I am trying to make a led project with 2 c bat and a knife switch and it does not work the led says 2.5 volts whats wrong?

Posted by gja132 9 years ago

Two Color LED help? Answered

Does anyone know how to wire a two color LED?

Asked by Redfox888888 9 years ago

Replacing LEDs on a LED fan? Answered

If the LEDs are the same voltage, can i just cut the wires on the LED fan, and just simply re-solder the new LEDs onto the wires? I have been looking at several Instructables about replacing the LEDs on a fan, and they all have complicated re-wiring ideas..Can't you just simply replace the LEDs with the news ones?

Asked by ramroids55 9 years ago

Led stroboscope help

I success to make a led stroboscope with an arduino uno and a 50watt high power led. but the problem was with the lumen of the led. the on time duration of the led is 500 microsecond and the led intensity is poor. i don't know how to make it and maintain the intensity of the led. note that i used a driver for the led "32vdc" and the led is 32vdc .

Asked by hamada_bio 1 year ago

Resisters and LEDs? Answered

I was wondering when i wire LEDs together does there have to be a resister for every LED? (i making an arc reactor with 7 LEDs)

Asked by Emsaid 9 years ago

LEDs in Canada

I was wondering where i can get LEDs in canada.

Posted by Alcreion 9 years ago

LED car lighting problem!

I put some LED's in car, connected them to door sensors, but ~2V still flowing trough when door is closed (I think because sensors are grounded to frame) and LED's stay barely lit. So I need something to stop current. What would be my best option?

Asked by KozisKey 7 years ago

LED, the trend of the future in the lighting industry

LED is more and more popular worldwide. I think it should be the trend of the future in the lighting industry

Posted by ledssonledlight 7 years ago

add more leds? Answered

Dear Becky the sketch compile and work fine with the exemption of the last led who light dim I suspect a wrong resistor value, no was good a bad led,no was good ,change to another pin ,no luckmake a slow delay and measure the volts out ,on the first four 4,8 on the last just 1.7 ,no errors nothing wrong even change boards int d = 1500;void setup(){for (int led = 6; led pinMode(led,OUTPUT); }}void loop(){ for (int led=6; led digitalWrite(led, HIGH ); delay (d); digitalWrite(led,LOW); } for (int led = 10;led > 6;led--){ //loop go down digitalWrite(led,HIGH); delay (d); digitalWrite(led,LOW); } }

Asked by MMBDELP 1 year ago

what leds do i need to make a LED cube 8X8X8? Answered

i have looked at the instructions and it does give a rough indication of the type of LEDs that are needed but i am still confused. this is the link that i am using to build the LED cube 8X8X8     https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-Cube-8x8x8/ Thanks for the help in advance

Asked by nimit1994 6 years ago

LED question for you LED guru's

I'm trying to build LED engel eyes for my motorcycle. The already existing lead wires have 12V with 5K ohms resistance. Will this be enough to run 4 LED's in series?

Asked by ikedog 9 years ago

LED Meteor Rain Light

How to make these at home as they will look awesome in my bedroom ceiling..... plzz answer Thanks in advance

Asked by adarshnarsaria 4 years ago

LED wireless

Hello everyone... anybody has any information about Wireless LED's ? or what is the mechanism of them ? Like The Fraunhofer LED that are wireless !!!

Posted by mojtabaw 3 years ago

LED Driver Help!

So I have four 10 W LED's and I want to run them all together off of a led driver but I'm not sure what type of driver I need to get. My led's specs are. Color: cool white Luminous flux: 750LM Forward voltage: 9-12V DC Color temperature: 6000K-7000K Forward current: 1000mA Power: 10W Lighting angle: 160° So if someone could help me with wiring it would be greatly appreciated. I've worked with little throw away led's and risistors but I wanted to use some sort of led driver, or constant current device on what I'm doing, but I don't know how they work. I'm just trying to get something that will run all the led's and be cheap

Asked by tylerrick14 6 years ago

What's the average amount of leds in an led light bulb?

I'm going to attemp to build one, and I can't find the answer anywhere.

Asked by stoney123 8 years ago

led matrix?

I want to build an led matrix for under 50 bucks that dose not use Arduino. is there any way to do it?

Asked by knexinventer 5 years ago

Where to get LEDs in the USA for low cost per led???

Hey everyone, where can i get some LEDs in the USA from a manufacturer? max price per led is 11 cent! please help. kingbright is a little o the higher side. :(

Posted by led235 8 years ago

Simple Resistance Question

I am wiring some LEDs in series-parallel using a 9v battery. The schematic I've been looking at online as a reference shows resistors being used but doesn't say what size. Here is the layout: |-- LED -- LED -- LED -- resistor?--| |-- LED -- LED -- LED -- resistor?--| |-- LED -- LED -- LED -- resistor?--| |--9v-----------------------------------------| I assume it's a simple calculation but I haven't worked with this stuff in a few years. Thanks in advance.

Posted by L3fty 6 years ago

What can I do with these LEDs? Answered

I found this flashing LED thing and I was wondering what I could do with the LEDs and the components... P.s The LEDs are connected to an externel power source which is a european 220V plug.

Asked by meh301 8 years ago

power IR LED ? Answered

How can I power 30 IR leds comes from TV remote by a 3.6volt cell phone battery. the LEDs are 1.5 volt.

Asked by asifarifin 4 years ago

(Online) LED stores

So I noticed there are a lot of LED 'ibles so I am creating a trying to keep the best in this forum.LED HK on Ebay has many lots of 100 of a variety of colors of LED's for only $8.Link: http://myworld.ebay.com/led-hk/The Electronic Goldmine has specific LED's and miscellaneous assortments of LED's.Link: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/departments.asp?dept=1088Help this forum grow by commenting with your favorite online LED retailer(s).

Posted by bomberman3 9 years ago

LEDs and resistors

I notice a lot of people tell you to always put a resistor on an LED. Should I use a resistor if my LED's forward voltage is the same as my power supply?

Posted by bomberman3 9 years ago

3W LED Driver

I Want to design a 3W led driver with 9V dc and 350 mA ouput.

Posted by gaurravi11 4 years ago

3v leds x 20, leds paralel, 3v in, led calc says use 1 ohm each resistor, can I skip that since 3v led and 3v input v? Answered

I am building a led array light bulb. 3v leds x 20, leds parallel, 3v in, led calc says use 1 ohm each resistor, can I skip that since 3v led and 3v input v? Led calc also says 0 ohm / use the next standard resistor 1ohm.. does 1 ohm x 20 really needed for a 3.0- 3.2v white led with  a  3v 2000ma source> thanks in advance..

Asked by celalboz 7 years ago

help to build a led light sheet with 100 3mm leds

I Need help to build a led light sheet with 100 3mm LEDs they are 3.5v LEDs I have never worked with LEDs before or resistors so please keep it in simple terms. the idea is to use a 12v battery and reduce it to 3.5v supply any ideas comments are appreciated

Posted by YARTZ 10 years ago

Suggestion: LED flyies

I've seen LED throwies, LED floaties but not LED flyies. Since I don't yet have my camera and I don't have an interest in throwies but I know a lot of people do... Anyone fancy making an LED flyies instructable? LEDs and button batteries, taped together and taped to the bottom of helium filled balloons. The balloons then tied together with cotton thread to make a mat of flying LEDs! Any takers?

Posted by Jayefuu 9 years ago

Is it possible to make a LED at home?

I want to make a Little LED from scratch

Asked by RichárdK 3 years ago

undervoltage LED

If you undervoltage and LED (by like .05 volts) you don't need a resistor, right?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

LED mau5head?

What kind of LEDs would I need to make a replica of deadmau5's LED mau5head? I already know how to make a mau5head, I just don't know what I need for a LED head and how to install the LEDs. Links would be appreciated!

Asked by XEblaw 6 years ago

LEDS vs Diodes? Answered

I had a thought: Since LEDs are a form of diode, can LEDs be used instead of diodes with similar properties in a circuit?

Asked by robotguy4 7 years ago

i Need help with leds? Answered

The question is in the picture

Asked by diabloboy 7 years ago

Glowing LED tie?

How to make glowing tie with LED diods?

Asked by CyberTool 8 years ago

Diode LED?

How to determine the value of Diode LED?

Asked by BenQ54 1 year ago


I want to make a project using leds...except I cant figure out what to buy. Can someone help? Like the voltage and the type of led.

Posted by Batryn 9 years ago

max output current of cc cv led driver if i use leds in parallel?

I was thinking of using some 2w leds which i already have for home emergency lighting setup. I was thinking of using http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-PCS-Led-Driver-For-1w-watt-led-MR16-1X1W-3X1W-led-light-bulb-DC-12V-/191066699095?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c7c767557 as the driver of the leds. And i was wondering if i could run 2 of the leds in parallel from that driver. i will be using a leatsink for each of the leds. So... the main question is how much current would each of the leds be reciving from one driver. will it be 350ma to each of the led or 350ma total to both the leds... ie 175ma to each led. Thank you

Asked by bipl12 4 years ago

BC457 instead of TIP31? Answered

For the circuit in the pic can I use BC547 instead of TIP31

Asked by adarshnarsaria 4 years ago

how to replace 3v bulb of torch with LED?

How to replace 3v bulb of torch with LED?

Asked by ajaysaini 8 years ago

LED doofus question

I have some LEDs of unknown origin, and I was wondering if there is a way to find out their voltages?

Posted by darryllicht 10 years ago

Free LED

Where can I find a lot of free LED lights with free or cheap, but quick shipping?

Posted by metalshiflet 4 years ago

what's an easy on/off switch for an LED light?

What's an easy on/off switch for an LED light, when using a simple battery and a single LED?

Asked by buckcomm 6 years ago

Resistors and LED question

Hello, I have a quick question about resistors and LEDs. If I am making an LED flashlight, do I attach the resistor to the (-) side or the (+) side? Thanks!

Posted by jknight 9 years ago

Music LED Sync?

For the circuit in the pic can I use the transitor listed here  instead of TIP31, SMD LED Strip instead of the 4 LEDs, and can I power it with an ATX Power Supply as it also has 12v DC output???? Thanks in Advance.....

Asked by adarshnarsaria 4 years ago

can someone help me make an LED Light line

Hi guys, im doing  ahistory project and im trying to make it so that i can have a line of LED's that will make LED 1 turn on, and as LED 2 turns on LED 1 turns off, LED 3 turns on LED 2 turns off, and so on and so forth, and activated by a switch? Can someone Help me?

Posted by Demont 7 years ago