fake matches

Hey can anyone help?  I want to make fake matches like ones you strike on the box? Or a full instructable or post box and at least 20 matches

Posted by builderkidj 7 years ago

safety matches...

Ok, i am thinking of creating an instructable on how to ignite saftey matches with-out the box, but i dont know if people would be interested or already know how to do this, please say "yay" or "nay" for this instructable to go ahead, thanks.

Posted by andy60 11 years ago

cheap easy pyro detonators!!!!!

Get some silicon diodes 3 for a 1.99 at radio shack or cheaper online tape one to a match and ad 6 to 12 volts to it and after a few seconds it will overload and get real hot! then it with ignite the match which will then ignite the visco fuse. original idea from jolly roger creator of anarchist's cookbook

Posted by struckbyanarrow 10 years ago

Strike Anywhere Storm Matches

Where can i buy some strike anywhere storm matches? how much do they cost?

Posted by MisterHankie 9 years ago

Visco fuse and Red quick Match. Both Waterproof

I have cannon fuse and quick match for sale. Get a hold of me. mac802@gmail.com

Posted by Bromac 6 years ago

Visco fuse and Red quick Match. Both Waterproof

If you need visco fuse or quick match let me know. Also have M80's. Only ships within Canada. bromac6@yahoo.ca

Posted by Bromac 6 years ago

where to get Strike anywhere matches

Their are tons of instructables with strike any where matches, but i dont have any!!! and i cant find a store that sells them! iv tried a hobby store which mostly sells boyscout/ camping stuff they have water proof matches but not strike any were matches iv tried sporting good stores with a second level devoted to camping fishing and hunting but they still dont sell strike any where matches. so-dose any one know where to get strike any where matches in the US

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago

Anyone know the next few rugby matches and when they're on?

I wanna watch the next few rugby matches, but can't get on any website for some reaso (sad face) so I was hoping you helpfull lot could help the helpless (me). So feel free to comment here if you know about the next rugby matches, and when they're on tv! Thankyou. Dylan.

Posted by yerjoking 9 years ago

View counter not matching with stats

Hello I guess i'm not the only one here who likes graphs and data. But If I compare the view count on an instructable and compare it with the stats view. The values don't match up not even close. For the screenshots please check this link because I've trouble uploading the pictures. http://imgur.com/a/YeZAA 

Posted by geo bruce 2 years ago


Here we have Tetranitrate, getting some "space" in MAKE Mag. Giant MATCHSorry, but his picture is not coming through....signon required. The Page, if you have a log on...

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

will this work? - pyrotechnical ideas

I was wondering - What would happen if I lit a book of paper matches on fire? wood matches? How could i use this to start off an explosive reaction? can fire launch a model rocket engine?

Posted by sugg22 10 years ago

tv and remote matching

My friends have a tv and digital cable boxthe remote of the box can be configured to be able to control the tv too. they played with this setting and now none of the remotes can control the tvhow can this be fixed ? (so atleast the tv remote works)both remotes are functional (you see if you shoot the remotes at a digital camera) and the box remote can control the boxtv is jvc av-21etg2cable box is advanced digital broadcast (adb) decoder (from hot cable tv company)

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

Stats don't match

I just recently realized that the two kind of stats you can get for your instructables don't match. For example my "pram to kids trailer Instructable": Yesterday it gave me more than 1000 hits, when I checked via the stats button on the ibles page. But today as I rechecked via the stats tab on my account page with only this ible marked, it gave me only about 350 hits... It is not of big importance, and I would rather call it a glitch then a bug, but it would be nice to get correct stats on both ways...

Posted by uersel 5 years ago

cork mortar

Hey do you think this would work? commet and tell

Posted by funwithfire325 10 years ago

why? copyright infringment - do not allow! https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-pocket-sized-match-box-pinhole-camer/

Https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-pocket-sized-match-box-pinhole-camer/   WAS TAKEN PIC FOR PIC FROM http://matchboxpinhole.com/box.html Sent to my inbox today AND THEY ENTERED A CONTEST???!!!  Remove it.

Posted by nowuknowjack 6 years ago

Launch stats graph doesn't match instructables views

Hi, I noticed that the graph displayed under the launch stats does't match the number of views of my instructables. I included the most obvious example from an instructable that has 2.4K views. As you can see, the instructable was added in November and only the first few days are displayed in the graph and it stopped working afterwards, even though the number of views keeps increasing. The rest of my instructables also have a huge gap between the number of views and the data presented in the graph.Is it a bug from my account or a general problem that affects everyone? Thanks for your reply,

Posted by DIY Electronic 1 year ago

How do primers in ammo work? What are they made of?

Anyone here know a thing or two about gun ammo? Anyway, I have just been wondering on exactly how primers worked. This is how I made mine. "Sorry if I seem like a lot of questions) The Cartriage is a section of a copper pipe, the bullet is made from a fishing weight, the propellant is match powder. Since match powder does not go off with impact,I made the primer from a thumbtack, a strip of tin(can), and a roll cap(those red paper things that explode when you hit them with a hammer). The cap and the match powder hold the thumb tack in place. The strip of tin holds the roll cap. When the thumbtack is struck, the thumtack hits the roll cap cuasing it to create a small explosion. When the roll cap explodes, it ignites the match powder around it. This larger secondary explosion is the one that propells the bullet forward. It works on homemade automatics, the only thing is that the catriage gets stuck sometimes, it produces A LOT of smoke, it takes around a half a second for the match powder to ignite and to propel the bullet forward, and after a while, a layer smelly brown tar begins to accumulate in the barrel. Is this a bit simmilar to how primers work?

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

Advanced Search

If this already exists and I just can't find it, please inform.  Otherwise please, please provide an advanced search feature.  What apparently exists is far too primitive for a site as diverse and and at the same time special interest as Instructables. For starters I suggest the following simple and easily remembered scheme:  - single word search terms  - conjunction of terms using + to create multi-word atomic search terms  - logical connections of terms and groupings using &, | and ~  - grouping with ()  - arbitrary prefix, suffix and infix using * as the last, first or both  - escape of these search characters using \ For example (using " " for expository purposes only):   raspberry+pi -- matches the two consecutive terms "raspberry pi"   raspberry+(pi | pie) -- matches either "raspberry pi" or "raspberry pie"   (raspberry+pi) & nas -- matches if the terms "raspberry pi" and "nas" appear anywhere   (raspberry+pi) & (nas | server) -- you guess   *dog -- matches words with "dog" as the last three characters   dog* -- matches words with "dog" as the first three characters   *dog* -- matches words with the three characters "dog" anywhere in them A way, unspecified yet, to apply the query to title, summary or body of the project and some combination thereof. Further suggestions invited.  This would make the site so much more useful for finding solutions.  Implementation of the suggested scheme would occupy a good coder for about half a day.  Great project for an intern.  :-) As an advanced advanced search the use of full regular expressions would be incredible and there exist numerous public domain regex implementations (not sure about Javascript) that could be easily incorporated (wrote a complete one myself in C 30 years ago and it was surprisingly compact.)

Posted by dgateley 3 years ago

Instructable completely flash?

We should have instructables in flash. No more painful waiting for another page to load, it may take awhile to load at first.

Posted by Match Book 8 years ago

Why does wine or beer pair better with matching food?

This has always stumped me; however should not be confused with the question: "what goes with wine or how to pair wine?" I know that in theory, heartier wines pair well with heartier food; and that light, refreshing wines should pair with light, refreshing food. In practice, I agree that wines or beers tend to pair better with matching qualities in food. Whereas with all other beverages, I always feel that contrasting pairings work best. Dessert for me always requires a black, robust cup of coffee; and a cold, sweet Coke always goes very nicely with a savory lunch. The reason why these pairings work so well is because of their contrasts. So, what is so special about beer or wine that they pair better with food of similar characteristics?

Posted by N.fletch 5 years ago

HELP...External Micrphone on a MP3 player with Internal Micrphone question ???

I like to use the internal microphone on my MP3 player to record interviews, but lately I found the quality is degraded by noise generated by the spinning hard drive. Is it possible to move the internal microphone out of the player? Replacing that mic. with a better quality one? How do I find a matching microphone with better quality? What to look for? match the impedance? If so, what kind of circuitry I need to make the external mic. look the same to the MP3 players circuitry...external power supply , ect, ect...?

Posted by mzungu 11 years ago

Goodhart Attack!!!

Well its happening, The Pun Master is taking over the forums, many have tried to match his witty puns but all have failed...(not my computer (its my friend's))

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

Message formatting

I see the PM system has been updated to match the new format of our personal profile pages. Nice. But, can we have the formatting options back?  They do make communication clearer and easier...

Posted by Kiteman 1 year ago

USB WiFi Antenna Mod

I am working on adding a helical antenna to a cheap USB WiFi adapter.  My question is where do I connect the antenna to existing circuit.  I've attached a closeup picture with three likely points.  My three main questions are: 1) Where to connect the external antenna 2) Do I disconnect the rest of the onboard antenna (my gut says yes) or just add in the new 3) What impedance will the external antenna need to match?  I assume the components between points C&B; and B&A; are for some kind of impedance matching.

Posted by telfon 5 years ago

r/c and arduino communications

How do I check to see if my values for my reciever match the values in the r/c lawnmower code. It says if they don't to change them. But, I don't know how to check them.

Posted by mfm5024 8 years ago

Grammar nazi time

I wasn't sure if this would be considered a bug or feedback. "This author has not updated their profile." "Author" is singular, "their" is plural. It should be something like "This author has not updated his/her profile." The devs could probably make that match the account's gender.

Posted by FuyuKitsune 7 years ago

Coolest Business Card EVER!

This must be the best business card ever - if you work for Lego, they put together a minifig that matches your appearance as closely as possible, and then print your name and contact details on it.I am insanely jealous!Link

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Giant Match, Laser Flashlight Hack, Wooden Bike, Water Recycling...

Function clickclear(thisfield, defaulttext) {if (thisfield.value == defaulttext) {thisfield.value = "";}}Sign-up for our newsletter subscribe August 9, 2007 Welcome back! With the Go Green Contest going on we've been seeing some cool new Instructables. The hacker spirit is alive and well. Check them out below. Biotour.org Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion Diesel Bus Get a look at how this bus runs on a diet of nothing but vegetable oil.posted by TimAnderson on Aug 7, 2007 Laser Flashlight Hack!! Turn a MiniMag flashlight into a powerful DVD laser pointer! posted by Kipkay on Aug 7, 2007 Iron body - part II. Breaking stones and concrete Learn the secret behind this strongman classic.posted by sam noyoun on Aug 8, 2007 Giant Match Harness the power of 15,000 matches for an 8-foot strike-anywhere match.posted by Tetranitrate on Aug 2, 2007 Hydroponic Bog Garden (Water Recycling) Treat your waste water and grow a nice little garden in the process.posted by Biotank on Aug 8, 2007 Win a hybrid bike! Over $3,000 in prizes from amazon.com! $5,000 top prize! Growing Mushrooms: PF Tek Learn to grow a wide variety of mushrooms with the PF Tek growing technique.posted by nak on Aug 9, 2007 Earbud cord wrapper in 5 minutes or less! Put any old plastic card to use with just a few simple cuts.posted by spacematters on Aug 6, 2007 Recreate a Vanishing Ecosystem: The Eastern Vernal Pool Create your local breeding ground and help the local critters survive.posted by Tool Using Animal on Aug 6, 2007 Wooden Wedge Bike Build a simple bike that fits many sizes of rider. No welding required.posted by Woodenbikes on Aug 5, 2007 Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week! -Eric

Posted by lebowski 10 years ago


Charging for the print book and the classes you are pushing on us is like Microsoft forcing us to download windows 10 and it bricking the screen or the $1500 computer then running a message your equipment does not match and you need to update and now you have ballast to put corner weight in the race car 

Posted by hdrideblue 1 year ago

Okay, so I have A HUGE LOAD of......

Okay, so I have A HUGE LOAD of match sticks (cardboard) with all of the powder on the heads taken off. I don't wan't to throw them away, any ideas on what I could do with them? I have a whole cigar box full of them.

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

Can anyone identify these?

I'm curious what these might be.  I recently found them in my attic, 5-6 feet long, matching set of mirrored panels.  Seem more decorative than functional, very thin metal, and one of them has rusted clear through on one side.

Posted by yokozuna 6 years ago

Instructables Build Night and Show and Tell a Huge Success

The Instructables Build Night and Show and Tell was awesome! Tetranitrate set off a giant match, we made a whole bunch of Harry Potter wands, laser-etched an Apple iPhone, and much more!Check out the full recap of the evening here.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Make odd-shaped gears

This tutorial by Clayton Boyer covers how to make some really funky looking gears. Start with one odd shape and make a second gear that matches it. Really cool and great for anyone entering the Woodworking Contest who wants to add a special touch. via MAKE

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

Knex Heavy Crossbow VS. Knex Tank Bow

Okay. Two really new guns. Both of equal awesomeness. A perfect match in a war. What do YOU think? Who's gun would win?  kNeXFreek's Tank bow? Or IAC's Knex Heavy Crossbow?

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago


These napkin rings go well with the waffle coasters to create a set on the dining table. The colors of the magazines give it a bohemian charm. Finish the ring with lacquer for easy cleaning and durability.INSTRUCTIONS: www.projectfidgetyfingers.blogspot.comMeasure the length and the circumference of a toilet roll.Fold magazine sheets into quarters. Once cut into quarters, fold it into half and then 1/3 and ½ again. Measure the width of the strip and match it according too the circumference of the toilet roll. It should match, giving some allowance of the thickness of the strips. Work out the thickness of the napkin ring. We have measured out 1/3 of the toilet roll, including allowance for the thickness of the strip.Use glue stick to stick the strips onto the toilet roll for placement and ease of weaving. Weave and tuck loose ends into the square weaves.Finish with lacquer.

Posted by suzene 10 years ago

anybody willing to make an instructable for this? (wireless power schematic)

So, I absolutely love the "Wireless LED Throwie" project here: http://mindtomachine.blogspot.com/search/label/wireless%20power videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0-_ZX2oMyI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieGOd2F_8MQ But there's some conflicting info (10uf capacitor in the parts list but 1uf on the pcb template, and pcb doesn't match schematic or what's shown in the video), and some info is just never given (transmitter coil diameter and number of turns). I want something like this where the transmitting coil is much larger than the receiving coils and can hold multiple, rather than the sizes being matched.  I'm hoping somebody a bit more advanced than I am would be willing to tackle this first and take notes.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 4 years ago

I don't know why it hasn't been done before...

Just had to make a group for the terrible instructables. If you've ever felt the urge to point out a lame instructable, here's the place to do it. Feel free to post nominations in here. Of course, it's hard to follow the "be nice" policy with something like this. Really, though, if the instructable was that bad, the instructor usually didn't actually care to do it well. If they did try, and it just turned out bad, then they can still be added. Including a few tips on their page to encourage improvement wouldn't be a bad thing to do. Mostly, though, this is for those really terrible instructables that really should be deleted. Something like "Make light from matches. Instructions: Go to a dark room and light some matches." Have at it.

Posted by BorisTheSpider 10 years ago

guess-the-joke's-punchline contest

EDIT: THE CONTEST HAS CLOSED!the winners:blue ribbon: GorillazmikoHonorable mention: Dsman195267the joke:A man walks into a fireworks store and asks: "Can I have a bang for a buck?"the joke with honorable mention:a man walks into a fireworks store and says: "it's dark in here, can I have a match?"

Posted by DJ Radio 10 years ago

Double White Dented Hybrids

Seeing two white Prius both with carpool stickers isn't that noteable. Seeing two white Prius both with carpool stickers, and with matching dents in their rear passenger side doors is notable. (The dent on the car in the back is difficult to see in the cell-phone camera image, so you'll have to trust me.)

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Matching speakers to amplifier

I have purchased 2 Maxamp20 amplifiers (http://store.accusafe.nl/modules/versterkers/maxamp20-met-3-5mm-connector) and i am trying to match speakers to them, i've searched audio forums for information (that i mostly don't understand) and tried asking questions (that have been mostly ignored) and i think i've found appropriate speakers but i want to get a second opinion before i purchase stuff i might not be able to return. i don't have the space for and can't afford the weight requirements of a large enclosure but i want fairly high volume and wide dispersion so im looking at getting 2 of these PA horns (http://www.specotech.com/index.php/products/audio/item/542-spc40rp) to mount on top of a shallow down firing enclosure for 2 of these subs (http://store.accusafe.nl/onderdelen/luidsprekers/subwoofer/dayton-audio-sd215a-88-8-dvc-subwoofer-speaker). i know the subs work with that amplifier because they are used in Boominators (http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/class-d/104402-boominator-another-stab-ultimate-party-machine.html) but i have no idea about the horns. also assuming this setup is okay do i need some kind of filter or crossover (not sure of the difference) to split the sound safely between the midrange and the sub speakers?

Posted by ambientvoid 1 year ago

Long Range Locators Metal Detector

I'm Looking to build of long range locators for search gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from  someone as soon as possible...!!!

Posted by Jasun 3 years ago

Psp external battery

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a external battery pack (via adaptor) and make it so it will run from the battery pack. my concerns are: matching the voltage and mAH. as well as ensuring the safety of my psp i know that i already need the plug for the psp from the ac adaptor, anything else? also if possible, keep it as cheap as possible.

Posted by Dmanthe1 8 years ago

A few pictures from the Instructables Show and Tell

The Instructables Show and Tell was awesome! We'll do a complete round up a little later, but for now here are a few pictures.Tetranitrate set off a giant match, we made a whole bunch of Harry Potter wands, laser-etched an Apple iPhone, and much more!I've posted a complete recap of the evening here.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Adjusting thong size

Hey all! I have this problem, where all the thongs I get with outfits are too big for me. But, seeing as I love matching outfits, I really hate to throw them away. Yet I just can't figure out how to make them smaller. It's killing me.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by kssmedeadly 5 years ago

viewing instructables offline?

Recently i posted an instructable on striking safety matches with-out the box, however, it was sadly un-published because it didnt have a video (don't worry i'm fixing the one i've got!) and since it has been unpublished it has recieved 30 views? i have only looked at it 3 times?? can someone shed light on my querie please?

Posted by andy60 11 years ago

Someone play CoD WaW (wii) here?

Sorry I know it's off topic but I was wondering if anyone here plays CoD WaW for wii because I was playing a match last night aginst someone named Killer K and I figured it had to be someone from here. My name was dude in case you remember me.

Posted by TheDunkis 9 years ago

Comment totals bug

It's a minor bug, but I've noticed that there is a mis-match in the comment totals shown on a member's page. The number of comments shown in the left-hand column seems to be a total of all comments posted by the member, anywhere, whereas the comment total in the main body of the page appears to be purely the number of posts made on Instructables. It's most obvious in this screen-shot of a new spammer's page:

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Long Range Locator Metal Detector

 I'm looking to build of long range locators for search of gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from someone as soon as possible...!!!  

Posted by Jasun 3 years ago

How can you adjust timezones?

OK, everytime I see a comment, the time is very diffrent from mine.I just posted a comment. My time ( checked ALL of my watches) was 7:03, yet on instructables, it said 3:03I was wondering if I could do anything so that my times match? Perhaps on Instructables or Firefox???

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

xbox 360 modded controller help

Ok i modded my controller turn on my controller put in cod 4 picked a gun started a match and my gun just started shooting randomly and when i push the momentary button in it stops shooting then when i let off it starts again did i get the wrong kinda momentary button ????

Posted by mpetri07 9 years ago