What this group's for

This group is for people who love ball machines

Posted by dance1212 10 years ago

The 12345 series of knex ball machines

Hi guys! Im gonna make 5 mini ball machines!! i will make them and you will decide on the winner They will be mini!! so dont go off thinking they're gonna be like shadowman's awesome bm's I'll make\post the first one today or tommorow -megametal8

Posted by MegaMetal8 8 years ago

Programmers can you help me?

Programmer for an art project? I can give you an excellent opportunity to learn some things about insect detectors, and to challenge your creativity! I need a some help from a programmer/ technical person for my art project (immediately)- Short about the project: The Project is planned for the end exam exhibition at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, June/ July 2008, but might also be shown at later occasions. The work is an installation with video projections, machines and live insects. A box is located on the top of a pedestal. The box contains crane flies, which will be seen through a small window. The crane fly's movements are intercepted by sensors which translates the movements to commands for a machine. The walls in the room are covered by video projections. By means of wires, the machine can move around in the whole room. Technically what I need is: Through an actometer (insect movement detector) the electric impulses created by the movement of the insects, can be viewed in a software on a computer. What i need to do is to use the graph of movements in the software to send output commands to a machine (made by me, controlled by Remote controlls). I am not sure of how this can be done in the best way possible, but I have some suggestions which I can explain more precisely later on. I am looking for someone who have knowledge in terms of programming, and could be able to come up with a good solution, as well as maybe collaborating/ helping me out with my project. Please let me know if you are interested, know someone or know where I should go to meet the right people here in amsterdam. All answers are appreciated! Thank you in advance Andrea

Posted by andamiranda 10 years ago

your new or upcoming machines

Pics videos or whatever you want just post something about your new machine

Posted by Tom Buckey 9 years ago


Can anyone tell me how to make a MARGARITA MACHINE

Posted by bukshot 11 years ago

knex ball machine contest

A knex ball machine contest. there will be 3 types of ball machines there is smallest ball machine,  most ball machine elements,   and biggest ball machine.  submit an instructable and i will anounce the winners. when we have enough knexers submit thier instructables. the 3 winners will get a sub from me;)    

Posted by cupcake43 8 years ago

Rube Goldberg Machine

My friend and I built a cool Rube Goldberg machine in his basement. Check it out below.

Posted by qwertyboy 8 years ago

DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine

Can someone post an instructable on how to build a DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine? Cheers!

Posted by rickyt 4 years ago

lets make a machine gun

Any ideas for a machine gun with a motor like this one

Posted by ropple07 11 years ago

solar vending machines kits

Has any one tried to mod old vending machines. To run on solar & battery?

Posted by morepowerr 9 years ago

Sewing Machine Part Identification.

I need to know what the name for the part of the sewing machine that the presser foot is attached to. It's missing on my machine and I don't know where to get a replacement.

Posted by masterochicken 8 years ago

silk screen machine

Im looking for plans on building a silk screen machine, can any one direct me in the right direction. thanks...........Camtech

Posted by Camtech 10 years ago

Machine Guns

This forum is meant for WW2 Knex Machine guns. Talk about your guns or just post them! Share ideas too!

Posted by dynno97 9 years ago

What would be a good machine gun that wouldn't need a lot of pieces?

Any ideas or instructables for an inexpensive machine gun?

Posted by wdelisle 7 years ago

Ultimate knex ball machine King/Queen

 Ok look at the picture below if you can incorporate a ball rolling down a rod in a ball machine you would be the ultimate ball machine king queen.

Posted by sprout_less 8 years ago

New Ball Machine Element

This is to show you guys a new ball machine element I invented called fireworks. It's also kind of a little teaser for my ball machine that is currently in construction, Project A.

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

Marble Machines

Here's a movie of a gorgeous, useless marble moving machine. Check out the guy's marble machine website as well; he's got a lot of discussion about raising marbles and making marble movement machines. He has built several others as well but this was my favorite, probably because of the lovely wooden musical noises created by the falling marbles.

Posted by rachel 10 years ago

Dog-Powered Machine

I just got a great idea, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It's a machine that is somehow powered by the kicking motion of your dog's foot when you scratch his belly. Any ideas on how to go about doing this and what the machine could be?

Posted by Brother_D 10 years ago

new knex machine gun ideas

I have a request for a knex machine gun that works sort of like a real machine gun. The bullets (barrels on the chain) fire and when the ammo leaves the barrel, something happens to move the chan around. Any suggestions? Maybe someone could try this and build a whole new class of machine guns!

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

Useless Machine Featured in Make Magazine!

Volume 23 of Make Magazine is now out and it it features the Useless Machine: http://makezine.com/23/uselessmachine/

Posted by Frivolous Engineering 8 years ago

Xylophone Machine

Just had this idea, and in a flurry of building, I have a prototype. It's a knex machine that plays the xylophone. Right now, it can only play five notes eight times. I am hoping to increase this. In the photo, the machine is rigged to play the opening of the Imperial March :D

Posted by DRADIS 10 years ago

Lego CNC machine

Just what it says - a CNC machine built from Lego! From YouTube via Notcot.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Broken sewing machines?

Hi guys. Thought of a project and i really need a sewing machine motor. Anyone has one that they don't want? Will pay shipping. Pls help!

Posted by micraman 7 years ago

K'nex tall ball machine

For those who don't read their mail or don't have a subscription, here's my tall ball machine: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-tall-ball-machine/ (youtube:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB6b8GtekT8 Have fun watching!

Posted by floris2burn 8 years ago

Making A Ball Machine

I'm building a ball machine but I need some ideas on what kind of tower I should use for it. Give me ideas but keep in mind that I have limited pieces.

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

K'NEX Guns or K'NEX Ball Machines? You Decide.

Which is more popular on Instructables.com: K'NEX guns, or K'NEX ball machines? Please post your opinions below. (Note: Credit for the ball machine picture goes to sandroknexmaster, and partial credit goes to dr. richtofen for the gun)

Posted by The Knex Inventor 2 years ago


 This video is awesome!!!! Rival Pepsi would never think of this!!!!                      !!!!!!!!!!WATCH AND ENJOY!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND SUBSCRIBE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by KnexFreek 8 years ago

K'nex Ball Machines

I've noticed that there has been a recent rise of ball machines being made by the k'nexers. I think this is great. I personally love ball machines and have made 4 of them. I am currently working on a 5th one which is approximately 170 cm. or 67 inches tall. It has 4 paths so far. Comment if you are currently building or planning a ball machine.

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

Gigantiv Bubble Machine

I am new in electronics.  Can not get the circuitry to work as described in MAKE magazine vol 28.  Has anyone built the bubble machine and can offer me some help.  I sure need it.  Thanks

Posted by lfreundl 6 years ago

pedal power washing machine

Has anyone out there, made a washing machine, using pedal power like a pushbike etc.??? regards steve

Posted by dagyboy 9 years ago

Project U (Knex Ball Machine)

This is the second ball machine I made. I did not post my first one because it was 2 feet tall and had only one path. I am still pretty much a beginner at making ball machines. I am not going to post this because pretty much everthing is from from Darth Trainman's instructables How To Make A Ball Machine and The Ultimate Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Elements. I have made a video and posted it on photobucket and YouTube.

Posted by jollex 10 years ago

Sparks fly when you machine titanium.

Hey everyone, I was surprised at what happens you machine titanium at 3200 rpms. Check out the sparks that flew while machining a 2"x1/8" titanium disc. Some sparks would even combust in mid air like tiny fireworks.   Brent

Posted by Mrballeng 5 years ago

Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid

Here is my newest ball machine, Schizoid.  It is four feet tall, uses a chain lift and has seven paths.  It took ten days to build.  Enjoy! KnexLord1

Posted by DELETED_KnexLord1 8 years ago

Whats your favourite ball machine?

Whats your top 3 ball machines?? They don't have to be in order (mine aren't) heres my none ordered one's! this (1) this (2) this (3)

Posted by MegaMetal8 8 years ago

How to Cook Bacon with a Machine Gun

FINALLY! Now you can stay nourished while you're out shooting rounds.  And what does a machine gunnist crave more than bacon, right? See it all here

Posted by scoochmaroo 8 years ago

Weirdest vending machine change

I got the most unusual change from a vending machine at school today. A Susan B. Anthony dollar, a James Madison dollar(I didnt know about those before), a Sacajawea dollar, and some unimpressive quarters.

Posted by The Ideanator 9 years ago

Knex Ball Machine - Xyphos

 This is my newest Knex ball machine, Xyphos.  It is five and a half feet tall, has five paths and three lifts (credit to Shadowman39 for the first two).  Hope you like it!

Posted by DELETED_KnexLord1 8 years ago

Knex Controllable Machine Gun

This is where all future models of our machine gun will be posted. This is a project of a collaboration between me and theawesomestdude. We hope you enjoy. Suggestions and help and models and feedback are welcome.

Posted by myOmy 4 years ago

Rube Goldberg machines

I need construct a rube that has at least 4 different simple machines - no legos, marbleworks, mousetrap game parts, etc.... HELP.

Posted by cocoa611 9 years ago

Kitty Washing Machine

Riddle Me this.... what person designs such a machine and says "Ya... what a good idea"?Even their website says its OK for cats o.0

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Massive Lego Ball Machine - *proper* engineering ;-)

My eldest sent me this very satisfying seven minutes of engineering: Enjoy...

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

My Knex Ball Machines

These are all of my Knex ball machines. I got interested in building them in 2007, when I built my first working ball machine, the Spiral Plunge. I thought I'd add my earlier machines, which were built before the Death Trap. Some of their pictures are below, but not all of them. The rest can be viewed here: www.knexforum.com/members/shadowman/albums/my-knex-ball-machines-before-death-trap/ I also have videos of them right here: www.youtube.com/user/39Shadowman#grid/user/8324FF1BE969C097 Here's the ball machines that I have videos for: Here's my official gallery of these machines. Click here to see more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/39Shadowman

Posted by Shadowman39 9 years ago

Knex Atlantis: Update 1

Here is Atlantis, my knex ball machine. This machine has new layouts and designs not yet seen in ball machines of its size. Atlantis will only have one lift and four paths, this ball machine is mainly made for its looks. This ball machine is built on a 5X5 red rod base with 5X5 red rod walls that are slanted. This machine has two finished paths, one is almost complete, and one that has not been started. Some of the elements can be seen from the pictures. Im currently out of pieces, and wont be getting more for a long time, so Atlantis may not be standing for long. This ball machine has been in progress for months now. Tell me what you think!

Posted by DELETED_Blue Mullet 2 3 years ago

Project A (K'nex Ball Machine)

Here is a video of my latest ball machine, Project A. It is about 170 cm. tall. It has 4 different paths and it features my own original element, fireworks.

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

I have an old GE answering machine (digital) what to do with it??

What can I turn my old GE digital answering machine into? Just curious, if anyone has any ideas or has done anything with it?

Posted by antonzedd 9 years ago

How Do YOU Design K'NEX Ball Machines?

Instructables K'NEX Community, The reason I am posting this forum topic, is that I have not had much experience making K'NEX ball machines, and would like to know how YOU design YOUR K'NEX ball machines. Please post your responses below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!, -The Knex Inventor (Note: Credit for the ball machine picture goes to Kairah)

Posted by The Knex Inventor 2 years ago

Where to get a milling machine.

I have been trying to find a reasonably priced milling machine but also trying to find one that doesn't charge two times the price of the machine in shipping costs. I have been looking on Craigslist for the past six months and haven't seen anything. I am in Seattle, WA. Does anyone have any ideas of where I should look?

Posted by tranoxx 5 years ago

Machinable Clear Casting Resin

Hello, Does anyone know of a clear casting resin that when cured is also machinable?  I have an idea for a project that involves encasing objects in resin and then using power tools, milling machines, lathes, etc. to partially expose the object by cutting though it and the casting.  Any thoughts on what resin to use and where it can be purchased? Thanks!

Posted by WaffleM 4 years ago