leather? Answered

I have some 3.25 oz leather and some 4.5 oz leather what would be good beginner and intermediate projects could I do?

Asked by firewall_03 1 year ago

leather inlay coffee table

I have a wood coffee table with a leather inlay in the top.  how do i clean it and/or polish it without damaging the leather?

Asked by tazmo1972 8 years ago

Preparing the leather? Answered

Hey,my name is zakwanI never done any project on leather yet and i just doing research about leather nowYour class is really helping a newbie like me,thanks a lot.My question is do we need to prepare the leather before we tools it?I read in other article that they casing the leatherSome put the leather in warm waterSome spray the water on the leatherSome put some oil on their leatherMost of them say to avoid the dry leather and make it easier to tool withSo, for chrome tanned do we need to do anything before we tool it?

Asked by AunullahZ 1 year ago

Can leather be re-tanned/re-dyed a darker color?

I have some leather that has already been tanned/dyed and I want to know if I can make it a darker color with leather dye/paint. (Not sure what the difference between dying and tanning is and not sure if I need dye or paint. Whichever will make the leather a darker brown.) Can anyone help?

Asked by iwillspy13 6 years ago

How to prepare leather? Answered

I would like to know how i can choose leather and prepare it for tooling

Asked by NevilleS6 1 year ago

Is chrome tanned leather safe to wear? Answered

Is chrome tanned leather safe to wear directly on skin?

Asked by marcellahella 2 years ago

Buying Tools & Leather? Answered

I am from Singapore. Facing difficulties to buy the right tools, hardware, accessories & leather in this of the world. There are few leather crafters and most are not willing to share sources of supply

Asked by hssken 1 year ago

heavy duty snap source for making leather bracelets?

Hi,   Have been looking at the tutorials for making leather bracelets.  Purchased a snap setter from a craft store but the snaps aren't deep enough.  The leather is too thick for the snaps, it barely gets through the leather.   There's no way it could make the connection to attach the snaps to the leather.  The leather I'm using is about 1/8" or 3mm thick; about the thickness of a belt.  Suggestions for sources? Thanks!

Asked by justkim 8 years ago

Best thread for stitching and sewing leather? Answered

It has been recommended by many leather experts to use a strong thread for stitching or sewing leather. Would someone please inform me of the right or best thread to use? Thank you very much!

Asked by blkhawk 5 years ago

Water stained leather? Answered

How do you remove water streaks or stains from leather that has gotten wet?

Asked by baraptor 1 year ago

Glueing leather to wood? Answered

So what kind of glue would you suggest to adhere leather to flat wooden panels?

Asked by Grimm10169 1 year ago

Where Should I Get Leather If I Have No Mailing Address?

I have been wanting to make a leather notebook for a while now, but haven't been able to find any and can't order any online. Any ideas?

Posted by NomadHobbyist 3 years ago

Leather choice Answered

I've decided to draft my own bag design, and I'm basing it on this bag. What kind of leather should I use? From the structure of the bag, I'd expect something heavier/thicker for the body, and thinner for the straps. I want the leather edges to be finished and for the leather to be red and have a hide-like texture.

Asked by impied 2 years ago

Faux leather? Answered

So I am starting some basic projects and I plan on making mistakes, so since leather is expensive material I have been rolling around with the idea of using cheap faux leather. Any draw backs to this? Any Cheap alternatives or ways to get leather at cheaper prices?

Asked by tony365 1 year ago

Where can I buy large quantities of CHEAP leather in UK?

Where can I buy large quantities of CHEAP leather in UK? (or artificial leather - eg. rexine) sheets in the UK? Preferably large sizes. I need to make lots of cushions. Thanks.

Asked by MicroKID 9 years ago

can finished leather be dyed and carved? Answered

Tandy has white finished leather on sale. 3 oz thickness

Asked by laurielee 1 year ago

how to make a sprayable leather scent?

Many years ago I purchased an essential oils mixture from a small company that sadly is no longer in business.  This spay smelled exactly like leather, but I have no idea what the actual makeup was.  The closest thing I have found commercially is the leather scented air freshener from Yankee Candle.  Aside from running the inventory of a Wilson's Leather Store through a juicer, does anyone know a recipe for a leather scent?

Asked by Lorddrake 2 years ago

Casing the leather? Answered

Hello my name is zakwanThis is my first time to try doing project with leather and i try to do my research. And my question is before we start tooling with our leather do we need to do something? Like casing the leather? I read some people put the leather into warm water and some just spray some water on the leather.I also read someone put some oil on his leather before start tooling and after making the holesIs it important to do those steps?Btw I thil your class is very informative for a beginner like me and i am waiting for my tools to arrive and start my own leather project. Thanks

Asked by AunullahZ 1 year ago

How to sew leather handlebars ?

Anyone knows how to hand sew leather handlebars ? I'd be glad if someone could post an 'ible about it. Thanks.

Posted by lordofthedonuts 9 years ago

Wallet Leather Type Answered

Hello, I'm going to be making my leather wallet soon, and I wanted to know what type of leather you used. I love the color and texture! Is there somewhere I can purchase it? Thanks, Dylan

Asked by DylanD581 2 years ago

How to glue silicone to leather ? ?

Hi I need to glue silicone to leather, i've tried to glue it with various glue but it always comes off... is there any known way to glue very good , silicone to leather ? thanks! :)

Asked by giorgiomartini 4 years ago

How can I stretch my leather chaps?

I have some beautiful made-to-measure leather chaps, but they are too tight around the knee, which makes getting in the saddle difficult. Any ideas about how stretch them?

Asked by Angela Elliott 9 years ago

'Leather' channel under 'Workshop'?

I believe a 'Leather' channel under the 'Workshop' category would be a good idea. I say this, because I'm often looking for leather-related instructables, and I suspect that many other people are, too. Leatherworking is as much its own specialized skill as sewing, woodworking, electronics, etc. Maybe you could even inaugurate the grand opening with a contest. :)

Posted by ericrasmussen 6 years ago