Total Views Count - 07/10/2010

Another Thursday, another total views group roundup run.... News: - Killerjackalope's falling behind in his competition with gmjhowe to race to 250k views gained. - I beat Ninzerbean in our 100k gain race. Another one soon we think! - It appears scoochmaroo's obsession with Gaga this week gave her the biggest gain of anyone this week! Instructabler 30/09/2010 07/10/2010 Gain canida 3,658,688 3,688,789 30,101 scoochmaroo 2,743,528 2,791,711 48,183 Kiteman 1,640,632 1,649,815 9,183 Plasmana 1,500,418 1,509,187 8,769 Tool Using Animal 1,492,640 1,499,301 6,661 zieak   924,549   killerjackalope 895,559 901,137 5,578 gmjhowe 875,390 891,803 16,413 SaskView 763,716 768,480 4,764 lemonie 705,301 714,230 8,929 PKM 486,453 489,670 3,217 ChrysN 467,936 475,469 7,533 mikey77 461,238 464,585 3,347 jeff-o 393,752 419,863 26,111 laxap 398,350 401,909 3,559 depotdevoid 305,107 311,104 5,997 Jayefuu 278,139 301,168 23,029 Spl1nt3rC3ll 267,475 268,638 1,163 KentsOkay 230,666 232,128 1,462 ModMischief 225,973 231,375 5,402 reukpower 223,387 229,141 5,754 Doctor What 198,248 199,415 1,167 AngryRedhead 170,607 172,694 2,087 comodore 144,781 145,747 966 Lithium Rain 133,157 134,409 1,252 Ninzerbean 126,763 131,753 4,990 yokozuna 130,989 131,462 473 Kaelessin 125,729 127,406 1,677 Lynne Bruning 119,533 120,889 1,356 The Jamalam 114,665 115,164 499 BrittLiv 112,942 114,993 2,051 Hiyadudez 110,259 112,427 2,168 bertus52x11 104,099 105,669 1,570 thermoelectric 88,916 89,925 1,009 Goodhart 81,413 82,665 1,252 DJ Radio 78,886 80,081 1,195 janw 70,156 70,955 799 RavingMadStudios 65,922 69,024 3,102 MichelMoermans 52,214 53,242 1,028 Killer%7ESafeCracker 49,646 50,803 1,157 TNEN 42,863 43,218 355 kelseymh 41,403 41,650 247 Sunkicked 40,495 40,894 399   35,204   Berkin 33,354 33,747 393 Shadowman39 27,963 31,415 3,452 knuckel 26,206 26,738 532 The Ideanator 24,618 25,616 998 nickodemus 23,646 24,173 527 m6233555m 22,524 22,633 109 peguiono 21,099 21,390 291 artificialintelligence 20,177 20,655 478 Knex_Gun_Builder   20,041   MotaBoi 18,509 19,856 1,347 plane phanatic 18,381 18,556 175 Derin 18,037 18,233 196 Rsbarr96 17,895 18,052 157 TSC 17,094 17,697 603 possum888 16,809 16,963 154 steveastrouk 15,669 15,814 145 jwystup 14,324 15,797 1,473 zascecs 15,708 15,782 74 tombuckey 14,976 15,117 141 kcls 12,069 12,966 897 knexsuperbulderfreak 12,747 12,834 87 jen7714 10,588 12,296 1,708 uberdum05 11,145 11,248 103 floris2burn 10,820 11,057 237 Legofanatic 10,501 10,764 263 NachoMahma 10,086 10,143 57 masterochicken 9,363 9,449 86 FrozenStar   9,332   qazwsx755 8,231 8,636 405 acidbass 7,636 7,799 163 lizzyastro 5,789 5,965 176 Kryptonite 5,644 5,747 103 cherishcherub 4,544 4,751 207 zero.gx 4,303 4,367 64 jamesdude 3,565 3,613 48 moocowdog 3,419 3,541 122 Jimmy Proton 2,605 3,064 459 megametal8 2,482 2,551 69 slithien 2,192 2,351 159 cj81499 2,333 2,349 16 sorunome 1,478 1,834 356 solarblade90 1,270 1,345 75 RNB 634 651 17 shadon 534 564 30 dombeef 453 471 18 randomguy65 365 400 35 knexman1999 150 173 23

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Total Views Count - 30/09/2010

Heya, here's this week's! Quite a lot of interesting stuff happened this week, and I added the percentage gain as a column. Want to summarise for me? Post in the comments and I'll add it here :) Don't know what the deuce I'm talking about? See here. Instructabler 24/09/2010 30/09/2010                              gain       % gain canida 3,627,875 3,658,688 30,813 0.842187145 scoochmaroo 2,702,208 2,743,528 41,320 1.506089969 Kiteman 1,633,436 1,640,632 7,196 0.438611462 Plasmana 1,492,928 1,500,418 7,490 0.499194225 Tool Using Animal 1,487,143 1,492,640 5,497 0.368273663 killerjackalope 888,631 895,559 6,928 0.77359504 gmjhowe 870,524 875,390 4,866 0.555866528 SaskView 759,324 763,716 4,392 0.575082884 lemonie 699,648 705,301 5,653 0.80150177 PKM 484,135 486,453 2,318 0.476510578 ChrysN 461,260 467,936 6,676 1.42669083 mikey77 458,072 461,238 3,166 0.686413522 laxap 395,597 398,350 2,753 0.691100791 jeff-o 386,836 393,752 6,916 1.756435523 depotdevoid 299,414 305,107 5,693 1.865902782 Jayefuu 250,194 278,139 27,945 10.04713471 Spl1nt3rC3ll 266,601 267,475 874 0.32675951 KentsOkay 229,513 230,666 1,153 0.499856936 ModMischief 221,543 225,973 4,430 1.9604112 reukpower 219,479 223,387 3,908 1.749430361 Doctor What 197,317 198,248 931 0.469613817 AngryRedhead 169,293 170,607 1,314 0.770191141 comodore 143,985 144,781 796 0.549795899 Lithium Rain 132,160 133,157 997 0.748740209 yokozuna 130,576 130,989 413 0.315293651 Ninzerbean 123,686 126,763 3,077 2.427364452 Kaelessin 124,357 125,729 1,372 1.091235912 Lynne Bruning 118,895 119,533 638 0.53374382 The Jamalam 114,258 114,665 407 0.35494702 BrittLiv 110,721 112,942 2,221 1.966496078 Hiyadudez 108,357 110,259 1,902 1.725029249 bertus52x11 102,117 104,099 1,982 1.90395681 thermoelectric 87,987 88,916 929 1.044806334 Goodhart 79,169 81,413 2,244 2.756316559 DJ Radio 78,308 78,886 578 0.732702888 janw 69,575 70,156 581 0.828154399 RavingMadStudios 61,712 65,922 4,210 6.386335366 MichelMoermans 51,440 52,214 774 1.482361053 Killer%7ESafeCracker 47,773 49,646 1,873 3.772710792 TNEN 42,571 42,863 292 0.681240231 kelseymh 41,178 41,403 225 0.543438881 Sunkicked 39,518 40,495 977 2.412643536 Berkin 33,014 33,354 340 1.019367992 Shadowman39 26,817 27,963 1,146 4.098272718 knuckel 25,767 26,206 439 1.675188888 The Ideanator 23,861 24,618 757 3.074985783 nickodemus 22,991 23,646 655 2.770024528 m6233555m 22,478 22,524 46 0.204226603 peguiono 20,889 21,099 210 0.995307834 artificialintelligence 19,854 20,177 323 1.600832631 MotaBoi 17,361 18,509 1,148 6.202388027 plane phanatic 18,222 18,381 159 0.865023666 Derin 17,884 18,037 153 0.848256362 Rsbarr96 17,730 17,895 165 0.922045264 TSC 16,655 17,094 439 2.568152568 possum888 16,648 16,809 161 0.957820215 zascecs 15,632 15,708 76 0.483829896 steveastrouk 15,493 15,669 176 1.123236965 tombuckey 14,859 14,976 117 0.78125 jwystup 12,817 14,324 1,507 10.52080424 knexsuperbulderfreak 12,681 12,747 66 0.517768887 kcls 11,695 12,069 374 3.098848289 uberdum05 11,052 11,145 93 0.834454913 floris2burn 10,605 10,820 215 1.987060998 jen7714   10,588   0 Legofanatic 10,259 10,501 242 2.304542425 NachoMahma 10,044 10,086 42 0.416418798 masterochicken 9,307 9,363 56 0.5980989 qazwsx755 8,041 8,231 190 2.308346495 acidbass 7,512 7,636 124 1.623886852 lizzyastro 5,634 5,789 155 2.677491795 Kryptonite 5,590 5,644 54 0.956768249 cherishcherub 4,437 4,544 107 2.354753521 zero.gx 4,264 4,303 39 0.906344411 jamesdude 3,531 3,565 34 0.95371669 moocowdog 3,287 3,419 132 3.860778005 Jimmy Proton 2,146 2,605 459 17.61996161 megametal8 2,422 2,482 60 2.417405318 cj81499 2,325 2,333 8 0.342906129 slithien 2,050 2,192 142 6.47810219 sorunome 1,307 1,478 171 11.56968877 solarblade90   1,270   0 RNB 625 634 9 1.41955836 shadon 497 534 37 6.928838951 dombeef 438 453 15 3.311258278 randomguy65 343 365 22 6.02739726 knexman1999 135 150 15 10

Posted by Jayefuu 7 years ago

Mechanical wall sculptures

These mechanical sculptures by Brett Dickins are awesome. I'd really love to see his workshop with a bunch of these moving at once. via BoingBoing

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Artificial Intelligence VS Mechanical Engineering

This year I'll choose a study, and I'm still hesitating between Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering. Which one do you think is the best choice, and why?

Posted by merijnvw 9 years ago

Mechanism for mechanical timer

Hello everyone, My wife and I both feed the dog, but we're never sure whether the other's already done it or not.  (the food disappears pretty quickly)  I'd like to build a track with a slider that takes about 10 hours to slide from 'fed' at the top to 'not fed', and make it so that the slider is easy to slide back to the top. What immediately comes to mind is a counter weight escapement mechanism, but I though I'd hit up the brain trust to make sure there wasn't a simpler way to pull this off.  (I could also envision a timer chip hooked to a mechanical release, but I'd prefer to stay wholly mechanical for this one.) Many thanks!

Posted by oldmicah 6 years ago

Mechanical pencil basics

If you want  to enjoy life, you should make mechanical pencil guns and launchers. All you need to do is take the mechanical pencil out and add springs however you like and you can make a gun thing.

Posted by XxAwesomexX 8 years ago

Traditional pump car lever mechanism

Does anyone know how the lever mechanism of a traditional pump car work? I'm thinking of building a miniature model but I can't find any design schematics for it. Thank you.

Posted by pinoymale 10 years ago

Does anybody do anything in the Popular Mechanics Group?

Does anybody do anything in this group? 

Posted by gearup500 2 years ago

Mechanical Engineering Assistance

I am a mechanical engineer and solidworks expert with over 10 years experience in new product design and development. I offer services for hire and free advice when I'm available. Feel free to contact me for advice or assistance.

Posted by lymanjbishop 5 years ago

Ibles Robot In Popular Mechanics

Well I was flipping through my August 2008 issue of Popular mechanics, and what do I spy on page 16? The Ibles Robot! In his green sci fair outfit! No idea what he's doing there, and I intend to email PM about it.

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

Alternative Clock-Mechanical

I need to build a device for a competition that can measure time acurate to the tenth of a second, but from its starting position it must be no more than 30cm in dimension, but can exceed that once it begins.  Even if you know of something that can do seconds that would be fantastic.  If you have any ideas or places to find plans please do tell.  IT CANNOT USE ELECTRICITY

Posted by danielsb7676 8 years ago

what's wrong with block triggers?

What is wrong with the block trigger mechanism because I have yet to see a powerful gun without the mechanism. and the sear system has it's flaws. So what I think you hate is the mechanism and what do you think about the mechanism with the true trigger attached?

Posted by smidge147 10 years ago

How to make an old fashion music box mechanism

I am wanting to make an old fasion music box and actually make the music mechanism. I'm not finding anything on line to tell me how to do this and wondered if any of you kind people could help me out.

Posted by Danalou0 9 years ago

Bike mechanic will fulfill bike related i'ble requests

I'm a gainfully employed bicycle mechanic. Anyone have a request for a bicycle related instructable that's been done poorly or doesn't exist? Hit me up and I'll see what I can do!

Posted by goodgnus 5 years ago

New Pull-back Mechanism

I invented this new pull-back mechanism a few days ago. It uses a sort of lever to pull the ram rod back. You pull the lever, and the ram rod goes back. It gives you a great mechanical advantage when pulling back. Any thoughts, questions, comments or haikus?

Posted by DRADIS 10 years ago

Awesome mechanical spider for one person.

I'd love to try this one out.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Mechanical iris

I have been looking for a way to create a similar mechanical iris like this one. I tried some things but I'm just completely lost on this one. You guys any ideas?

Posted by Leooow 6 years ago

4-Leg Walking Robot Developement

   The video basically describes my project, I want to make a rideable mechanical horse and a full size mechanical mountain lion. Right now it is in the early stages. I am just designing, building, and testing parts for a small scale prototype.

Posted by Jaycub 4 years ago

Mechanisms I've Made

Alright, I'll keep it short and sweet: Catch-up time. Mechanisms from '08-'10, all different versions. Why not a slideshow? 'Cause I hate them. More stuff coming up. Also, these are only a few pictures of each thing, there are many more of each of them (except the mechanical hand, unfortunately).

Posted by DB2016 7 years ago

realistic firing mechanisms.

Has anyone developed a detachable magazine with internal follower mated to a weapon which isolates the cocking and chambering of a round? i.e. the weapon is automatically chambered when the ram rod is cocked.

Posted by the rail man 5 years ago

Assasins creed hidden blade mechanism?

I want to make a assasins creed hidden blade but i need to know if my mechanism would work. I drew it in paint . red means when the ring is pulled

Posted by OrIsIt 6 years ago

10 DIY Holiday Gifts from Popular Mechanics

10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family. A roundup of instructables projects from Eric Wilhelm:

Posted by Popular Mechanics 9 years ago

Mechanical Bucking Rodeo Bull

Hey everyone, does anyone have plans or know a website that explains how to make your own mechanical bucking bull? Doesn't have to be as complicated as a proper one, just something to have a bit of fun on, and not too expensive to make. Thanks!

Posted by tapdogs1 11 years ago

The Boy Mechanic

Found this:The Boy MechanicIf you look at it, it seems old hat, but a few Hidrogen Generators, countless Photo projects, a real cool Turbine, and a pair of Lathe How-tos, along with an Aluminum Casting one, I find it interesting to say the least....And a Stationary windmill, that turns no mather where the wind comes from!

Posted by Edgar 11 years ago

Using "Phun" to simulate mechanisms

I'm not an engineer, and don't have access to Autodesk / AutoCAD, so I've been using Phun to simulate mechanical design.It's not strictly valid in an engineering sense, but it works pretty well for roughing out ideas. The polygons were created in Inkscape, then converted to Phun scenes with SVG2Phun. Some objects won't translate (like grouped objects), so it's necessary to simplify (hence the two images from Inkscape.)

Posted by gmoon 9 years ago

Firing Mechanism help

I need help making a firing mechanism. I made one of the bamboo stick shooter with a pen and a rubber, but then I taped the whole thing on a tube of paper for stability and aim. Any ideas? Please, if you can, try to make one with mainly paper and no Knex pieces? Thanks in advance if you can.

Posted by cesarpi 11 years ago

Wearable Mechanical Butterfly Wings

I have half an idea of how to make the wings on my daughter's fairy costume work. My ideas involve vairying degrees of a pulley system, springs or rubberbands, and kite string. Any ideas of how to connect the pieces -or alltogether better ideas- would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by mae060669 9 years ago

Arduino alarm on mechanical clock

I am new to arduino and I am trying to hook a mechanical wooden gear clock to trigger an alarm or chime when the clock hands hit 12. Does anyone know how I can go about this or any tutorial/instructable that does this or something similar?

Posted by zippystix 4 years ago

New Mechanism!

I made a cool mechanism. I don't know what it can do, but maybe someone will find out. Here is a video. I also updated the pictures and video.

Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

Need help to design mechanical mechanism

Hello everyone, I want to create feeder cart with seperate section, that will be hangin on rails.  Feeder cart will have four positions: First one (First load) will be bottom gates closed, middle gates open to the top. Second (Second load) will  be bottom gates closed, middle gates have to be locked in horizontal position. Third  position (First unload) bottom gates open, middle gates have stay locked. Fourth position (Second unload) bottom gates open and middle gates also open, that stuff drops out. I want ask you advice how to design bottom and middle gates open, closing and locking mechanical mechanism (without any electronical parts). This feeder cart will be operating by one man.  I have created middle gates mechanism, but maybe you have better solution.  I really appreciate for any ideas. Sorry for my english mistakes. English is not my native language. Link to my feeder cart design:

Posted by DonatasD4 11 months ago

Help make a quacking noise in a wooden toy duck (mechanically, not electronically)

I'm in the process of recreating the LEGO wooden duck toy. I'm only working from a few images I've found online, however; I don't have an actual one to examine. On the originals, the axles operated a couple of mechanisms: the duck head pivots to open and close the beak, and there's a mechanism under the base (I'm assuming) that makes a quacking noise. I've got a pretty good idea how to create a simple cam for the head/beak movement, but I'm not sure how to generate a quacking noise mechanically. My online searches have proved fruitless. Does anyone happen to have one of these vintage LEGO ducks and is willing to snap and share some photos of the mechanisms? Or, does anyone have any good ideas how to make a quacking noise mechanically? My thoughts are a push/pull rod-type crank attached to an axle, but on the other end of the rod . . . not sure.

Posted by seamster 2 years ago

Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida on Popular Mechanics

Check out Christy Canida & Eric Wilhelm on Popular Mechanics website for the article: 25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream   "More than the work he did at MIT while earning a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, it was his passion for kite surfing that led Wilhelm to create Instructables. Launched in 2005 with his wife, Christy, and colleagues at the design firm Squid Labs, the DIY website quickly became a forum for step-by-step instructions—the kind Wilhelm had been distributing to fans of his handmade boards and sails. The site, which was bought by Autodesk in 2011, now features more than 100,000 user-generated projects in fields from cooking to woodworking to electronics." Check out the video interview with them on Popular Mechanics. Also, Totusmel gets a shout out!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

weird question - online source for smallish mechanical parts

Hey, I'm new here. I'm an established musician (composing is my focus).  I've gradually decided I'd like to work on a new composition project which involves electro-mechanical instruments of my own design. I have a decent understanding of electronics, and I don't think the mechanical designs will cause me too many problems.  I've had plenty of experience in building hobby stuff - remote controlled planes, etc. What I don't know much about is where to source mechanical parts.  Electronics, no probs.  But things like wee little cranks and levers, hinges, etc, etc... stuff I'd rather not build from scratch but you can't exactly find in a hardware store. Any ideas?  (I know this is off the wall). Many thanks! - Tom

Posted by praxisaxis 5 years ago

Defence Mechanism

This is a simple structure that goes across your door and if some one walks threw the wire(fishing line)it lainches at that person. There are 2 guns that shoot on on each tower.!@#$%$%& check out my other knex intructibles &%$%$#@!

Posted by RunningBrave 11 years ago

Theo jansen mechanism

OK, I finally got hold of measurements for theo's strandbeest. these come directly from theo himself which means there accurate however it also means they're not in English. the numbers are there and they're easy to figure out, but it would be nice to know what the paragraph beside them says. so if any can read it, please post a translation. thanks

Posted by budsiskos 9 years ago

Alternative clock-Mechanical

I need to build a device for a competition that can measure time acurate to the tenth of a second, but from its starting position it must be no more than 30cm in dimension, but can exceed that once it begins.  Even if you know of something that can do seconds that would be fantastic.  If you have any ideas or places to find plans please do tell.  IT CANNOT USE ELECTRICITY

Posted by danielsb7676 8 years ago

theo jansen mechanism

OK, I finally got hold of measurements for theo's strandbeest. these come directly from theo himself which means there accurate however it also means they're not in English. the numbers are there and they're easy to figure out, but it would be nice to know what the paragraph beside them says. so if any can read it, please post a translation. thanks

Posted by budsiskos 9 years ago

Looking for Murphy bed frame/mechanism that works w/out a cabinet

Hey all, I'm looking to purchase a Murphy bed frame/mechanism w/out a cabinet. The only one I could find online was by a company in Canada (I'm in NYC) Here is a link to the frame on their site: I already have the mechanism from , which I received as a gift, but I think it would only work w/ a cabinet?? Is there any way to use the mechanism I have from wallbed w/out  a cabinet? Any other ideas or where I could find a frame/mechanism that would work w/out a cabinet? Or recommendation one someone in the NYC area who could help, including installation (paid of course)? Thanks

Posted by austinstories 5 years ago

Sear Mechanisms

I have tried to build a sear system on some of my guns, but it is so hard! I built one that kind of worked but couldn't fit on my new rifle that i just made (i might post but has a block trigger right now). Who knows how to build one of these sears, and is it really worth it? What if a block trigger just works better?

Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

Popular Mechanics Takes a Tour of Pier 9

"Inside Instructables' Kooky, Creative Warehouse Wondershop" "There's a place where artists can create whatever they want, using the most advanced equipment on the planet. It's in San Francisco (of course). In a warehouse (of course)." Come read the article to hear more about the Pier and what some of the Artist in Residence are up to!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

Popular Mechanics 2008 DIY Rally

Submissions for the 2008 Popular Mechanics DIY Rally close on April 4, 2008. If you've got something cool, be sure to enter it (and post an Instructable!). Here's the official announcement:Popular Mechanics' race for the best DIY projects of 2008 is on! Can you top a pedal-powered air gun? A self-tending barbecue? A motorcycle that rides on water? Whatever you've been hammering away on in your garage or basement, we want to see it. If it qualifies for the magazine's annual DIY Rally, you and your project will be featured in an upcoming issue. Use this online form to enter, but be sure to do it soon. Submissions must be received by April 4, 2008.Submission formAstute readers will note that the winning entry, shown in front of the loading dock at my old hangout, MITERS, was submitted by Damon, who now works for a Squid Labs spin-out company.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Ember's Mechanical Designs are now Open-Source

We released the mechanical design files for the Autodesk Ember 3D printer in Fusion 360. Here's what I wrote about it on Ember's blog: The full design of Ember in Fusion 360 is now available for you to freely view, download, inspect and modify.  I've been having a blast with the explode model function! We're sharing these designs under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license Arduino uses to share their design files. Just like the formulation for our resin, we're explicitly inviting you to understand, remix, and remake Ember.   Ember's Mechanical Designs are now Open-Source

Posted by ewilhelm 3 years ago

Mobile video game idea and mechanics needed

I've been wanting to create a game for a while and have learned mot off all the aspects needed...modelling,texturing,scripting(my specialty)....what i need is a good plot and possibly mechanics i can do the scripting...i am looking to focus on a survival horror if the plots could be generated around that area it would be nice and appreciated

Posted by kofo_14 2 years ago

Should i post this gun????

Should i post this gun???? it will be my first gun specifications: uses low amount of pieces uses a firing mechanism similar to the killerk srv1 firing mechanism, has a good range if you use a small rubberband defects: it is made with small pieces

Posted by gomas211 10 years ago

crossbows vs. slingshots

' Hi everyone, I'm chopstx, the creator of this group. today I want to start a discussion about which one is better: a slingshot mechanism, or a cross bow mechanism? do you think they're the same? please explain your 'answer thoroughly and carefully. bye

Posted by chopstx 9 years ago

Oooo, look what I came across today....

I was out and about today, going to local areas of interest, and we stopped at a little shop I hadn't been in for years. In amongst all the old tools, and bits of paraphernalia, were all these magazines (Popular Mechanics, Science and Mechanics, etc.) from the time of my youth. I was THRILLED, and so I started going through them. Well, I would have loved to have taken the whole box of them (about 50 or so) home with me, but at $3 a pop, I decided on just 2. The Popular Mechanics magazine from the year of my birth (not the month, this one was a Jan. issue). and the Science and Mechanics issue is from Aug. 1960. Neither is remarkable in any specific way (excepting the birth year one). At the same shop I also found an original copy of Gimbels Handy Book For Boys. © 1933I am thrilled at this find, not that it is terribly valuable as an investment, the cover - binding is not so good, but at $5, it has a treasure trove of info and tips, very similar to "The Boy Mechanic, yet different too.

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Murphy style beds mechanism

Hey guys, I need some advice, I want to build a murphy style bed, in short i want the bed to look like so: I have build and tested the shelf.leg system, it works pretty well and is weighted out nicely. the concept is going to use pistons to lower the bed for a smoother feel but what my concern is what would be the best way to build the pivot mechanism at low cost but high durability. the bed will have a sofa at the front also but not like the one in the link, my version will be more of a box with cushion and fabrik that i can store items away into. Please use the link below to view a version of my concept for the pivot mechanism: ( i know there are a few misspelt words but it was just a quick mock up for you guys) Any help is welcome - just dont advise me to buy the murphy bed mechanism as its to expensive and i believe i can build the entire bed for the same price :)

Posted by rron.r 6 years ago

Building a hand-crank mechanism driven turntable

Hi there, Hopefully one of you guys should be able to help me out with this! What I want to build is a a kind of a large scale music box, (you know the ones where you would turn the wheel and the ballerina would spin?). What I need to make is a hand cranked machanism which will turn light wooden disc. This should all be contained within a wooden box. Would it be easier to build this from scratch or to rip an existing mechanism and re-house it?

Posted by Aideen 11 years ago

cardboard music through mechanic oscillation ?

Hi everyone, i'm planning to build a big cardboard instrument. if you look at the attached .png you will find a very simple drawing of what i have in mind. i have some experience in programming dc motors with an arduino, but im not that well learned in physically building things. the motor should be fairly strong, the cardboard size will range from 2 meters to half a meter. any tips in the right direction are welcome! greetings, Rogier

Posted by rjupijn 4 years ago


Does anyone know how an airsoft gun works. Like its mechanism?

Posted by Fresh94 10 years ago