Too many spy?

Is it just me, or does kipkay (and a lot of the maker community in general, but I noticed it most with kipkay) have a suspiciously creepy amount of spying makes. For example:'s others, but I can't find them

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

is it bad?

hey, i just read something on gizmodo about how many ipods you owned, i picked over 8 in the poll, is it bad i've owned 15 ipods and they all worked? and still work? except the hard drive in 2 of them.

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

How many Of your instructables are rated under 3*?

How many of you instructables are rated under 3*? I have 2, my ASCB, and my Handgun. They suck. How about you?

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

Copenhagen or Many Worlds Interpretation?

Which interpretation of quantum physics do you prefer? Personally I favour the Many Worlds interpretation as it better explains how the particle 'chooses' what state it collapses into, whereas when I consider the Copenhagen interpretation, it makes me think that the particle is deciding, which bothers me, obviously. However, the Many Worlds interpretation throws up many issues, such as the problem of probability (if a universe is created for every possible outcome, the probability of anything is 1, including say, your computer randomly exploding now). Which is quite ridiculous. But still, to me, a better explanation. So your thoughts?

Posted by Rupert95 7 years ago

How many noobs have you pwned

Are you good a pwning noobs this is a fourum to list the number of noob pwnages you have in every videogame combined. I have 1000 noob pwnages

Posted by El Chucko Norris 9 years ago

The madness!

I just realized all the topics i just CreatedXD1 Why Do People have(had) Birds in there avatar?2 Why does Kiteman Have an ocean in his avatar?3 Why does Kiteman Have a Leaf in his avatar?4 Why does Everyone have the same thing in their avatar?5 Why does kiteman Have old Pictures in his Avatar?6 Why does kiteman Have his old avatar back?Too bad it ended, I could have broke a world record on posting so many related topics in the same week XD =P

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

Multiple CPUs

Big movie companies have these server type things (rendering clusters?) for processing their 3D and graphics renderings. I found this on makezine as an example of someone who did a linux home version, but there is no description of how it works. I would like to make a windows render cluster but I need some help. There are two reasons I want to do this: 1- I will be able to run my PC uber-fast, and 2- I can create some big time giant renderings of 3d models. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

How many contest votes?

Ok, how can i see how many votes my instructables have in contests? Yup, thats it...

Posted by DaNerd11 10 years ago

How many patches have you got?

How many patches have you got? This is to show off/brag/sulk/moan about how many patches you got. Please tell everyone (in a comment) how many patches you have recieved, and a picture of your favourite one, thanks :-) I have recieved 11 patches so far, 12 when I get another off fungus amungus when the newest patch givaway ends, and me favourite patch is this one (its from Goodhart) :

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Too many layouts!!!

I am getting a little annoyed by how the layouts are always changing. And I bet a lot of other people  are too. I got an idea that there should be a poll, showing all of the previous layouts, and maybe a few new ones, where the Instructables community could vote and pick their favorite one. Leave a comment on what you think about this, or give some other suggestions...

Posted by zascecs 8 years ago

Airbrush compressor TC-20, how many watts???

Hi guys, i recently bought a mini compressor for cake decorating. Its a "ABD TC-20" and i bought it at TCPglobal. Problem is, i dont know how many Watts it uses! You see, i bought it as a pressent for my wife. "Nice? Yes!" "Bought with my nose and not my brain? Yes! Im living in Holland, and our network works on 220volt at 50Hz. The compressor i bought works on american standerd, 110volt at 60hz. So i need a converter to make the machine work without frying its circuits... If i buy a converter specificaly for this machine, it has to have the right amount of Watts. i know, i can buy a converter that handles Watts in the range of 1000Watts, cuzz more watts on a converter is better, but than i'd have to buy one thats quite expensive. Because if the compressor only uses, lets say, 50 watts, i could buy one that has a max of about 100 / 150 for a waaaay lesser price than the one thats more powerfull. It would be 50EU for the smaller converter against 200EU or more for the bigger one. So, if you happen to know something on this subject, i would be more than happy with any info you've got ;-) greets! P.S. At the moment i wrote this, the package is stil on its way from america to my house. So i dont have a box or machine sticker to sneak the info i need from...

Posted by AriedeB 5 years ago

How many steps are too many? Having trouble toning down my picture count.

I don't want to start up another "I'm not a fan of the picture layout" thread. That's why I posted this here, not in another section of the forums since my instructibles are crafty or arty and those are the types that tend to have more pictures, from what I've seen. Instead I'm trying to work within the system. Motivated to get back into it by some of the interest I've received  still getting subscribers, which warms my wittle heart. To that end, my praying mantis is finished, just need to photograph the final result. The instructions were all written just before the site switched over the picture layout though, and the process seems to require lots of pictures, I can't seem to remove enough pictures from the 'ible to make it fit with a few steps with only a few pictures in each. Wondering what peoples opinions are on the length and depth of instruction in an instructible are? Wondering if you'd rather 10 to 15 pictures in one step, with a couple paragraphs of instructions below that you'd have to scroll up and down repeatedly for, going in and out of pictures to see the picture tags so you understand what is being written, etc...OR...would you prefer to go through 3 to 5 times the number of steps with only a couple pics per page, with a single paragraph of text instructions BUT where you'd have to go through multiple steps (multiple pages) to see how a fairly simple part of the process is done? I figure I'd need to reduce the number of pictures posted in each step. Because looking at my wire octopus 'ible, it's a really hard read these days. My thoughts are 3 to 6 pictures per step, max. That leaves me with what will end up as a 30+ step 'ible for my current praying mantis 'ible. So... I'm tempted to just post up a few work in progress shots with a decent text explanation and leave it to the reader to picture the majority of it in their minds.

Posted by Thrasym 5 years ago

Something wrong

When I recently checked my personal: , I realized that my comment box thingy said that I've posted 797 comments, however I know that I've only posted 250 comments or so.More than half of the comments you see on the attached picture ain't mine.How did they get here?All the comments with yellow bowes ain't mine.

Posted by Artificial Intelligence 9 years ago

Overused Words

This is to post your overused words. Interestingly, I definitely have to say interesting and definitely.

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

How many?...... Contest. =CONTEST OVER=

I was bored. Yeah. Whoever guesses closest to the real number of Oodammo's gets..... A sub, and 5's+faves on all 'ibles. I'd give out a patch, but..... No pro yet. Also, if you see the anomaly, and tell me where, and what it is, you get the same thing. EDIT: Guesses will be invalid after Dec. 5th. EDIT2: I just realized, people might think I cheated when I tell, as in, to give the win to someone who was wrong. So I'll PM the answer to someone who already guessed. They will not tell you. BIGDYLAN91 SPOTTED THE ANOMALY, HE GETS THE PRIZE, BUT EVERYONE CAN STILL GUESS FOR AMOUNT. ============================================================================= THERE ARE 125 PIECES OF OODAMMO IN THE BUCKET. SO TECHNICALLY, BIGDYLAN91 WAS CLOSEST, BUT HE WON ALREADY. SO, KILLER~SAFECRACKER WINS. ============================================================================= logic boy: 117 Kiteman: 151 Hiyadudez: 104 Lithium Rain: 357 bigdylan91: 121 Correct anomaly guess. NachoMahma: 83 Doctor What: 163 smilee: 143 Djradio: 50 Killersafe~cracker: 130 Gjdj3: 51 Seleziona: 67 Shadowman39: 100 ItsTheHobbs: 45 Bartboy: 190 I_am_Canadian: 223 knex gun builder: 101 cj81499: 154 kNeXFreek: 212 chopstx: 142

Posted by travw 8 years ago

101 (or more) ways to see a half-pint of milk

Well, after seeing posts on that forum, and Lemonie suggesting that a book should be made, I decided to make this. All you need to do is post a comment that says: An optimist sees a half pint of milk and says it's half full, a pessimist sees a half pint of milk and says it's half empty. I see a half pint of milk and say (your view of a half pint of milk here.)

Posted by ItsTheHobbs 9 years ago

How to figure out votes

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if there was a way to figure out exactly how many votes an instructable entered in a contest has. More specifically "$5, 5 minute fleece hat" Thanks!

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced!

Hello people of Instructables! I have a few pro memberships that have been around for a while now, so I have decided to make a piece-guessing contest. All you have to do is guess how many pieces are in my Knex skeeball machine. The six people that guess closest to the number will win! _________________ The contest has ended, so it's time to announce the winners: The grand total of pieces in the machine is 28,396! Below are the winners and what number they guessed.  Winners! 1st place: bethekind - 28,001 2nd place: mikeasaurus - 28,000 3rd place: Duplo for Daddies - 27,999 4th place: RCS82 - 27,850 5th place: Mountain Dew dude - 27,593 6th place: technicalrob - 29,666 _________________ Rules: 1. Only one guess per person 2. Don't guess the same number as someone else Prizes: 1st place: 1-year Pro membership and a patch 2nd place: 1-year Pro membership and a patch 3rd place: 1-year Pro membership and a patch 4th place: Patch 5th place: Patch 6th place: Patch Below are some deconstruction pictures of the machine, just in case anyone wants to see them (it took a month to take apart/count pieces).

Posted by Shadowman39 5 years ago

How many of your instructables can you name off the top of your head?

I managed 23. Not bad, only missed out 2! I admit that many are similar, but the ones I missed out were my helmet instructable and my guitar solo instructable. So, that makes a total of 92% memory! Not bad, huh? Go on, try it now! NO CHEATING!

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced!

Hello everyone! Now that I finished Cataclysm, I decided to hold a contest. And, first prize is a 3-month Pro membership! After a week of demolishing and counting, the grand total is 28,538! Here are the winners: WINNERS! 1. fishgish509-28765 2. firebombfury-28000 3. sprout_less-29,500 Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for entering the contest! :-) Special thanks to Hiyadudez for designing the patches for me. I posted some pictures below of Cataclysm's deconstruction, and the piles and boxes of pieces. The contest is simple: just post a comment below and guess how many Knex pieces are in Cataclysm (pictured below). The 3 people who guess the number closest to the actual number will win! READ THE RULES!!! -Only one guess per person. -If you guess the same number as someone else, the person who guessed it first will count (so don't guess a number that someone else already guessed). PRIZES 1st place- 3-month Pro membership, and a patch 2nd place- Patch 3rd place- Patch All the patches will be different (one saying first place, second place, etc.). I will be providing the patches and Pro membership. The contest ends in a week on Sunday October 10th. Good luck! :-D

Posted by Shadowman39 7 years ago

many many more origami

Well i have many more to come some are dogs head,house,doll,cube cube with spikes and much more

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago

how many?

How many square feet of helium do you need to lift 1pound?

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

how many?

How many square feet of helium do you need to lift 1pound?

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

How many languages you know ?

How many languages you know ? (A few or complete)

Posted by farzadbayan 7 years ago

Many Card Wallet

I've been trying to find an ible, or a figure a way to make wallet that will store many cards. Similar to how this one is constructed.

Posted by MelPhleg 2 years ago

How do I package many instructables into 1 book or package

How do I package many instructables into 1 book or package

Posted by DynamicsTutor 7 years ago

How many Knex balls do you own?

I recently bought a bunch of ball from How many do you have?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_DELETED_16nato 7 years ago

How many knex builders live in the UK?

Just wondering guys, how many knex builders live in the UK? plz comment, knexguy ps. i live in high wycombe.

Posted by knexguy 11 years ago

How many members is there?

Just wondering if anyone knows how many members of instructables there is? There seems to be new members popping up every day and I can't find any official numbers on the count.

Posted by tomonto 10 years ago

How many gunpowder u need 2 get a good explode or BOOM!!!!

How many gun powder do u need 2 get a good explosion

Posted by Mickey2 11 years ago


AHHH!!!! Too many people have robot avatars now! I counted around 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! AHHHH!!! I have a need to be different and change back. Fear the robo-lution!

Posted by tomonto 10 years ago

How many images do you have in your image library?

How many images do you have in your library? I have 315 images so far. It will be interesting to see how many images a person like Kiteman or Timaderson would have in their library....

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

How many Boomarks or Favorites do you have?

Here's a question: how many bookmarks do you guys have? Are there any tips to sort them easily?

Posted by starwing123 8 years ago

How Many Are You Planning on Entering?

I'm just wondering how many entries that other people are planning to enter into this contest. I personally have two entries that I want to enter.

Posted by Gjdj3 9 years ago

Too many redirects.

Having problems with opening select instructables on iPhone running 5.00. I get an error: "Page cannot open. There were too many redirects." (paraphrased) These instructables work from my Mac, using both Safari and Firefox. Here is one 'bad' site: Anyone else having this issue??

Posted by JJP_ 6 years ago

A fireworks effect is praised by many people

I posted this fireworks effect to another forum, has already received many prise,share with all here. Below is the fireworks video URL:

Posted by victorwu 11 years ago

How many people get on instructables per day?

My friend was asking me how many popular Instructables was so I came to you guys.  How many people get on Instructables per day and how much money do you think they (Instructables) make by advertising and stuff.

Posted by larslovespeace 7 years ago

How can I count how many ppl walks into my store?

Hi ev1, I'm trying to build a sensor to put at the door of my store to count how many people enter in the store. But I have no clue on how to start, anyone can point me to the right direction? Many thanks in advance Bruno

Posted by bruno 9 years ago

how many instructables are you allowed to submit

I assume its just one but i just figured id ask

Posted by millertime07MS 11 years ago

Knexer's questionnaire...

Here is a little questionnaire that I'd like you to fill out, just copy and paste the questions below into a comment, and answer them! How many KNEX ibles do you have? - How many are rated over 4.0*? - How many subscribers have you got? - How many comments have you got? - How many OB comments have you got? - How many knex motors do you have? - How much knex do you have (amount of pieces)? How much knex do you have (weight)? How long have you been playing with knex? Have you built any of my stuff? :-D Because you will answer them, I will answer them too :-P How many KNEX ibles do you have? - 37/46 How many are rated over 4.0*? - 5 How many subscribers have you got? - 178 How many comments have you got? - 3801 How many OB comments have you got? - 1088 How many knex motors do you have? - 5 How much knex do you have (amount of pieces)? - Around 10,000 How much knex do you have (weight)? - I don't know How long have you been playing with knex? - Since I was about 6 Have you built any of my stuff? :-D - Yes, I have built all of your awesome stuff :-D   So, copy and paste the first set of questions, and answer them like I did, good luck! :-)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

So how many burners are there?

I was just wondering if there was any burner family on here. I go to Transformus every year.

Posted by dreadyjazz 6 years ago

Anatomy Questions

Quiz! Q. How many bones does an adult have?   A. 206!  Q. How many bones does a baby have?  A. 300!

Posted by idkwhoyoursisteris 6 years ago

The Many Faces of the Instructables Robot

The Instructables robot, the beloved mascot of has become a symbol of DIY for some, who wish to express their love of making and their appreciation of instructables through it.These are the many faces of the instructables robot, created by instructable members themselves.

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

Too Many Groups!!!!!

In some categories there is too many groups. For example if you look up knex on groups you get 11 pages of result. There is about 20 results per page so its over 200 possible knex groups you could join. What do you think?

Posted by Masterdude 9 years ago

How can you tell how many votes an instructable has?

The answer is probobly sitting right in front of me...

Posted by Senseless 10 years ago

Can we view how many votes we have got on an instructable?

Just as the question states it!

Posted by vishalapr 7 years ago