Mars as an Iron source?

Could we send something to mars to strip mine the surface and gather all of the iron oxide, then using a solar mirror array direct sunlight onto the days collections and melt them into iron.  Then ship it to earth in a giant iron blob which would be transported by some kind of ship. I assume this either hasn't been proposed or is not practical because I haven't seen anything like it before.

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Mars' Winch Rides!

Mars hooked up a winch so he could hoist stuff to the ceiling easily, creating instant ceiling storage space. Of course, we had to test it first. For structural strength.

Topic by stasterisk 11 years ago

Rocketry Challenge

I don'e know if anybody's seen it yet, but oscarthompson has had a grand idea: a water rocket challenge to mark the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11.He has started a group for people who want to work together to put together a scale version of a mission to Mars - three-stage launcher, controlled landing, the works.He has put together a rough plan here.Go. See. Partake.

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Thanks, USA boys!

For this amazing experience. Here is 2:40, I have seen the landing of Curiosity in USTREAM! I have tears in my eyes.

Topic by rimar2000 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Living in a box, living in an expensive box...

Four Europeans are in the final stages of selection to be locked into a series of sealed boxes for a year and a half. They are competing for two of the six places in Mars500 - a full-scale simulation of a short-stay Mars mission (a year and a half each way, a month on the surface - don't get me started on how wasteful that is...). The Mars500 facility, which is located on the IBMP site in Moscow, comprises four sealed modules. The total interior volume is about 550 cubic metres. There are no windows. The walls in the living quarters have been covered with a wooden panelling to make them feel slightly less austere. Looking after the participants' needs will be a mission control-room sited just outside the containers. But the experiment's designers are determined to make the training exercise as realistic as possible, so they will introduce a time delay in communications after two months. Because it can take about 20 minutes for a message to travel from Mars to Earth, it will take this amount of time in the simulation also. Message delay The crew and their ground controllers will send text messages to each other and then have to wait for the replies. It means there can be no real-time conversations with friends and family - and, in moments of crisis, it will mean the crew will have to make crucial decisions themselves. I think the biggest test will be the social side - how will six humans, no matter how well-selected, deal with having nobody but each other for years on end, and being in each others' faces twenty-four hours a day? Could we end up looking at the first murder in space? BBC Story ESA article Institute for Biomedical Problems

Topic by Kiteman 9 years ago

High Resolution view of Victoria Crater on Mars

NASA has released a beautiful high resolution picture of Victoria Crater (below) taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. If you zoom in on the full resolution image, you can see the Opportunity rover's tracks and stopping points (faint lines with bright dots) around the left part of the rim.The photo was taken in July 2009, so many of Opportunity's tracks have already been obscured by wind and sand.

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MARS: Fire & Ice - this Sunday @ The Crucible

The Crucible and NASA presents: MARS: Fire & IceSunday, May 25th, 1-5pmIt's a FREE Open House to celebrate the Phoenix spacecraft landing on Mars. Experience the mission via live feeds from NASA, browse a Mars-themed art show, learn more about space exploration, watch fiery demonstrations, and test your skills with Mars-oriented pinball machines - all in The Crucible's 56,000 square feet of studio space where scientists, engineers, and artists of all kinds come to play. The Crucible - 1260 7th Street - Oakland, CA

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Active cratering and near-surface water ice on Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken some high-resolution pictures of brand new (two months old!) craters, where the impact exposed a layer of water ice just below the surface. Repeated pictures taken since the impact show the ice slowly sublimating, leaving behind the dark regolith.Read the whole press release and see some of the pictures here:

Topic by kelseymh 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Watch engineers build a Mars rover!

This is super-cool. NASA's JPL has set up live streaming video from inside the clean room where they're building the Curiosity rover, formerly known as the Mars Science Laboratory. Work is from 8am-11pm PDT Monday through Friday. I found this on Saturday morning and I've been waiting all weekend for those slacker engineers to get to work so this would be worth posting. Some comparison: The old Sojourner rover from 1997 was the size of a largeish R/C car. The Mars Exploration Rovers from 2004 that are still running (!) are the size of golf carts. This thing's the size of a Mini Cooper, and has a proportionally larger load of sciencey stuff packed on. Instructables doesn't allow you to embed Ustream into Forum topics, so you'll have to go to Ustream to watch: Via Bad Astronomy Blog, image from MSL website

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how many pieces are used in the mar 3 knex gun?

Question by trebor11 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Help with Masterdude's MAR 3 Knex Gun?

I'm having trouble loading Masterdude's MAR 3.  Can someone explain in words (and pictures) how to load and fire his gun correctly so it is truly semi-automatic.

Question by Torpe 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

JPL completes mockup of Spirit, to test extraction procedures

NASA/JPL released a cool picture today, showing their engineering rover embedded in sand with a rock underneath. This is as accurate an emulation of the Spirit rover's situation as possible. The mockup will be used for designing and testing procedures for getting Spirit unstuck and moving again (or for determining that it can't be).NOTE: I'm not able to upload images for attachment to this topic (see my bug report). If that gets fixed some time soon, I'll update this.

Topic by kelseymh 9 years ago

my DIY (and UNIQUE in the world) NewSpaceAgency

.I've found this website on the WePC community (where I'll post soon some ideas about netbooks) then, I've registered my account here (and this is my first thread/post) to talk about some ideasmy first job was in the electronic field (some decades ago...) but now I haven't enough experience to design electronic circuits (despite I've many ideas of new electronic "things" that I hope to develop someday)I've written several articles about Space on my ghostNASA blog and other articles about Computers, Space and Energy on my personal websitebut my #1 project/goal/effort actually IS my DIY but TRUE (and absolutely NOT just "virtual", web-based, Second Life like) NewSpaceAgencyunfortunately, I haven't the funds other piooners (Elon Musk, Robert Bigelow, Burt Rutan, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Paul Allen, John Carmack, etc.) have... so, to start up my company, I've decided to search a few Sponsors that buy a (now LIFETIME) advertising space on my NewSpaceAgency website home pagein other words, I'm trying to start my company the same way other (now big) electronic and computer companies (like Apple and HP) have done decades ago!I'm aware it's not easy... but I'll try, and try, and try, and try again, until I'll reach my goal !and, the day I'll succeed, my NewSpaceAgency will be the FIRST "garage-made", "DIY", "ads-funded" Space Company of the story!and, of course, also Instructables is welcome as Sponsor of my NewSpaceAgency ... :).

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Core Wars: The battle of the programmers.

Okay, brace yourself for a lengthy background story: In the 1960's and 70's, computers were much too expensive for a normal person to have one all to themselves. Before the invention of the Personal Computer (PC), computer systems were mainly employed in large universities, able to be used by students. However, there came a danger with all this: Back then, there was no such thing as protected memory, meaning that someone with minor hacking skills and some knowledge of assembly could easily wreak havoc on other people's data and programs. One such urban legend is that of a major business firm's main computer system, which a mischievous employee had installed his own assembly program called creeper, who's only purpose was to create copies of itself whenever it was run. This soon became a problem, as the creeper virus began eating up precious space in the memory and began corrupting other people's data and programs. After a while, another more brightly-hatted programmer created a program called reaper, which would make numerous copies of itself and destroy any creeper virii it could find and then self-destruct. Soon enough, things were back to normal. After hearing this story, a programmer named A.K. Dewdney got the idea for a game which he called "Core Wars". In this game, people would write computer programs called "warriors" in an assembly language called Redcode. Redcode had instructions not out of the ordinary of any assembly language. These programs were then run simultaneously in a simulated computer called MARS. The aim of the game was to make the opposing program crash by forcing it to execute an illegal command in the computer's shared memory. The surviving program was declared the winner. The absolute simplest warrior was called imp, and was written by Dewdney: MOV 0, 1 The MOV command moves copies a command from one place to another, in a position relative to the MOV command. Because of this, the imp would fill up the entire memory with MOV commands in a relatively short amount of time. Because the memory loops around (So, if the size of the memory is 8000 commands, then command 8001 would be executed as command 0) then it meant imp would always hit it's target eventually if it wasn't hit first. Another program which was written by Dewdney is called Dwarf: bomb      DAT 0,0 Dwarf     ADD #4,-1                 MOV bomb,@bomb                JMP Dwarf End Dwarf This is the first example of a "bomber" program. This program would drop DAT 0,0 (An illegal command) at every fourth slot in the memory in the hopes that the other program would accidentally execute it (cookie if you can figure out how it works). There are far other types of examples, like scanners, which try to scan the commands around it to see if they are illegal. Some programs can even repair themselves mid-battle. So, does anyone else still partake in this ancient game? I recently just got into it, writing my first warrior program a few days ago. Have no idea if it works, but it sounds pretty cool. It's based off of Dewdneys Dwarf but with a few modifications (I named it MindSplitter): bomb      SPL 1                 JMP -1                 DAT 0,0 Split        ADD #5,-1                 MOV bomb,@bomb                JMP Split End Split First off, this plants bombs at every fifth command instead of fourth, which I hope will help it spread out. Second, the bomb it uses is my personal invention that I call the Splitter bomb. In Redcode, the SPL command will jump execution to the specified command, while at the same time continue executing the commands after it. The idea is that the SPL will split to the jump command while the normal execution goes to the jump command, and both of them jump back to the SPL, therefore filling up all of the enemy programs processes. If the enemy program somehow manages to escape the loop, there is a deadly DAT after it. I haven't tried this out yet and I'm not sure how it would do in battle. If someone with a MARS emulator and a warrior of their own would like to put it to the test, I'd would absolutely love to hear how it turns out :).

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has anyone considered a DIY design for a weather baloon wind turbine Like the Mars wind turbine?

Hi the mars windturbine seems to be a simple idea take a weather baloon add fins allow the baloon to spin bottom over top and connect generators and cable to the ends. It has a stableiser in the center. It would almost make sence to make one by doing. What are good recourses for that? Where can I find more information on it? Here is the link to the MARS turbine site.

Question by josheeg 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do you use Google Sketchup? Answered

So today, I downloaded the new Google Earth with Google Ocean and Google Mars. I saw Sketchup on the side. So I downloaded it and tried it. Fun, fun, fun. But I need some tricks and tips and tutorials. I NEED HELP!!!!

Question by Flumpkins 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Refill your Brita Filter, Fireball Shooter, Beer Can Roof...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Mar. 27, 2008 Welcome back! Enter the new April Fools' Day speed contest! Show us a clever prank and win some cool prizes. Burning Questions is back with Round 4. Answer a question from our list to win our eternal thanks and an Instructables patch! Both the Pocket-Sized speed contest and Pets Month will be ending in a few days. This is your last weekend to enter! Check out these cool instructables! How to refill a "disposable" Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon. Why buy a replacement filter for $6 to $10 (or more) when you can refill your old filter cartridge housing for about 50 cents?! posted by IAMSatisfied on Mar 24, 2008 Shopping Bag Wallet Make a virtually indestructible wallet with a very surprising design by reusing one of those strong shopping bags. posted by rollin on Mar 24, 2008 Make a Vibrating Dog Collar for a Deaf Dog Hack a remote control car with a dog collar to give yourself a way to call your deaf dog. All for about $5. posted by arcticpenguin on Mar 26, 2008 Make Shingles and Siding Out of Aluminum Cans (Beer Can Roof) This chicken coop is protected by the power of hard work and a lot of beer. posted by robbtoberfest on Mar 24, 2008 15-Minute Halter Top Need a halter top RIGHT NOW? Here's how to make a stylish, no-sew top in just 15 minutes with an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors. posted by Smexy Dead on Mar 24, 2007 Making a PostSecret in Photoshop PostSecret is an online art project that allows people to anonymously mail in postcards with their secrets on them. Try making one of your own. posted by AmandaRose on Mar 23, 2008 What tricks are up your sleeve? Pocket-Sized Speed Contest Give your old shirta new life! Portable speaker in a CD case Now that you only listen to MP3s, try making your own portable speaker in your old CD case. Here's how you do it. posted by fatrickuk on Mar 21, 2008 Fireball Shooter! Make a flaming fireball shooter just like magicians use. Save your cash and make your own! posted by Kipkay on Mar 22, 2008 Transform a boring old black t-shirt with bleach! Here's a way to transform boring old black t-shirts into "something else." It's like tie-dying, but uses bleach to remove the color, instead of adding it. posted by stinkymum on Mar 1823 2008 Pocket Graffiti Pen Crack open a permanent marker to make an impromptu device for getting a funky sprayed-on look. posted by PocketSized on Mar 21, 2008 Green Rainwater Use this simple but beautiful way to collect rainwater for use in your yard so that it need not go to waste. The best part: you can create it yourself. posted by Michelle Kaufmann on Mar 24, 2008 Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive Use an analog icon to hide your flash drive in this digital age. posted by fungus amungus on Mar 26, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Build a Catapult, Mario Wii, Make a Knife...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Mar. 13, 2008 Mouse Mouse is missing! While we were at SXSW someone walked off with our dear little mouse mouse from our display table. If you have any information, please let us know! No kidding, only one was made and we'd like to get him back. OK, back to the regular Instructables news... Today we are launching the Pocket-Sized speed contest. Make something cool that fits into a regular pocket, then enter it to win some sweet prizes! This is the last weekend for the Toss It! paper airplane speed contest. Enter your favorite paper airplane design and win an Air Instructables Pilot's License. The winners for the Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest have been announced. See the video that won the $350 yoyo! Check out these cool instructables! How to build your first robot Use this walkthrough to make an autonomous, self-exploring, "own-mind" robot in a few hours! posted by fritsl on Mar 12, 2007 How To Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs A simple and quick recipe for great tasting scrambled eggs! posted by Brennn10 on Mar 9, 2008 Industrial Picture Frame Make industrial-style metal picture frames without spending loads of cash. posted by mada on Mar 6, 2008 Super Mario Bros Inspired Wii with USB base Decorate your Wii with some old-school graphics, and give it a couple of cool add-ons in the process. posted by BeerBellyJoe on Mar 9, 2008 How To Build A Catapult Launch stuff 100 yards with your very own siege weapon. posted by T3h_Muffinator on Mar 12, 2008 How to pill a cat, the easy way. When you need to give your cat some medicine you might need to be a little creative to get her to take it. posted by sunitgir on Mar 7, 2008 Pocket-Sized Speed Contest One trick ruledthem all What do you do for your pet? How To Teach Your Dog Some Important Tricks (And Some Not So Important Ones) Learn some basics of teaching your dog a couple new tricks. posted by Gjdj3 on Mar 10, 2008 How To Make an Applique! Jazz up an old piece of clothing with a funky bit of fabric to give it a whole new life, and live in style! posted by threadbanger on Mar 6, 2008 The 10 Minute Laptop Stand A quick trip to the hardware store + a little bit of work = your own laptop stand. posted by johnbot on Mar 9, 2008 How to Build a Knife Making a knife isn't easy, but this guide will get you started on the skills you'll need to make one yourself. posted by Basta on Feb 26, 2008 AC White LED Circular Magnifier Work Lamp Use bright LEDs to replace fluorescent circular light in magnifier work lamp.Let there be light! posted by arcticpenguin on Mar 11, 2008 How to "Salt Out" Salting out is a process that can be used to dehydrate Isopropyl alcohol, i.e., separate it from water in an azeotropic solution. posted by thinkahead on Mar 3, 2008   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Viking Catapult, Engagement Ring, Collapsible Utensils...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Mar. 20, 2008 Welcome back! Enter the new T-shirt Hacks speed contest! Show us an awesome way to reuse a t-shirt, and win some sweet prizes. The winners for theToss It! paper airplane speed contest are up. See which planes won the Air Instructables Pilot's License. Check out these cool instructables! How to Make a Desktop Viking Catapult Get ready for some serious cubicle warfare with this small-scale adaptation of the classic Viking Catapult. Wargame included. posted by Kiteman on Mar 19, 2008 Create embroidered patches from digital images Follow these simple steps and reproduce digital art in embroidery. posted by bekathwia on Mar 16, 2007 Make a Platinum Diamond engagement ring A professional jeweler provides tips on making your own custom engagement ring using the lost wax technique. posted by chrisparry on Mar 18, 2008 DIY Vintage Jeans... Coffee Style Add a nice light brown vintage look to your jeans with some coffee grounds and just a little bit of time. posted by threadbanger on May 7, 2007 Get Over a Barbed Wire Fence If you ever need to get over a barbed wire fence, these tips will help you from shredding yourself in the process. posted by Tetranitrate on Mar 14, 2008 Twin jet paper airplane Stuck with just a couple pieces of paper and want something to do? This stylish plane is easy to put together and flies fast. posted by neelandan on Mar 9, 2008 Give your old shirt a new life! Pocket-Sized Speed Contest What do you do for your pet? Simple Metallic Laptop Stand The laptop stands keep on coming! This one keeps your laptop cool for under $10 and even matches the look of a MacBook Pro. posted by chris99 on Mar 17, 2008 Pocket sized collapsible eating utensils. Put these mini-utensils in your pocket and simply pull them out to regular size (or super size!) when you need them. posted by Gunk on Floor on Mar 19, 2008 8x4=2 (2 Tables from 1 sheet of plywood) With a simple template you can get two tables from a single sheet of plywood. Use a jigsaw or a waterjet if you have access to one. posted by barnabygunning on Mar 18, 2008 Self watering recycled plant pot for growing herbs and flowers Reuse plastic bottles and enjoy a laid-back way of growing your plants. posted by iPodGuy on Mar 18, 2008 Steampunk Finger Stylus Make a funky stylus for your finger and navigate those touchpads like a pro. posted by robbtoberfest on Mar 16, 2008 Digital 3D Picture Viewer - "The DigiStereopticon" Update an old-timey gimmick with a new one to make photos fun again. posted by JayDub on Mar 17, 2008 Get Your Eggs Ready! Easter is just a few days away so check out these colorful egg Instructables! Hard Boiled Dragon Eggs Dyed Inside! Rattlesnake Onion Skinned   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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what are the planets on the solar system?

Well the earth is the third planet from the sun. Pluto is also a planet but it is the smallest planet and coldest one to. Earth is between Mars and Venus.

Question by shelbyhumble123 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Firefox Pranks, Bamboo Bicycle, Bratz Knife Block...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Apr. 3, 2008 Welcome back! April is Photojojo Photo Month. Enter a sweet photo-themed Instructable and win an Eye-Fi card that lets you transfer photos from your camera wirelessly! We will be hosting a Show & Tell at the SF Bay Area Yuri's Night 2008! If you want to show something off, let us know! Check out these cool instructables! Firefox Pranks These Firefox add-ons were made for April Fools' Day, but they're good for any time you want to mess with a friend's browser. posted by fungus amungus on Mar 28, 2008 How to Build a Bamboo Bicycle Get some bamboo and build your own smooth custom ride. posted by ayasbek on Mar 30, 2008 Learn How To Shave With A Straight Razor Who says you need five blade disposable razors to get a smooth shave? Get a straight razor and relearn the lost art of shaving. posted by adamjgonzales on Mar 16, 2008 How to Sew Everyone should know the basics of the needle and thread. Read this Instructable and get started. posted by jessyratfink on Apr 3, 2008 How to Fill an Office with Packing Peanuts Ever wanted to fill your co-worker's office with shipping peanuts? Of course you have. Here's how to get the same effect without filling the whole room. posted by jetgrrl on Mar 28, 2008 Maille and Plates Armour Life can be tough out there. With a custom set of armour you'll be ready for whatever comes at you. posted by armourkris on Mar 21, 2008 1UP Cakes Make cakes that look like Super Mario Bros. 1UPs for an awesome 8-bit party! posted by Nachimir on Mar 27, 2008 Win cool prizes from ThinkGeek! April is Photo Month! Re-fashion your wardrobe! Cat-Powered Automatic Cat Feeder Make your cat do some work to get his food! posted by labelreader on Apr 1, 2008 Refrigerator Handle Switch Prank - Make Fools Out of Your Coworkers! Swap fridge hinges for an easy and effective prank. posted by numberandom on Apr 2, 2007 DIY Flash Diffuser with Swappable Colors Want to diffuse the flash and add some color to your photos at the same time? This quick and dirt-cheap trick will get you there. posted by deth2all on Mar 30, 2008 Magnetic Sonic Cube Landmine Want them to remember you when you're gone? Leave an alarm that won't go off after they move it from its spot! posted by photozz on Mar 15, 2007 Ye Olde Aprile Fools Prankes! Come hither and chooseth the best pranke for thine means. posted by Jieze on Mar 27, 2008 Bratz Knife Block Reuse an old doll and make a place for your knives at the same time with this twisted knife block. WARNING: Graphic doll cutting. posted by Tetranitrate on Apr 2, 2008   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Laser Beam Security, Amuse a Toddler, Aesthetic Life...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Mar. 6, 2008 Welcome back! See who won the prizes for Tool Tips Month! Enter your sweet paper airplane design to win a shirt in the Toss It! paper airplane speed contest! Coming Soon... We'll be in Austin on March 7-11 for SXSW Interactive. We'll be making LED Floaties at the PopSci party on March 9th and be checking out many other events. See our full schedule to see where we'll be and say hello! The winners for the Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest will be announced tomorrow morning. Check out these cool instructables! Digital Camera Spectroscope This sweet and simple mod allows a slide to be mounted to most cell phones, turning them into digital spectrometers. posted by dorejc on Mar 3, 2008 Automatically remove songs from your iPod This handy trick only takes a minute to set up and lets you choose which songs you want to remove from your iPod while you're out and about. posted by getgreg on Mar 2, 2008 How to Amuse Toddlers Use these tips from a childcare provider to keep your toddler occupied in over 20 ways. posted by SteveGerber on Mar 5, 2008 How to peen a rivet Learn to peen a rivet and get one step closer to making that perfect suit of armor you've been dreaming about. posted by armourkris on Mar 2, 2008 How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors Match a color to every day of the week! A guide to working at Instructables. posted by ewilhelm on Mar 3, 2008 Apple Floppy Amp Get back to the future when you install a powerful amp into an old, 5.25" old, floppy disk drive. posted by jeffkobi on Mar 1, 2008 Protect Your Home with Laser Beams! Here is an easy to make and powerful laser alarm system that can protect your entire home, indoors or out! posted by Kipkay on Mar 2, 2008 Add Color Effects to a B&W; Photo Use the free GIMP software to make parts of a photo pop out in color while the rest is black & white. posted by summit on Feb 20, 2008 Drill Press Lathe Turn a drill press into a lathe and get an intro to woodturning before shelling out the cash for a lathe. posted by Tool Using Animal on Feb 26, 2008 Improved Paper Wallet, Vinyl Style Has your paper wallet fallen apart or gotten soggy? Then maybe it's time to upgrade to this vinyl version for more durability and stability. posted by Demokr on Feb 27, 2008 Companion Cube Tissue box Make your own useful companion cube. This one won't protect you from explosions, but it will help your sniffles! posted by theslaminj on Mar 3, 2008 Make an iPod Video Projector Project video and pictures on a screen using your iPod, a mirror, a lens, and some scrap cardboard! posted by tanntraad on Feb 28, 2007   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Distinguish glass hard disk platters from aluminum without marring the reflective surface? Answered

I have hundreds of hard disk platters from disassembled hard drives.  Some are made of glass, some are made of aluminum.  The glass ones, when flexed, shatter into thousands of razor shards which screech across the room. I would like to avoid that in the future.  I only want to use the aluminum ones, but I don't want to mar the reflective surface. I've thought of weighing them, but the platters some from many manufacturers and eras and so the weights won't be consistent.  Magnets don't attract glass or aluminum. Does glass float? (I'm guessing no.)  Is the reflective surface transparent? (I'm guessing no again, but maybe a strong light would work?) There has to be a way....

Question by Odonata 8 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Which amp is better? An Orange Crush 30R? Or a Marshall MG30FX? Answered

 Which amp is better quality and has the best sound? I don't care about the effects I only would like to know about the sound quality for use with any type of music.

Question by adamgillies 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Whatever happened to the future? Answered

Kind of a stupid question, but seriously! Where is my flying car?Why can I not teleport?Why can I not buy an invisibility device?How come I don't have a hoverboardWhy do we not live on Mars?Where did the future go?

Question by munchman 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I am not able to enter Full Spectrum laser contest

I am not able to enter my instructable in the full spectrum laser contest. Can  you please help me out. I posted it on Mar 18, 2014 and it is within the dates they have mentioned.The following message appears.

Topic by BakeitUp 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

SXSW To BE covered by NPR

The South by Southwest music festival and conference is rapidly approaching (Mar. 16-20) and NPR Music will be there again this year, webcasting a bunch of full concerts, live online. This year, you'll be able to watch the shows with our live video stream from three shows: two official SXSW showcases and our annual NPR Music party... by Robin Hilton   The (not so missing) link....

Topic by Goodhart 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Loft Winch for Fun

Hi, I want to make a fun lifting mechanism which I can use to raise critical beverages, light office supplies, etc., to the loft in our house, where my office is.  It could be manual or motor driven.  It can brace, lean against or grip the square handrail and square balusters,  but can't mar or be screwed into any woodwork or flooring.  Ideas?

Topic by mahoopes 5 years ago

How can I morph a nearly 1/4 " aluminum disk into a cone? Answered

Attached is a crude Paint drawing of what I am after (the cone doesn't have to have  that much of a "throat" on it, I just need it to be slightly funnel shaped. I need to do this without "firing up" or heating the metal, and hopefully without marring the surface very much. Any ideas?       

Question by Goodhart 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Number of contest wins

Hi, when people see the prizes I have won, they tend to ask me quite often, whether anybody else has won more often than me. While I knew, that wold630 has won more often than me I had no idea where I stood. So I sat down with my boyfriend to write a small script. Since you might be interested too, I decided to post the results here (starting from four and more, else there would be to many people). They might be off here and there by one contest (especially if a patch has not been handed out), but should be pretty accurate. Thanks to everybody who has voted for me and especially instructables, for hosting so many awesome contests. Position User Views Contest wins Instructables Followers Featured [%] Joined 1 wold630 546161 22 73 736 97 May 29, 2011 2 seamster 2273173 21 56 2005 94 Oct 20, 2008 3 jeff-o 1171003 21 34 469 85 Mar 23, 2008 4 BrittLiv 1249933 20 39 1068 100 Aug 10, 2009 5 ChrysN 3905091 18 123 1247 86 Jun 21, 2008 6 Mrballeng 2274644 17 117 3186 70 Nov 23, 2010 7 caitlinsdad 1028626 16 140 548 72 Dec 17, 2007 8 doodlecraft 672674 15 63 1085 93 Jul 25, 2012 9 supersoftdrink 718321 15 72 514 87 Dec 8, 2007 10 sunshiine 948772 14 275 988 48 Feb 2, 2010 11 bennelson 1339742 12 56 667 48 Dec 22, 2007 12 M.C.+Langer 585418 12 67 815 76 Mar 5, 2009 13 Kiteman 3979294 12 179 1754 56 Jan 7, 2006 14 technoplastique 553583 12 52 352 73 Jun 4, 2007 15 Random_Canadian 1101247 12 53 519 60 Sep 2, 2008 16 bajablue 1421522 11 99 1389 77 Mar 16, 2011 17 Mr.Sanchez 249819 11 64 200 32 Apr 28, 2008 18 makendo 1418740 11 33 1551 96 Sep 20, 2009 19 depotdevoid 1084884 11 62 535 69 Aug 22, 2007 20 hertzgamma 369322 11 25 185 80 Feb 7, 2012 21 HollyMann 801222 11 61 1277 83 Feb 9, 2009 22 shesparticular 1365844 11 110 643 68 Jan 30, 2009 23 mikey77 1810415 11 33 761 81 May 7, 2007 24 shazni 271344 10 73 485 50 Mar 29, 2009 25 masynmachien 685173 10 41 475 80 Feb 28, 2006 26 lmnopeas 1180553 10 66 603 93 Jun 9, 2011 27 vishalapr 681023 10 39 225 25 Sep 26, 2010 28 annahowardshaw 381217 10 90 274 76 Mar 17, 2010 29 AngryRedhead 915765 9 48 350 83 Nov 30, 2009 30 kitchentablescraps 205743 9 23 231 69 Apr 18, 2011 31 iminthebathroom 325120 9 34 232 67 Jun 9, 2008 32 mikeasaurus 3529648 9 126 3189 91 May 23, 2007 33 Brennn10 1323643 9 43 190 37 Jan 24, 2007 34 belsey 1127174 9 56 490 66 Jul 1, 2007 35 craftknowitall 1395676 9 161 692 61 Oct 30, 2011 36 zieak 1758898 9 49 468 73 Mar 12, 2006 37 SlickSqueegie 423777 9 37 586 81 Aug 13, 2011 38 alinke 511852 8 20 187 95 Jun 15, 2007 39 rachaelwhitaker 187600 8 37 512 64 Nov 19, 2012 40 frank26080115 670306 8 18 325 55 Nov 3, 2006 41 jessyratfink 12981175 8 286 5048 88 Dec 12, 2006 42 Mizchief100 217665 8 10 305 100 Oct 10, 2010 43 killerjackalope 2056032 8 105 341 36 Aug 1, 2007 44 Honus 4467296 8 27 1133 77 Oct 2, 2006 45 DotatDabbled 565637 8 18 158 83 Jan 6, 2008 46 ben_k 461515 7 18 217 44 Nov 24, 2008 47 antoniraj 503147 7 24 340 54 Sep 1, 2012 48 Tarun+Upadhyaya 137691 7 26 392 76 Dec 13, 2012 49 RadBear 360364 7 55 84 43 Mar 29, 2007 50 stinkymum 3499440 7 71 234 28 Jan 13, 2008 51 Greasetattoo 741853 7 18 242 77 Mar 30, 2009 52 foobear 685564 7 85 317 48 Jul 3, 2006 53 purpletheory 144286 7 4 174 100 Jan 5, 2011 54 marcellahella 414315 7 59 309 54 Apr 26, 2012 55 dbc1218 946172 7 12 239 75 Mar 15, 2006 56 babybayrs 61446 7 19 120 68 Jan 28, 2013 57 kristylynn84 1361219 7 75 543 70 Oct 28, 2007 58 American+Ruin 46536 7 8 91 75 Jun 5, 2011 59 mygibzone 303326 7 58 222 87 Oct 16, 2011 60 FriendOfHumanity 385801 7 47 161 42 Feb 14, 2008 61 Creativeman 3056787 7 141 1171 56 Dec 20, 2008 62 laxap 1074996 7 39 512 84 Feb 23, 2009 63 kcli 150799 6 44 257 52 Aug 27, 2008 64 MidnightMaker 227929 6 13 387 92 Apr 1, 2009 65 antibromide 423675 6 19 171 73 Oct 6, 2008 66 lindarose92 293322 6 51 713 76 Dec 17, 2012 67 Nelson_Yepez 423229 6 15 80 40 Apr 18, 2009 68 %3DSMART%3D 1047767 6 32 502 31 Apr 14, 2008 69 ynze 291798 6 24 248 75 Apr 8, 2008 70 andrew.spencer.2 241063 6 18 152 66 Jun 27, 2009 71 velacreations 983768 6 22 444 77 Feb 12, 2006 72 Mr.+Noack 147077 6 25 277 68 Oct 30, 2011 73 Weissensteinburg 1825730 6 41 242 48 Jan 27, 2007 74 boston09 457561 6 25 171 40 Mar 28, 2009 75 bwrussell 266158 6 22 213 68 Jun 29, 2009 76 ModMischief 1908452 6 27 446 88 Mar 18, 2009 77 837412 6 23 513 86 Jul 30, 2007 78 DIYHacksAndHowTos 1362091 6 43 1451 76 Jul 14, 2011 79 Mr_o_uk 319958 6 16 274 62 Dec 30, 2012 80 scooter76 389647 6 21 155 57 Feb 2, 2007 81 Emsaid 571193 6 41 195 48 Apr 10, 2009 82 janw 342979 5 29 278 44 Dec 22, 2009 83 marc.cryan 276740 5 32 126 62 Jul 30, 2008 84 jonsarriugarte 275419 5 6 156 83 Dec 26, 2008 85 splazem 79551 5 18 66 55 Dec 31, 2010 86 brunoip 395711 5 10 235 90 Mar 17, 2009 87 stevequag 144178 5 18 88 66 Mar 5, 2011 88 vigothecarpathian 165095 5 5 105 80 Mar 26, 2011 89 flyingpuppy 207459 5 25 193 60 May 5, 2011 90 shizy25 30779 5 14 78 71 Oct 19, 2012 91 blissful2015 65966 5 6 91 100 Mar 29, 2012 92 scraptopower 322660 5 14 405 64 Jan 2, 2010 93 Muhaiminah+Faiz 410439 5 51 802 58 May 18, 2012 94 Kimberly_REMOVED 73378 5 5 56 0 Jul 26, 2011 95 elewis03 149686 5 18 196 61 Nov 12, 2012 96 liquidhandwash 337652 5 29 265 58 Apr 12, 2009 97 RollerScrapper 70083 5 20 79 80 Jun 12, 2011 98 Toglefritz 196522 5 24 78 58 Apr 25, 2009 99 Danger+is+my+ middle+name 632706 5 60 1146 61 Mar 12, 2009 100 wizgirl 232443 5 20 102 70 Jul 31, 2010 101 Lorddrake 276392 5 27 105 62 Jul 16, 2007 102 linuxmom 239758 5 10 41 90 Feb 10, 2008 103 ericasweettooth 65615 5 15 124 60 Sep 8, 2011 104 M3G 158710 5 21 261 71 Jun 24, 2012 105 cluracon 159373 5 29 116 93 Mar 13, 2011 106 flaming_pele%21 311672 5 9 98 88 Oct 27, 2008 107 vanweb 80832 5 23 53 60 Oct 31, 2008 108 786Ayesha 75603 5 45 116 57 Apr 15, 2012 109 AndyGadget 400224 5 37 215 45 Jan 24, 2008 110 Vyger 539885 5 22 179 68 Aug 16, 2007 111 sath02 252660 5 33 231 60 Jun 11, 2010 112 MikeTheMaker 384298 5 80 175 43 Mar 21, 2009 113 Jayefuu 1512923 4 46 423 82 Apr 8, 2009 114 maxjus 152922 4 4 75 100 Feb 5, 2010 115 Gunk+on+Floor 1005173 4 17 57 17 Sep 29, 2007 116 The+King+of+Random 2170407 4 35 4654 94 Aug 3, 2012 117 TheHomebrewGuru 318985 4 9 197 55 May 11, 2011 118 hummer_head 69484 4 20 32 30 Jan 31, 2008 119 Forkable 1451860 4 22 182 86 Aug 4, 2008 120 Bindlestiff 199226 4 14 55 64 Aug 20, 2009 121 AlpineButterfly 308483 4 10 70 80 Aug 20, 2008 122 domestic_engineer 422684 4 54 144 50 Nov 21, 2008 123 woofboy111 881413 4 25 56 40 Oct 4, 2007 124 robbtoberfest 1857078 4 26 299 50 Jan 15, 2007 125 Radioactive_Legos 669429 4 29 252 27 Dec 16, 2007 126 mrfixitrick 974458 4 12 285 66 Oct 18, 2007 127 WYE_Lance 534361 4 26 521 84 Apr 5, 2011 128 The+Papier+Boy 192503 4 14 92 78 Jul 1, 2008 129 Mr.+Rig+It 900270 4 25 73 44 Aug 13, 2007 130 Deadendshop34 35083 4 4 49 75 Oct 14, 2010 131 troopersmachine 83557 4 10 71 60 Aug 23, 2009 132 davidandora 81327 4 9 110 77 Jul 22, 2011 133 eatproperly 190253 4 41 157 85 Aug 22, 2012 134 eXtremeSomething 251705 4 14 170 42 Mar 29, 2011 135 tjesse 429016 4 10 124 70 Jun 25, 2010 136 Patrik 193587 4 5 161 80 Aug 18, 2007 137 Mimikry 130704 4 19 67 84 Nov 25, 2010 138 chefsea 17617 4 9 36 77 Jan 6, 2012 139 Brooklyntonia 125486 4 18 205 77 Jun 1, 2011 140 urant 243582 4 8 196 87 Jun 23, 2009 141 PeckLauros 150140 4 29 66 48 Nov 2, 2007 142 cammers 173967 4 28 85 50 May 7, 2009 143 pinomelean 427030 4 8 402 100 Feb 23, 2013 144 cainunable 184561 4 6 31 83 May 13, 2008 145 skyisblu 216423 4 20 88 90 Jun 16, 2009 146 donedirtcheap 190803 4 17 335 70 Aug 26, 2011 147 dlewisa 232401 4 34 170 58 Apr 21, 2008 148 hpstoutharrow 1185994 4 24 802 75 Jul 27, 2009 149 technovative 65988 4 7 57 42 May 13, 2008 150 hungryhappenings 42991 4 8 106 100 Sep 7, 2011 151 emilygraceking 163915 4 22 245 59 Jul 9, 2008 152 volpin 763193 4 3 687 100 Mar 13, 2009 153 PenfoldPlant 531493 4 24 313 100 Apr 30, 2007 154 HHarry 323616 4 18 177 83 Dec 6, 2010 155 knife141 550526 4 75 261 52 Nov 28, 2008 156 gmjhowe 1542435 4 50 792 58 Apr 9, 2007 157 Plasmana 3557852 4 32 1077 46 Apr 4, 2008 158 danlynne07 191456 4 48 185 87 May 25, 2012 159 starshipminivan 1285430 4 66 388 65 Mar 9, 2007 160 elco_chan 420302 4 32 241 62 Apr 2, 2009 161 sursula 37566 4 19 108 73 Mar 27, 2013 162 groovymama 87269 4 11 243 45 Apr 12, 2013 163 blorgggg 91252 4 13 38 46 Mar 2, 2008 164 dragonator 330293 4 8 269 50 Jun 12, 2009 165 e1ioan 391072 4 4 142 50 Dec 3, 2009

Topic by BrittLiv 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

BIKE REPAIR STAND: How about a low cost, easy to build, bike repair/cleaning stand?

It should hold the bike off the ground and tight so it does not move around while you work on it.  I was thinking of using half inch pipe stuck in a five gal bucket filled with cement, but I could not come up with a good clamp idea.  BTW, the clamp should not mar the paint job.

Question by yogoombah 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Wheel Leg All terrain design

I came up with a wheel leg design a while ago Vex came up with this product and it looks a lot like my design. I think this would be a great design for an mars rover. I got the idea from rex robots. I thought, " Why not put more of those on?"

Topic by starwing123 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Take over the world easily!

So you want to take over the world? Well here's the steps! 1. Genetically and cybeneticaly enhance an army of ducks 2.Create Orbital Tungsten Bombardment System (O.T.B.S)  3 Aim your O.T.B.S at major oil/uranium fields.  4 While superpowers try to stop you move in And eliminate most humans with your ducks. 5. Blow up the planet and move to Mars OR attempt Galactic Domination

Topic by Jack The Supreme Duck Overlord 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Drones, not just for spying

So with the advance of 3d printing, arduino firmware, Raspberry pi, and the general open source approach to making things in the last 15 or so years, it's really not that surprising that drones have become as wide spread as they are. Those not interested in drones view them mostly as either a hobby or a potential threat to their privacy, but I had an idea the other day that might push them into better prominence.   What if drones could be used for construction and basic maintenance?  What if a quad copter was the thing that was wiping down the windows of a skyscraper?  Or messing with dangerous high power electrical lines.... Things that are both tedious because they have to be done over and over again, and that are moderately dangerous for a human being to perform.  Why can't a drone be used for some of that, and can one be designed around those constraints?  This is how a hobby user could make innovations that might curtail some of legal and general paranoia surrounding drones.  This is all well and good, but let's take this a step further: Drones are a necessary part of human exploration.  People talk about putting humans on Mars.  Human beings require inputs. Food, shelter, air.... those sorta things.  If there's a problem with one of those things on Mars, there has to be a way to fix that, and it's probably best if it's something that's established before those humans get there.  Drones could be used to do a variety of tasks, and possibly even establish small caches of water or maybe even limited quantities of iron. Maybe even something like a 3d printed iron shelter.... (Induction heating works by pulsing a electromagnetic coil with high frequency electricity, which can be used to melt magnetic metals with high degrees of efficiency. This could be used to make low grade steel on mars, but if time and scarcity of resources aren't constraints... it would work.) Anyway... I was just sort thinking about this stuff. Let me know what y'all think

Topic by Qcks 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Problems downloading a PDF - March 2014 **FIXED!**

Mar 21, 2014 - UPDATE We had a small release last night and it looks like this problem was solved! Your browser will require a new cookie for our site; clear your browser cache and refresh the page, then try downloading again. You may have to use the 'custom PDF' on some projects. Thanks for bearing with us while we sorted this out. Please leave your comments below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mar 14, 2014 One of the Pro Membership benefits is the ability to download a PDF of an Instructable for offline viewing. Something has happened in the last week which has caused the PDF generation to not work correctly, preventing projects from being converted into PDFs and being downloaded. This is a known bug and we are investigating the cause and a fix. You may notice this happening to a few Instructables, but not all. There are still many projects that work fine when you request a PDF generation for download. Currently we can recreate this issue across all browsers and operating systems. While we figure out what is going on and working on a fix, please use this Forum topic to provide us with any feedback you may have or links to projects where you're experiencing this problem. Updates to this post when there's more details. Sorry for the delay.

Topic by mikeasaurus 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Pro users receiving banner ads?

For a long while, the only ads I was seeing on Instructables pages were internal -- mostly examples of highly rated/featured I'bles, or contest announcements. Starting today (24 Mar 2010), I am seeing banner and sidebar ads.  This isn't a big deal, except that a lot of them have been those really annoying rollover-giant-box type.  This makes it quite cumbersome to navigate on the page, and in particular, to do anything where your mouse has to go near the masthead.

Topic by kelseymh 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What's the best method for making registration markers for multi-color poster printing?

Currently, I am printing registration marks on my transparencies so that they burn into the screen. Each registration mark is the same for every color. When the screen is burned, the registration marks appear. I clamp the screen, and lower it to print the registration marks, then lift it and cover them with tape. I use the printed marks to line up my paper. This works pretty well, but I am convinced there has to be a better way. Can anyone help?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Less People

In discussions I've had with my father multiple times, we've come to the conclusion that for humans to stop having a negative impact on the planet, there must be less of a human population. No other way around it. Now, don't get me wrong and think I'm saying everyone should commit suicided or someone should make some deadly disease to wipe out massive chunks of the population, I'm just looking for others opinions to this theory and possibly other.... more humane alternatives. Other ideas as to reducing human population on earth: Sustainable colonies on the Moon, Mars, etc.?

Topic by monkeysee 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Oh Crikey!

These guys may not have thought of everything but I can't think of anything else you could add to it right now. It's over 9 minutes long. From a duck to a skeleton to a robot dinosaur: scientists created this fabulous kinetic sculpture, called On the Move, to demonstrate to children the concept of energy transfer. The Launchpad team at London's Science Museum and Engineered Arts Ltd created this cause-and-effect chain of events in a warehouse in Cornwall. No soft toys were injured in the making of this film L

Topic by lemonie 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Bloody hell, I just made it to 20 years old!

Well it's my birthday and I'm 20... Sadly marred by my favourite drinking buddy, my brother jack not being able to drink, because we got in an argument and now has a broken jaw... On the upside it's the new wingman line "It's my birthday" -  "It's his birthday and he broke my jaw", ensuring free pints... Oh and yes, I'm childish anough to post a topic about my birthday, though excuses for myself are running thin, getting older has a downside. 

Topic by killerjackalope 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Calling all of Phoenix!

Via Phoenix DIY:Thursday night is the February meeting for Phoenix DIY!! We'll be meeting at 7:00 at Conspire, in Phoenix. Please bringanything you'd like to share (food, drinks, ideas, etc). and a folding chair or two. ;)Presenters:Josh Campbell, earthen stoves (DIY old-tech)Bill Mar, Google Sketchup (free 3-D modeling software) tutorial. Anyone interested in following along should bring a laptop and have the free software pre-installed so we can get rolling.Conspire Gallery901 N 5th St (on the NE corner of 5th St and Garfield)Phoenix, AZ 85006 [map]

Topic by randofo 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Ideas for a creation?

Hi all, I've got an opportunity to lay hands on this sweet wifi webcam: Thing is, I've already got one monitoring my 3D printer, and I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to spy on my roommates when I'm away.  I've got a couple ideas about what to do with it, but I thought I'd throw it open to the community:  got any cool ideas for interesting ways to use/alter/hack/repurpose something like this? Currently I'm considering tearing into it and using the remotely controllable pan and tilt motors to turn it into a mars rover for my house, possibly fitted with a laser to annoy my cats.  What do you think? Ian

Topic by depotdevoid 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Why didn't my entry show up in the contest?

On March 1, 2010, I received the following from the "" " Hi yrrep73,Your entry 'UNISEX WINTER ROBE' for the 'Sew Warm Contest' has been accepted. The contest closes on Mar 7, 2010. 12:00 AM.Congratulations, your Instructable has met the requirements to enter the Sew Warm Contest and has been accepted!After the contest closes for entries on the night of January 3, it will be up for user voting from March 8 - March 14.Good luck,Instructables Robot" My entry, "UNISEX WINTER ROBE" hasn't shown up in the panels for voting. Perry L Humphrey

Question by yrrep73 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Image Library Problem

Strange error when trying to do anything with some images.  Can't view the image library, upload excetera.  My IE 8 gives me this error: Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; GTB6.4; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0) Timestamp: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 22:30:24 UTC Message: Expected identifier, string or number Line: 584 Char: 5 Code: 0 URI: If this means anything to someone...let me know! Dan

Topic by Nano_Burger 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Where U At?

I know that the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are all represented on Instructables. What other countries are represented? Are we in all seven continents? (give or take Antarctica, since only scientists and penguins live there). How many of the states of the USA are here? What's our membership by country? Is our membership only limited to earthbound beings, or do we have any astronauts or other in the ranks? Are all of our members even human? You have answers, post 'em. Just put something like "Texas, USA, here", or "Gusev Crater, Mars, here".That way we know where we're at After that, plot your location on the membership map.

Topic by KentsOkay 11 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

If you could...

If you could... Spend an hour anywhere in the universe, at any point in time, where would it be? Meet 5 different people, from any point in time, who would they be? Have any one "superpower," what would it be? For me: Place: Mars, about 70 years ago. People: 1) Ernest Chappell, actor on Quiet, Please!, a 50's radio show. 2) Wyllis Cooper, writer for Quiet, Please! 3) Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series. 4) Ernest Emerson, founder of Emerson Knives and the Emerson Combat System. 5) Mikkel Maltha, the keyboardist/ bassist/ backing vocalist for the Danish band CRYOSHELL. Superpower: The ability to alter my molecular density, rather like Seth's in "Race to Witch Mountain" What would you choose?

Topic by black hole 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Resin floor

Has anyone ever done a DIY resin floor? Any advice? A friend of mine is in the early stages of a plan to cover her stairs in resin, with embedded small pieces of tile left over from the kitchen. We're planning to do a lot of small scale testing before we actually do anything permanent, and were just going to start with harware store marine resin. At the moment, the stairs are the bare chipboard left when the gross carpet was removed. It also curves around almost 180°, so there are only a few rectangular stairs. Any tips on the type of resin to use, best way to build a stair sized mould, things that the resin won't stick to, curing time, or any other random advice would be appreciated.

Topic by Mar HK 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Can I extract these components from old devices, SGA4286, RFMT25, CTX259-ND, where? ?

Thank you everyone here I am student, I am making a Jammer, and looking for these components: SGA4286 RFMT25 CTX259-ND (MXO45HST-80.000) Please help me if you can tell Which devices I may find them or any of them? Just thinking for extracting and re use them in my project. I am planning to get them even if I buy, but i couldn't find them in one web-store, I have to buy them from different stores this will make shipping cost so high for my budget. Thank you again Mar M.

Question by mmmr3 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Isn't it written in stone that you have to put more energy into water than can be extracted from it?

I can see how astronauts could need oxygen from water on the moon, but haven't we always been told it takes more energy to separate the molecules than can be gained from burning them? In reply to a response from my last question, I referenced something I read a long while back. It was about deep space probes extracting water from Mars or other planets and using it for fuel to go even further (faster I'm assuming). So sure, astronauts need to breathe, and would be able to recoup some of the lost energy  from the hydrogen, but how would an unmanned space probe benefit from such a loss of energy?

Question by owendrake 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago