Gas Mask

Lets just say I have a cool looking soviet gas mask. What can I do with it? It's similar to the one in this video: Answers I'm NOT looking for:DrugsKazooDrugsAnd it's my birthday tomorow! Yayyy for me

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solder mask

Is a solder mask just pcb laquer? like you could make your own solder masks?

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Identifying a Mask

Hello, I am after any info about this mask and any history of it please. Here are a few bullet points of info about the mask. -From Canada -Giving to from sister 25 years ago -Strange goings on have been happening in the house with horrible vives coming from it. for at least 15 years -When moved downstairs it started acting up. -Blowing on neck when reading book, man called Tom communicating with her, calling her by her real name but her family normally dont. -spiritualist have been in and sensed spirits. -the mask will not burn even though it is wood. -the women is now petrified Any help would be appreciated Thanks Hannah

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Batman mask?

I need to make a batman mask for my son of 5. any advice would be appreciated.

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Halloween Masks

One of the key elements of Halloween is the mask. A still grinning mask can help you look perfectly evil while you can relax and enjoy the reactions inside it. It's a key part of Halloween and to get the look you want you may just have to make one yourself.Here are 10 Instructables to help you with any last-minute needs to make a mask of your own or maybe check out for any costume event in the future. If you do make something awesome this year be sure to document it and enter it into our DIY Halloween Contest!Also see: Halloween Decorations Halloween Costumes Halloween for Kids Pumpkin Carving Halloween Makeup Halloween Party Scary Mask by scoochmaroo This project may be a bit intimidating, but check out the Instructable to see it broken down and you'll see it's not so tough after all. Duct Tape Batman Mask by seamster Everyone knows that duct tape is a universal power for good. So put that to good use to make this mask and start taking some villains down! Masquerade Ball Masks by thydzik A simple and effective technique to turn a cheap mask into a custom and elegant disguise of your own. Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami by chosetec You'll need some time for this one and might be afraid to wear it when you're done, but it is wonderful to have around when do finish it. Nazgul Mask for $15-20 by Drakz Get this mask together for just a little cash and get ready to hunt some hobbits! Realistic, Animatronic Lion Mask with stereo night vision and amplified hearing by Solion For those who recreate this Instructable with over 100 steps, we applaud you. For the rest of us, there is so much here to inspire your next project it's not even funny. Giant Mask: Montessaurus! by pokiespout Make a gigantic mask of anything you want! Make a Mad Eye Moody Mad Eye by KaptinScarlet Small, simple, and delivers a great effect. What more could you ask for? How to make an Anglerfish mask by thenickboy Show off your love of the deep, deep waters with this anglerfish mask. Epic Papier Mache Indian Cannibal Mask! by DainiusGB Learn to live and love the papier mache methods. It's well worth the trouble for Halloween or any other time.

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The masked magician

I really like this television show. The masked magician show how to do great tricks and illusions. I even did some at school. Like levitating, walking on water, cutting someone in half and the wine and needle trick. Do you like it ? or what do you think ?

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LED Mask?

Hey!!!I saw this on the internet a while back : you guys think it would be hard to make or somewhat simple?

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Help: Mask wanted!

Hello and once again welcome to my mask making shop. Now i'm in the mood to create masks this day, but i don't know what mask to make this time. The images from 1 and 2 are the comparisons of a spring trap mask i made a few months back, but unfortunately it hadn't been too well thought out since it's a slant instead of a bulk of the mouth. That being noted i was thinking either i can redo Springtrap's mask or try out other masks. Remember, this is all on opinions so just let me know what you think and i'll try to make a mask that anyone would be interested in seeing as an instructable. Thank you for your time and have a grand day of creativity!

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Cthulhu Ski Mask

Yowza, this custom Cthulhu ski mask is all sorts of awesome. You get to look all evil and still be able to drink. For now it's a one-off, but with some demand it might pop up on Etsy. Cthulhu Ski Mask via BoingBoing

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Good Paintball Mask?

I have a cheap jt paintball mask that came in a kit with a cheap pump gun I got a while ago.  The mask is just short of 1/8" thick and made of bendable plastic.  It offers protection from paintballs at 200fps but I am not sure about higher velocity guns.  It can only protect against up to 300 fps. So could I use it for battles with semi auto guns like viewloaders, tipman 98s and so on (beginner/intermediate guns)? or will I have to purchase a new one. Note: I have long since lost the manual for it.

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Ninja Hoodie/mask

Does anyone know how to make a ninja hoodie with a mask like the one in this link? NinjaHoodieI've searched everywhere but i can't find anything on how to make this.

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Silicone Mask Silicone?

So I have created a negative of a sculpt (two part plaster) for a full head and top of shoulders mask; I would like to cast it out of silicone but I am not sure what to use... I need something available in uk that can stretch a lot (it is a tight mask so that it binds to your expressions) and is soft like skin. (And Cheap! :) tops around £30) I was thinking about platsil Gel 00 or 10. What do you think? Thanks! (And if you can, how much would I need?)

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how to mask astringency?

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unknown wooden mask

I found a wooden mask (Indonesian,African ?) and need some help identifying it. Contact email is

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Hannibal Lecter Mask

Hi to all!! I'm trying to create a Hannibal Lecter mask (, but i don't know where to start. I don't care the materials, but i want to be realistic. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!!!!

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paintball mask upgrade

Does any 1 have any paintball mask mods better than mine ? mine has a sight on it that works for my gun too homade scope also i will try to post it soon

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Designer Gas Masks

My respirator has always looked a little dull. I once knew someone who accessorized her respirator with metal spikes. The only problem was that she put one right through the filter, kinda defeating the purpose. It looked good, but still... Link

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welding mask LCD?

Ok i have one LCD from a welding mask and i need another. What i want to do is basically make auto-dimming glasses. I want this particular type because all i have to do is apply a few volts and the entire thing will dim, it makes things simple. Can someone please tell me where i can buy some if anywhere. Or give me a suggestion as to what else i could use.

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How to make a Light up full head mask?

I have decided to try and make a mask and came up with a design but i do not know how to make one. the mask is featureless and only has eyeholes. there will be a stripe down the middle that has symbols on it. the part of the stripe that is oncovered by the symbols will light up white. i need to find a way to make it while the lights will not harm my eyes.

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How do when make mask with paper mache for about two hours?

Rrecently, I gave mask making workshop to community and only limit of time is two hours, those possible to make the mask with paper maches?? please help me out for better way

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how to hack friend's e-mail id ?

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Want to make a motorized mask

I want to make a mask for a group project. I want to have it made of six emotion masks similar to attached image. I want to make it be able to used a wired control to rotate to any of the given masks, and it has to be wearable. I'm not much of a craft person, but i have 6 weeks, just need to know where to start

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Suggestions for what to wear with this mask?

I have this mask but I don't have any ideas of what type of costume to wear with it. Any help would be appreciated!

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how to make ood mask

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to easily and cheaply make an ood mask, ive already got the translator ball worked out, i just need a way to make the face, thanks in advance.

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Custom Latex Masks Made

Hi, I am offering my services to custom make and paint any custom latex masks you would like. Will just cost the materials to make the mold and the first mask. I will post you your mask, and give you an estimation of how long it will take to complete, making a decent mask takes time so dont expect to have it in a couple of weeks, I have to do this in my spare time and i like to take my time to make the best sculpt i can before i put any plaster on to make a mold. -------update------ 19-09-2012 if your intrested in having a mask made pop me an email your likely to get a quicker reply via email than commenting on here ;-) have a look at my instructable on making masks using 2 part molds which should give you some idea of the costs and time scales involved. --------------------------------- Ok i have been asked a few times can I make masks of actual people, the answer is that I prefer not to, replicating a human face for me is very tricky, having said that, a spitting image style replica shouldnt be too much of an issue. how long would it take? the answer is between 1 and a half to 2 months depending on the size and complexity. How much would it cost? Hard to say again it depends on the size and complexity but remember you would be paying for a one off mask and your asking because you either dont have the skills to do it or the patients or the time, so if your expecting a mask for £20 (gbp) think again, no one is going to work their ass off producing something which takes a long time to create for a small amount of money, the materials alone are very expensive, please remember this when you email me and I qoute for your mask.

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WIP Halloween Demon Mask

I'm getting close to being done with this years Halloween mask. A nifty demon skull!  Thought I'd post the WIP album which is a semi tutorial on the process here. Let me know if you've got any questions on the process so

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Kids Animal Mask Patterns

The cutest felt masks for you to make.  Simple, step-by-step instructions and colour photos for every stage of the creation process.  For more great designs, go to

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My own Majora's Mask

Hi there, guys! I haven't been on for a while, but I need some help/advice. You see, I have a bunch of nerd friends. I want to make a costume for halloween that is cooler than all of theirs, so I am going to be... SKULL KID! Therefore, I need to make a Majora's mask. I am thinking of forming the main shape with chicken wire then covering it with paper mache, but my mom thinks it will be too heavy. Clay is also a (heavy and hot) option. What do you people think? Thankeys!

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How to cover a mask with feathers? Answered

I'm making a mask similar to the one in the picture (whole head) and already have the structure of the mask planned out. What i don't know is how to attatch the feathers. What would be the best way to do this (cover the whole head)? Glue? Hand sewing? Any suggestions are helpfull.

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How to modify airsoft mask? Answered

Knowing that there are many fabricators on instructables, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how I could modify an airsoft mask to look like the picture shown. I have one where the part beneath the lenses is detachable, and I really only need to modify the lower half, but would like to make a copy of that lower half and work on the copy rather than the original part. If anyone has any ideas at all, let me know. Especially with making the copy of the lower half.

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For Sale: Bioshock Splicer Masks

Hey there! So I've made some masks recently and I'm thinking about selling some more. So here's how it goes: You choose from a variety of styles. These include Rabbit, Bird, Spider, Cat, and Butterfly. Some pictures and examples can be seen below.  All of these come in either Clean, Bloody, Dirty (as seen in the bird mask picture), or, in the case of the Rabbit mask, Sander Cohen Black. After you choose this, you can go to my Etsy account and place an order (  I will then make your mask and send it to you as quick as I can. Because these take a bit, I can only do 10 orders at a time. They will run about $50 each. If you have any more questions, go ahead and post below or message me.  Thanks!

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How to make a DeathEater Mask?

So I'm a crazy HP fanatic ... and I thought it would be hilarious to go to the booklaunch as a Deatheater, seeing as I'm only about five feet tall.I was just wondering how to make the mask though? It would be amazing if I could get something to eventually end up looking something like this:'ve never made masks before, but I'm thinking my gameplan would be something like this - make a plaster mask, try to over some clay on top so I can add some texture/relief stuff on, paint over with some metallic paint, etc. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it, since I want to be able to wear this after. I'm also not sure what type of clay would go best, or even if clay would stick to plaster. And I'm not even sure how to attach this whole contraption onto my face.I do want to retain as much of a rigid, somewhat 'metallic' look, if possible.Suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Wooden Indian (?)African (?) mask identity

I found this wooden mask at a yard sale but need help in identifying it-

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I want to modify a Guy Fawkes Mask

I bought a 10-pack of cheap Guy Fawkes mask, I want to modify them (or at least 2 of them) to make them as comfortable as possible on the INSIDE, is there a way to do so? And by what can I replace the rubber band that holds the mask to the face? Thanks.

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how ro make a horse head mask?

I need a 3-d horse head that stays on because the person has to dance in it and see where she is going

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I want to modify a Guy Fawkes Mask

I just got a 10-pack of some cheap Guy Fawkes mask, my objective is to modify them to make them as comfortable and useful as possible, i adding gadgets or something like that, and some kind of plating or coating inside to make them comfortable. I also want to change the elastic that holds the mask to the face to make it much more durable and comfortable. Thanks!

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How can I make a good steampunk mask?

I want one to make one for halloween so i can show off my creativeness

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LED MASK (flashing & other features?)

Hey guys, I wanted to start out by saying thanks to all u guys! I've been trolling instructables for a while and have used many of them, an example being the iron man one.. for my Halloween costume... Well, I'm planning on making a mask like the one pictured below... design(not exact design but just an example..) part will be glowing with surface leds on the backside.... I was planning on making them RGB so I can change colors... If I can, I want to add various other features like flashing(slow/fast maybe?) and anything else that I can feasibly do. So, can anyone help me get started with tips/advice/links? ... I am decent at soldering and my friend who will be helping is very good at it... Can i use an existing chip to do this.. such as a chip from a photon or led toys..? or are there good pre-programmed or programmable microcontrollers that can fit in my pocket? I have 6 months to complete this.. and I will make an instructable for it as well. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

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How do I stiffen fabric as well as shape it and make it stay the shape I choose?

I want to make a masquerade mask. The kind with a stick and huge feathers on the side. The expensive ones online say they use cloth for the actual mask part. HELP!

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Hallowe'en turns educational - free masks to download.

Feel like mixing Hallowe'en fun and science?There's a new website about the five kingdoms of life, with a Hallowe'en theme and masks you can download and make. There's a bat, bacteria, fungi, a pumpkin and more on the way.You can imagine the doorstep scene:"And what have you come as, Billy?"Oh, I'm a Basidiomycota, Mrs Ponderosa, a genus of club-fungus that includes both edible and highly toxic species.

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What is a good material for a rorschach mask that i can see out of?

Hi, I soon am going to make a proper animated rorschach mask, ive aquired all the materials i need except for one thing, the actual mask components. I dont know what material i should make the mask from, being as i am using thermochromic pigment suspended in acrylic base, im not sure if spandex will work, also, i have no idea how clearly i can see through any of these materials. What good would a working rorschach mask be if i cant see out of it. The way my design will work is numerous heat pads linked to a controller, the heat pads will heat up to around 40 degrees , just warm enough to get the pigment to change from black to clear, and essentially thats how ill change the mask pattern. ill have 2 masks in a sense, one is a thick balaclava on which the heat pads and wires will cover, so they arent right on my face, then a secondary mask will go over that, though when done they will be attached together.  the secondary mask will be white and will have the pigment on it, it doesnt need to be particularly flexible as the mask will retain most of its shape anyway when not being worn, i just need to be able to see out of it, my design wil lalso include a breathing and cooling system so i dont activate the pigment with my breath, or fill the mask with sweat as it cant be washed. what material should i use?

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How could I build a mask that can breath out fog?

I am wondering if there is a way to make a mask with some sort of built in 'fog machine' of sorts. A way that I can breath out a fog like vapor from the mouth of the mask that is safe to breath in. I intend on making the mouth of the mask able to open and close by attaching the bottom jaw to my jaw to allow it to open when my mouth opens and close when it closes. I already fairly certain that dry-ice is entirely out of the equation as breathing in the vapors produced can be harmful.

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Hi everyone i was just wondering has anyone made a scary mask for an ible because i want to make a mask that looks cool? Answered

I just want to say that if you have made a scary mask i want to look really cool for world wide videos or something i don't know i just want one to look awesome is that a problem if it is contact me if it isn't you rock thanks 

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Leather: I want to make a full ace leather mask, any help? Answered

Well I wanted to make something like these, but less complex and maybe only the bottom half and a monocle attachment. I understand the basics of leather but was confused in how to: • Attach leather to brass • plan a mask • create a mouthepeice any and all help would be great!!! :)

Question by MrSalvador 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how should I go about filling in this mask so its smooth & flat ?

I've been working on this for a week and even thought its creepy enough already i just want to fill it in and make it smooth, flat, even, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Is there a way to create a messaging system using cmd, but also hide who it came from?

In a school system, everything is monitored. but if there was a way to mask the user, it would be like texting in school. but without the mask, the administrators will know exactly who and where it was from. any ideas?

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Pcb silkscreen? Answered

Im gonna try etching my own pcb but i want to know how to put a silkscreen on it and the mask to keep from short circuiting

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