Lets get Started! introduce yourselves.

Welcome to all things dangerous! i am the Group leader Aaron or gymnast. my faverote things to do are airsoft, pyro stuff, graffiti and a lot more. So Please introduce yourselves here.

Posted by gymnast 9 years ago

House Boat (Suggestions/ideas/brainstorming/etc. I want everyone's opinion)

Okay! Summer project time. I've been collecting acid barrels from my dad's work. Each 55 gallon, plastic drum, is 35 inches high and 24 inches in diameter (90 x 60cm) can hold 460 pounds in fresh water. At the moment, I have 9 barrels. I get another every month, so by mid-springtime, I will have 12 barrels. My question to you, is how would you go about making a house boat, or floating platform. I don't have a specific use for it, just a place to get away with friends or by myself. I would like some kind of canopy. I live about 25 minutes away from the river I plan to set my boat on. A friend of mine has a decent sized trailer, and that is what we would haul it on. My other question is, would I have to have my house boat licensed, or 'labeled' to be legal? Thanks in advance, some sketches would be appreciated. :D

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

is this poetry?

I wanted to know if this is poetry or not. God save me Save my life, Or let me die Let me feel the warm embrace of your arms Let me know you are their Take away my pain Take away my sorrow Let me find happiness Let me find peace Give me the strength to live on, To fight and overcome my burden Let me learn, To let go Let me find some good in this world, So I may be happy You are my lord, Christ is my savior Lend me your strength, For now I need you now more than ever In these times of sorrow, I hold out my hand for you I can only hope you will reach out to me If not live in peace, then let me stand by your side, In the land of the heavens Show me the light of happiness, So I may continue to live Lend me your strength, Let me learn, Let me be at peace By: Woatspers

Posted by Pat Sowers 10 years ago

lets make a machine gun

Any ideas for a machine gun with a motor like this one

Posted by ropple07 11 years ago

It is not letting anyone in!

Only 1 entry is in the contest, and mine isn't going in!

Posted by theburn7 9 years ago

Won't let me vote!

The other day, I was voting on some things, and i would check mine to see how many votes it had. All of a sudden, when I logged out, and logged back in, it wouldn't let me vote on anything. I would supply more info on the problem, but that's it. It just won't let me vote.

Posted by TheInventor 10 years ago

Editor doesn't let me upload pictures

The Instructables Editor doesn't let me upload pictures, Or browse for uploading...

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Judging for Let It Glow! Extended!

The judging for the Let It Glow! contest has been extended to Midnight July 1, which is one day later than originally planned.Just for any of you who were clicking refresh every minute to see the results.(You know, not that I was.)

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

It wont let me comment on instructables?

It wont let me comment on instructables,groups,forums,or anything else   also i cant subscribe to people or submit an instructable it gets to the tips screen and i click      and nothing happens why  plz answer       if i still cant comment i will personal message u          

Posted by charleszxc 8 years ago

Let's vote for the Lego Kne'x look a like Contest

If i am right there haven't been any of these in the past. But there are some really nice guns that really look like the real thing. Or a game inspired idea. Or planes like my one, cars and lot of other idea's. Let's how i am not the onlyone that likes this idea let's see

Posted by ferrari484 9 years ago


I have new plans... let us see if we can reach 1,000 MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets work together to make this happen. E-mail all your friends, and lets see what we come up with. GO!

Posted by DELETED_tayrazz:D 7 years ago

The Last Of Us Let's Play Walkthrough Playthrough Part 1


Posted by NoelC4 3 years ago

Lets discuss our project interest here

Hello everyone, share your thoughts & ideas here..

Posted by ALP Electronic Innovation 4 years ago

how do I let my newly posted instructable be viewed by many others

To those other instructable members out there, i hope you can help me tell me how to let my newly posted instructable be widely viewed by others.

Posted by kola 10 years ago

Photos for 'Let's Make...' intro

Hello, On the main page, large photos alternate with the words "Let's Make..." for various projects. I am curious about the image shown for the word 'clay'. I've scrolled all the clay contest entries, and clay Instructables, but cannot find the particular project for the photo. Help? Many thanks!

Posted by WUVIE 1 year ago

ok guys let's get started!

Ok guys let's start submitting instructables into the group and maybe even find more members. -PUMPKIN$

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago

Lets see if this forum counts from the get go

Every time a new forum subject is introduced, the counters fail to work. Has this been fixed ?

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Let out the kid inside you

I was browsing around Youtube for some knex things and came across this video. It appears that knex aren't something that only kids can play with!

Posted by Mepain 10 years ago

Error in Coffee Contest

I just wanted to let you know that the prize pictures for the Coffee Contest were swapped for the Grand prize and the Second place. Just wanted to let you know because it can be deceiving.

Posted by Mottr 6 years ago

Save button not working

It won't let me save a Photos instructable, and it will not lets me upload pictures in the instructable uploader, I have to upload via my library. This means I cannot publish, please help!

Posted by TheFoofinator 7 years ago

Scalding chokecherries

Hey, I'm thinking of using one of my grandma's recipes to make chokecherry wine, but it says "scald" and "let sit until the mixture is done working, then bottle tight". First question how do i "scald" the chokecherries? It also says when done scalding, let stand until cool, is this water AND chokecherries? Also, what does "let sit until the mixture is done working, then bottle tight" mean?

Posted by Friedto 10 years ago

wont let me comment

Every time i try to comment its sais my session has expired or something so it takes me to a log in page and when i log in nothing comes up.

Posted by Jimmy Proton 8 years ago

Won't let me publish a collection

I'm trying to publish my collection of bike Instructables, and I'm getting "Woops! Something went wrong!" Tried it a few times. Also some instructables are appearing twice, but not in the edit window. Halp!

Posted by tinyweasel 3 years ago


Please Instructables, for the love of jesus, give me a tool to message all my followers.  I have important information I need to share with them and no way to do it. 

Posted by Fuzzy-Wobble 4 years ago

Site will not let you log out on ipad

On my ipad in the top right corner where it says 'You' when I tap it and tap something in the list that shows up, it disappears and pulls up whatever add was in back of it. ):

Posted by Finbelle 5 years ago

Can an instructable win in multiple contests?

Lets say I have an instructable in 3 contests. Lets assume is a good one. Can I win in all 3 or after winning in one, you are not allowed to win in the other two?

Posted by kimnix 6 years ago

Let friends and family vote for me

I'm new to this site and couldn't find the answer to this question. I want to enter a contest next week. Is it illegal to ask my friends and family to make an account so they can vote for me? kind regards, Rubenrijst 

Posted by rubenrijst 4 years ago

Cannot download Instructable

Just a note to let you know that the following instructable is not downloading: https://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-Bracelets-Flat-Braid/ I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know when it's up and running. Thanks so much.

Posted by Cat00x 2 years ago

PDF Instructables are great - let's have more!

I think it's great that we're able to download a PDF version of our 'Ibles, but it seems to only work with recently-published ones. Is it possible to convert old Instructables to PDFs also? Thanks for looking into this.

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

boomady boom!!!!!!!! yay!!

Lets make more pyro stuff bigpinecone is the only one comon =)

Posted by zofo300 11 years ago


Lets discuss knex snipers

Posted by knex gun builder freak 8 years ago

it doesn't let me publish

I try to publish my work (Did all that was necessary, put pictures, title...) since two day but instructables always answer me "The servers are busy. Please wait a few minutes and try again" Can anybody help me pleaaaase ???

Posted by DeasLucas 2 years ago

I've beaten Eric!

I'll let the statistics speak for themselves...

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

admin and theyer crazy ways

Why does the admin  let you subie yourself.

Posted by nfk11 7 years ago

Unsubscribe from instructables

Please let me unsubscribe from instructables! thank you

Posted by knitsue 8 years ago

KM's Desert Eagle

Hey guy's just wanted to let you know i just made a new gun it's called "KM's Desert Eagle" it's got a true trigger it fairly accurate and powerful. So if you want me to post it let me know. Thanks

Posted by knex maddo 9 years ago


Hey Londoners ! Let's meet ! It would be great that we meet sometimes in october (I'm coming to London in October) in a pub in London for example, or in someone's workshop, and discuss about inventions and why not building something together ! Let's have a good meal and discussion ! Who is interested for that ? Early october, in London huh ?

Posted by cesar harada 11 years ago


I feel like making another gun.  Let's have a vote on what it should be.  I will probably post instructions but no guarantee, so lets see your suggestions!  Leave as many as you like, and preferably not from MW2 and definitely not something that has already been done very well before. Thanks

Posted by MotaBoi 8 years ago

Let's talk mp3 player

I want to get a flash based mp3 player I was looking at this I want around an 8 GB, under $250ish any ideasP.S. anyone who remembers from this, my fish died, and he never had a name, but I'm guna get some new ones

Posted by TheCheese9921 11 years ago

knex armor

Not really much to say but it is usually only able to let skinny people wear it

Posted by bighead5454 9 years ago

about capacitors

I understand that capacitors store electricity, but what controls them. what lets them discharge?

Posted by kendallickes 9 years ago


From trash, let's make things https://www.instructables.com/id/Green-campaign/

Posted by TrầnB 3 years ago

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do by Gever Tulley

Here is a great talk about 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do by Gever Tulley. I would really encourage you to try all other things w/ your children, cousins, brothers, sisters or whomever. Here is a link to the video. I don't think instructables can embed videos from ted but I will try to it anyway. UPDATE I found a youtube version. Thanks

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

Name Change

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let the knex community know that I was changing my name to: Master Zane I just wanted to let people know so no one would wonder if I left or not(not like anyone would notice anyway lol) Kookoo For Knex (Master Zane)

Posted by Master_Zane 9 years ago

Lets make fun of Instructables! You should remember strings better!

I popped on to instructables, and what did I find?! Good to see its fixed now :P (I'm sorry, I can't resist poking fun!)

Posted by zachninme 10 years ago

I am a pro member!

Just to let everyone know im a pro member now. thanks a million to Hiyadudez for this epic gift! i will now be more active on this site and im also starting to work on brining my page back to life. ill let borat explain how i feel!

Posted by ~KGB~ 6 years ago

Ok, it's Chicago, lets work with local materials.

What I know we have lots of that's just sitting around not being used: Cattails Phragmites Railroad ties Bricks Buckthorn Newsprint I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.... but list more materials here and we'll get working on it.

Posted by Hyperviking 11 years ago