how to build an led lightbox?

I'm trying to build an 18"x18" x 3" deep light box. I have the plex face but need help with LED lighting.Needs to be plugged into ac outlet. thanks

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Converting a Laptop LCD into a Lightbox

Hi everybody. I've salvaged the LCD screen from an old laptop (an ASUS F3J). I wanna try to convert it into a lightbox (something like this ). My biggest problem is: I only have the screen and the inverter (so if I'm lucky I only have to power the inverter to light up the backlight of the screen) but I don't know the voltage needed by the inverter or where I have to solder the power plug. I've found a tutorial but my inverter seem to miss the ground-vled-ledon-pwn copper pad for testing. Here is an image of my inverter . Does anybody know how I can reuse my inverter for powering on the backligh of the LCD screen? Can I bypass the inverter powering directly the screen? If possible I wanna avoid to buy or DIY a backlight tester because I only need to light up one screen, I really don't need a full functional LCD screen tester kit. Thanks in advance ^_^ PS: sorry for the bad english

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Lightbox comments with pictures bug

I found a bug relating to lightbox, the javascript plugin that does the image popups for comments. When you click a picture in a comment, it expands out and the page behind goes semi-opaque as expected. The problem is that the yellow squares used in pictures are above the lightbox image. (see attached picture) Windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.5.7

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Need Ideas For Collapsible Lightbox For SECRET Engagement Idea :)

So, I've been dating a wonderful girl for a while now and in the relatively near future I would like to pop the question. I have a clear idea of how I'd like to do it but need some expert crafter advice to pull it off. My idea is a fairly innocuous guerrilla art installation which was inspired by the Banksy paintings he surreptitiously installed in museums. I want to surprise my lady by taking her to a museum and having an accomplice quickly deploy my idea in gallery for us to "stumble upon". My idea is for a lightbox, suspended from a tripod. The illuminated box will have pictures of us on all six sides and the top will open and the ring will be inside. I've made simple decoupaged cardboard lightboxes before, but this time it needs to be something collapsible which will fit in a messenger bag or something similar. My current thinking is to have the six sides of the box be plexiglass squares attached to one another with hinges. The sides would all be hinged to the bottom center piece. The front and two sides would then fold up to make the front and sides of the box. The rear piece would be two lengths of plexiglass attached to fold up and over making the back and the lid of the box (see very rough sketch below for my idea of how the pieces would be hinged). What I'm looking for is suggestions on: What materials to use for the box itself and types of hinges (is plexiglass/lexan a good idea?) and how to attach the hinges to the box (glue?) A way to make the sides all stay up once they are folded into place (I was thinking perhaps loops on each side piece you could slide a small dowel through or something) And anything else you might want to suggest. Again the goal is to be able to bring this thing in without attracting attention, assemble it very rapidly, and be able to break it down quickly once everything is done. If I can pull all this off I'll document the process and post it here. Ideas?

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LED Light Box Help!

Hey, I am very new to crafting things using LED's and stuff, but I want to get in to it, and have set myself a project as I need a lightbox for drawing/tracing for work. I want to make a A3 (29mm7 × 420 mm) sized box, with the aim to keep it as slim as possible. So I know that I need to use LED's because they are small and bright, I have been looking at white ones. I also know that I need some sort of frosted perspex to diffuse the light and keep the coverage of light even. That is important. A switch is necessary too of course! However I know nothing about what I need to connect the LED's together and how I am to power this. I would prefer to power this with power, but don't know how viable this is with LED's. I would just like a bit of advice of what I actually need then I will probably be able to figure the rest out!  Oh also if could keep the cost under £40 that would be perfect because if it was more, I might aswell just buy one from the shop! Cheers! Will 

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LED Light Box Help!

Hey, I am very new to crafting things using LED's and stuff, but I want to get in to it, and have set myself a project as I need a lightbox for drawing/tracing for work. I want to make a A3 (29mm7 × 420 mm) sized box, with the aim to keep it as slim as possible. So I know that I need to use LED's because they are small and bright, I have been looking at white ones. I also know that I need some sort of frosted perspex to diffuse the light and keep the coverage of light even. That is important. A switch is necessary too of course! However I know nothing about what I need to connect the LED's together and how I am to power this. I would prefer to power this with power, but don't know how viable this is with LED's. I would just like a bit of advice of what I actually need then I will probably be able to figure the rest out! Oh also if could keep the cost under £40 that would be perfect because if it was more, I might aswell just buy one from the shop! Cheers! Will

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how do i build a led lightbox?

Need to know how to build an led lightbox for tracing artwork.

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One bug, one inconvenience

Hey all, Instructables is an amazing website, spend a lot of time in the electronics section! Haven't had time to make my first instructable yet, but getting ready too shortly! I found two bugs, one that doesn't hinder usability but it has a huge annoyance factor, and the other is an inconvenience more or less. The first one: Ironically I found this while looking at pictures of bugs people had previously submitted in the comments of the featured bugs article. When you click on the image to view it in the light-box some of the objects on the page ALWAYS show up in front of the light-box. This makes me believe that the Z-Index is possibly set too high on those objects, haven't had a chance to play around in FireBug and propose a solution as of yet though. I have attached the screenies of this problem below. I only took screen-shots of the problem on this specific page, but rest assured it does it on every single page I have checked. I figured this pair of images is enough. Second "bug" (not so much a bug as a recommendation here): When posting in the forums I ALWAYS have to do the "Select a category group and category" step in my post. I understand that if I wasn't already inside a specific forum (category) when I clicked the new topic button it wouldn't already know where I wanted to post to, but seeing as you don't have this button until you are inside a category it should be able to fill this in for you. For example I was inside the "bugs" category in the "help" category group when I clicked the "New Topic" button, it wouldn't be too difficult to have that button pass a parameter to allow those boxes to automatically have the right selection, but keep them selectable just in case someone would want to change where it was posted. Computer 1 specs: OS: Both Ubuntu 11.10 (x86 and x64) and Windows 7 (x64) Browsers: Firefox 8.0, Chromium 15.0.874.106 (Developer Build 107270 Linux) CPU: Core 2 Duo e5700 RAM: 8 Gb GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 (Driver Version 2.1.2) Computer 2 Specs (My web development machine): OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64) and XP Pro SP3 (x86) Browsers: Firefox 9.0.1, IE 9.0.8812.16421, Chrome 16.0.912.63, Safari 5.1.2, Opera 11.60 CPU: Core i5 m520 RAM: 8Gb GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5470 I was able to replicate this issue across 3 operating systems with various levels of installed updates, and across every single common browser, updated to their latest versions for the specific operating systems. In supporting browsers using compatibility mode this problem wasn't present, but as previous posts stated paddings, menus and some other items move around the site or collapse on themselves, specifically on the front page using internet explorer. These bugs were replicated using both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of operating systems, and on 64 bit operating systems it was tested on both the 32 and 64 bit browsers.

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Need Help: Making a Portable Light Tablet (Lightbox)

Hi.I'm interested in making a LIghtbox, since I've taken up drawing once more.Thing is, I mostly only draw in school, I never draw at home, since everything else seems more fun.SO, I was thinking, why not try to make a portable lightbox. Thing is, as you know, I am MAKEingly challenged. SO, any ideas on how to make a portable, slim, durable, and effective Lightbox, that could fit in a backpack.If anyone has a good idea, perhaps we could collaborate and make an Ible?First thought: LEDs wouldn't be bright enough......I'd need a few of em......maybe those big ones?

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(home made lightbox) Keeping backlight on - which pins to bridge on monitor psu board

Thought id seek a bit of pro advice from the forums for my first post as im totally drawing blanks on this one!. i am trying to finish my custom lightbox made from an old hanns.g hh281 monitor. at the moment, when powered on, the backlight turns on then off after a few seconds as no pc signal is being received.  i have taken a picture of the connector to the main board as i cannot figure out which 2 pins to bridge to keep the ccfl backlights on :-( i was guessing one of the ground pin and the on/off  would work but didnt want to mess this up on the first go . any input would be a godsend! thanks all!

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Does anyone know how to keep a monitor on without pc? Answered

I want to use the ccfl backlight as a light source for various goals, like a drawing box or secondary light for macro photography. I know i want to remove the tft sheet to keep the ccfl backlight in white. But when you switch on a monitor, it auto enter in saving-mode without a vga signal. How i can simulate this signal and keep it on? Thanks. SOLVED!!! the monitor have three capacitors blowed. I changed and now it runs ok. so, IHave an old without-brand very bad 17" monitor stored. INSTRUCTABLE HERE!!! THANKS FOR ALL!!!

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How to EVENLY backlight a sign using LEDs? (similar to a lightbox)

I have a circular sign that is 24" diameter. It is 3" thick and the face has glass with a printed vinyl graphic on the inside. I need the graphics to be nice and evenly bright in the dark, similar to those movie posters, or even a lightbox. I want to use LEDs because I don't want heat and also there's going to be some devices inside so there isn't much room for flourescent or neon. I've done research and found several flavors of led strips but not sure what will be best. What's the best way to back light it nice and evenly? I don't want spotting to occur wherever the LEDs are. I would really appreciate as much detail as possible because I don't know anything about electronics and what components I would need. Thanks alot!

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Sleep deprived brain fart...Solar Panel Lightbox Generator

OK first off let me tell you I don't know much at all about solar panels, wiring, or electrical at all. So to those that want to flame save your breath. Now at 3:30 am my time I woke up and since I couldn't sleep logged on to Instructables because something was bothering me. The something that wouldn't allow me to get back to the sleep which I craved was the idea for a Solar Panel Lightbox Generator. Now I see the logic in thinking about some of the perpetual motion generators and how they are impossible. And I believe my idea is not possible either, but till I get some info from someone that knows more about electric and solar panels I don't think I will be able to rest. So here is the idea, someone please explain how my thinking is wrong. Build a box of solar panels faceing inward with a light source inside of the box. once the panels start to charge a battery, use the battery to power the light. First off I know direct sunlight is optimal for the panels, but I'm thinking "outside/Inside" the box. How much light does it take for a panel to actually start creating current? How much energy does the light use to create the light? How do you measure how much light (candle power?) a bulb/LED or what ever produces and is it enough to " power " a solar panel/cell? My thinking is if a LED/incandescent/haligion light can produce enough light, with the right amount of solar cells it could power its self after start up. I know things degrade, bulbs burn out and all that. What I guess I'm saying is mathematically could this happen? Since I know so very little about solar and electrical in general is it possible? And if it's possible could more panels be added to make more power than it uses? There's my brain fart, feel free to point out the flaws so I can get some sleep tonight.

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Lightbox from old scanner

Hi, Ive got a question if you don't mind, im trying to make a light box from a old scanner and im not sure what lighting I should do, what im thinking is to use this ( but im not sure if it would be powerful enough. I was thinking about using t5 but I don't think they would fit as the scanner is really thin about 18mm without the glass in. Also would I need anything in in front of the glass at all? Cheers Phil

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Lightbox options

Hi everyone, I need your opinions please, I want to create a light box and I have two options; Use an old A4 scanner and place these leds ( and place them behind the glass where the scanner part would of been, place some film over the glass to help with the light and job done. Which would be better as well, put the lights ont he bottle or try and get them as close to the glass as possible. Or, I can use an old monitor (nearly A3 size which would be better) with a knackered power unit so I will need to use the same leds by either placing them along the sides of the thick acrylic/glass sheet inside the montior (which would need cutting the metal and plastic  frames a lot to get it to work or make a new wooden one to fit inside the monitor external case . Or cut holes in the back of the metal exterior frame and have the leds really close to the sheet. However on the understand of the sheet is covered in lots of little white dots which might stop the light. Any suggestiong or opinions please?

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How do I wire a halogen lamp (work lamp) to a pressure switch or light switch for a stage light box?

Ok so I have looked everywhere I can think to find out how to wire my halogen work lamps to a light switch so I can turn them off and on for a stage light box like this but with a light switch instead of a pressure switch

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How to make a power supply for an LCD backlight?

I have a piece of crap LCD monitor that I tore apart to build a projector, and I've been intrigued by the backlight ever since... I was thinking it'd make a cool light for a workbench or a lightbox for tracing, but I have no idea how to power it. It came out of a Starlogic 17" monitor, model number M17ANA. I've got the inverter still attached to the backlight, I just have no idea what the pinout is. If anyone has any ideas they're welcome.

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Under Desk Lighting

I'm getting ready to purchase a desk with frosted glass surfaces ( and want to add lights of some sort under one of the surfaces so that I can use part of the desk as a lightbox for sorting negatives and slides.  I'm guessing that a fluorescent fixture of some sort would be best, but I need ideas on mounting (there are rails along the front and back of the surfaces that have around a quarter-inch clearance from the rubber offsets that hold the glass), what kind of light to get and how to wire it.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Build Counter

An additional feature that I would like to see would be a build counter. I know you can favourite things, but a lot of people dont actually get round to building these things so I'd like to be able to see how many people have actually built the item. For example, I built a lightbox table from one of the links; I left him comments telling him I built one, but I think it would be a cool feature if I could look at an instructable and see how many people have built it. You could even link to a gallery where people photos of their build.

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Solar Light box

Hi, I would like to make a lightbox and charge it from a Solar cell . I saw a 5v ledstrip online , but I am wondering wich battery and wich Solar cell I have to buy? I mean how much voltage en watt does this ledstrip need? Wich diode do I need?  Another question: I want the Solar cell to charge during the day and I need it's power during the night , do I have to do something special with it ? I mean in the most cases you will have the energie richt away, that is not my plan .... I rather not use an on and of switch , I want to use it automaticaly.    I  just started with the diy adventure? Forgive me :)  greetings deborah

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Old LCD Backlight...What to do...

I have a typical CCFL-lit LCD backlight that I tore out of an ancient, dying laptop with an ancient, dying screen. The backlight is roughly 25.5cm x 19 cm (9 7/8" x 7 1/2") and about .5cm (1/4") thick. When around 18VDC is applied to the inverter, the whole rectangle lights up with a perfectly even, white, light. I've been trying to come up with something cool to do with it. So far, these ideas have included: -With a piece of protective plastic, a small lightbox for tracing or viewing negatives/slides -Mounted over a desk for a really cool lamp -Illuminated sign Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for what to build with this? A project worthy of the geekiness or the materials?

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Looking for inexpensive source of RGB (Star) Luxeon LEDs.

I have an upcoming project that requires lighting a 10' x 10' matrix of 12" square LED driven lightboxes. The only requirement is the capability to display a broad range of color - hence the need for RGB LEDs. I'd like to go with more of a high-output Luxeon star mounted LED (1 or 3 watt) versus using several standard RGB dome LEDs. I figure that I can get away with using 1 Luxeon instead of 6-8 standard LEDs. My question is... does anyone have a reliable source for purchasing these LEDs inexpensively? I've seen several projects where people are getting 1W white units for around $3, but the Tri-color are selling online for around $14-$16 each. Any ideas?

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DIY Lighting / diffusion solution to get the most even lighting for 18"X24" ultra-thin and portable light panel?

I'm building a thin and portable, 18"X24" lightbox that needs to have super-evenly diffused light: as if it was a flat panel lcd (which I would use had I the money, though it's heavier than I would like). What technique do you suggest I use? Will CCFL or led lights along the sides of white plexiglass work? If so does anyone have an idea how to aquire & assemble them (I've seen tutorials for laptop sized panels but not for one this large- don't know if the light will reach the central area of the panel) Or should I just use led strips along the bottom and sides of the box under the diffuser? If so how do you suggest I spread them? Thanks!

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Help making LED light boxes w/ strobe functions for stage?

Hello, im brand new here! Im hoping someone could help me with the electronic side of some LED lightboxes im trying to build for my band. The boxes im imagining have a face approx 30X10cm with approx 50 LEDs in each and i plan to build two identical boxes, one for either side of the stage. Can anyone help with maybe a schematic or some instructions as to how i can build and power such units? And if anyone is willing to help further, i would also like to have a built in function where the lights stay on solid, but can strobe (like a regular strobe light) when activated by a foot switch wired to each box. Im not bothered if it requires a separate individual switch wired to each, or if its possible to wire a single master to both. Hope someone can help!

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3 colour portable LED Light Box wiring - Please Help Newbie Answered

I am building a portable LED Lightbox with a few rows of LEDs amounting to about 400 different coloured LEDs (red, green, white). Each row will be connected parallel as I want to use normal batteries to power it and not have too many wires. Ideally it should use AAA batteries and 1 switch to switch it on. Each row will consist of 15 - 30 lights each. Each row will be the same colour (eg. 1 row red, 1 row green, 1 row white). My question is:1 (1) Should I connect all the lights together and hook it up to the same battery pack? OR (2) I should connect just the lights on each row together and wire all the positive of each row to the battery pack. Will it cause a short circuit since there will be many wires to just 1 battery pack. (3) I have tried and each LED can be powered by a 3V battery, but is 3V enough to power 400 LEDs in parallel? (4) If it is not enough, I could power a few rows together meaning I will have a few battery holders, but can all the battery holders be joined to just 1 switch or I need many switches as well? Thanks!!

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(newsletter) DIY Smoker, Make a Snuggie, Sound-Proof Studio

  Art | Craft | Food | Games | Green | Home | Kids | Life | Music | Offbeat | Outdoors | Pets | Photo | Ride | Science | Tech Beat the Winter Blues! Winter is the time to learn something new! We've found a pile of great new craft, food, and organization projects for you to try, and some classic guides full of even more ideas. Try them out, and give the authors some love! New Contests: Sew something warm to win a combo sewing, embroidery, and serging machine from Singer in the Sew Warm Contest, or show off your romantic side in the Valentine's Day Contest to win some gourmet chocolate from Cocoa Puro and Socola! Coming soon: Randy's Dead Computer Contest where you can find a cool use for your old electronics gear and win a new netbook! Build a Sound-Proof Recording Studio Corn Starch Candy Molds Vegan Marshmallows Put Your Thumb Through a Can! Deconstructed Flower Vase Make Your Own Snuggie The Uranium Rosary Start an Orange Tree Amplify a NES Guitar Simple Thread Rack Hanging Shelves from Longboards "Tiny Turtles" Recipe The Convertible War Board DIY Smoker Simple UV LIghtbox Vacuum Infused Fruit Guides 5 Minute Projects Dessert Recipes Laser Cut Projects Fermentation - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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Animated GIFs only play if they're embedded in text

MacOS 10.12 Chrome 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) If the GIF is embedded in the text of the step, it works fine. Examples: IOT Made Simple: Playing With the ESP32 on Arduino IDE (step 4 onward), Split Flap Display (intro and step 5) If the GIF is put in the image section of the step, though, it doesn't play and just looks like a still image. Examples: PIDDYBOT - DIY Arduino Balancing Robot (every step except 1), Making a Gif From Photos (intro and step 1) (Also, GIFs in Design Challenge entries' image sections seem to work fine. Example: Lab Centrifuge Fidget Spinner (second image)) I first tried opening the images in the lightbox, and also opening them in new tabs via the context menu—neither helped; the images were still static. I tried clearing the cache, because I found that suggested elsewhere for GIFs not playing in Chrome, and that did help, but only very slightly. Upon refreshing the page after clearing the cache (or upon shift-refreshing the page to bypass the cache), the GIF will play for less than a second and then reload and become a static image again. I also tried Incognito mode, with all extensions disabled, with exactly the same behavior (playing briefly only when loaded without the cache). I also downloaded one of the non-playing GIFs (from the image section of a step) and one of the working ones (embedded in the text) to my computer and opened them in Preview. The sidebar showed only one frame for the non-working one (and looked just as if I had opened a static JPEG image) and all of the frames for the working one. A screenshot of this is attached. This seems to me to indicate that the server is not sending the proper file (or is sending the proper file and then sending a bad file to replace it) when the image is in the image section. Steps to reproduce: I have no idea. AFAIK all I did was load the page and it was broken.

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