Adding a LINK on Instructables and comment section via PC & iOS

I'm still having trouble adding a Link on instructables,Any help would be highly appreciated..Im using Chrome on Windows 7 PC.,and if ever putting a link on Instructables via iOS App would be great..

Posted by rodski 3 years ago

Incorrect Links

For the last month or so, when I place multiple links near each other in my instructables, one tends to copy the other. So, while I copy and paste the proper url into each separate link, they end up being the same. It's happened multiple times with multiple instructables. I've been able to fix it, but it usually takes a couple tries for it to stick.

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

link hat

Can somebody make a link hat?

Posted by builderkidj 7 years ago

Link info empty

When answering a question and using the link button to embed a link the info page comes up empty.  It used to have a place to paste the link after highlighting the link key word. Using windows xp and firefox.

Posted by Re-design 9 years ago

Broken link

Guys, link broken to wejustgotback.­com here

Posted by ssalamon 7 years ago


Can I link my online shop in some of mine instructables? Or it is against the policies? Thanks anybody for answering.

Posted by marcellahella 3 years ago

A link to the Answers forum?

I'm not blind, but I sure can be clueless at times, but I can't find any decent link to the Answers: pages on the home page.  I like helping people by giving (hopefully) constructive responses to their questions.  But  I have the darndest time trying to get there. Just put a link in the top of page banner... Please!

Posted by TheZuke! 8 years ago

Link to tutorial on my blog

I have a tutorial on my blog, and I'm wondering if I can just put a photo of the finished project and brief description on instructables with a link to my blog, or do i have to download the whole tutorial to instructables

Posted by simpleshoemaking 5 years ago

Broken link to Cryptex Instructable

Hi - I'm trying to access: from user KENYER - an instructable about a Cryptex. The link was working a few weeks ago, but I can't get there now - please advise.  Thanks, Brendan

Posted by itsbrend 2 years ago

Links not forming properly in comments

Exactly what is says in the title. I have twice recently left a comment with a link attached to text, only for the link not to work*. The text goes orange, but nothing happens when you click on it. The comments I left were here and here. Links as text, just in case: (*Was that a sentence? I think it was a sentence, but it doesn't feel like a sentence...)

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Link syntax and Parens

This "({ Hawai'i}," (with square instead of curly brackets) renders as "Hawai'i(". Why does the paren move to after the link?Putting a space between the paren and the bracket seems to fix it.Compare:({ hi}) -> (hi)( { hi}) -> ( hi)

Posted by aneel 10 years ago

Link in instructable .pdf file doesn't work

The link in the .pdf version of my instructable to a .zip file appears broken. The link in the instructable itself is fine.  How are the links .pdf version of instructables maintained and how can I get them updated? My instructable is I am not a PRO member, so the only .pdf instructables I can see are ones that I authored. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Doug Paradis 8 years ago

adding download link to an instructable

Maybe i'm just really stupid and did not find the right button BUT: how can i add a download link to one of my instructables? i want to upload a pattern for a sewing related-instructable. if i upload it as s picture it will not be true to size, so i wanted to add a download link so that the pattern can be downloaded as a pdf. i've seen that this is possible at other instructables. for example in this one (step 1) so how does it work?

Posted by sursula 5 years ago

separate words with different links are joined together when previewed

I am creating an instructable and have the following "but there are similar  things " where the words similar and things are two different links. In the preview the two words are joined together "similarthings" and nothing I can seem to do ...short of removing a link... will prevent this. Any suggestions? Add to this...I can't attach images to this message.  The new uploader doesn't open anything, the old uploader uploads, but no image.

Posted by Microbe 1 year ago

My Instructable is inaccessible (broken link)

My project was featured in the recent email (thank you), but I am getting messages from others and myself am unable to access the page.

Posted by cheft 9 years ago

sending links from a specific step from pro user to non-pro user

As a pro user i can 'view all', and then the link to step looks like this: if i send that to a non-pro user it doesn't work they go to the main page. for a non-pro user the link to a step looks like this: but with 'view all' set, as a pro i cant get that link.

Posted by dan 8 years ago

"Invalid formatting" error when inserting link

. When trying to insert a (valid) link to , I get the following error msg:Invalid formatting in the comment.. Getting rid of everything after the "r" cleared it up, so I'm assuming it's the parentheses that trip the error.

Posted by NachoMahma 9 years ago

Links not opening in new window

1. What Operating system the device you are using, if its a computer, that would be linux, windows or mac (or freebsd etc) for mobile it would be android, iOS, windows mobile. Please also include the version number. - Win 7 2. Browser information including version number, if you're using the mobile app include app version number. Google Chrome Version 33.0.1750.154 m 3. Include what project or url you were looking at when the error occurred - 4. Screen shots of what happened if available. 5. steps to reproduce, this will be one of the most important pieces of information as it will enable us to do the same thing and find a fix. - made instructable then went to edit links to be sure they opened in new tab.. when checking, the links opened in same window/tab

Posted by Norahbelle 4 years ago

can't upload!!

I loaded everything... and I clicked under my youtube video on "share", copied the link url from youtube, pasted it in the proper box,  clicked "publish"... the system keeps telling me that I need an imbed code!!!  What am I doing wrong??

Posted by Emiemi 5 years ago

Information portal shut down...

The USA portion of WikiLeaks is being asked to shut down ( WikiLeaks ), what do you think? Have you heard about this and what is claimed they "got themselves into"? Whistle-blower site dismantled in the news

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Citing another, or two instructables.

How do I direct visitors of my instructable to someone elses? User RedHandFilms has a featured on about building a basking rock for a bearded dragon, I built rocks to submerge and grow moss. I would like to give RedHandFilms credit for inspiration.

Posted by gonar 9 years ago

The URL contains escaped bytes unsupported by the UTF-8 encoding.

This is my first post to the forums, just wanted to let you know of the error message on I love the site, and can't wait to learn more!

Posted by plainhavoc 3 years ago

Epiloglaser - broken link

Just to warn that epiloglaser's link is broken!

Posted by Felps 9 years ago

Energy Saving Link

Can you check the link to the Energy Saving Guide? It's pointing to the contest page. Thanks! --Kent

Posted by kentiler 9 years ago

How to remove a Facebook link to my account?

I really do not like linking my account here to facebook. Please tell me how I can remove this link from my instructables account.

Posted by Thrasym 6 years ago

Area Paypal donation links acceptable?

Is it acceptable to request Paypal donations in the how-to guides we create (via a link)? Similarly, is it acceptable to offer completed versions of the item for sale within the guide?

Posted by hertzcarmichael 9 years ago

Links no longer supported in comments and topics?

With the recent works on the website came some new features I fail to fully understand. Tried to get a link into one of my comments. You know, highlight the text in question and then paste the link after clicking on the link symbol that appears. Well, I get all sorts of italic happening, can blow the text to a bigger size but the link symbol only gives me italic. Did someone mess it up without noticing? ;)

Posted by Downunder35m 10 months ago

ebook link broken

Hi I noticed that this ebook Daily bread epub link is broken screen shot below. Im running firefox, on ubuntu thanks liquidhandwash

Posted by liquidhandwash 6 years ago

can't log in to profile with link to Facebook

Every Time I click the login link for Facebook. It just states that there was an error, that was the only way I was able to get to that profile. It willnot recognize the id any other way. 

Posted by desya 4 years ago

None of the Instructable links appear to be working

Every instuctable link I select redirects me to a "Sorry, we just can't find that one! - We're sorry, the URL xxxxxxxxxxxx  is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below." And when I click on one of those I get the same message.

Posted by pools200 7 years ago

Links in articles should open a new tab

When links in projects are clicked on, the browser immediately takes you to that page. This loses the Instructable topic unless you page back to it. There should be a way to set the site up so that links open new tabs. I know because I moderate and manage a programming forum. Thanks! Ted Weissgerber

Posted by BurgersBytes 4 years ago

My links posted in answers don't go anywhere.

My links posted in this question/answer don't go to where the link should.  I'm sure I posted it correctly.  I'm using Firefox and I may just be my computer but I don't have any other way to check it on other computers right now. Link. This should go to the question in question. Or.

Posted by Re-design 7 years ago

Links in the Email updates no longer work

I do like the new and clean look of the Email notification that show the last comments made. But in the old style all I had to do was to click on the link to get to the answer. Now I either need to copy and paste the link into the brwoser or start the comment tracker first to find them. It was really convinient to just click and get where it is needed - is there any chance to get this back working? Or is there a specific reason why the links are no longer clickable?

Posted by Downunder35m 1 year ago

Newsletter link fail

I receive the newsletter through Yahoo Mail and everything is OK. But this e-mail is redirected to Outlook, directly into my computer. In Outlook, only the first (main) link works. The rest doesn´t. This problem have already happened around a year ago.

Posted by osoriocj 2 years ago


Plz don't call Link Zelda or Shadow will get you. hehehehe...

Posted by twilightfox 3 years ago

Link to "You Page" on "Inbox" page

When viewing your account "stuff" everything is in a tab (you page, instructables, discussions, etc.) except for mail. It's easy to check mail by using the link in the left nav bar, but once there, it's harder to return. The drop down menu in the top right is fine but can be cumbersome on mobile devices because it's so small. Could we get a link to the "You Page" in the left nav bar as well?

Posted by Brooklyntonia 4 years ago

broken link in the newsletter October 7, 2014

Broken link of the October 7, 2014 newsletter. Returns: Sorry, we just can't find that one!   We're sorry, the URL is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below.

Posted by xmac 4 years ago

Links logging me out.

Over roughly the last 24-36 hours, the site has started logging me out if if follow links to projects. Not every time, but I am currently having to log in three or four times per session on the site. For instance, if I am logged in and browsing the recent page in desktop view, and I click on a thumbnail, I get taken to the project, but arrive on the mobile site, and not logged in. When I switch back to desktop view, I am still not logged in. The same happens if I follow a link to a project from a "subscription update" email. It's not just "arriving on the site and having to log in", if I am already on the site and logged in, then follow a link from an email, the tabs I already have open get logged out as well. This is using an Android tablet with up-to-date browser.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Could I have gotten a virus from a Facebook link?

Hey! I was on a forum earlier today, when someone linked to a facebook account, so I thought, why not? I went to it in Mozilla with Noscript and adblock, but was prompt to enter username/password since I usually dont use firefox for that + noscript blocks that anyways right? So I pasted it in Google Chrome (where my password is stored in the browser..) from there I got directly in, but just came to the front page og Facebook... Why did this happen? Could it be that I have been sent to a fake site to give me malware :s ? here is the link: Ps. I checked just now and if you look at here : and here: (this is how it looks while loading) , you see that the links is very different.. Is the link in the second picture a normal one? And also note what I have circled around in red down to the left... Any ideas? I scanned my pc with MBAM, SUPERantispyware, AVAST and Spyboot S & D, but if there is a virus at all, could it be encrypted, will they be able to detect it? sorry for nagging, just getting a little paranoid :p p.p.s If I click on that link and then try to press a notification that will bring me back to the homepage too.. (but not other ones, only the first one I click after clicking the link, per session..) Thank you for answers :)

Posted by kjelll 7 years ago

Achievement link error

I happened to notice an error in my Achievement. I have won the recent Snack Food Contest here: But when I click on the Achievement in My page, it brings up this page: I have emailed, no response yet. Anybody here had the same issue beefore and knows how to correct it?

Posted by babybayrs 5 years ago

Links to Instructable's. External.

I've noticed many odd pages such as..... id/My-Completeables/ They creep me out... can't figure out the purpose... If there were extra google ads etc added making them profit, that would explain it... Yet the page appears exactly the same as if it was through instructables.... do you believe they get web hits or something? I seem to be getting more and more of these.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

Need to Change title of Link to my instructable

Hi guys and girls, I just published an instructable and I had a typo in the title. I wrote Duck tape instead of Duct Tape.(dont tell me you havent done that! LOL) Anyway, so I went through and changed the title in the edittor and unpublished and republished the instructable. The link at the top of the web browser (and the final downloadable .pdf) still say DUCK_TAPE_BINDING... Its funny, but its not.. I need an admit to change it for me. I've been trying for a couple of hours now, and there is nothing I can do client-side to change it. Thanks!

Posted by blakeredfield 9 years ago


Be nice, if the links actually worked like they are suppose to in Questions. HERE is an example Why not use this page like Questions did before ??? Why NOT ???   This is a Real Bug Please fix and send Pro Membership :-)  

Posted by iceng 4 years ago

Clickable Keywords

When logged in and viewing a personal Instructable there is a keyword list.  We can add and delete words very easily.  Nice feature. Until very recently we could also click on any of the keywords in the list and it would take us to a page of similar projects based on that keyword.  This was very useful to track all teammates for the Makerspace contest.   Why does this click option no longer work. Now every link defaults to the "everything" category. Would be nice to have that link feature back. DIYWATERDOG

Posted by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago

Instructables by others, that I have made... on my profile?

Is there an easy way to list and link to Instructables by others, that I have made? If so, I haven't found it yet; if not, then this is a feature suggestion. It would be nice to be able to mark other people's Instructables as 'I have done this', and show a linked list on my profile; also, thinking further, the I'ble could then have a list called 'Who has done this?' or similar, and maybe we could even add an image of our version. Is this a very silly idea? What do you think?

Posted by Moem 6 years ago

Revver problem

OK so I've been trying to get a video that I have put on revver working, but to no avail. I have tried looking here but to no avail. The problem is I get a URL nothing like the one in the instructable above. So I shall post the code and a direct link to the video here. I would like it very much if one of you could please pose some code that would allow me to use it with the embed feature when you create a video instructable. Thanks in advance guysDanHere is a direct link to the video is the Flash embed code

Posted by F1X0R 10 years ago

A FAQ link with the most common questions rather then a bulky forum section

So I saw someone asking a FAQ question again today. Ofcourse what I'm about to propose doesn't stop them all from still doing this but will stop many. What I propose is that we delete the "FAQ" part of the forums and change this by adding a quick link with "FAQ" next to "Home browse Community Submit" Now what would this link do? Well I propose we take the most common questions like "My instructable doesn't come up in search" "My ible is not in the contest and it was enterd" "I'm featured what does it mean?" and so on. Answer these questions and make a FAQ section out of them like other sites do. This way everybody sees a clearly visible link in the top of the screen so they won't go posting forum topics that are answerd in one question again. Like said above this won't stop them all but will stop many useless topics that are answered in one and the same question. This way the number of topics will also decrease and the speed of the site will go up :) I want to volunteer for making the FAQ section if needed :) Help is always welcome but before I begin I would like to know what the team and other members think of it. So to sum it up in short. I want to put a link named "FAQ" next to "Home browse Community Submit" which brings you to a number of common questions with the answers to them. (note that this will not be a forum topic). I also want to delete all the topics in the FAQ because we would have taken the most common out of them. The section should remain for questions that have not appeared in the FAQ. When the FAQ text updates those can be deleted again. Now what are your thoughts on this matter? Aren't you tired of responding every 2 weeks or so a question that has been asked like 50 times already?

Posted by MichelMoermans 8 years ago

Hyperlinks not working

I'm having an issue with turning text into hyperlinks in comments. For instance, when I replied to Purple_Matter here: I included two hyperlinks in my comment.  They worked when I used the "test" function, but do not work now. The tools for adding hyperlinks in topics like this are different, and they are working just fine.  It's the hyperlinks in comments that are causing trouble.

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Links in the newsletter don't work (not active)

Hello, links in Editors' Picks and some buttons at the bottom of the newsletter don't work (not active) in MS Outlook 2016 x64. The links in other blocks are ok. Also If I open the newsletter in a browser all the links work fine. My OS is Windows 7 x64.

Posted by danissimo 2 years ago

Missing links in profiles

Hello everyone When I open any profiles, I only get the overview link at the left side, there used to be other links like followers etc. Is there a reason that they are gone? Or is it a bug? Kind regards Laurens

Posted by Laurens-Wuyts 2 years ago