Does anyone know how to run a cd on a apple mac? my friend asked me i do not have a mac so i dont know what the problem is thanks

Posted by Danny 11 years ago

Leopard? Problems with AOE 2 and Age of Mythology

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Posted by WombatBoy 10 years ago

Winning Pwn2Own Hacker: Macs Are Safer Than PCs

Well, its nice to see the that the winner has common sense on his side.I've grabbed various bits of this from Gizmodo, whom got it from Tom's Hardware."I'd say that Macs are less secure for the reasons we've discussed here (lack of anti-exploitation technologies) but are more safe because there simply isn't much malware out there. For now, I'd still recommend Macs for typical users as the odds of something targeting them are so low that they might go years without seeing any malware, even though if an attacker cared to target them it would be easier for them."Be sure to read the Article before you start flaming.It mirrors what me and goodhart were saying before,A computers security is based entirely on the user.I used windows for over 2 years, with no anti-virus, no anti-spyware. Just a good firewall, and my common sense.My first rule of computing common sense is, only download pictures, music, and movies.If your going to get some illegal software get it from someone else whom has used the install files, and knows they work!Also, do not trust ll.13 when he links to your a serial website without informing you that most of them are Trojans.

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

Is a Mac Mini any good?

I am thinking about purchasing a mac mini 2009 with 4gigs of ram... Is it a good,solid mac, What is good about it? What is Bad about it?

Posted by robots199 9 years ago

hyper cam for mac?

Well so i like making linerider videos and putting them on youtube. So is their a program for mac that i can take videos like a hyper cam?

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

Mac and Pc

I am trying to install Mac OS x on my AMD pc but when i get to disk utility's i don't see my hard drives so i cant format it and i cant install Mac OS can any one help.i am using Kalyway_Leopard_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd from this link i know its wrong to pirate things but really im only installing this to try it. i am thinking of buying a mac or at least a mac license.Now to the technical information.i have 3 partions set up 1 for windows:50G NTFS1 shared:10G FAT321 for Mac OS x:45G FAT32i have aCompaq presario F700 with xpAMD Athlon 64X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-57 1.60 GHz, 960MB of RAM

Posted by chrischavez 9 years ago

how to make the perfect home made mac and cheese


Posted by cinge101 9 years ago

I want to erase data from a Mac but not the programs.

I have an old iMac (2004) with not too much personal stuff on it that I am worried about, but I am giving it to a friend, and I don't want to erase the music in iTunes or the applications like Photoshop and Word that can't be upgraded any longer.  When I Google how to erase a computer, the instructions for a Mac are sooooo easy - but all the directions talk about wiping out your "files". Are "files" programs that I can no longer load on to that Mac (because I no longer have the original disks, product serial numbers etc.)? If that is the case is there another way to make my information on that old computer (that I was using up until 3 months ago) safe? I just don't want to loose the software applications that it has, but I would like to loose their content, ie, a journal I kept on Word, art stuff on Photoshop, old emails I saved, love letters, naked photos (just kidding) - the usual stuff. I am not so worried about my friend but more about the next person down the road who might end up with this computer.

Posted by Ninzerbean 7 years ago

What to do?

I have a dying mac. More specifically, the moniter is dying. Unfortunatly the way its designed its apparently unfixable. Well instead of being wasteful and throwing it out any ideas to make it useful? I am saving for a new one and it'll take me a couple of months, until then I wanted to brain storm. I have the G5;=;=342&w;=350&sz;=7&hl;=en&start;=2&um;=1&usg;=__hStptTAEa_XsrmyAgcrBe9RkqaI=&tbnid;=TbBXBgpVwRHQ8M:&tbnh;=117&tbnw;=120&prev;=/images%3Fq%3Dmac%2Bg5%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den

Posted by Sick like a sickle cell 10 years ago

International entries ?

Hey, i reside in Fiji islands and my intention was to know whether international entries were legitimate. Cause i really want that laptop, i have been using my old compaq computer for a long time and this looks like a really good deal. I will write a really good instructable , but it's no use if i can't win it. So please do help me.

Posted by arylic 9 years ago

mac keyboards

Can i use a mac keyboard on my windows computer

Posted by corey_caffeine 10 years ago

pc file to mac

I have a PC file and i cant open it on my mac, is there way i can make it compatible with my mac?

Posted by ian9114 5 years ago

Mac talk

How can u hack passwords on a mac? there are plenty of instructables on how to hack windows, and none on how to hack a mac.

Posted by adamthiede 11 years ago

Microsoft or Mac?

Are you a Microsoft or a mac? Post your preferences, and vote! Closing date: 30th December 2008!

Posted by The Jamalam 10 years ago

Boot from usb on a mac

Ok I need to know exactly how to (if possible) boot via usn on a mac ?

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

inside of early 2009 mac book pro

Hi guys!   This is the inside of a 2009 mac book pro! I give details about all the basic components. Take a look!

Posted by www139 4 years ago

Play Blu-ray on Mac

I wonder how do you guys play Blu-ray on Mac? It's a big trouble to me for a long time. I know Mac doesn't play Blu-ray but I believe there must be some other ways to do that. 

Posted by DevinMariah 4 years ago

Mac Classic

Hey ! Today im getting given to broken macs They look good on the exterier but are broken inside ! ones a g4 quicksilver BUT im also getting a mac classic which if i cannot get working Im going to take the guts out and fit a tv inside with a radio ! Anyone got any ideas for the g4 quicksilver??

Posted by stephenniall 8 years ago


Do you want to protect your Mac folders? For sure, your Mac contains all the valuable files that are not good to be shared to the WORLD. You need to protect your Mac folders so that other people will not have any access to your Mac folders. Don’t you know that passwords can protect your Mac folders? If you want to know how password protect folders mac, read this article. All Mac files are valuable to the Mac users. But, not all folders are meant for public viewing. You need to protect some of your Mac files and folders, especially the confidential ones from the prying eyes of the people. Some examples of confidential Mac files and folders are the career related ones. Of course, you will not waste all those sleepless night making your project just to give to other person, right? You will sure disagree that another person will take advantage on your Mac files and gain the promotion. That is a very bad idea. If you want to secure your career, you need to secure your files. Put some passwords on your Mac files/folders. MacKeeper can assure the secrecy of your Mac files. It has a Data Encryptor that will guarantee the complete privacy of your Mac files. It can hide your private data to avoid the public viewing of your files. You can have two options in securing your Mac files with MacKeeper. You can secure it with password or use the Advance Encryption Standard. It is being approved by the National Security Agency in hiding some of the top secret information. Undeniably, this is very effective. You can encrypt your files with MacKeeper and keep your secrets safe. In addition to that, you will not only enjoy the secrecy benefit of the MacKeeper. You will enjoy all its features that will keep your Mac in good health and solve problems when mac is running slow

Posted by alexandraggonzales5 7 years ago

iBotnet: Researchers find signs of zombie Macs

Malware hunters at Symantec have discovered a direct link between a malicious file embedded in pirated copies of Apple's iWork 09 software and what appears to be the first Mac OS X botnet launching denial-of-service attacks.Link: for the REST of the story,....

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Freeware Office for Macs?

We just got a iMac 20" with 2.6GHZ processor. It's an awesome machine, but it doesn't have any office software. I downloaded and tried Open Office, but to no avail, it isn't seem to like it (even the Mac version). I also tried installing Abiword(.exe) but it didn't open it correctly (kept trying to open it in text edit). Any help? I need to get at least some office software going before I'm gone, a relation of mine is in need of it for college... Thanks! A Person Completely New To Macs RocketScientist2015

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

WTF!!! Is Spyware attacking macs!?!?!

WTF!!! Is my mac under attack by some spyware!?!?! I really don't know, I was surfing the internet to find out how to hack into parental control (almost same thing as net nanny) that my is going to put on me soon to prevent using instructables so much. The window that I was surfing on just disappeared and the smaller window came up saying my computer is infected by spyware! Then I clicked "cancel", then another window popped up, its antivirus 2009, it had scanned my computer, then is said it has detected some dangerous spyware on my mac computer! Is this really true? Is mac computers beginning to get all the problems like PC always have??? Or is it an error?

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Control a circuit using a mac

Hey guys, Pretty much I was wondering is there any way I can make a simple circuit and use a mac to turn it on and off. I want to set up about a thousand different values (turn on after 1.2 secs, turn off after 0.5 secs, turn on after 1.45 secs, turn off after 0.3 secs.....etc) and be able to just let it run by itself, connected to the computer. Now I'm fairly handy with a soldering iron, it's the computer based stuff I suck at, so if anyone could help I'd appreciate it! Thanks :)

Posted by FreshGarbage 7 years ago

My Gateway thinks it is a MAC .... Solved: Register entries (2) need deleted (indicating I have a MAC)

Thanks everyone for your help!When I attempt to update Windows XP manually at the microsoft site, I get the following: Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site. This websight is designed to work with Microsoft Windows operating systems only. To find updates for Macintosh operating systems visit am not sure when this started to occur really. It only seems to happen under the ADMIN signon. When I go through my wife's restricted account, it get to the correct site, but then, of course, tells me it is unable to update because I haven't permission to do so. This wouldn't have anything to do with having downloaded Silverlight, a few months back, would it ? Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

I got a new computer!

It's been a long time since I've had either the newest or the "most powerful" computer in the household, so I feel like bragging a bit. Mac-Pro 8-core 2.8Ghz, 10G memory. It'll have about 2TB of disk (320+750+500+500) once I've moved things around...

Posted by westfw 10 years ago

Apple Tablet

So what's everybody heard about it? think it'll just be a large ipod touch or could it replace my laptop?

Posted by wuguwa 9 years ago

Mac problems

I have my precious ibook and I've definatly put a few hours into this machine and I seem to keep getting this problem even through re-installs where apps just randomly crash, once in a while the entire system freezes to point of having to hold the power button down. It's all random, random apps, ones I use often, one's I use hardly ever at all. I do know though that this never used to be a problem and my machine ran fine before. I pulled this out of a couple system logs for a couple of the apps that had crashed: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00000038 They all seem to have similar if not the same error messages. I'm dreading the worst, near dead hard drive?

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Custom built Mac PC for sale or trade -- SOLD

I AM OPEN TO OFFERS. This is a unique, one of a kind PC built inside of a macintosh Powermac 7200. It features: -Intel D945GTP Desktop LGA775 motherboard -Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz dual core processor -1GB of DDR2 ram -200GB SATA hard drive -CD/RW drive -Built in ethernet The computer needs a little work on the rear ports and power button, but it works flawlessly. It has the ability to control the speed of the CPU fan and the power supply fan via Speedfan Software. It has AVG 2011 installed It runs Windows XP with a genuine Powermac 7200 start up tone. It has 4 on-board USB ports and the ability to add 4 more. It runs rather cool and can makes little noise from the fans and the hard drive. This unique Mac is a must have for PC and Macintosh enthusiasts alike. I am looking to get $80 for it but I am open to any reasonable offers, i will also trade this computer for a netbook, it does not have to have a functional screen, the main electronics just have to work, the top half can be broken, and it needs a working battery and charger. There is no monitor, mouse or keyboard, just the computer. I will ship it free of charge anywhere within reason. **NOTICE** The computer has been sold locally, i may be able to build another with a different case design by request if anyone wants one.

Posted by zack247 7 years ago

Ideas for my new free G3 iBook

So I just got a free 700mhz G3 iBook, 40gig HDD, 384 megs of RAM. It's got the classic pinched cables in the hinge problem, meaning the backlight isn't working right. I'm just looking for ideas of what I should do with it because I'm thinking about making an instructable for whatever I do. Current Ideas are Set Top box for my tv, ghetto apple tv Fix the screen, duh Steampunk it Make a new case and make it a desktop Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by RugbySteve 10 years ago

Macbook Keyboard problem! please ˙elp!

Ok before i tell you my problem i am typing as best as i can. A few days ago my ˙and was wet and all of t˙e sudden my computer started playing loud music i ˙ad sat on t˙e remote. T˙en wit˙out t˙inking i reac˙ed over to turn down t˙e volume and accidentally let a couple drops of water get in t˙e keyboard. at first a few  letters didnt work t˙en none now just one letter make a ˙ instead of t˙e 8t˙ letter in t˙e alp˙abet t˙e eject key dosnt work and and t˙e question mark key works but it also works as a mute key. Is t˙er nyway i can fix t˙is i dont want my parents to know i already accidently broke my macbook w˙en i practically just got it a mont˙ ago. Do you t˙ink if i wait it will get better or do u t˙ink damage ˙as ben done and t˙e water evaporating wont make it better?

Posted by Tanners 9 years ago

Macs can't get viruses?

I've heard that macs cant get viruses because their coding is different or something.What would happen if you were to access a virus site on a mac?Can anyone also explain why exactly people say that macs cant get visures? aside from the fact that most viruses are for windows

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Mac is awesome

Theres a new group on Instrucables if you love Apple.

Posted by weasel999 8 years ago

CAD on Mac.

Does anyone here do CAD 3d modeling on mac? If So, what program, and where can I get it. Looking for open source, or free stuff. Would be great if it opened files from autodesk inventor. Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

Mac Laptop Ad Glitch?

Has anyone else noticed that when the Mac ad is on a page, that the orange in the top doesn't load? If you move your mouse over it, then it will show 'outside it's borders'. Not much of an issue, but a major pain in the... yeah...

Posted by agent 9 years ago

Making instructables on my mac

It seems when I make a instructable on my mac, I can't draw the yellow rectangles, even in firefox, does anyone know why?

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago

UPDATE: Hacker demonstrates persistent Mac Keyboard attack

Apple's sleek $49 Mac keyboards can be hacked and infected with keystroke loggers and impossible-to-detect rootkits, according to a security researcher presenting at this year's Black Hat/DEFCON conferences....Original Post...UPDATE:August 5th, 2009Apple warns of Mac attack risk via image filesApple today warned that opening or viewing image files could lead to remote code execution attacks against Mac OS X users... Blog Source

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Trojan horse for macs in the wild

Uhoh.A trojan horse for MACS has been spotted: can take screenshots, log keystrokes, or (and here's the scariest bit) take pictures of you while on your computer through the built-in camera. Yikes!Be careful, all you apple users! You have a security concern to worry about ("a" trojan to worry about. As opposed to windows users...) ! Stay off Limewire and iChat. Lock your ports at night, and don't chat with strangers!

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Ace ads and Firefox on Macs

As of right now, some of the Ace Hardware ads are misbehaving on Firefox browsers on Macs. They're showing up where they shouldn't and sometimes replacing the whole page. We're working with them to get this fixed ASAP but it is nighttime at Ace HQ so I don't expect a solution until the morning. In the meantime, things are fine in Safari, so if you need your Instructables fix NOW, I suggest using that. No problems are reported on Windows machines. If you are seeing misplaced Ace ads, please comment with your browser & OS versions!

Posted by rachel 10 years ago

What do you want to see in OS X Snow Leopard?

Please share your predictions for the upcoming mac Operating System

Posted by robots199 9 years ago

New Site Search Doesn't Work on Chrome on Mac

I'm running Chrome 27.0.1453.47 beta on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.8.3 and I can type in the new search box on the main homepage but it doesn't search when I hit return or when I click on the magnifying glass. It worked in Firefox though.  I've disabled adblock to see if that was the cause of the issue and that didn't help either.  Anyone else have this issue?  I've had a lot of issues with Chrome on the Mac with this site, including when editing instructables.  I couldn't even submit this bug report on Chrome because the "Preview Topic" button would not do anything when clicked.

Posted by johnfixesstuff 5 years ago

Cad programs?

What do you use for cad? I just got a new macbook and I was wondering what you recommend. Does anyone know how to run windows programs on mac for free, or where to get an XP live CD. Thanks.

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

Mac vs. PC

Please Read Before Commenting:Allow me to clarify:First, I hate calling it mac vs. pc, as a Mac is also a personal computer, but for convenience we'll stick with the idea that there's difference.My reason for making this thread is that I recently learned that the UF college of journalism (one of the best journalism schools in the US) requires all of it's third year students to own a macbook. Not just the photographers/multimedia students, but all of them. The photography aspect is the one that I care about.What I'm looking for in this thread is to be convinced that Macs are better than PCs for graphic work.I won't be rebutting or flaunting the advantages of PCs, and I hope none of you will, either. I just want to know what the real advantages are, particularly from people who are actually knowledgeable in the field. Please don't respond with vague statements about reliability and a lack of viruses. I would like quantitative reasons (relating to photography/graphic design), and not just your feelings.If you think that the main reason to use a Mac is the OS, tell me 1) Why? 2) Would it be just as good on another piece of hardware?Thanks! I look forward to reading your responses, and I hope my above message didn't come off as mean...I just don't want this to be a flame war.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 9 years ago

Instructables editor? Why can't adjust text box size??

Hey! So I'm on a mac, using Safari and Chrome. So like when I'm typing this post right now, in the corner of the editor is a little drag button that allows me to make the text box bigger. When you're making an instructable, the little arrow isn't there, so I can't make the editor box bigger, and it's a real pain when I have to keep on scrolling up and down. Plus I cant see my whole step at once.  Is this a Mac bug, or is it just a feature lacking?

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

Any Ideas on making a stop motion animation station?

I am wanting to make a stop motion animation kiosk for kids to make short animations.  I'd like it to have a simple design using a mac mini, buttons for shooting frames of an animation, playing the animation and deleting the animation.  ideally this would email the animation to an email address. Where would I start? Thank you.

Posted by azcurator 7 years ago

instructables and a few issues with Mac, iPhone and iPad

I have had numerous issues related to writing step by step instructables on my iPad as well as iPhone and my mac....this site needs its own app for iPad and iPhone....I use my mac at home with similar are a few of the issues: While writing in the text box, when you go to delete a few letters,the cursor jumps to either the beginning of the paragraph or goes directly to the end... there is no internal spell check within the contents of the text box toolbar area or any where else that I can find the a few times I wrote an entire step and went to save it and then a error window appeared and I lost all of the data in that step when uploading images, sometimes you get a progress bar and other times not...never sure if its uploading or not for the first minute or so THIS IS WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED IN THE PAST TWO DAYS WHEN TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THE THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE..MIND YOU I JUST INSTALLED THE FIREFOX BROWSER BECAUSE SAFARI HAD SIMILAR ISSUES... Firefox can't find the file at;=on&includeImages;=on&imageSize;=MEDIUM&includeRelated;=on&includeComments;=on&includeImages;=off&includeComments;=off&includeTableOfContents;=off&includeRelated;=off&includeHeader;=off.

Posted by tinpie 5 years ago

Reply Button Doesn't work, neither does the instructables per page

Hey! Just want to let you guys know that on the MAC (Chrome and Safari) the reply button does not work. I have to refresh the page a whole bunch of times before it works.  Also, in Safari, the instructables per page (15, 30, 60, 90) does not work. It only shows 15 per page, and I can't change it. Thanks!

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

my new instructable.

Although i didnt know it was done until i searched, i did this and it uses some pretty nice software to get the look and feel.

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Help installing a component file

I downloaded a program for my macbook and it is a component file. Somehow I need to install it. I have little experience with macs so if you could just give me the "idiots instructions" And if it helps at all here is the link to the website[URL=""][/URL][URL=""][/URL]It is an audio osciliscope, which basicly measures the audio waveforms.

Posted by jackillac92 9 years ago

Can't Upload Photos

I'm brand new to Instructables and can't even get a small icon photo to upload. The new uploader won't even respond at all and the old uploader will let me select photos but stalls instantly when I try to upload them. It will grind away indefinitely with no results. I even let it go for several hours on a small photo icon I use regularly with no results. For what it's worth I use Safari on a Mac runing OSX 10.5.8 Thanks, Hope someone can get me running on this. I tried the FAQ and found nothing relevant. Most of what I did find was 2007 & 2008

Posted by BrianJewett 7 years ago