Program stability

I origionally posted this in questions, Instructable program stability? FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL Flag WHY does the screen jump up and down when trying to read an instructable??? Its almost impossible to read. It would appear to be linked to the "adds" that are loaded. "Adds" meaning links to other stuff. Debian 8.4 on brand new G750JM completely stripped of any Micro$ software. Single boot. i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 3.16.0-4-amd64 (#1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-2 (2016-04-08)) 16 G RAM with 93% free Invidea GTX860M video I believe I have found the "bug"  It appears that the video entitled "Share what you make" keeps loading and loading and loading, This stream runs like this Is there anyway to stop this? Joe

Posted by joebog1 2 years ago


Learn how to install Linux on a PSP.

Posted by Xecuter3 11 years ago

how do i run linux on a psp

I want a mobile computing plat form and the psp fits the bill... but i have no idea how to run linux (on anything) or how to install it on my psp (psp 2000)

Posted by corey_caffeine 9 years ago

Linux movieplayer / Rythem box sound problem

Having an issue with linux music playing when I pay songs in movieplayer they play perfect, when I play them in rythem box there like half speed and loud fuzz blocks out most of the sound whats the deal?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Microsoft Office for Linux

I heard last week that Microsoft will be porting their popular Office suite to Linux this year. As an avid Linux user, and a firm believer in the free software movement, I must say that this has a certain odor to it. Do we honestly think that a company that has used phrases like "a cancer that infects everything it touches," to describe Linux will just start waving the olive branch and cater to the "cancer" as a valued customer? This peace offering calls to mind a certain wooden horse I think we all know. "either the Greeks are hiding, shut inside those beams, or the horse is a battle-engine, geared to breach our walls, spy on our homes, come down on our city, overwhelm us- or some other deception's lurking deep inside it. Trojans, never trust that horse. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, especially bearing gifts." One thing is for sure, considering how Microsoft constantly violates the privacy of their customers, rest assured that this horse WILL spy on our homes.

Posted by romanyacik 4 years ago

Linux, ubuntu, and the like

Ok, so I'm tired of my windows system. It is starting to get boring to look at AND VERY VERY CLUTTERED. I would like to switch to ubuntu, but I'm not sure if it will play my windows games that have a lot of code and/or are graphically intensive. I know it has dual boot, and the other thing, but idk if it will play AOE3, Risk, Itunes, Windows Media player, or any of the windows programs. One of the reasons I would like to switch to ubuntu is because they have a download just for media and music production, and me being a wanna be music superstar, that is what I want and/or need right now.

Posted by wazupwiop 10 years ago

Austin schoolteacher who didn't believe Linux existed

From linuxlock:A teacher in Austin who threatened to report a local free-Linux-machines charity to the police because "there's no such thing as free software" and they had therefore deceived the student she caught distributing Linux disks in class.The teacher sent an email to the blog, which sparked this whole incident.The teacher's initial email: (Thanks, gmoon!)After confiscating the disks I called a confrence with the student and that is how I came to discover you and your organization. Mr. Starks, I am sure you strongly believe in what you are doing but I cannot either support your efforts or allow them to happen in my classroom. At this point, I am not sure what you are doing is legal. No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful. These children look up to adults for guidance and discipline. I will research this as time allows and I want to assure you, if you are doing anything illegal, I will pursue charges as the law allows. Mr. Starks, I along with many others tried Linux during college and I assure you, the claims you make are grossly over-stated and hinge on falsehoods. I admire your attempts in getting computers in the hands of disadvantaged people but putting linux on these machines is holding our kids back.This is a world where Windows runs on virtually every computer and putting on a carnival show for an operating system is not helping these children at all. I am sure if you contacted Microsoft, they would be more than happy to supply you with copies of an older verison of Windows and that way, your computers would actually be of service to those receiving them...Original Article which started the situationNew Article that clears things up

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

Pen Drive Operating System: Run Linux Almost Anywhere

OK THIS is awesome. Its called Slax Wondering what it is ? It is an operating system that you can put on your flash drive and take almost anywhere (bios must allow usb boot) The great thing about this is you can personalize it and take it anywhere (almost). And for you guys that don't like to have websites at school blocked, boot the school computer from your flash drive. This has many capability's. It has the ability to Play music and video, Burn discs, surf the net, Instant message, take screen shots, it has paint, several games, And I believe i herd you can install wine on it and run windows programs ( haven't tried yet ).

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

search input

Over a year ago I searched for "Swamp Cooler" in Instructables.  Ever since then, no matter what I search for, the search data is erased and "swamp cooler" is automatically entered.

Posted by wlgoode 3 years ago

A fake terminal for your school, friends for family.. Who don't know what they are doing.

#!/bin/bash COMMANDS=" Commands Are: \n\t  ping: Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts.\n\t  nc: Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens. (use to send text or a file to your friends)\n\t  request: To request a program or a real shell.\n\t  help or h: Echo this Help.\n\t  clear: Clear the display.\n\t  exit: Close this fake terminal.\n " echo -e $COMMANDS while true do  echo -ne "\033[1;33m`whoami`\033[1;37m@\033[1;32m`hostname`\033[1;37m:\033[1;31m (press h for help) \033[1;36m$ \033[0m"  read COMMAND  case "$COMMAND" in   ping )    read -p "What do you want to ping? " SERVER    ping -qc1 $SERVER    if [ $? -eq 1 ] ; then     echo "$SERVER is not avalible.. "    else     echo "$SERVER is avalible.. "    fi   ;;   request )    read -p "What do you want to request? [program|shell] " REQUEST    case "$REQUEST" in     program )     ;;     shell )      /bin/bash     ;;     * )      echo "Can't request for $REQUEST.."    esac   ;;   clear )    /usr/bin/clear   ;;   exit )    exit   ;;   help|h )    echo -e $COMMANDS   ;;   * )    echo "$COMMAND: command not found "  esac done Give it a name:     mv whateveritwas [] Make it work easer via:     chmod +x [] Now you can use via:     [ ./ ]

Posted by james.mcglashan 8 years ago

133MHz, Linux?

Does anyone have any ideas as to a linux distro suitable for a laptop with the following specs; Cpu: 133 MHz Ram: 32 Mb HD: 1.4 Gb I have looked at puppy linux and vector linux but i can't find a download for the old version of vector and even puppy is to demanding. Any linux distro suggestions or indeed other uses suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by csharpdeveloper 9 years ago

Favorite Flavor of Linux?

I have used LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Slax, and Puppy. I must say, Ubuntu is my favorite, followed by LinuxMint. What's your favorite "flavor" of Linux?

Posted by dkop1 7 years ago

How to Put Linux on a USB flashdrive

Check out my new instructable on putting linux on a flashdrive to take your computer anywhere with you. Don't know what linux is? Read the instructable to find out. Just. Click on this line

Posted by oicvideos 6 years ago

Linux Terminal Basics

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an instructable teaching the basic the the linux terminal? comments appreciated

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

Get Some Linux in your life

Windows Vista Is Terrible! But Linux can as cool/cooler than XP if you know how to use it! Share the knowledge!

Posted by mattameo213 10 years ago

Linux Theme Gets Scarily Close to XP

Well, heres a kool little topic on lifehacker, i want to try it. BTW, if you look at the second comment i replied t it, lol

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

arm based computer

Can some one make an instructable for how to set up a usable arm based linux machine?

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 10 years ago

How to make a live CD

How to make a live CD for a modified linux distro. Include how to make a custom boot screen etc. Thanks, Munchman

Posted by munchman 10 years ago

Quick rundown various Linux and BSD operating systems:

1.  Debian - one of the older base distributions and currently one of the most popular.  Uses the "apt" package manager for software installation.  Excellent server distribution. 2.  Fedora - the free community edition of Red Hat Linux.  Sponsored by Red Hat Linux.  Uses the "rpm" package manager for software installation. 3.  openSuse - sponsored by Novell, originally developed largely in Europe. 4.  Mageia - fork of an older distribution called Mandriva Linux. 5.  PCLinuxOS - also a fork of Mandriva.  Looks to provide out-of-the-box support for graphics and sound cards. 6.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) - based on Fedora, RHEL includes many enterprise-level enhancements and is supported Red Hat corporation. 7.  CentOS Linux - free enterprise-grade operating system that is built from the same source code as RHEL without the proprietary enhancements or support from Red Hat.  8.  Puppy - very small Linux operating system that boots the OS and applications completely into RAM.  Can operate on older computer equipment.  Excellent for use in emergencies and to recover data from hard drives. 9.  FreeBSD - operating system that is based on BSD code. 10.  Ubuntu Linux - easy to use operating system that is based on Debian Linux.  Supported by the Canonical corporation.  Ubuntu means "humanity to others".  Excellent server distribution. 11.  Linux Mint - currently one of the most popular distributions, based on Ubuntu Linux.  Looks to provides complete experience by including browser plugins and media codecs (ie: Flash) upon installation.  Excellent desktop distribution.  Also comes in lightweight editions for older hardware 12.  NetBSD - based on BSD code.  Can be run on a wide range of hardware.  Currently there are 57 different hardware architectures that can run NetBSD. 13.  OpenBSD - based on BSD code.  Source code built from the ground up with security first and foremost as the goal.  Ships "secure by default", that is, all non-essential services are disabled.  OpenBSD has embedded cryptography throughout the operating system; it utilizes OpenSSH, Pseudo Number Random Generators, cryptographic hash functions, cryptographic transforms and crypto hardware support. 14.  ClearOS - server and network distro designed for small businesses.  Based on Red Hat Linux.  Web-based interface controls anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, bandwidth manager, file services, SMTP services, print services, SSL certification, and web services. 15.  Kali Linux - distro that specializes in penetration testing and security auditing.  Over 300 penetration testing tools.  Based on Debian Linux. 16.  Lubuntu - lightweight version of Ubuntu Linux for older computers and netbooks. 17.  Gentoo - highly customizable distro that uses a package system called portage written in Python.  Mascot is Larry the Cow.

Posted by matt392 4 years ago


How much of a risk is installing ubuntu with wubi? Has anyone lost all their data?

Posted by sotsirh194 10 years ago

Videos are switching off my internet!

Some video postings have been making my internet software shut down.I am using Firefox, on a Linux EeePC.The following is an example of a video that has been visible to me in the past but is now switching me off:

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Talk me into Linux

I've been considering the switch to linux. I have currently loaded SimplyMEPIS onto an old laptop to give it a try, I was impressed. I think I like the Ubuntu Distro a little better but I'm teetering on the edge of a complete switch. I need a push over the edge. My issues at the moment is that the old crapy laptop is just kinda, what I call, my beater book. its the laptop I don't worry about to much and use for word proccesing on the run and simple Internet tasks. SimplyMEPIS works excellent for these purposes. My concern is compatibility with my everyday computer needs....... and my not so ordinary endevors. I would consider myself an Expert when it comes to Windows XP......... a step above Expert if there is such a thing...... I know it inside and out and I can manipulate it like a dirty 5 dollar crack whore. I realize there will be a learning curve but will it be compatible with everything I use in windows? ........ I do a lot of media editing and music recording....... is this a possibility in linux? (I realize Mac pro tools is my overall best option) somebody please convince me to switch beyond a shadow of a doubt. or talk me down from the ledge.

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Rapache- What's up?

How would i go around fixing this so that it starts up?  If you look at the bottom of the screenshot it says, "Warning, cannot connect to server"  What server?  How could I fix this and what does in mean?

Posted by tanmanknex 8 years ago

Neo1973 or Chumby

HiI need your advice. I have been looking at the neo1973 phone for a while. It is an open source phone that allows you to do a lot. It has a touch screen,gsm,gps,2 accelerometers,and wifi. It is open source so there is infinite number of applications available. It costs about $400.Just recently I have been looking at the chumby. The chumby is an open source linux based mini computer. It has on 3.5 in touch screen, 2usb ports, wifi, and built in speakers. You can do a lot with its widgets (rss,weather,youtube,music,movies,flickr,facebook...ect) It cost $180. So I was wondering which one would you get and/or if you have any experience with one or both of the products. Thanks

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

Hi3516 Access Root Error

First, I apologize for my english. I have a camera module with hi3516 SoC and have to access to hi3516 as root. But I couldn't that. If I begin to explain from start. I had an IPC, extracted it and now I have 3 modules (camera module, ir cut module and power / api module). I found 3 holes on camera module, these are GND, Rx and Tx. I soldered them with 3 female jumper cables and connect to ftdi module. I used micro USB to USB for ftdi-pc connection. Powered up camera module with 12V. In while, I download a program, what name is coolterm, to my pc. I opened coolterm and set baud rate to 115200 (hi3516 standard). Camera module booted up. I pressed a button when I see "Hit any key to stop autoboot: 1" text. Until here I followed an article and everything is fine. But that article says "You have to press enter after to type "root" to gain shell access" and I can't access shell when type "root". I got an error like "Unknown command 'root' - try 'help'". Hi3516 has embedded linux os. Article Link: Any ideas to help me?

Posted by Anıl Enis 1 year ago

Hi3516 Telnet Access Error

First, I apologize for my english. I have a camera module with hi3516 SoC and have to access to hi3516 with telnet. But I couldn't that. If I begin to explain from start. I had an IPC, extracted it and now I have 3 modules (camera module, ir cut module and power/api module). First, I tried access to hi3516 as root. But I couldn't that. Then, I go on another method, telnet. I once cut the network cables of power/api module for some reason. Now I soldered them to each other and connect to internet with a rj45. Powered up camera module with 12V. I open advanced ip scanner(for detect ip address of camera module) and putty when camera module booted up. I typed ip address of camera in host name or ip address box and select telnet in connection type. Then, I clicked open button. A console window came to my screen when putty configration closed and I typed username and password correctly. But I got a warning when I typed right username and password. I can't remember how warning was. I got an error like "Login incorrect" and have to try again totally 3 times for every connection when I type wrong username and password. I followed an article for all of it. Hi3516 has embedded linux os. Article Link: Any ideas to help me?

Posted by Anıl Enis 1 year ago

Linux App Install Issues

I've spent most of the afternoon trying to get Supertux 2 (a.k.a. 0.3.1) running on my computer. Put simply, I didn't really get anywhere. The obvious first option for me is Synaptic, but it only had the original 0.1.3 release. So... I've got to try to install something with a command line. Not something I've sucessfully done before. If it helps any, I'm running Knoppix 6 on a cheapo Acer netbook. So... first I got the .tar.bz2 file. easy enough. Uncompressed it. Everything I can find says I'm supposed to only have to use four command-line instructions: cd /home/knoppix/supertux-0.3.1 ./configure make make install but wait... after trying this it became apparent that make wasn't on my system (what kind of system is that?). So, with the help of Synaptic, I got make on there, tried it again, and it still didn't work. After looking at the Supertux docs it turned out it wanted cmake. Well, no problem, right? I've got Synaptic, right? Wrong. The server was down or something and Synaptic couldn't help me. So, I look in the docs again, and it says something called jam is supposed to work in basically the same way. So I get that with Synaptic (successfully), but on the third line ("jam") it it tells me ./Jamconfig: No such file or directory Couldn't find config. Please run 'configure' first. What? What's ./Jamconfig? Didn't I just run configure? I'm clueless. Any idea what's going on here?

Posted by yourcat 8 years ago

Install fedora 17 on windows 8?

Hi, I don't think this is the wright place to post up software stuff...But it is a burning question. How can i install fedora 17 on windows 8? I tried to boot from an usb stick, it just comes up with the ACER startscreen then it moves on into windows again. I am using a ACER 5336 pc and running windows 8 release preview. So is there any more simple way to install? Im only 13 and i dont understand any programming...I just want fedora because it looks nice:)

Posted by NXTHacker 6 years ago

Login troubles

I have recently noticed a change in the behavior of Firefox (10.0.1) on my Ubuntu 11.04 system. "Normally," meaning a few weeks ago, when I first opened the Instructables home page I would select a subject, click on the link and go to that page in a new tab.  I have set preferences to put all the instructions on one page for me, but to to this I need to be logged in.In the upper right corner of my browser window is a link "log in." I clicked the log in link and was (normally) able to see all the pages on one page... but now, when I click the log in button I am taken away from the page I am trying to see, logged in, but not taken back to the page I have chosen. Here is a screenshot of the unwanted destination: p.s. minor nuisance... but a bug is a bug! Thanks!

Posted by stringstretcher 6 years ago

wich linux works best on ibook

My school threw away 4 ibooks but i salvaged them from the trash 3 of them just need a OS so what is a good Linux distro for ibooks?

Posted by Tanners 10 years ago

wireless help in linux...

I need some help configuring a netgear wg111 in slax linux....i know that i have to do someting with ndis wrapper, but where i get the .inf files and such, i do not know....any help is much apreciated!

Posted by fwjs28 9 years ago

need linux help

I finally finished downloading Ark Linux Dockyard, but my computer won't boot from the cd drive! I set the BIOS to cd, and set the cd drive to slave, but I can't seem to get the computer to boot from cd! It is an old Gateway E-3000 that ran Windows 98. I have tried to install both Ark Linux and Ubuntu. Please help!

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

Who here runs linux?

Anyone here run linux? If so what kernel? Do you use it a lot? Got any cool apps? I run Ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn.

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

Need more linux help!

Ok. my computer boots the install disk, fine. Asks for timezone and language. But when it gets to the partitioning, I get a hole bunch of script that says Logical error 1, Logical error 2, etc. It does this for Ubuntu, Ark Linux, and Mandriva. Help me!

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

Linux Install CD?

I have a virtual machine (in sun VirtualBox) with a customized version of ubuntu installed in it. Does anyone know how to turn it into an install CD?

Posted by munchman 10 years ago

Invisible LINUX ?

"To Jim Zemlin you need no longer care about your operating system." Full story here... "You don't buy an operating system. You buy a gadget that runs a program. The gadget and its software are one unit. I call this Invisible Linux." - Posted by Dana Blankenhorn @ 2:57 am

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

fedora linux 9

The red hat linux distribution fedora just came out with version 9!! its code name is here for the details of the new releasei cant wait to get a copy, seeing as i cant seem to find my fedora 8 cd-romfor those of you in canada who want linux, go hereim pretty sure a quick google search will give good sources if your in the states

Posted by tech-king 10 years ago

Get battery charge level in Linux

I have a small all-in-one motherboard that runs Linux ( It only needs 18V to power up and the battery from my Black and Decker drill is 18V. I am able to get the board  to power on by holding some wires on the leads of the battery. My question is, can Linux detect how much charge is left through a DC jack? Or would that take some extra circuitry? My goal is for the user to see a percentage of battery life left (like on a laptop) and maybe to shut the board down if the charge gets too low. Any advice is appreciated.

Posted by bwallen 6 years ago

Will a PS3 make a good gaming computer?

I know that its possible to get a ps3 running Linux, turning it into a fully functional computer. And some people say that it will make a good gaming computer, but the hardware doesnt seem to meet the requirements, only 325 mb of RAM when most games require 6gb. Will a ps3 be a good gaming computer running linux, or is it only good for gaming as a console?

Posted by jgdabble 3 years ago


The fictional version of Linux from Cory Doctorow's new book "Little Brother" shall soon be fiction no longer.I kid you not. ParanoidLinux is coming soon to a computer near you. Perhaps even an iPhone.Thanks Boing Boing!

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Cannot comment photos in my instructible; using Linux

Hi folks. I'm working on my first submission to instructables. I have uploaded my photos and would like to add comments. I tried to click and drag on a portion of the photo to create the box for the comment. Unfortunately my mouse cursor changes to the "drag me somewhere else" icon that I usually get when I try to click and drag anything. I run Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon and have the same problems with firefox and konqueror. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by barney_1 10 years ago

Who else here is enjoying last week's official Gutsy Gibbon release?

I know that I'm not the only one in the community of nerds here that is loving Ubuntu's newest release! Now that I finally have compiz fusion running smoothly on my 64 bit system, I think that it blows the legs off of an already feeble Windows Vista. Even some of my less computer-literate friends, after seeing my system, are trying live cd's and considering dual-boots! I think it's pretty exciting seeing a more user-friendly Linux with standard eye-candy to lure even more away from the Microsoft OS monopoly. Still a ways to go though...

Posted by a grain of alt. 10 years ago

Linux on HP iPAQ rx3700

I have just got this little pocket computer, and I am not satisfied with the old windows mobile system on it. That's why I want to install Linux on it, but I haven't been able to find an instruction that would be possible for a software newbie like me.  It's a HP iPAQ rx3700 and I don't care about which Linux edition that is installed on it. All I know is that I have to put some files on the SD card I have - put it in the device - and boot Linux on the device. I hope that it isn't an impossible task :-) PS. A little inspiration..

Posted by dkmartin123 6 years ago

You crazy Linux users!

I can't believe what some people will do to try to invent their own OS. Why can't you just stick to UNIX?!?!

Posted by V-Man737 9 years ago

Battle of the os's: Solaris,Windows,Linux,Mac,Unix......

What do you think THE BEST OS is ?

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

What operating system are you running?

Just a little survey. Please give your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), the type (XP, Snow leopard, does Linux have types?) and the version (Starter). I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

operating systems

Does anyone know of some other open source operating systems other than Ubuntu and Linux? because I'm getting quite pissed off at windows 2000. EDIT: there is some confusion about what I meant. I meant that Linux is the only OS that I know about. I didn't mean that I had ruled out Linux, I like Linux, I was just wondering about what other OS were out there.

Posted by the_mad_man 9 years ago

microsoft's 235 patents ...

Microsoft claims the opensource community (mainly Linux) violates up to 235 of their patents. Though, as Microsoft don't provide any list of these patents, some says it's just a campaign of fear and destabilization ... Do you know some examples of Microsoft's patents that are actually violated by Linux ?

Posted by chooseausername 11 years ago

Simple Computer Based Project Time Log

Recently I've been playing around with BASH and terminal in linux more. I've also been trying to become more organized and use my time more efficiently. Since I'm not studying CS or working with computers for a living these two things usually work against each other. It's winter break for me now though, so I can play around as much as I want, and in doing so I've come up with a basic way to track time spent working on each project for my next semester. How it works: I plug in a 1GB USB drive (smallest I have) which is labeled "Time Card". Time Card has an autorun script on it. Linux prevents this from actually running automatically, but tells me it's there with the option to run it. The autorun script launches a script from my computer which asks me which project I'm working on. The script logs the 'Time In' and, once the "Time Card" USB is removed, logs the 'Time Out' and 'Total Time Spent' in minutes, to a text file with the name of the project. It's nothing special, but I'm a little excited about it and wanted to share. I've attached slightly modified copies as text files for anyone interested. Edit: I've also uploaded a sample output file (project.txt)

Posted by rogers236 5 years ago

Need a list of the best tools, e-books & tuts, ide's etc. for embedded systems and devices development

Hello Everybody!!! I Just recently dedicated myself and career to the development and design of embedded systems, devices and technology. I just wanted to know if anybody had a list or a link of the most essential tools and other resources to help learn and develop a highly efficient setup and environment for this field of study and employment. Thank You AO!

Posted by Da_Real_ApacheOmega 4 years ago