how to make a simple metal detector?

Give me plans and circuit digram for a simple metal detector.

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i want to make a inductor coil for heat metals e.t.c.?

I want to build a inductor coil for heating metals  i want schematics and how build this thank you

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I need a way to have a nice chrome, carbon, or brushed metal look to my room.

I have all ready looked into sheet metal but it is way to expensive.?

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Ok first... i wasnt really sure where to post this but Science topic seemed the closes so i need to know whats the strongest metal(s) but still can be bent.. shaped, and cut, im trying to make 4 blades equal in length and height maybe 1foot tall each but could also be made to have room towards the middle to add some kind of gears or something to make it 'bend' back and forth (i'll attach a picture to give an idea what i mean) also, how much would it cost?

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Please can you give me the detail about the metal detector project???

What should be the frequency range for 555 timer??? also during the process of testing when i connect the inductor,everythng goes wrong..buzzer doesnt give sound..why is it so??? Pls can you give me some idea?? Its very urgent

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How do those Harmony balls, or Baoding balls, actually work? Answered

The most I've gotten is it's a "sphere within a sphere and there's a bell", but I don't want to cut one of mine open. Is it an ancient chinese secret.? I thought it might be like a rain stick with thin metal soldered to the inside surface with a loose ball to strike them.

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Can caddies.

Does anyone have the best way to connect cans, like the ones pineapple come in? I am a high school art teacher and the art one classes make it their mission to destroy whatever they can. They don't care what it takes to mess things up, no matter how hard you try to make things look nice. I've restricted them to their seat because otherwise they try to meander around the room. It's very frustrating. So, if they can't get up, they must have their supplies at hand. The cans have a slight lip, so they aren't flush against each other. I just plan on painting them black and grouping them in fours. Honestly, I would still like them to look decent. Any ideas?

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metal challenge

Will there be another metal  challenge?

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How can I get tin metal, or some other metal resistive to oxidation, to fall out of a ionic salt in solution?

Is there a simple chemical reaction that leads to a pure metal precipitate?

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Metal Question Answered

I saw this video,, And I am wondering what type of metal he shows you.  THANKS!!

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how do you build a pinpointer metal detector?

When metal detecting,after locating an area with your metal detector,you can pinpoint the coin or ring easily with a pinpointer detector. Garret metal detectors manufacture and sell one called the garret pro-pointer.

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metal detector

​i want to make a metal detector using tda0161, when the detector detects the metal from a specific distance the buzzer sounds but as the metal comes near and near the buzzer sound increases!! so anyone guide me for this i want to use this with arduino and to interface it with matlab and want its code too!!

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Metal Grinder that i can use

I need a metal grinder so that i can make my survival knife for my instructable.

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What kind of batteries do i need for a metal detector?


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Pulse Induction metal detector ?

Hello Excuse me I want help in making Pulse Induction metal detector because I need in it in a minesweeper robot so any help Plz Thanks a lot

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how to decorate metal card holders?

I want to decorate metal credit card holders, but I have no idea how to get started or what to use on them. Can anybody help please!

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Hi All, Anybody know a good technic to paint metal ? creating textures of old or brushed ?

Hi All, Anybody know a good technic to paint metal ? creating textures of old or brushed ?

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Where to buy a used metal lathe

I am looking for a used table top metal lathe (old or new) for around $200.I would also like to manual inspect it for dammage.Anyone know where I can find one?

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 I was wondering if there will be another  metal challenge ? I missed the last one ...

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How to identify a metal ?

Hi ! Into a terrain near a very old volcano and a river, my brother found fragments of obsidian of various sizes and colors. Some of them are "glued" to metallic stones, and some others contain marbles of metals ... He also found a heavy metallic rocks (encrusted with obsidian) who reacts with magnet, and an other light one (without obsidian) who does not react with magnet. Do you know a mean to identify those metals ? (I Googled but found nothing very useful so far) Or do you have a clue of what it could be ? #1 is a metallic rock encrusted with obsidian. It must be iron because it's heavy, the rust is red, and it reacts to magnet. #2 and #3 is obsidian with marble of metal who reacts to magnet. #4 is an unknown (metallic ?) rock. It is light (150 grams for 200 cm3 - 0.33 pounds for 12 cubic inches), of the color of silicon (or the graphite of paper pen !), does not react to magnet but is (electric) conductor with resistance near 0 ohm.

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Covering a workbench in metal

I am attempting to put a metal top on part of a wood work bench to make it more resilient.  I am planning on getting into electronics and want to make it less likely to burn . \ Any ideas on what I should use? at the moment I am thinking sheet metal, but I am worrying about toxicity ect. Maybe that is OCD but hell I am so haha. 

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Can't epoxy metal, help appreciated. Answered

I'm trying to epoxy two pieces of metal together, I'm mixing the epoxy the right way but once it hardens the piece breaks off, any suggestions? I'm gluing this flat piece of metal to the nut that's glued on the viewfinder.  The nut stays on the viewfinder with the same epoxy so I'm confused about why the other metals won't adhere, should I sand the pieces first? By the way I photographed the wrong side of the flat piece, the side showing has prongs, the other side is flat, the flat side gets glued to the nut. This is a viewfinder from an old Mamiya press camera, not sure what kind of metal it is.

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Metal detectors.

Ok so I want to get a metal detector. But i don't want to spend a fortune but don't want to spend $10 for a stinky one. I'm looking for one for around $50. I just want to look around my yard,and see if theres anything interesting (once i found a little diamond or some kind of rock).

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How can I adhere an engraved nameplate to my leather Bible cover?

Adhere metal to leather

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what this metal ring called? Answered

These collars are found in a variety of applications large and small, this particular one came out of a broken flatbed scanner. I've seen variants with bearings on the inside ring allowing full rotation in industrial settings and small hobby ones used for axles. So, is there a name for these?

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Fine tip marker for guiding cutting/engraving small metal?

This is probably a simple question, but I'm having trouble finding something that works. I'm looking for a marker to make guide marks on where to cut or engrave metal. This is for jewelry, so I need a fine tip since it's small metal. It needs to be permanent enough to withstand the cutting/engraving while still being able to be washed off once I'm done.

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Where can I find the metal fittings of the Twin Carbo System well of the Mozilla Factory?

This office is constructed by using common products such as corner modules or plastic pallets, exploring the concept of “Open Source Furniture.” ... and I'm searching for the metal fittings of the Twin Carbo System: blob: Can I buy it somewhere?

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Joining two small pieces of metal with a metal cylinder tube

Hi, this is my first post, I hope that someone will be able to help me :) I am trying to join two motors normally found in alarm clocks, I wish to join them with a metal cylinder with about a cm bigger diameter than antenna's found on radios. How would I go about joining each motor to each end, I cannot get welding and don't know if it would apply even to such small electronics, soldering seems impossible as it won't join, any advice is much appreciated, thanks P.S The end product would look like the base of a RC car, but without the wheels thanks.

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Should I pick up this old metal lathe? Answered

There's an older metal lathe that's going to the scrap yard, a reed-prentice co., looks to be from the 40's, and I could probably get it for scrap price. Would it be worth fixing up and using? I don't need to hit super-tight tolearances with it, just turning parts as a hobbyist / beginner. What questions should I ask about it? What should be there for it to be complete?

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I already built a metal detector by using 555 timer IC. My problem is 10mh inductor? Answered

Can you give me a details of 10mh inductor? 1. The number of wires? 2. The number of turns? 3. The coil diameter? 4. The coil length? Thank you. I am hoping for your sonnest reply.

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What would you do with a ton of very rusty metal?

My place of work backs onto the beach in Portsmouth harbour (UK) - the shore is littered with many pieces of very rusty metal - mostly big bolts, rods, nuts, huge washers etc - from the engineering works that used to be here, but there are also bits of old hardware that look like they came from some of the derelict barges that lie rotting in the estuary mud.It's all in pieces small enough to pick up, and there's a ton of it. Some is so rusty that it's all rust, but most is merely heavily corroded/encrusted.There's got to be something interesting that can be done with all this material, but... what?

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Any thoughts on what I can do with 30 (approx) 12"x12" stamped metal tiles(different colors, styles)? Answered

There aren't enough to use them as ceiling tiles on my back porch, and they are very difficult to cut.

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how do you search for a particular item. ?

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homemade wireless controled pop up targets

I have shooting a range and i dont want to spend the money one buying a pop-up target system so is there anyway to combine computer circuits with metal to create pop-up targets  

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Group for metalheads and headbangers!

Read the title, and go to

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What's the flexible arm called on lamps and other things? Answered

Kind of like a snake....

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Can anyone tell me how to extract platinum from catalyc converters? (pardon my spelling)

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easiest metal to work with

Can any one tell me which hollow meal rods are easiest to work with? I am thinking about building a hammock frame that will support at least 170-200 lbs. ( i weigh 160 but it never hurts to hold more). I wouldn't necessarily need to bend the metal rods but they should be relatively easy to cut. I want to stay away from hard wood and copper if possible. At first i was thinking about using pvc but i don't know how much it can hold. I only have hand tools and a power drill. Please feel free to post any suggestions. If you have a better way to build a hammock frame please post it here. If i figure it out ill post an instructable. I uploaded the top view and side view of my design. it was drawn in paint for brain storm so its not very detailed

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Who else think its stupid that the big four of thrash metal didnt come to america first?

I just think its kind of stupid that they are 4 AMERICAN bands, and they go to europe first!!!! I just hope that they are in america by, say, summer of 2011? Just wanna know who else is crossing their fingers for an american tour.

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home-based aluminum foundry for small scale sculptures (8-12)?

I need help designing molds, crucible, and pouring device for small scale aluminum sculpture, using a propane -fueled roofing torch as a heat source. I make wax originals, and can make plaster molds. I have acces to an outdoor area that I can use to melt metal.

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What is the best way to cut intricate designs out of sheets of 24 AND 30 gauge brass?

No access to CNC or plasma cutters

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help identifying an unknown object? Answered

Its about 4" long, solid brass, appears to have been nickel or chrome plated at one time and has four screw holes in it. any help with identifying it is greatly appreciated.

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Do you need liquid mercury?

I have 5, one pound bottles of liquid mercury.  These were in dental office cabinets aquired through an estate sale. Not looking to make a killing,  just want it to go to a responsible person. These are in the Detroit Michigan area.

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Is there a specific rod to be used for welding aluminum together?

I need to weld a 3/8 inch thick piece of aluminum together. I was wondering if there was a specific rod to be used. I have 2011 1/8 rods. Just putting it out there. I never had to work with aluminum.

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needs idea for crafts

 I have a few hundred 2009 rabies tags ( i work for a vet) they are blue and flower shape, I am using the rings for another project but If anyone has suggestions I rather do something with them than recycle. I hope this is posted in the right place, this is my first post

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Erector sets seemed to be played out?

When I'm surfing the instructables of past times, i come across a plentiful bounty of k-nex and wonder, hmm, does anyone play with erector sets anymore, or is it because the surgeon general warns us of anything and everything, that might give you cancer in the state of california... erector sets are still one of the coolest building materials evar!

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What to do with old window counter weights?

My house was built in 1915 and we are replacing the windows to get better efficiency. Now I have all these weights. I can have them thrown into a landfill but that seems like a bad idea. I've seen people doing things with homemade forges but I don't have one. Would these be useful? Could they be melted down? Or could they be toxic?

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