how to make a shock machine?

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Where did the search button go??

I like to search for specific projects, ie: the most useless machine,  but can't figure how to search for it or where to find it.  Thanks for any help.

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Can anyone tell me how to make a MARGARITA MACHINE

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Is the roller coaster is a chaos machine..???

Is the roller coaster is a chaos machine..???

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How to make a shock machine? Answered

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how may i make the weldin machine?

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how to connect a karaoke machine RSQ to my computer?

I need to know how to connect my karaoke machine to my computer

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why machine maximum tortion happened at low rpm?

What caused it happened

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what can i make using washing machine motor? Answered

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Dog-Powered Machine

I just got a great idea, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It's a machine that is somehow powered by the kicking motion of your dog's foot when you scratch his belly. Any ideas on how to go about doing this and what the machine could be?

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How I can constuct a vending machine by using mechanical power supply?

How the mechanical power can be produced for the power supply for a vending machine?

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How do i make fog machine fluid?

Can find it locally. Make it myself?

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can i make a CNC machine out of a Lexmark X1185 printer?


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how to clean a filter on a whirlpool washing machine?

The make of the washing machine is whirlpool awz 510 e

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Suggestions for a great sewing machine??

I'm trying to get back into sewing again and need to get a new machine. I make creatures, stuffies, monsters, and embellish my daughter's clothes. I'd love a machine that can help with needle threading and the horrible bobbin... stuff. I heard about a machine that has some built-in letters - that could be cool. I don't want a really complicated machine though - I had a Husqvarna Rose embroidery machine and the learning curve (for me) was more than I had time for. It was never used. Any advice is appreciated - Thanks!

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2 axis cnc nibbling machine? Answered

300 * 400 X Y axis movement cnc nibbling machine. we want to made college project . plz help me out with any better idea?

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Weirdest vending machine change

I got the most unusual change from a vending machine at school today. A Susan B. Anthony dollar, a James Madison dollar(I didnt know about those before), a Sacajawea dollar, and some unimpressive quarters.

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how to assemble coils that is used in tattoing machine?

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How can I fix my machine?

I just bought a second hand F&P top loader washing machine. It works but it seems to be on Time delay as I left it on for an hour or more and it started? Any suggestions? The delay lights aren't lit ????

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I am looking for instructions for big ball machines?

I would love to try and build a big ball machine, but I find it hard to build one my self. I am looking for instructions to build one. Can anyone help.

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Animatronic machine

I challenge somebody to make a Instructable about how to make a animatronic machine! Wkipedia:Animatronics is the use of electronics and robotics in mechanised puppets to simulate life. Here's a video of some animatronics

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What to ask when buying a laser cutting machine?

Hello, I am new to laser cutting machines, I need some guidelines, I need laser cutter to cut fabric or engrave wood and plastic, I contacted a manuacturer is China and they have a 40 Watt machine with 60cm X 40cm cutting area, for approx. $4000 (Canadian) the same type of machine here in Canada is approx. $12,000+ tax, so why the Chinese machine is so much cheaper ? quality ? but how bad could it be?? my main question is what do I need to know when I am buying a laser cutter? and what shall I ask the Chinese manufacturer to make sure I am geting the right machine.

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How to make laser , like laser cut machine. Able to cut the steel sheet.

Actually i want to create CNC machine for Laser or Plasma . Now i think i can make drive unit, but can construc for Laser or plasma.

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is there a way to stop the washing machine from vibrating loudly?

When the washing machine stops spinning during the rinse cycle it makes a loud rattling sound that echos through the house. Is there a way I can tighten or replace something or do I just buy a new one?

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can anybody help me to make an empanada machine and thank you?

HEre is the machine i want to build,, i would purchase all the electrical motors and stuff, but can anybody help me out and thank you.I am trying to make an empanada machine, i checked out how much it cost , and it was 40 000 dollars which of course i dont have, can anybody here help me out to build this empanada machine ?

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I'm looking to buy a simple, sturdy sewing machine. What's simple to use, and easy to afford?

I want to buy a sewing machine to use for beginner-to-intermediate projects. I want something simple to use, but sturdy, and affordable. My budget is $150, but preferably less. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. I'll be using it mostly for hems and piecing fabrics together, possibly denim, but mostly flannels and jersey. Can anyone recommend a machine?

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Laser cutting and engraving machine

Hey i wanted to ask you people that has any one used Epilog Mini 18"x12" company's (U.S.A.) laser cutting and engraving machine as am planning to buy in sometime so i want to know hows its performance :) as am from india so suggest me accordingly

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Amazing Wooden Marble Machine

This wooden marble machine is packed with cool ways of moving a metal marble up, up, and up. It's an amazing labor of love, that's for sure, and one I wish I could see in person. Skip to 2:30 for the explanation of what happens. At 8:00 the runthrough begins. Reddit via Gizmodo

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Ball throwing machine !

Hi everyone ! I want to have a ball thrower machine like the one used in Tennis . How can i make a cheap one which throws the ball really fast ? I searched in the site but only got one which uses a bike and throws very slowly . Can I have some help ?

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Foodsaver 900 ?

When I plug in my Foodsaver the light won't come on and no power to the machine. What can be the problem?

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Remember CNC machining the prize?

Hi,  Wonder if anyone can help.  I remember sometime in the last 3 years there was a competition where one of the prizes was a cash voucher for a machining service. Like Shapeways but for CNC machining.  Just wondered if anyone remembers what the service was called? I have been asked to re create a spinning wheel and thought it would be cool to use there services for a part which would be very difficult for me to make otherwise.  Any help would be ace. :) 

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knex ball machine

Hi everybody, I ca'nt finish my ball machine. I tried to build chain lift or wheels but I failed... I haven't got enough place to build a chain lift (see on pictures). I hope someone can help me to finish it because I'm on it since 3 days. Thanks for advices and help. PS Sorry for ortograph (I'm french^^).

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Washing machine makes a "clunk" noise throughout the washing process. What could it be?

During the washing process there is a clunk (once) noise. It occurs after filling but before agitation; after agitation but before emptying; after emptying but before filling for rinse etc. Wondering if this is a transmission or gear problem

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how to make an origami cube folding machine

I want to cover an entire bedroom wall with origami cubes that are made up of 12 identicle pieces. The problem is it takes way to long and i want to make a machine to do some of it or all of it. I relize this may take micro prosessors. i have an old working overhead, 2 servos, and i dumpster dive all the time/ can get parts. any advise or is this to damn crazy?

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Snow maker

Awsome site! Hi everyone I'm new here.... I had hoped to fine some info on a homemade snow machine/maker. Any ideas? Thanks B

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Has anyone made the Gigantic Bubble Machine in Vol. 28 of MAKE magazine? I have made that circuitry 25 times and can't get it right.  Can anyone help?  Thanks?

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Hand Crank Music Machine

Does anyone know about these small music boxes that play music? If you seen one, they're these small things that play notes in a looped sequence using small metal plates (kind of like a finger piano). Can anyone try to make something like that? Sorry for the small details if anyone's confused.

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Smoking machine Specs, for hot smoky girl interactive sculpture ? (and ventilator)

Hi I want a smoke machine that pumps low cubic meters or that imitates this picture. It`s for a huge 123dmaker face sculpture Can i get this sort of effect? And can I get a ventilator that "inhales" the smoke  and makes it disapear?;=vg%2bScmVq&id;=153762409D14BE46E36C32C4027CD224EF895C32&thid;;=inhaling+smoke+girl&simid;=608020036307845272&selectedIndex;=2&ajaxhist;=0

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Please help I need to know if it's possible to get my sewing machine working. Answered

 i have a dressmaker 2 sewing machine that goes crazy the minute i plug it in even when the foot pedal is not connected! Im very new to sewing so i don't know what's going on, is there any way to fix this

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Can anyone provide instructions on how to build a portable type EEG machine?

I am conducting research on neurofeedback.  I have the equipment to SEND the various Hz frq. via audio headphones.  I need an affordable EEG machine that can read for  lack of a better description, a persons standing Hz frq.,  preferable that can be interfaced with a computer for real time analysis.  Thank you Vic

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The machine should be able to wind a filament or wire around a beam structure that could measure 40 feet long by a diameter from 5 to 40 inches. A mechanical tensioning system portable and compact for supporting and dispensing fiber filament or wire, to the filament winder with a standard tension range from 1 lbf to 10 lbf. The winding around the beam such be done silmultaniosly in a criss cross pattern to a 45 angle degree. If interested in helping me with the design, my options are open to discuss terms. Please contact me if more information is needed. thank you, munsangv

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how to decorticate the inner skin of chestnut?

We have a lot of chestnut in my hometown. Everytime it will take us so long time to remove the inner layer (not outer skin). Do you have some ways or some machine which can remove this layer very easily?

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how to grease a maytag wringer washer gear box?

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T.O. Chapter of Tetra needs machinist

Hi, the Toronto chapter of the Tetra Society is looking for a machinist within the city who can volunteer some time and a machine shop. Tetra is a volunteer organization dedicated to designing and building assistive devices and adaptations that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. Tetra would pay for the materials used, and the volunteer machinist may receive a tax receipt for the hours the machine shop is used for Tetra projects. If you know of a machinist in Toronto who's willing to volunteer time and shop space please let us know. Thanks.

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does anyone know how a bill validator(aka the thing that takes your dollar in a vending machine) work? Answered

I've been wanting to make a vending machine, and i have built a quarter mechanism , yet i want to have a mechnasim to take dollar bills. the easiest way to do this is to take a existing bill validator  and hook it up to a micro controller. yet to do this i need to know how it works. is the the system self contained (if i plugged it in to a power source would it work) or would i have to hook it up to a main controll system.

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Need help making a snow machine- Can I make it snow at 50-60 degrees F???

Hi. I've been thinking about making a snow machine ever since I saw a report on that 10 year old kid who built a snow machine (Although if you're smart, you'd know his grandfather had built it)Anyway, I thought I could make one, since I have the two main ingredients: A Pressure Washer and an air compressor.I haven't researched that much yet, but this is my main lead for now.Anyway, I would like to ask you people a few questions:Although I just found some info on this, how exactly does snowmaking work? My main question is if I need cold water. I just read that because the water moves so fast, it loses some of it's heat, but I don't think that would make it cold enough to create snow. I suppose I should use cooled water, like from a refrigerator.Can I create snow at 50-60 degrees Farenheit? If I could, would it at least last about half an hour?I appreciate any and all info you can give on the subjet. 'Any and all

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Can I fix my 400w fog machine?

I dont know the mechanics fog machines,so heres a problem u probably already heard,or know about.. I have a cheapy  400 watts Gemmy (about 6 or 7  years old). I pulled it out of the attic thinking it needed a good cleanout before halloween. I mixed up a 50/50 bottle of white vinegar and distilled water - turned it on and got one good 20-30 second burst from it.On 2nd burst a little leftover came out then nothing.Still heats up hot and I can hear pump humming when i trigger the remote. Next, I empty the tank and tried straight fog juice and still nothing.I emptied the tank  and cleaned the tank filter tried it all again and still nothing...Could it be somewhere in the solid copper tubing from the pump to the heater and how do I clean that?   I did however store it without fog juice in it..(empty),could that a cause of problum ?  Please help.. TKS.

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I need some help making a gumball machine!

 Okay so I have a terra cotta pot and a plastic fishbowl is on the way. I bought a tile drill bit to put holes in the terra cotta pot and ordered some gumballs. My problem is I don't really know how to make the inner machinery of the gumball machine! I would like for a handle to be turned to dispense one gumball. I have a foggy idea of how this would work. There would have to be a hole going through the fishbowl and terra cotta pot into a funnel that would lead to a revolver barrel type gear with several holes for gumballs. The handle would turn a vertical gear that would turn the horizontal revolver gear. The revolver gear would sit over a solid disk with one hole drilled through it and turning the handle would line up a hole with the hole in the disk leading to a tube that dispenses a gumball while a new one is loaded into another slot on the other side of that gear.  This might not make sense. If someone has a better way to do this or can put mine into better words (I'm having a little trouble visualizing it all) that would be much appreciated.  What I really need to know is where to find parts like this or how to make them! I have no clue where to get gears or handles or any of that. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! PS: The machine will be dispensing gumballs 1 inch in diameter so I have to account for that in the size of everything. If you need any other details let me know!

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