You are not me, and you are not funny by trying to be me.

So lately there have been some dumbasses on the site (I'm looking at you, "DJ_SPLENDIFERIOUS") who think that imitating me, my phrases, or my avatars will be cool because I'm so awesome.  All you people are really doing is wearing out my style.  Nobody can be me better than myself, so why bother trying? I decided to take a look at the world population, and I see that there are 6,809,972,000 people in the world as of the 2009 census.  So that means there are 6,809,971,999 people that are not me, and therefore should stop wasting their time imitating me.  Now I know that not everybody imitates me, but the main point is that only I can be me, and everyone else is just wearing out my style.

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Help me!!!!!! need help wit pvc armour

Hey guys someone talk to me lol im doin this chian mail thing wit pvc a thing i got off of here just wonder if anyone esle was doin it

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do girls let guys the find "attractive" into the "friend zone"?? Answered

or is it for only guys they dont find attractive?

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how do i ask out this girl?

I  like this girl named molly maxwell and im scared to ask her out please help im only 12 and don't say im to young thanks!

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IDE to USB adapter Answered

All i need is a picture of how its put together. an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter one that i could use for my 250gb IDE hard drive as an external. i have seen them pre made. Easy Ide, google it.

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i need the front button layout of a Regent HT-391 HTS? Answered

My cousin gave me one of these but the front clip broke off and apparently got thrown away, the two plugs for the front buttons have labels as to what they are but there are only 5 buttons and one remote (the thing that picks up a remote, i cant think of the name of it right now). but there are 9 plugs listed in this order GND DOWN UP SOUND INPUT ST-BY(standby) +5V REM MGND the other port is for the LED's, i have no interest in hooking those up. all i need to know is how to hook up these wires to use them. if someone has one of these and wouldn't mind popping the front off and taking a picture of the wires or board if there is one. i should be able to put it together using just that depending on the quality of the picture and if they are what im needing. FYI dont post on here just go buy a new system, i have a pioneer 5.1 1k watt HTS. im fixing this box so i can use it outside when im working on stuff here's a pic of the front of the thing, i just need a picture of the other side unfortunately.

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instruct me what to do

Instracting me the way to use the forum

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Try me Button

I got a few of those Try Me buttons off some Halloween things I bought, are they a complete waste or is there something you can do with them?

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my girl is going to paris and she not takeing me should I be worried? what if she going to see some one else? Answered

Last moth she sad she is going to paris and when she tolled me she has been cooled to me?

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any subscribers

Please subscribe to me im lonley

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how can i tell if a guy likes me??

Ok soo.... i really like this guy and he is in most of my classes we are in 8th grade and he is 15 and i am 13, we have alot in common and i flirt ALOT! and im just soooooo confused because i think he likes me too but idk how to tell and if he does like me how can i tell him i like him without telling him i like him??

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for pc to open the regedit if it has been disabled by administrator?

I want to install my gta4

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how to open the registry editting that has been disabled by administrator.....however i'm the administrator?

How to open the task manager in this same case also....??????

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your clique

What clique are you in? im a gangster/skater/ninja/mexican/prep but i mainly am an outkast i could fit in with any group... ...i choose not to

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Some people may think I'm conceited....

....Oh well. You can't please everyone, and I sure won't try.Edit: for those who don't know, this topic was created as a joke.

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how do i change my name back? Answered

yes it's true i'm back bud wtf how do i change my name back

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Those "K"-things blocker, now with Instructable

Bad move on my part...Its blocked by the old version of the script :PYou'll need the new one to get updates. So if you didn't notice, because it was blocked, check it out!

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wait i dont get this

So the new feature is out that you can delete comments on your orange board but it says (removed by community request) is this bad because like how you get banned and stuff will you get banned for this?

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what holds to aluminum

I'm working on a movie prop a futuristic shotgun for a police officer.but I need help. I'm using two arms from a crutch. I have the design worked out but there's a having trouble getting the card board to hold to the aluminium.any suggestions.

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Hi people just discovered this forum the other week and im stuck and need help with something.   any kind people know what the actual name of those octopus bubble tripod camera stands are ?   you know the ones which pop and click together and can grasp hold of things.   i know there called octopus bubble something or other but that's the name of the tripod , cant seem to find the name of the actual legs.   anyone help or even know what in talking about ?

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robot that follows me?

Hi guys so my question is how can i build a robot that can follow me using my phone or anything else

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Guess Who Got His Drivers License?

Me. :P

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Remember me on log in

Hello, In the past few months I have noticed that the "Remember Me" button has disappeared from the login box.  This makes it so that I have to log in every time I visit the site.  It never used to be like this. I am using Google Chrome on a Mac running Snow Leopard.  Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

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Won't let textbox type in on ipod touch 2nd generation

Help me

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New About Me (Please Read)

I am your about-average human being who occasionally stays on the computor too long. Some things that make me normal are: I hate school, I hate homework, I love music, I like football. Some things that make me different: I hate corn, I am a multi-talented musician, I like origami, I like death metal, I enjoy looking at arts, and I can burp on obey. Warnings: Do not post spam, rickrolls, or screamers. They tick me off and I get VERY spazzish. AND I HATE RAP. Tell/show me anything that has to do with rap, I will eat you alive down to your bone marrow. When you say something nice to me, I get a little hyper/excited. I am hyper most of the time I visit the chat room. When Someone bees negative, I get mad and you prob won't see me again for the rest of the day. Anyway, I am just your average person. SO DON'T RUIN IT.

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RSS Help!

Okay, RSS is something rather new to me, and I would like to know a bit more about, so could anyone explain/define/preach about RSS feeds, feeders, etc. Like, full on RSS for Dummies.Don't link me to buy RSS for DummiesSmart asses

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pvc bow

I was wondering if you can make me a pvc bow, like the one in your video,and how much .I await your reply.  Thanks

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Can someone please help me get past my schools software restriction policy? everytime i try to download limewire or when i try to make my own administrator account this little window pops up and says that i cant do that because its against my schools software restriction policy. all i want is some music so i can make my own cd's. if you can help that would be much appreciated :)

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Link to the instructable PROBLEM:have a problem here. i ripped a USB outa my old comp and ive got everything connected correctally and i get current when i use a current watcher thing. But when i plg in my ipod it doesnt charge...I've even replaced the female USB adapter....NEED ANSWERS FAST!!!IM SUPPOSED TO USE THIS ON PLANE TRIP TOMORROWWhat did i do wrong?

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how do you get past internet blocks? Answered

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Made By Me *UPDATE*

I'm sure many of you have seen the latest Facebook meme that's going around: Made by Me.It goes like this:Made By MeThe first five people to respond to this post will receive something made by me.This offer does have some restrictions:- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.- It will be made just for YOU.- It will be done this year (2009).- It will be something made in the real world and not something over the internet.- It might be art. It might be craft. It might be food.In return, all you need to do is post this text into a note of your own and make five things for five other people.etc. etc.Well, a carpenter I know posted this recently, and I just could not resist something hand-made by this guy. He once made some kind of wooden whirly gig from medieval prints he'd seen. I couldn't resist! So I reposted, and got my five (+) responses, and I'm going to keep you all posted on what I'm making for them! I'll instructablize all of the projects, and probably make some sort of "Made by Me" guide.If you're on facebook, I encourage you to join this thread, and pass it along! If you're not, and you're interested, try to start an email thread. Come back to get inspiration for your gifts, and make sure to post your own results!Let me know what you've done!***** UPDATE ***********************************************************I think what I failed to mention here, is that this is a neat idea to share with your friends. I would not want a stranger to respond to my posting, and I wouldn't respond to a stranger's. Mostly because I don't want crap. I want to make cool stuff I know my friends will like and get cool stuff made by my friends. If you try this out and get people you don't know responding to you, I would just ignore them! Or put something in the main text about how this is for people you know ONLY!Good luck!

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need knex!!!?

i want knex alot of them in bulk so i can make the stuff you make on this site

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Moving the furniture? What kind of excuse is that? I had to go a full 20 minutes without access to the site. I started twitching!

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iyoggi is crap

I had a problem with part of the iyoggi platform they make you install, after I stopped the service I had the iyoggi icon appear and state that press the space bar to go to iyoggi restore site, I called iyoggi at least 8 times I put a post here about it I saw others with the same problem will after two years I got rid of iyoggi today all I did was rebuild the index why this alluded me for two years I will never know lol but I had a few options left open to me that seemed to be the wrong solution to the problem so thanks for your help every one you all made it possible to understand more about computers

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How do I unsubscribe?

I don't want to do any of this stuff -- I simply wanted to look at the images of how wire up a Pfranc connector.

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Quit asking if I have anything coming out.

Lately there have been a few dozen people asking me if I have anything new coming out.  I'm getting sick and tired of this, so let me give you a few reasons as to why I haven't made anything for the past 4 months: - I haven't posted anything new because I respect my viewers.  I am dedicated to making nice and good performing guns, and I try my best to perfect anything I make for as long as I need to.  I don't want to give people crap, I want my viewers to look at QUALITY guns.  I'm tired of seeing these crap guns getting a few thousand views in a short period of time while simultaneously burying good guns down in a pile of garbage.  For example, this lame knex ripoff pistol has 2,000 more views than the DD-27, and the DD-27 came out at least 5 months before this pistol. - I'm busy.  For example, State mandated exams are coming up soon, and our school is working our butts off trying to get us ready for it.  I also have a social life outside instructables.  Long story short, If you want to know when I come out with something new, just subscribe to me. I'll come out with something when I post something. It takes away a bunch of annoyance that adds to the stress I already have. If you think I am arrogant and want me to stop, PLEASE STOP ASKING.

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Help please

I need help... does anybody know how to send a message to Instructables? I got an email from them saying I need to send a direct message and not email... but I don't know how. please help

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Pro Members! (Your opinion is needed)

Soooo, its been a few days since Pro Accounts have been implemented, and I've been wondering, whats your first impression of it? Are the features worth it? (I'll post again once the week is up, and ask again)

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how do i make an EQ effects pedal?

I am very much a beginer in electronics, but i would like to make an effects pedal with three tone control's (low mid and high), and i would like to be able to bypass with a dpdt switch. all i know is this would require using band pass filters but i know absolutely nothing else :) can anyone help? or does anyone know of a instructable covering this particular gizmo?

Posted by j-plan 9 years ago

hello friends who can help me in this regard

me want maked who is help this style machines??? 

Asked by manisali80 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Can anyone send me a google invite?

I would like too and just asking if u invite me do i get u as a friend?

Asked by OrIsIt 7 years ago

Won't let me vote!

The other day, I was voting on some things, and i would check mine to see how many votes it had. All of a sudden, when I logged out, and logged back in, it wouldn't let me vote on anything. I would supply more info on the problem, but that's it. It just won't let me vote.

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you wont see me for a while

Im going to visit my mom in Reno, NV, if you want hit me up, on sadlier way in the brown apartments on the edge of sparks, well see you later. hey, feed my birds while im gone. lol.

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Anyone can help me where i can start to learn physics and make something interesting? Answered

Hi everyone, i'm student at college, i like physics very much so i like this website too but i'm studing IT. You can call me john, i am a new member, i see projects that people posted to this website, there are some interesting projects that i really want to make, but i can't because i don't know where to start and make a project. If you can give me some advices and documents about physics, circuit, it mean so much to me thanks everyone. i look forward to receiving message from you soon.

Asked by kieutu 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

helping a dedicated ECE student from the philllipines

Please somebody help me constructing a simple but an interesting tech for my up coming thesis in my college life. i need to have an idea to pass my course thx...

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How can I make an LED flasher with numerous patterns like the SHO-ME LED Flashers?

Here is a direct link to their website of flashers: They do different types and speeds of patterns. Does anyone know how to create something similar to this?  They're LED flashers to be wired to a 12V vehicle battery for emergency services workers and change patterns with a momentary switch...  Any help is APPRECIATED...

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Stuff on a Stick Contest

Who should I vote for in the stuff on a stick contest?

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