what is a listening device for Bird Watching? Answered

I want to know why there must be a listening device for bird watching and what is the use of it.

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I need away to use my blue tooth ear piece as a transmitter to another blue tooth ear piece.

I need to be able to listen from a short distance away. sort of a spy device.  having its own coded freq. would be helpful too.

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Looking for instructions on a sound masker to defeat listening bugs?

I have a friend who is going through a rough divorce and we think it is quite likely that he has bugged her house. He has used electronic bugs in the past, his daughter is mentally and physically handicapped and he put it on her wheel chair to hear what happened during her first day of middle school. I am looking for cheap instructions on how to build a device to detect it and/or instructions on a device like you read about in espionage books that produces noise that makes anything a bug picks up unintelligible.

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Please Read, if you want a story ask, but i need an idea

I need something all kool looking to show off in town and take to Spokane for christmas, to show off to my dad's girlfriends family. i thought of a kool looking joule theif and am planning on it but mehbey something else too. i have a story to tell let me know if you want to hear it in exchange for a idea.

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Help needed to install small remote listening device in to a child's battery operated toy

Hi I'm new to this site, I need help in installing a small remote listening device (simcard type) into my child's toy, I already have the device and the toy which I'm going to use, the toy is battery operated, I just want to know how I would connect both items so listening device receives power from toy batteries. Listening device dose have its own power supply but it runs out of power after a few hours. can any one help

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Listen To GHOSTS?

Is it really true that we can listen to GHOSTS ! with this instructables ?

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dificult to listen the video? Answered

Some parts at the beginning have interruptions in the sound.

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What kind of music do you listen to?

What artist?

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How do I listen to past radio shows for free? Answered

I listen to coast to coast am and it on at ten where I live so I somtimes miss some good guests and I want to go back and listen during the day for free. I can do streamlink but I don't want to pay. Pleaz help. :-)

Asked by miiwii3 9 years ago

do someone know how to listen to the music in the classroom without being seen/heard by the teacher?

I need to listen to the music during the lessons, but i really don't know how.. suggestions accepted XD thx in advice

Asked by BMNBMN 8 years ago

At The Moment: 'What Are You Listening To?'

Whenever I am on the computer, I usually have iTunes blasting my ear drums to death. So, what are you listening to at the moment? At the moment: The Vines - Ride

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Songs you would listen anytime

You can share your "I'll listen anytime" songs or just any good song. I give you a song with the band's picture. Try and recognize it.(If possible, download it!) Album-Around the fur

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Listening to electricity.

Hi does anyone know how to make something similar to this electroprobe - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmfrtAJEr9U - (@ 0.24 seconds in) In order to listen to the 'sound of electricity'. What kind of microphones would I need? (surface, telephone etc.) Thanks for any help.

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Why I'm oppose to war

Follow the money. War profiteers have no morality , This weekend take the time to listen to a vet. Just listen, let them tell what war was like and the discussing how they have been treated when they returned. The art of listening with your ears listen to their voices. Eyes what are you seeing in the faces? look real close to their eyes.What are you feeling in your heart ?

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Contact microphone to listen to finger-taps

My idea is to attach a contact microphone to the wrist to listen to finger-taps and determine which fingers produce the taps. Assumptions: - The tap sound propagates along the bones like in tubes,  - Each finger produces a characteristic sound signal. - Pattern recognition of sound signals identifies the sound and the finger that produces it. Any help? Thanks

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Is this a spy bug?

Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum and I really need some help in order to find out if one of the devices in the pics is a spy bug or a listening device. Thank you!

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what web sites can I go to to listen to music for free?

What web sites can I download free music with out using a confermation e-mail adress?

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Anything Brutal?

Anyone listen to anything brutal? if so, What?

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Mortal Treason

I want to know how many people listen to Mortal Treason.

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listening device for bird watching.

Listening device for bird watching,having the following specification:1.handheld,battery operated.2.frequency operation in audible frequency range.3.minimum of 30bB signal amplication.4.volume control for final outout stage.5.automatic gain control.6.10 second recording of sound,non volatile storade.7.two output sockets for headsets,5mm jack plug sockets.8.5 hour operational capabilities on one set of batteries.9.On/Off switch with LED indication.10.LEd to indicate recording.11.LED to indicate playback.?

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Someone is listening. I think it's a baby monitor or something roomate situation. No babies in house. how to find?

I need to find out how someone in a 3 bedroom house is hearing me. I have a scanner can we track a frequency? what if its wireless. Need help fast.

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how do you disable the am/fm radio on a boombox?

i work at a facility where guys can't listen to radio, but can listen to cassette tapes. We need to undo the radio part of the player so they can bring the boombox into their rooms.?

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Listening with Stethoscopes through Glass Windows?

I'm writing a zombie apocalypse fiction story and in one scene, one of the militia has to eavesdrop on a survivor gathering through a padded window using a stethoscope modified to fit onto a walkie-talkie earpiece microphone (the type that's along the same wire as the earpiece). The stethoscope would be placed against the glass window. The eavesdropped survivor leader is using a loud announcement voice with no acoustic assistance, in the middle of, say, a 20m x 10m x 3m lobby. The sound would (theoretically) reverberate through the glass window and into the stethoscope, which would focus all that sound down into the mic, which is transmitted by the connected walkie-talkie to our actual listener that hears it several kilometers away through the second, receiving radio. Notwithstanding the padded window (since the character finds a hole) and assuming the transmitted signal isn't distorted at all, how bad would the audio fidelity be for the listener? Would you still be able to understand audible speech? Would listening with stethoscopes through glass windows even work?

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What music do all of you people listen to? techno/trance/rap/pop/rock/metal/country?

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Is there something that be done to basic speakers to make them waterproof/resistant?

I have a 2-speaker sound system that I would love to listen to when showering, but I worry about humidity damage,  Does anyone know a simple way to make it safe to listen to in the bathroom?  If there's other issue that I hand;t thought of let me know.

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my dog keeps running out the door and wont listen...how do i train her not to go out the door??? Answered

 she slips out of the door when no one is looking and its a pain to get her back. We were out until 2:30 am trying to get her last night. please help!!!

Asked by tictaclad 8 years ago

I am looking for a device that will listen for a smoke alarm to go off.

All it needs to do is have an indicator that trips when the alarm goes off.  I replace smoke detectors that give faulse alarms but I am never there to hear them.  There are two sounds they make, one is a chirp (low Battery) and a full alarm very loud.?

Asked by drvolt 6 years ago

I haven't been here for a while

Yes, I haven't been here for quite a while. I've been working on my site and making cartoons and music.Since I haven't been here for a while I'll link you to my cartoons and music.Hosted on Newgrounds.com for now while my site is under construction.Newgrounds profile:http://dragonblue80.newgrounds.com/Cartoons:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/484572http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/485622Music:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/217616http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/217641http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/218106I'm also looking into making a DeviantArt profile.

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Using headphones for listening to tv.?

My panasonic tv does not have bluetooth. I have new Marley headphones. Theywork well but not when the channel says Dolby or no good with Netflix as they appear to all transmit in Dolby. I purchased both a digital to analogue converter and bluetooth transmitter as advised but still cannot get Netflix audio or those channels using Dolby. Is it because bluetooth will not transmit analogue??

Asked by BarryN16 7 months ago

How can I tell if my stereo speakers are bugged? How can I tell if there's a listening device anywhere in my home?

How can I tell if my stereo speakers are bugged? How can I tell if there's a listening device anywhere in my home? Like in phone jacks, air registers, cell phone, or computer.

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Paris Underground (catacombs)

Did anyone else listen to the story of the catacombs of Paris on NPR? I found it intriguing! 

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thanks a lot to have Bibliografy to read, whatch and listen!!!?

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EVP quality, tele listening amp.

Hallo friends, Please show me a schematic diagram of a highly sensative amplifier, or hearing aid that I can use as a telescopic remote spy hearing instrument. Something as sensitive as the EVP paranormal audio recorder. I tried this circuit but doesnt work :( http://www.extremecircuits.net/2009/07/hearing-aid.html Please guide me to a circuit that actually worked for you. see you thanks

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Pokemon Lavender town. UPDATED

Lavender town is probably the most creepy place in Pokémon games. In 1996 Red and Blue, suicide in children supposidly spiked. So (spupidly) I decided to listen to the Lavender town music with headphones on. I now have a splitting headache and feel ill. I do not belive in most of the ''creepy pasta's'' on the internet but the headache thing is real. Listen to the music at your own risk. The images belong to me.

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Cool internet streaming radio stations?

Just been thinking what good internet streaming radio stations do you guys have been listening to lately? My budget for buying and downloading mp3 music tracks has gone down the drain lately and I wanna start spending way less money for downloading mp3 tracks so I figured I can just listen to  music online on some streaming sites like youtube or use internet streaming radio stations that play good music. What web radio stations or music streaming sites do you guys usually go to , that is if you listen to music  online?

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How many of you listen to them? If so, what's your favorite album? Song? Band member?

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qusten ? Answered

Turn up your speakers   listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHUGeuMm45w i would like to make a device to play this noise endlsey at high voulme 

Asked by tinker234 7 years ago

what other websites are there other than you tube? Answered

My parents blocked youtube and i need to listen to music and watch videos

Asked by justus198 5 years ago

Confession! Guilty Pleasures. Embarassing but Catchy Music.

OK, We all have one or two- the band, artist or song that we secretly like. They may be sissy, unimaginitive, woefully uncool, or too commercial. Maybe you liked them when you were young, and you still can't help but listen when they come on the radio. So, what are your guilty pleasures (musically!)? Who are you ebarassed to listen to, but still can't help yourself?

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could you please give me the instruction in writing of dix homebrew outdoor webcame

Dear Jerry, could you please give me the instruction in writing of your modest dix homebrew outdoor webcame. I listen it on you tube but I hardly undertand it because I am a vietnamese and my english listening skill is not so good. Thank you, could you email your instrcution to quynhhoa@petech.com.vn  Kind regards, Hoa

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can i block the singing part in a song to just hear the instruments?

I was wondering if its possible to use a mixer to cancel out the singing in a song so that you can only hear the instruments? i want to listen to the different instrumenst so that i can learn how to play the part just by listening, but its kind of difficult with the singing as the main sound. and if you can, is it a certaing type of mixer that you can connect to a computer?

Asked by santista19 8 years ago

My new screenname!!!

Like my new name! I made it up in history class(probably should listen). Have any other ideas?!?!?

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Disturbed, KoRn or Slipknot?

Who do you prefer, Disturbed, KoRn or Slipknot? I prefer Disturbed, personally. Listening to Down with the Sickness right now!

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