I need to find a way to light 20 paper lanterns hung from a gymnasium ceiling. I need to accomplish this without having 20 cords hanging down. I'm a novice. This is for my daughters wedding.

Asked by knocky70 9 years ago

how can i make a pendant light that would give me a hellofa lot of light in my 14 foot ceiling art studio?

How can i make a light to give off a lotta lite in my 14 ' tall art studio? of what can i use?

Asked by annbachmann 9 years ago

Where can I get the brightest LED light bulbs for 120v?

I am interested in PAR bulbs and reading lamps.

Asked by fynnstand 9 years ago

Power supply/adaptor for 12v 15w ac bulb?

Hi all. I have a light set with a 12v 15w AC bulb along with a 12v 1-2w small AC motor. I also received a adaptor along with it of 12v 1A AC. The adaptor worked only for an hr and went off. The primary winding were open when checked. I brought a new adaptor and the same thing happened. Can anyone please help me to find what kind of adaptor (output volt and Amp) is required for the light and motor to work.

Asked by nick_lords 7 years ago

Outdoor LED light fixtures?

I have an outdoor landscape lighting system. I just converted the light fixtures from halogen to LED. Most of the system works fine, but there is a section that will not light up. I know there is power to the cables within that section because I can connect one of the old halogen lights and it will light up. But when I hook up the LED it will not work. Any ideas?

Asked by carviso 2 years ago

How to make a solar powered light to hang from my canvas gazebo roof? Roof is solid so power source has to be outside.

This is your standard pitched roof canvas gazebo with a small canvas vent at top. I want to have chandelier-type light hanging from roof for lighting when we hang out there at night but all the lights I see on the market have the cell attached directly to the light. I need the power source to be attached but remote from the actual light (think chandelier). Please help.

Asked by blue21 9 years ago

Where to buy LED strip lighting and transformers?

I need some like this: to make 6ft strips of ultra bright white lights. And I need some transformers to power the lights.  What is the best and cheapest? Thanks!

Posted by superjames 8 years ago

I Need Some Lighting Help

I've hit a little speed bump. I need a bright, preferably diffused, soft white light for high speed videography. It cannot be florescent or a CFL (see why below). I can't seem to find any lights that fit these standards that aren't florescent, but I know they exist. Can you help me find a suitable light?

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

emergency lighting system

We're planning to do an emergency lighting system and we want to add some twist on it. What do you think should we add? (it's like making it also charger or such) Plsss, help us. :)

Posted by imatrianidar 2 years ago

How do I wire a 6 circuit terminal block for lighting a stoplight?

3 light traffic light we want to at the very least light up. three light,yellow,green..with two wires each. one being white and one corresponding with the color light... (tealish for green, orangish for yellow, red for red). there are other wires (brown,yellow,white and red) that also came inside the unit, all hapazardly attatched to a 6 circuit terminal block with "cinch" written on the back my friend and I bought this at a flea market and arent sure if components are originial or what else we would need. any help would be great. 

Asked by dangermoomoo 7 years ago

How do i set up 4 wireless lights with independent battery sources on four independent dimmer switches?

I'm in theatre and i need to get 4 people to light up with different assortments of brightness.  We have a dedicated "switch hitter" that has power outlets but as the actors will be moving they will need independent lighting.  Thanks for the help.

Asked by jens3117 5 years ago

What is the best LED type for interior lighting?

 I am wanting to improve the light quality in my sailboat. I would like to build fixtures and controls myself and this looks like a good place for DIY ideas. I have a mix of light bulbs and none are serving all that well. All are 12VDC. All lighting will be powered from the 12V house batteries. The best light I have comes from halogen 20 watt bulbs but they generate too much heat and consume too much power. LED replacement bulbs I have tried so far are not so great for interior light quality and cost aprox $40 to $50 USD each and I have 10 fixtures with both red and white bulbs plus 5 reading lights. Total replacement cost could be aprox $1000 USD. Then the other problem is the light is a bright point and can be a bit blinding if your look in the direction of the fixture. I am thinking of wash lights for most lighting and keeping the reading lights for...  well, for reading. I do have an acceptable LED for the reading lights but always on the look out for a better one.  I have been on aircraft that used all LED interior lighting and it was the best LED lighting I have ever seen. The systems used a combination of white LED dome lights and RGB side wall wash lighting. The wash lights could be tuned to an impressive range of color including very pleasant white. So I know it is at least possible get really good light from LED's. Downside to this is it's expensive and designed for 28VDC from aircraft power. The controller was a dedicated cabin interior control module and computer. The other requirement for the boats interior lighting is to have red light for use while underway at night to help keep the night vision. Red LED's I have used for this are very harsh and poor quality for getting around in the cabin. I would like to try RGB LED's for a wash lighting system that will give either white or red. Preferably with both variable and dim-able so it can be tuned or programed as desired. The control modules I have found so far make a lot of claims for their multi-color capabilities but not about their steady on white light quality. Again I am interested in white and red lighting however if a large variation of colors is a side effect that can be turned on for fun thats fine but not needed. I would be happy to document my project and post it here if I find a good DIY solution. So far I have found a couple of RGB controls here and may try one but I would like to hear about the white light quality before I start buying parts. My homework for now will be to calculate an actual quantity of light needed and how many controls I would need/want.  Thanks for your ideas.

Asked by viking42 8 years ago

Motion sensitive, people tracking light

So I stumbled across a really neat lighting project on yanko design and I'd love to make one so I'm trying a two pronged approach: I'm emailing it's developers to ask nicely what they've done to do it, and conferring on this idea with the community here as I'd love to work on it to make more effective/ directive lighting. No need to light my whole reading room if I can make it smart. Here's a link to the project to see what I'm yammering on about:

Posted by incase 7 years ago

portable fish house led lighting

Hello, I am looking for help on how to figure out what I need to construct a couple of led strip lights for a portable fish house. I what to make them out of 4ft tubes and connect them to a 12volt, 9 amp deep cycle battery. How do I go about figuring what to use to get as much light with least amount of draw on battery. 

Posted by 58fern 2 years ago

12V 10 watt LED light bulb dimmer?

I'd like to make dimmers for the Phillips EnduraLED 10 watt 12V bulbs. Preferably using slider switches. Like the audio industry uses.? I have a need for a total of 12 dimmers for a feature lighting project on my house.

Asked by lonny j 6 years ago

Looking for Help with a flat LED panel light

Greetings and salutations, I am trying to find out the feasibility of making a light strip like this It would be my fist LED project - so where would I get the LED's and all the other requisite bits and pieces? Also would it be cheaper to make my own - or would I be better of biting the proverbial bullet and buying it from Hornady? Thanks Andrew

Asked by skyegod 5 years ago

Sequential Lighting

I am looking to create a string of LED's that can be programed to turn on and off sequentially over 100 meters that can show the speed of a runner over that distance. ex: 100 meters in 9 seconds. any ideas, also re-program the same to different times.

Posted by ScottR148 1 year ago

LED Light box help

I am wanting to build a LED light box. This requires a LED filled pannel. The pannel consists of  15 rows of 20 LEDs each. This is a total of 300 LEDs to be in a pannel 24 in by 12 in. My concern is how to make this compatible with a normal 110 outlet and what kind of transformer I may need.  I have considered using a shop flourescent lighting transformer but I think that may be more than I will need based on voltage usage.  Thus I thought i would ask someone here if they know of a better way to create such a pannel.  The Pannel will have Red, White and Blue LED lights on it. So its necessary for the full effect of the 300 individual lights.  Just want to make sure I do not over kill but also not make a fire hazard by under designing as well.

Posted by pablom 8 years ago

Modular Lighting - help please!

Hullo! For my school project, I am manufacturing a modular lighting unit but I'm a bit lost on the whole electronic side of it. Basically, I can make anything as long as it's vaguely connected to the theme "modular lighting". At the mo, the idea I'm continuing with is flowers in a vase - the flowers are the light source and when it is stuck into the vase, it recharges. I've never done anything remotely related to electronics before so any help as to how I would make this is welcome! :) [or any new ideas] I would just buy a charger to make it easier for me, but I don't know whether I can buy one where, instead of inserting the batteries in, there's wires coming out? Almost like a phone charger or something, so I can connect it to the vase somehow. Thanks!

Posted by jemily 10 years ago

Lighting powered by an AC to 12V DC 4pin Molex adapter?

Hello  I'm making a gift out of a traffic light that I'm going to snazz up (paint red, replace lenses with stained glass, new lighting) And I'm going to use computer case lighting as I am familiar with it. As I don't want to use a psu just to power molex connectors I'm going to use this AC to 12V DC 4pin Molex adapter I'm going to have a set up something like this; molex on/off molex Red EL Neon LED Meteor UV lights-and another light of some kind maybe a liquid cold cathode I believe the adapter will be able to power this, however I'm not sure as I've never used one before so any input is greatly appreciated. I also need to know whether the on/off switch will be able to control the whole string? Thank you

Posted by suitaroh 8 years ago

Help with building Disco lights please?

Does anyone out there know how I can get 4 coloured flourecent tubes to come on instantly when connected to a 4 channel disco controller? There is a delay I think because of the starter in each fitting, but i am sure someone will know how to over come this! Thanking you. Steve

Asked by stephenr1 8 years ago

LED lighting help?!

I am in the process of building a jewelry armoire / box / chest (whatever you wish to call it) and I am wanting to add just two LED's that will come on when the door is opened on the jewelry box and they will go off when the door is closed. Having novice skills in electronics and handyman skills in woodworking I was wondering what I would need to accomplish this and if it could be battery powered...

Posted by bigbadjohn81 10 years ago

Overhead Projector

I have 2 overhead projectors that blow their bulbs. At $18-20 apiece I don't have the money to experiment with them anymore to figure out why. Has anyone got an idea how to convert one to use something like a standard Halogen or Xenon light? I would also need to keep the fan functional as well since any strong light is going to get very hot. I use them in my fiber art studio to project ideas onto paper for patterns.

Posted by CrystalDyes 10 years ago

Computer Controled Lighting

Ok.. I am going to apologize now to everyone if this is a repost of someone else's question.. but for the life of me I cant find what I am looking for... I am considering doing a project that will allow me to voice command a HTPC for other things then the normal HTPC stuff... for instance.. and yes i kow this is kinda out their on the geeky side.. but my brothers and sisters here would approve... I want to be able to walk into a room and tell the "ships computer to go to Red Alert" and have a red LED rope light hidden behind a false crown molding start to turn on and off.. and also play the infamous star trek red alert sounder..... This would be only one of many things i want to do with it.. but the only example i could come up with at the moment... If you can point me in the right direction for the lighting control done on the cheap that would except commands from lets say a batch file or what ever.... Charles

Posted by lifelineafety 6 years ago

I'd like to challenge everyone here that makes useful things.

I'd like to challenge everyone here that makes useful things.  I'm rebuilding an old light fixture and I'm focusing on efficiency.   My challenge is to get the highest amount of lumens with the lowest number of watts.  I'm stuck and I'd be willing to put a cash prize on this. I'd like for everyone that gives this a try to stick to DC voltage.

Posted by 00MrNotWrong00 8 years ago

im trying to hook up 200 LEDs in groups of 3-4 that can individually be turned off, whats the best way to power this?

So im new to calculating power needed for projects so im hoping for some help im trying to hook up 200 LEDs in groups of 3-4 that can individually be turned off, whats the best way to power this? should i run the 3-4 leds in parallel ? and i need to be able to turn clusters of lights off.

Asked by iZombiemovies. 3 years ago

Fluorescent bulb questions ? Answered

Hello, Short question but sorry,  I cannot seem to shorten it; the actual question is in the last two lines . My friend's outside light stopped working; Earlier today I was asked to replace the two bulbs; they had stopped working and seemed slightly brown on the ceramic part. They are four pin fluorescents; I have not used these type before. I went to Screwfix and their catalogue showed two bulbs that looked identical to the original but one model said for electronic ballast only and one type said for magnetic ballast only; the shop staff did not know what a ballast was and could not advise me, when looking at the original, which type to buy. I went to Toolstation , no such distinction was made in their catalogue; I asked the guy about the ballast suitability; he did not know what a ballast was; I bought the one that seemed the closest in name. I have never has to think about ballast types before buying a bulb before; but after buying the bulbs I found a sticker on the lamp saying -electronic ballast. I stuck the first bulb in, it did not light. I put the bulb, instead, into the next socket; it lit and stayed lit. I put the remaining bulb in the first socket and both bulbs stopped working; whatever combination that I tried. The original bulb was an Osram Dulux D/E 26w/840 The  new bulb is a  sylvania lynx-de superia 26w 840  G24q-3 Technical Details Brand Sylvania Item Weight 9 g Product Dimensions 16.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 cm Item model number 25927 Part Number 0025927 Colour Cool White Shape Stick Maximum Compatible Wattage 26 watts Voltage 240 volts Specific Uses General purpose Batteries Included? No Type of Bulb Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Cap Type G24q EU Energy Efficiency Label A Luminous Flux 1800 lumen Wattage 26 watts Wattage 26 watts Bulb Features Low energy plug-in compact lamp Colour Temperature 4000 Kelvin Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 85 Average Life 10000 hours Average Life 15000 hours Bulb Length 167 millimetres Warm Up Time 30 seconds Lumen Maintenance Factor at the End of Life 95 I still do not know if it was the correct bulb or not but . . . Here are the questions:   Are some bulbs suitable for both types of ballast ? What happens if you put the wrong type in; does it just not work; or does it blow the bulb; or/and does it damage the lamp? Thank you

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 3 years ago

I've a wealth of A.C. landscape XFMR. How do you size the small full wave rectifiers for use in running LED's off these?

I'm using 12volt 50 watt thru 150 watt AC xfmrs and need to know how to size corresponding full wave rectifiers as available all over the web for anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These are the typical A.C. landscape xfmr's I want to adapt to DC output. I'd like to avoid heat sinking at all costs. Thanks, Zappenfusen 

Asked by zappenfusen 6 years ago

Using Edge-lit LCD's LED array

Hi everyone! Recently, a friend of mine managed to crack the LCD of his laptop. While he got a replacement, I took his old LCD screen apart and salvaged the LED array which edge-lit the screen. Now my question is, is there a way I can power this on? There's no information printed on the LED array about its power requirements and I'm looking for any hints / clues I can get. I've attached a few closeups of the LED array, hope to get a lead on this. Thanks in advance!

Posted by jagtesh 8 years ago

How can I put lights in a display cabinet.?

I want to light the inside of a 6 ft tall cabinet with glass shelves. I have tried using various Ikea lights, but the obvious glare from the light is too distracting from the items I display. Any ideas on how to proceed? Also, it is flat black on the inside - will changing the color help?

Asked by musiclady11 6 years ago

If anyone has information on building a light source for the studio that looks like daylight.?

I use to have a window in my studio, now we moved and I no longer have that light source. Hoping to build a soft box to duplicate the same light effect. hoping for help. thanks

Asked by 8 years ago

how can i set up back ground lighting with LED strips but using a battery pack as the power supply?

I  have 3 skate boards hanging in my room (hanging like this   using these hangers i want to put led lights behind them to light them up. but i want it all concealed behind the skate boards. how would i set this up? is it even possible?

Asked by PASAKARNIS 5 years ago

Circuit Needed for cabinet lighting : 30 LED , with Dimmer single color (white)?

I've got a rectangular cabinet which needs some lighting on the inside , i plan to make one with LEDs around the perimeter on the inside with 30 Leds , could i get a circuit for it along with a dimmer if possible . (AC supply is 240 V ) .

Asked by Strydon 8 years ago

How can I make lights that turn on when I open my shed door?

I've just put together a shed for my motorbike that will soon have electricity wired to it. I want to make a lighting system that turns on the lights when I open the door and turns them off when I close them. I don't want to spend a load of money so was thinking relays and microswitches. Any thoughts or opinions would be great! Thanks Jack

Asked by sladek 7 years ago

How would I get LEDs to light up one after the other and stay lit? Answered

I wanna get a few LEDs to light one after another and stay lit until the power is switched off....this is for a computer case im building, if anyone can tell me how to do this or something i can get that already has this effect please tell me, thank you :).

Asked by Pinion Props 4 years ago

Battery powered 120V light bulb

I'm trying to build a steam-punk costume and wanted to use a motorcycle battery to power several edison squirrel cage style bulbs. Fortunately these blubs look better if they are dimmed, but what I'm having a problem with is a schematic and what type of transformer to use.

Posted by Deepeyes 6 years ago

Has anybody used an LED dome kit to make their own mini-LED photo panel?

I was thinking about making a micro led light panel using one of those LED interior light kits.  It seems to me that it'd make a pretty decent budget imitation. The real deal.   DIY solution? Any thoughts?

Asked by micah1_8 8 years ago

How do you think this awesome light installation achieved this effect?

So I'm recounting this from memory. I was in Argentina several years ago in a nightclub and there were these bars of light on the wall. I can't remember exactly what they looked like but it was a vertical bar of light, maybe 3 feet tall, very thin. When one whipped their head back and forth while dancing, a full size image outline (appearing 4 feet wide) of in this case the Camel cigarette logo would whip out in the direction of your rotation. So basically this full width image was stored in a tiny space, and when you rapidly rotated your head, the full image would emerge in the direction of your rotation. You went left, the camel would emerge following the bar (on the right) and it would face the left, whereas if you went right, the camel of course emerges following the bar on the left and it would face right. Woa! Any ideas?

Asked by prismspecs 5 years ago

Automated lighting inside wardrobe?

I'm in the middle of custom building a fitted wardrobe.  So far, I have hacked an Ikea PAX Wardrobe to fit into a wall with a custom shape.  The issue I am now facing is how to do the lighting.  On the right side, I have 3 shelves which I want to underlight, and on the left side, there are 2 rails. I had a look at the Ikea wardrobe lights, however they are motion activated, which is no use since the motion sensor would be blocked. Does anyone know how I can rig up some LED strips to maybe some sort of reversible magnetic switch that can be mounted on the doors, or some sort of other solution.  I would need all the parts though, and don't even know where to start. Any suggestions?

Asked by K20Evo 3 years ago

EcoDimmer: New hardwired/DC LED lighting for DIYs

Hello everyone,My name is Mark Gilmore, and I am the owner/president of Omnipotence Software.We have been developing automation software since 1990, our primary product being "ECS"( have been closely following the trend towards LED lighting for a few years now.But when we looked for systems that could be automated, we found a void in the market.So we decided to make our own:Our "EcoDimmer" controls up to 16 low-wattage (DC) lights or appliances with push-buttons,keypads, and/or automation software (like ECS).To our knowledge, this is the only direct-wired/DC lighting system that can be automated.The EcoDimmer is intended for installers and DIYs.It does not include buttons, lighting, or the dimmer's power supply, as these will varygreatly for different applications. So with the exception of the optional/pre-installed keypad,these must be purchased separately and wired to the unit. But as only 2 connections are required for each, anyone can perform this task with a screwdriver and a knife. For further details, please see welcome any feedback (esp as this is a new product) !Regards,Mark

Posted by MarkGilmore 9 years ago

Laminar Flow

Thanks for all the help with making my laminar flow, I am nearly there but would really like to add a light so it can be seen at night. Is there a simple way of doing this. I cannot quite understand a couple of sites I have seen. This is such an exciting project I never believed it would be possible after seeing it at Bellagio but being able to interrupt the flow and also light it - simply- would be great.

Posted by Kiwi girl 5 years ago

Strongest 3V LED with pins?

I'd like to build a LED into an empty light bulb that can run on 3V (from button cells). So I can't use the normal screw-in leds that are sold because they are all 12V at least. I'm planning to build the LED into the lightbulb myself, and connect it manually to the batteries. I'd like my LED to be as omnidirectional as possible. So what LED would I be able to use for this, and would I need some sort of diffuser or something to make the light shine in all directions? Would I be able to get up to about similar lumens as a 40W incandescent bulb?

Asked by reinhardtsmit 3 years ago

Help with color changing LEDs?

So I am looking to do something like this with LEDs, but what I want to do is have some red and yellow LEDs in the light fixture and put them all on a remote or dimmer switch, so when I turn it down, it will mimic a sun set. I have no idea how to do that. Any suggestions? Bonus points for anyone who would know how to incorporate fiberoptics for starlight.

Asked by Focker 7 years ago

Lightning lighting

OK I got one for you all! What I would like to achieve is a realistic lightning effect for Halloween displays. I've tried some different ideas, but none can give me a realistic effect. Most produce a timed effect (2 sec on, 2 secs off, 2 on, 2 off etc...) What I think I would need would be a circuit board or something like that, that would produce a random current to a strobe light source (ie. 1 sec on, 3 secs off, 2 on, 6 off, 1 on 5 off etc...) Could this be done? I've searched all over the internet and haven't been able to come up with anything. Thanks! Wes

Posted by tat2dwes 9 years ago

Would this switch plan work? Answered

I found this online. It would be convenient for switching central lights from two sides of the house when the main panel is on one side.  It's the only diagram I found with the feed coming from the switch, going to multiple lights, and ending at a switch.  I'm having doubts about whether or not it would work and meet US code.  The black taped white wires seem only to be taped at one end, but perhaps I just don't understand.  Any input?

Asked by mole1 1 year ago