New Firing Mech?

So I was messing around with my knex when i realized i had made a new (I think) firing mech. It works similar to a hammer on a revolver. To cock the firing pin you just have to pull down on the hammer. Its very easy to do with one hand so you can  dual wield. Range is only about 20 feet though. I'm planning on working on it some more so i will update soon.

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new knex mech

I have made a really good new firing mech. its a hammer but dont let that put you off its more realistic then a ram rod and more powerful. this is brand new no one has ever done this before that i have seen. no one copy when i post pics ps my camera is not working right now so i will post pics soon thats it for now.................

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strong clock mech..

Hi, im building a clock for my AS level design and technology course. one of my ideas is to have a clock mechansism in the base, hidden, and have a gear system turning the hands above it. below is a small and very undetailed picture i came up with just now. tp show you. what i need is to find a very strong clock mechanism. one that will have enough power to drive the gears. if anyone can help me with finding one i would very much appreciate your help.

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Slingshot Bullpup Rifle Mech

Just a mech I made a while ago. Makes for a much more piece efficient slingshot with more power (more barrel length). Makes for a great cross section too.

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Knex pump action mech? Answered

What is the knex pump action mech, I understand how to do the trigger but I cannot understand how the pump attaches onto the ram and how it stays on the body of the gun. Has anyone got a picture or an easy to build gun which doesn't use too many pieces and demonstrates the mech well, I don't care about power or reliability, I just want to understand the basic principles of the mech

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Knex full auto mech

Need a full auto knex mech hat shoots WİTHOUT a cranck or engine thanks

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Knex full auto mech.???? Answered

I am looking for a gun to mod but is full auto all the other guns i see either have a rotating bolt mech or a knex motor. PPPPPPLLLLLLSSSSSS if u have an idea share it with me good day

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My Bolt-Action Mech

Pretty much all of this morning for me was spent designing a real, true, bolt-action mechanism. I had my dad help me by telling me how bolt-action guns work. I doubt I'll add a magazine to this for shells, but if I can, I will. Anyways, here's some pictures. Video explaining concept and everything coming around 6 PM tonight CDT (GMT -6) So in about 6 hours.

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New slingshot mech/trigger

I want to keep this brief whilst still remaining informitive, please excuse hurried typing hey guys been playing around with knex and found a mech that works. camera cable still lost, paint diagram below instead. to load band is attached to anchor at front, rod it then push/pulled through mech till trigger clickes into place, pulled further and rod is removed, ammo carefully placed back into mech (hollow back) trigger can then be pulled to fire. resultant gun is basicly silent, only one band can be used at a time. plans for a repeating version are still sitting around in my head. sorry for brief explanation, was kinda busy seeya later

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High Output portable power source, possibilities?

I'm designing a large scale robot, and I want a generator of sorts that runs very efficiently for a sustained period of time. It would need to be able to power 13 Large electric motors, 29 smaller electric motors, and run a smorgasbord of electronic systems to control them. Ideas? It needs to portable, long lasting, and be able to take on the demand of everything.                

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Do you have (big) plans?

Hi there people! So recently I'm seeing some comments like: 'Yeahh soon I have time enough to build something big/new' - like that. And because of it'll be summer break pretty soon (for me anyway) I'm interested of some of you are planning to create something very big or new or something! Actually I was hoping there will be new big ball machines, like Metropolis/Chaos or Calactysm (or something:)) If not, I just wanted to wish you all a nice holiday.

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what is the best removable mag mech? (for Knex.)? Answered

Question by 182515 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

where can i find a knex gun firing mech? Answered

Can someone find a firing mech for a knex gun, trigger and all

Question by Aperture Laboratories 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how does a semi auto mech works? Answered

Question by Mathieu17 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Knex Pump action rail action gun trigger mech

I would like to make a KNEX pump action rail action gun but the trigger is driving me crazy do any of you know of a good trigger mech that would not interfere with the pump but still would hold the rail car in place and not bend the top rail.   if you have ideas or a trigger mech that you think would work please comment and tell me. Thanks everybody.  

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How can a make a auto revolving mech for a 8 shot revolver type gun? Answered

8 shot revolver type gun as in the BR8 or knexsayer mech. please give explanation for a compact type gun as I'm trying to make a pistol like that.

Question by NYPA 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Trigger Mech Difference Between SRV2, Sipriani, and Striker Pistol? Answered

I want to make a gun using one of those trigger mech. But I don't know how they work or which one is better. Please Help!!!

Question by Pizzapie500 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Bolt Action Mech for a Knex Bullpup Gun.

This is an idea that I have had for a while now, it allows a bullpip gun to have a full black rod pin but with a more realistic design. the idea is using a shotened bolt that moves right back then pushes the ammo into the chamber. I'll see if I can get a pic up of what I mean

Topic by Fred the Penguin 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

new energy source idea for slingshot mechs

I was considering the idea of using bracelets looped together as a higher power energy source in one of the stronger knex slingshots, please give me your input on this idea, and tell me if it is worth trying.

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Knex SOBR-922 Mech/Pin-guide system

I felt like posting the mech of the SOBR-922 for anyone to use on their gun as long as they give credit to me for using it. 

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Knex Gun Full Auto New Mech : VGN 013 .

Hello ! So this is my new K'nex gun , a bolt action gun , with a full auto mechanism and a new design . Here you have just a draw of the mech and the design because I need a new SD card for take picture ... The gun are very compact and small , the handle is ok nd the trigger is very simple . Before the VGN 013 , there is the VGN 012 , a simple gun with a great mag , the same design and a good trigger . After my other guns in constructions : a full auto sniper with the mech of Oblivius and a machine gun with a true trigger , I will create the VGN 014 , a semi auto gun , but now I have only finish the fully auto sniper ... See you my next gun , - Guiguivinvin -

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Can some one post a simple mech for a knex walker?

I have2 blue moters and 1 sliver moter,1 red cog and i think 2 yellow cogs and a bunch of little gold, grey and blue cogs.

Question by alfpwns 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

semi auto shotgun revolver or shotvolver!

Hi people! I'm working on a new semiauto! It's gonna be my first big knex gun i ever made with no instructions! Finished: Revolving part Needed: Rotating mech (for the revolving part) Trigger mech Body

Question by Jedi_man 7 years ago

Random Knex challenge 3- Mechanisms! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Hey guys! Yes, it is me again, and Im back with my 3rd challenge- knex mechanisms! :-) WINNER ANNOUNCED! SOORY TO SAY THAT HTIS CHALLENGE WAS NOT AS POPULAR AS THE OTHERS, BUT ANYWHOO, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I PRESENT THE WINNER: MIKSTR2 WITH HIS NEW TRIGGER MECH! CONGRATS, YOU WIN A PATCH ALONG WITH THE OTHER PRIZES I MENTIONED! Prize: A patch 5* on all of your ibles Fave all of your ibles Subscription from me :) Anyway, here are some rules for this challenge: Must be a new mechanism  Must be 100% Knex (string is also allowed  Things you can make could include: Gun mechs, roller coaster mechs(such as automatic gates), motor switch-on mechs,ect... Must be done by the 12th of dec. List of entrants for this round:   Killer~safecracker   -Entry- Mr.Doomsday (New bullet lock) and                                                   a way to make noise with Knex! Haon   -Entry- Seleziona   -Entry- kNeXFreak   -Entry- A new repeating crossbow mech (He asked me not to show a pic and                                     a new type of shotgun ammo (KFC ammo) Mr. Stealth   -Entry- TheDunkis   -Entry- Jollex   -Entry- Bigdylan91  -Entry- Mikestr2   -Entry- A new trigger mech Cm'on, you know you want to enter... go on, do it, enter! Hehe :) Anyway, good luck to anyone who enters!      

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Awesome mechanical spider for one person.

I'd love to try this one out.

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Anyone know any Good full auto RBG mechs that are 5 layers thick? Answered

Please do not go showing off your own stuff here, it will get annoying. I am just thinking of making a full auto Halo Assault Rifle.

Question by TheFoofinator 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

A Good Bullpup Mechanism, Anyone? Answered

I am looking for a good Bullpup mech to put into a gun like the one in the pic, or something of that sort. In other words, I am looking for an 'ible that has a great Bullpup mech. Give me the URL of the web page, and you may or may not be awarded best answer...XD

Question by The Red Book of Westmarch 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Seeking mechanical design help for an outdoor mech 'robot' build! Answered

Hi all, I am currently collecting car parts and I'm itching to make a mech robot (like these: What I really want to do is have it close to my garage door, inert and crouching, until a motion sensor picks up movement. Ideally three actions would follow: I'd like it to stand up, ideally with lights turning on, and shortly afterward crouch back down. I have a shop and can weld, woodwork and have a very basic electronics understanding. I think I'd like to learn about hydraulics (I was looking into a used motorcycle lift as an internal mechanism to get this thing to rise). I'm not sure yet how to set a delay before it crouches back down. I'm looking for any recommendations - this is the first phase of my research into this project!!! OK, thanks in advance! DAZU

Question by damianzuch 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I'm currently working on a mech but I need to get an idea on the interface system, so what would be the best fit for it?

Actually I'm working with a few others on this but (as you would expect) our funding is quite low. Right now however; we're trying to decide what the best type of interface system we could use on our mech (yes a REAL, FULL SIZE, WORKING, Mech.) and so I'm turning to the Instructables community for help. Thanks in advance, Jake PS: If you want in on the project then you can email me ( with a list of skills you believe could be useful in the building process and I'll get back to you asap or if you just have a question about it that's fine to. [edit] And to respond to my first (and currently only answer) thanks for the help btw, the motion tracking is a great idea and would help improve the user interface greatly. However, what I'm referring to when I say 'interface' is how you would control and interact with it, your reply was part of the answer and will (hopefully) be implemented into our UIS (user interface system). Thank you and I hope to get many more answers soon. Jake

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Semi auto MP5K

Hello everyone, i am back agian, with something non generic. I've seen to many basic "slide action" and simple "pin-pull back" guns. Usually, replicas that look good, often can't shoot, and most ugly-looking guns have a unique mech. I decided to combine the two, and make a decent looking mp5k, with a semi auto mech. The mech is different from my semi auto vector's mech, because the trigger is much more stronger than before, and never breaks. This is an unfinished gun, so will post instructions later. Pros and cons: Pros: -semi auto, original idea -magazine with internal pusher -super good looks (compared to my airsoft MP5K) -I kinda perfected the front sight -excels in CQB in knex wars (if you are going to have one) Cons: -hard to pull the trigger -shoots below 20-15 feet -a lot of cut pieces -cut pieces are needed (unfortunately) sorry guys ;(

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Blu-Ray Phaser, Steampunk Mech Walker, Laser Pumpkin...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Nov. 8, 2007 Welcome back! OurDIY Halloween 2007 Contest closed and we're judging hte entries now. All of the amazing costumes, jack-o-lanterns, food, and gadgets that were entered can be seen here.Check out all the cool Instructables that came in this week! Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! Take the Blu-ray laser from a PS3 and install it into a Star Trek phaser for under $100.posted by Kipkay on Nov 6, 2007 Mystic Lord costume: horns, armor, silk painting + more (oh my) Make your vision of a deluxe costume a reality with this detailed Instructable. posted by houseofdarkly on Nov 4, 2007 Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami The 5th of November just passed, but you should still try out this impressive mask that's made from one square of paper.posted by chosetec on Nov 5, 2007 Over $5,000 in prizes! Paint Your Car With Rustoleum Give your car a new look without paying out the nose for automotive paint.posted by DrSimons on Nov 6, 2007 Build your own steampunk chicken-walker mech Why bother walking around all night when you can build a steam-powered robotic walker? Or at least look like you did.posted by Bug on Nov 4, 2007 Ikea Aquascape on the cheap $12 Liven up your room with this underwater garden. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.posted by sleighbedguy on Nov 4, 2007 Six-armed Hindu goddess Kali Costume Unleash the violent goddess within and experience what it's like to live with six limbs. posted by nicemag on Nov 5, 2007 Win a laser cutter worth over $15,000! NES ZAPPER!!! Your NES may be dead, but here's a way to revive your old Zapper into a powerful laser pointer.posted by Darkeru on Nov 3, 2007 Laser Pumpkin Perfect for the front porch or as a party decoration, this hacked jack-o-lantern explodes with lasery goodness!posted by novalasers on Nov 4, 2007 Magic Table Build a table that can hide away all your tools with a quick flip!posted by msolek on Nov 6, 2007   Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

Topic by lebowski 11 years ago

ZipDart prototyping help

OK, had an idea and went with it for my ZipDart V.2. Unfortunately, currently having a bit of a brain fart of how to put a ratchet mech in. I've tried 7 attempts, 3 have even actuated and of those three none were responsive enough to be at all deserving of the ZipDart name. There is a google photo album linked below of the mech area and the gun on a whole. Feel free to comment either there or here with any ideas or insight. The mech can be complicated, just so long as it takes less than a half an inch of actuation rod travel to actuate and is fairly strong. Thanks for any help--if anyone has any questions or wants any more pictures, just ask. Photo album

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Fully/Semi Automatic Knex Weapons.

Hello! Sorry for the month+ inactive period. (Been having school,family,paino,vilion,etc)  Well im back with a topic. Im thinking are there any great semi/full auto mechs that involve minimal "special" pieces. And also, I was wondering how could I make a mag for my concept. Anyway please post if you think there are any great semi/full auto concepts/mechs!

Topic by The Knexer 6 years ago

knex gatling guns

Post your gatling gun ideas here for all to see. If that maybe firing mechs or frames.

Topic by adamski0811 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Hammer action knex guns

A place to discuss the new mech of hammer action guns (pistols). Share ideas and give feedback.

Topic by knexrule2012 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Amazing Wood Sculptures of Mechanical Items

Mike Rea makes amazing wooden sculptures of items that recreate the form and absolutely none of the function, but that doesn't stop them from being wonderful pieces to look at. Whether it's a set of musical instruments, a tank, a mech walker, or many other things, his work deserves a good look.Fecal Face (a great art site from SF) does a nice interview with loads of pics here.via Make

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How I can constuct a vending machine by using mechanical power supply?

How the mechanical power can be produced for the power supply for a vending machine?

Question by Pranav 39 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what is the most powerful semi-automatic knex mechanism that doesnt involve the slingshot action? Answered

I need a good mechanism for my upcomeing knex gun,please help

Question by smashpoe 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


Hey guys, This is a transfer rifle that I made a few days back. It outwardly resembles the TR/NAR, but is totally different internally. It uses a true trigger mech that I invented, as well as a transfer mech that was also designed by me. It shot about 50 ft., but that was only with one or two old bands. It was really comfortable, and I would have liked to finish it, had I not taken it apart to build the NAR+TR8+ZKAR. Enjoy, and go ahead and ask questions if you have any. -The Red Book of Westmarch

Topic by The Red Book of Westmarch 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Low pieces-high range knex sniper rifle? Answered

Is there any low piece-high range knex sniper rifles on this site that have a mag or have a slingshot mech.

Question by thomaswatton 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

best bullpup knex gun?

I would like to make a bullpup knex gun with little or no cut parts  what is the best one to get a hang of the bullpup mech?  Thanks Sonic Broom 

Topic by sonic broom 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

my Sr-v2

A lot of you know my Sr-v1 it used only 89 yellow connectors well here is my Sr-v2 it has a different body from killerk's and a modded mech but it is is the same mech. unlike my other this uses 212 yellow connectors(not the most part friendly) and is so much more powerful I will post if any one wants but i need to ask killerk first. info it is one inch short of 5 feet uses 3 # 64 rbs Range: 200 feet(with bad fins) ammo: killerk's Sr-v2 bolt and now a bunch of random pic of it sorry about the bad pic

Topic by ninjusk 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


Which one should i make? A m16 with some accessories grenade launcher maybe mag and charging handle or a true shotgun w/ mag and pump and should I post my sling shot sniper rifle with my own mech and low pieces

Topic by Katarukito 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

looking for a collab partner

Lookin for a collab partner to help me on my secret project a knex powerful semiauto non slingshot mauser c96. just looking for some to help me make a working mech.

Topic by altair ibn la ahad 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what guns would you like to see full auto

I have created a full auto mech so which guns would you like to see full auto

Topic by madnukeist 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

My newest gun

This is what I have been working on. It has a bottom rail, front sight, true trigger, bolt action mech, removable storable mags, and a ROF that is zkar or greater. Discuss. Also, help me name it. leave your suggestions in a comment below.

Topic by rec0n 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Knex gun projectile propulsion ideas

So I'm looking for stuff beyond what has already been done. Pin guns are everywhere, slingshots are yet again pretty common, hammer guns have been made but don't have the same performance as the others, and then you have "rail"guns which have a shuttle that works similarly to a pin, but can have the track extended. We really need some new ideas here. I specifically do for my current gun as I have a wicked cool loading mech, but absolutely no propulsion mech and limited space to fit it in. Anyone have ideas that are completely different? If you suggest the following, because they have been done before, please try and make a mech that makes it more innovative still: deconstruction magazine multi band ratchet (multi shot slingshot: if anyone comes up with a magazine to replace of bands, kudos! Plz post dat ***!) a hammer gun that gets some f-ing range for once (we're talking 35-40+ ft without needing glued parts) Some ideas I've come up with that I haven't seen (and haven't made either...) are: enclosed trebuchet (probably spelt wrong, but google wanted me to say "Bucharest" so I'm just going to leave it as is) (an arm picks up a round at the back of it's arc, then comes forward like a hammer but doesn't rely on impact for round firing but acceleration instead) newton's compound cradle: a pin comes forward and hits a shuttle out of a catch, with that shuttle being pulled forward by bands so you have the impact acceleration, then even more from the other bands switchback: a pin comes towards the user, hits the bottom of a lever (hammer) which comes forward and hits the round If you come up with others, or mechs for these, please comment with your idea! Thanks, and let the innovation continue :)

Topic by Dreamwave 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Hey, Do You Remember That Dutch Fella?

Hi, all!! I decided to rework on my "skills" with K'nex building, i'll try posting something soon. Don't expect any new mechs though, unless i accidentily think of something, lol. Hopefully a quick goodbye and that my PC won't die once again! -Victor-

Topic by Skreetsha 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

New sniper.

Here is my sniper i made a week ago. just to clear, i took it apart so don't go on about me posting it. Pic 1: overall gun it was a total failure. it shot 20 feet and the mech ALWAYS broke. It once made a unearthly sound that was Like BOINY. Please comment on bottom.

Topic by NYPA 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago