I am trying to make a led project with 2 c bat and a knife switch and it does not work the led says 2.5 volts whats wrong?

Posted by gja132 10 years ago

LEDs in Canada

I was wondering where i can get LEDs in canada.

Posted by Alcreion 10 years ago

LED, the trend of the future in the lighting industry

LED is more and more popular worldwide. I think it should be the trend of the future in the lighting industry

Posted by ledssonledlight 7 years ago

LED wireless

Hello everyone... anybody has any information about Wireless LED's ? or what is the mechanism of them ? Like The Fraunhofer LED that are wireless !!!

Posted by mojtabaw 3 years ago

Where to get LEDs in the USA for low cost per led???

Hey everyone, where can i get some LEDs in the USA from a manufacturer? max price per led is 11 cent! please help. kingbright is a little o the higher side. :(

Posted by led235 9 years ago

Simple Resistance Question

I am wiring some LEDs in series-parallel using a 9v battery. The schematic I've been looking at online as a reference shows resistors being used but doesn't say what size. Here is the layout: |-- LED -- LED -- LED -- resistor?--| |-- LED -- LED -- LED -- resistor?--| |-- LED -- LED -- LED -- resistor?--| |--9v-----------------------------------------| I assume it's a simple calculation but I haven't worked with this stuff in a few years. Thanks in advance.

Posted by L3fty 6 years ago

(Online) LED stores

So I noticed there are a lot of LED 'ibles so I am creating a trying to keep the best in this forum.LED HK on Ebay has many lots of 100 of a variety of colors of LED's for only $8.Link: http://myworld.ebay.com/led-hk/The Electronic Goldmine has specific LED's and miscellaneous assortments of LED's.Link: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/departments.asp?dept=1088Help this forum grow by commenting with your favorite online LED retailer(s).

Posted by bomberman3 10 years ago

LEDs and resistors

I notice a lot of people tell you to always put a resistor on an LED. Should I use a resistor if my LED's forward voltage is the same as my power supply?

Posted by bomberman3 10 years ago

3W LED Driver

I Want to design a 3W led driver with 9V dc and 350 mA ouput.

Posted by gaurravi11 4 years ago

Suggestion: LED flyies

I've seen LED throwies, LED floaties but not LED flyies. Since I don't yet have my camera and I don't have an interest in throwies but I know a lot of people do... Anyone fancy making an LED flyies instructable? LEDs and button batteries, taped together and taped to the bottom of helium filled balloons. The balloons then tied together with cotton thread to make a mat of flying LEDs! Any takers?

Posted by Jayefuu 9 years ago

help to build a led light sheet with 100 3mm leds

I Need help to build a led light sheet with 100 3mm LEDs they are 3.5v LEDs I have never worked with LEDs before or resistors so please keep it in simple terms. the idea is to use a 12v battery and reduce it to 3.5v supply any ideas comments are appreciated

Posted by YARTZ 10 years ago

undervoltage LED

If you undervoltage and LED (by like .05 volts) you don't need a resistor, right?

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago


I want to make a project using leds...except I cant figure out what to buy. Can someone help? Like the voltage and the type of led.

Posted by Batryn 9 years ago

LED doofus question

I have some LEDs of unknown origin, and I was wondering if there is a way to find out their voltages?

Posted by darryllicht 10 years ago

Free LED

Where can I find a lot of free LED lights with free or cheap, but quick shipping?

Posted by metalshiflet 4 years ago

Resistors and LED question

Hello, I have a quick question about resistors and LEDs. If I am making an LED flashlight, do I attach the resistor to the (-) side or the (+) side? Thanks!

Posted by jknight 10 years ago

can someone help me make an LED Light line

Hi guys, im doing  ahistory project and im trying to make it so that i can have a line of LED's that will make LED 1 turn on, and as LED 2 turns on LED 1 turns off, LED 3 turns on LED 2 turns off, and so on and so forth, and activated by a switch? Can someone Help me?

Posted by Demont 8 years ago

LED Contacts

What is the best way to affix an LED contact to a watch battery without soldering it and risking damage to the battery? Help

Posted by ropor 10 years ago

LED basics

Found a website with a really great "LED basics" type tutorial. Hope it is helpful!http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/led.htm

Posted by 8bit 9 years ago

Coming Soon: LED contest

Coming soon, very soon, a new LED contest. Details to come.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Has anybody made an LED cube with 0603s or something small?

Just curious if anybody has done a mini LED cube with surface mount LEDs.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 9 years ago

led bulb dimmer

How to make a dimmer for led bulbs which are non-dimmable type?

Posted by allwynkumar 11 months ago

LEDs - Is there a way to transmit an LED light wireless to another location?

Is there a way to transmit an LED light wireless to another location without having to attach to the original LED itself?  In other words, the transmitting device would capture the LED light when it turns on via a fiber optical cable or other light capturing device and then transmit the light to the receiver.  Actually, the light does not have to be duplicated, just some sort of signal sent to the receiver to indicate when the LED is illuminated, but again without having to solder the original LED.  

Posted by tmal123 3 years ago


I need add a Led activity on a USB connector, can anybody help me?

Posted by peltawar 9 years ago

Achieving different colors with RGB LEDs

 Does anyone know if it is possible to get brown with RGB LEDs?

Posted by pilferingpanda 8 years ago

LED strips design?

How are these LED strips wired? I know they must be in parallel but what kind of resistors and how many LEDs per parallell? If anyone has a diagram of a good layout on how to string up 48 green LEDs with a 12v power supply, it'd be much appreciated.http://cgi.ebay.com/300mm-Flexible-Led-Strip-w-30pcs-Green-Leds-Extendable_W0QQitemZ200170044029QQihZ010QQcategoryZ66949QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItemandhttp://cgi.ebay.com/48CM-PVC-LIGHT-STRIPE-STRIP-IN-48-LED-BULB-LAMP-GREEN_W0QQitemZ300169468922QQihZ020QQcategoryZ66949QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Posted by mrshow555 11 years ago

White LED Variety Pack: 5mm, 8mm, Piranha, 12 Volt Led Board With Resistor

  http://www.ebay.com/itm/130922282764?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_303wt_1084         Includes: One 12 volt LED board with 6 white LEDs and resistor. Six 8mm wide angle white LEDs. Six 5mm wide angle white Piranha LEDs  Ten 5mm 15-30 degree white LEDs   $6 Shipping included

Posted by luxstar 5 years ago

Animatied 3x3x3 LED Cube !

A guy named "portreathbeach" built this simple 3x3x3 LED matrix. It uses a PIC16F690 in a ZIF socket for the brains. Each layer has nine LEDs with the cathodes tied together. The anodes from each LED are connected to the LED below. The LEDs are multiplexed so that even though all layers appear to be on, they're being addressed individually. Video of the matrix in motion below !!

Posted by =SMART= 10 years ago

High-Tech LED Throwie

Posted by UgniusR 6 years ago

Free LED Wanted

If any body has any led their not using im in need and yes i know dumpster diving and marl.com

Posted by CarStalkerZ 10 years ago

Led Pool Lights How/Ideas???

I want to make some underwater LED lights. Any ideas on DIY? thanks

Posted by R4fo 10 years ago

LED Power consumption ?

I'm building a solar powered lighting for a farm, what will be the power consumption for a 10 white led.

Posted by yousaf65 8 years ago

SMD Led's

I have just purchased SMD LED's from China. They come on a strip. How do I remove them from the strip to use them individually?

Posted by epf321 3 years ago

reusing LCD LED strips

I have just cannibalized an LCD (B156XW02) I managed to save the LED strip and the control board that it attaches to. was kinda wondering how to reuse the LEDS on this strip. any ideas?

Posted by Revolverkiller 5 years ago

led switch

My dad is redoing his basement and he wants to have a panel of switches with leds above them.  so that when the switch is on the led above it is on to.  does anyone know how to do this?

Posted by tic tac man 8 years ago

LED Belt

Would 4x AA batteries, light up 9 LED's in Parallel?(With a resistor of course) The LED's are 3 volt. I am making an LED belt for my Friend. I wired it up and only the red LED's lit up for some reason.( The colors used are red, green, and 1 blue) is there a problem in amperage or is there a short or something?

Posted by Jordo 10 years ago

2 Different LEDs on One Circuit?

If I have a Red Led that takes 2v and a green led that takes 3.2 volts...then can i use 5.2 volts to power them?? Will that work without giving too much juice to the Red LED?? THANKS!

Posted by Joe426 11 years ago

3V Resistor and LED

What would be a good Ohmed resistor for an LED running on a 3V power source? 3.2-3.4V typ with a 3.8V max.

Posted by Brennn10 9 years ago

LED circuitry help

Hello, I am wanting to make an LED circuit consisting of 11 blue LED's and a 9v battery. Can someone tell me which LED's to use, which resistor to use, how the LED's should be aligned (series/parallel), etc. for this? I do not know electricity very well at all and would rather not screw this up. Thank you

Posted by jgruber1 5 years ago

Temperature and LEDs

Is there a way to control a group of LEDs or even an RGB LED with some sort of temperature sensor/thermometer? I'm new to electronics and wanted to know if you could have a Red LED glow when something relatively hot/warm was near and have a Blue LED glow when something relatively cold/cool was near by. I'm new to electronics and was just curious

Posted by smkoberg 9 years ago

Prize addition for Get the LED Out! Contest

The runner-up prizes in the Get the LED Out! Contest now include $50 worth of LEDs from Phenoptix.Long-time visitors may remember that Phenoptix put up LEDs as prizes in the last LED contest and we're happy to see them here again.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago


Does anyone have any informational sites and or plans to wire up leds to scan back and forth like on the knight rider car?

Posted by autoflow 10 years ago

can leds do seies?

I know that this is a pretty noobish question but can LEDs be used in series or only in parallel like bulbs?

Posted by NetReaper 9 years ago

Leds To Ac Main 220v ?

Hello i want to build leds that work with ac main 220v i am fond of the leds . i want to glow up one led  with few components with full brightness ? sorry for my english . thanks in advance ?

Posted by malik8801 4 years ago


Where can i get LEDs?!?!?!?!?! i see all these awsome projects but i cant find LEDs. please recomend a american store or send me a link. thx!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by laxfreak 11 years ago

chasing led light circuit

 I would like to make a set of chasing LED's, something small and portable. My son wants to be a ghostbuster for halloween and I would like to put chasing LED's on the proton pack.

Posted by youaintwrong 8 years ago

Near-IR LEDs

Does anyone know of a good Near-IR LED that emits at about 775nm? Looking for a compact, high output package. Thanks

Posted by scaylos 10 years ago

LEDs strips

who can help me, i need to make a very long LED strip, and i dont know how to do it, thnx for yor help :)

Posted by eyoung1 7 years ago

looking for 1.5v LEDs

Anybody know where I can buy some LEDs that will work with a single 1.5v coin cell battery?  Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 5 years ago

Get the LED Out! Contest Update: LEDs added to the prizes!

The Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners in the Get the LED Out! contest will also receive $75 in LEDs from Phenoptix in addition to the t-shirt and TV-B-Gone kit.Many thanks to Ben (aka Phenoptix) for putting up this awesome extra prize. All right, everyone, you have five more days to make something awesome with LEDs. Get to it!

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago