What different frequency meter and counter? Answered

Dear all.. Please help me to know : what is difference frequency meter  and  counter between 2 devices  (please see photo) Thank you so much.

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I want to make a power factor meter using arduino which can also show Real,Apparent and reactive power.

I want to make a power factor meter using arduino which can also show Real,Apparent and reactive power.

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flow meter?

How to construct a flow meter to measure the flow of water(or any fluid) at home? what materials and construction steps are required??

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how to make a current meter with microcontrollel PIC 16f877?

I want to make a current meter with microcontroller and LCD 16x2 as display. what components do i need? and what is CT?

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How to get a bandwidth meter that caclulates accurate bandwidth usage?

I recently got a cable modem and took a limited 2 month plan. The bandwidth is limited so I tried to install two bandwidth meters - the free NetVue and another one called DU Meter which I had used long ago.But the problem is that even when I am not doing any downloading or even browsing, both these meters show that I'm downloading at 5 - 7 kBps, constantly. This way, they show a much higher value than the actual bandwidth usage. I wish to know my daily and  weekly usage, but I cannot know using these two.Can anyone tell me what is the problem with these meters or if I need any other kind of meter for use with cable modem? Very appreciated, if anyone can help. Regards, RS?

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Trying to locate

I am looking for a Center zeroed meter (just the analog gauge, not a complete meter), or at least an idea on what I might find one....so that my dumpster diving become more precise :-) like the one contained herein:

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Question : Can you build a cheap Moisture meter for grain

Hello I'm a Peace Corps volunteer working with coffee. I'm helping farmers improve the quality of their coffee. To do this they need to dry their coffee very well. It is hard to tell if the coffee is dried enough without a moisture meter, and a moisture is very expensive. Does anyone know of how to build a moisture meter? this tells what percentage of the weight of the coffee bean is water, I believe. Or if anyone knows where to get one inexpensively, that would also help. Many thanks

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can the IC in this circuit be replace with the normal Quad 2 input Nand gate

I want  to make a inductance meter circuit but i cant access the I.C in the schematic because the electronics store near me that sells NTE parts, dont have it. I was wondering how much different will the circuit operate if i use a quad 2 input nand gate.  www.armory.com/~rstevew/Public/TestEquip/IndMeterAdapter.htm

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Sound level meter?

Does anyone know how I can build a simple sound level meter with a light that will come on at a certain sound level?

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how to connect the waterflow meter to raspberry pi

Please help in getting the output of the water flow meter tahat consists of a output wire and how we can interface the gpio pins to the water flow meter please help me as soon as possible thanking u all

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Is there an Instructable on the proper use of a volt meter?

Got a volt meter. It came with no instructions and have no idea how to use it.

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Printing scale for repurposed meter

I am doing a project to repurpose a Westinghouse KX-241 switchboard meter as a CPU process meter for my PC.  To to this I will have to make a new scale for the meter.  Here is the type of meter in question: http://www.allsbrookelectric.com/media/0e/a20792a12cc1c0e3dc7d2f_m.JPG The scale on the meter I have does not match the scale I need, which is 0 to 100 (percent).  This is a simple task: Just remove the scale from the meter, scan it, and modify the image as necessary with Corel Draw.  Then print the new scale on glossy paper and adhere it to the top of the meter scale.  Simple.  Except, if you notice in the picture, the scale of the meter is not all flat.  The outer edge of the scale where the lines are is angled outward.  If I try to apply a printed scale to this, the printed scale will have creases where the paper negotiates the angled portion.  Any ideas of how I can manage this without creases?

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Can we Make Grain Moisture Meter - Link Added

Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwtijjmJaJc Attached Video of the Moisture Meter - I need to make this myself. anyone here to help me

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I want to make and old school dial water meter using arduino and flow meter?

I need help making a old school dial meter like the ones used in electricity or auto richshaws. http://static.splashnology.com/articles/Examples_of_Skeuomorphism_in_Graphic_Design/Rickshaw_Meter_app_by_ranganath_krishnamani.png i want to flow water through a flowmeter and record data from arduino. i also want this arduino to control dial meter and show the appropriate numbers depending on the litres flown. i do not have any knowledge of coding , however im alright to prepare the hardware and solder etc! if i has a set of instructions

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Emco Capacitance Meter (o-o-o-ld)

I have an older capacitance meter made by Emco. Just checked it today. It appears to work ok when I attached the alligator clips to a 2000mF capacitor it made some numbers come up.(I don't know how to read one).It's old, like from the 70s. Takes a 9v battery.Pics tomorrow if anyone is interested.

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LED VU Meter Coffee Table

I'm working on building a VU meter that will respond to ambient noise into a coffee table that I am making, and I'm stuck on working out how to build the VU Meter circuit, and how to power all the LEDs. I planned on using a 10 LED VU meter kit, and somehow powering more than one LED for each subsequent step. The thing is, each level doesn't have the same amount of steps. The first four levels have 8 LEDs each, the next three have 16 LEDs each, and the last three have 24 LEDs each. The LEDs I'm using have a forward voltage of 2.0 volts, and a Max Power Dissipation of 105 mW. I don't know how to go about powering the LEDs or wiring the circuit. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello all My friends and I are interested in some fun ghost-busting as a science experiment. We wanted to ask if there was a way to create a cost effective EMF meter to detect paranormal activity. Thanks for your help!

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How do I tell if my neighbors are connected to my water meter? Answered

I live in a three apartment unit and there are two water meters. My landlord insists that my other two neighbors are connected and pays for their water. As a single unit with one meter, he can stick me with the bill. However, I have been having some exceptionally high water bills in my current apartment and I suspect that one of my neighbors might be connected to my water supply. Is there any way I can tell, short of calling a plumber and having the water turned off?

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Trying to repair micronta 22-164

I have a micronta talking multi meter 22-164 and after I put fresh batteries in it it keeps saying replace batteries. I found out other people have the same problem. 

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Would plugging one of two prongs of a electrical plug on different outlets have any affect on your power bill?

Here is an example : one prong of a electrical plug is plugged into an outlet in an apartment, while the other prong is plugged into an different apartment's outlet , in doing so, would there be any significant reading off both apartment's power bill/meter?

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Wiring analogue VU meters to headphones

I'm trying to wire two VU meters to some headphones so that there is a meter for each channel(one for the right, and one for the left). How would I hook them up? Do I need any special circuitry so that they work correctly? Attached are the meters I have still attached to the board I've salvaged them with.

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Wireless Weather Meters

I recently completed my wireless weather meters project and thought you guys might be interested in it. It uses and Arduino, analog panel meters and XBee to be able to wirelessly display weather forecast information in any room in the house. Check it out at http://electronics.guy-smiley.com . Schematics and source included.

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LED VU meter effect

Does anybody know how can I make a LED VU meter in which only a single light in the row shines at a time? http://i50.tinypic.com/vwr3np.gif That is the desired result: http://i45.tinypic.com/priqb.gif

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variable load DC volt meter?

I would like to build my own one of these with more settings and variable load and input voltages. Maybe someone has a more elegant solution? Something that would fit in a small box or maybe even a something to put in between the DC source and my multimeter Voltmeters

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LDR Calibration ?

I am planning to build a lumenmeter but I am not getting how to calibirate the LDR and do not have any lumen meter so if could tell the estimate lumens out of a 5w CFL or any other device might help

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VU Meter help

I'm trying to build a VU meter and am having trouble finding a schematic that actually works.  I having tried using the LM3915 and LM3916 both seem to act the same way.  I've tried 5v 9v and 12v sources along with every schematic I can find with no luck.  Either all the lights flicker a very fast. These are the schematics I have tried: https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F02/VELA/FJ3N5V3Q/F02VELAFJ3N5V3Q.MEDIUM.gif https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-VU-meter-that-dances-to-computer-music/?&sort;=ACTIVE&limit;=40 https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FX5/67GS/FLROK12R/FX567GSFLROK12R.gif Nothing seems to work.  I have added two 1uf caps across the source and a variety of resistor combinations but always end up with nothing or flickering lights.  What have I done wrong? 

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Some help with circuit... Ground and negative pole...? Answered

Hello, just a small help. Please look on a scheme. I wonder what should I do with ground. I just leave these wires conected to nothing? And where is here a negative pole? It's not nessesary? This is VU meter.

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How to make a mains power AC voltage meter for input as an MCU sensor?

Hi, I live off grid and need to keep an eye on various properties from various power sources. This includes, VDC 12-24 from the solar panels, VAC 220 from the fallback generator. VAC 220 from the inverter into the house. I can find off the shelf sensors for the AMPS which can feed into various MCUs I can find circuits to build sensors for AMPS, not a problem. What I cannot find is either off the shelf VOLTS level indicator sensors or circuits that do not involve plugging in walt-warts to bring the voltage down. Space is a premium so ideally I wanted to plug a live and neutral wire into one end of a pcb and have hopefully an analog 0-5 VDC representation coming out of the other. I have in my box some small 6, 9 and 12 unregulated mains VAC transformers. I find it strange that I can buy from China a small LCD with Volts, Amps, Watts and Hertz for about 8€ but not a barebones system which is what I need. So if anyone knows how to either hack one of these Chinese meters to give MCU usable input data or can help me build a meter, I would be very grateful. My son-in-law is an electrician but electronics is alien to him. So he can oversee the safety on big stuff. Thanks and kind regards, jB

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75 LED VU Sound Meter

Hiya, i want to put 75 leds either side of my sub woofer which act as a sound level meter.  there's a picture shown on how it would look like. 40 Green LEDs 20 Yellow LEDs 15 Red LEDs im have difficulties trying to find the perfect circuit right for this project. any ideas? thanks in advance. 

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Antique megawatt meter (Westinghouse). Anybody ever seen anything like this?

Picked up this barn-find in Cleveland, OH recently. I've tried finding any info on it to no avail. I found it near some massive (equally aged) Babcock & Wilcox pressure meters, so I'm thinking it came from a steam-powered electric plant. I'd love to find a picture of it or if anybody knows anything (or anyone who might know) please pass it along!

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How to make a speed meter to stop cars from speeding?

Ok folks, I live along a street where people come blasting through, and I want it to stop considering there are kids who kindof like to play on it. Here is born my idea: A speed meter that sits in my yard. If it senses a car going faster then about 30 MPH, it will automatically set off a siren, scaring the crap out of people and making them slow down. I don't want to hear about how this may/may not be illegal, I'll go to jail if its for the sake of saving our kids lives. So I was thinking about how to do this. An Arduino might work...but I would have to find some type of speed meter to use as a serial device for the Arduino, and after I did this, it'd be pretty easy. Just wire up a siren to a relay on one of the Arduino's outputs and away I go. Anybody know where I could find a speed meter that will work with the Arduino?

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question about hard drives and LED lights?

Hi guys, I'm trying to do this --> http://www.scribd.com/doc/3216005/Make-an-analogue-hard-drive-meter for a little jukebox/media centre I'm building. I have a basic VU meter all ready, and also a potentiometer. I've just pulled apart an external hard drive and I'm hoping to tap into the 'activity light' on the front to drive a simple VU meter.  It's a basic Western Digital external 1TB, but it has two little LEDs that flicker blue (alternately, but sometimes together!  Not sure what drives each light?!) and I'm just wondering what my next step is.  There's the basic hard drive, and a little SATA->USB controller board attached that features the two LEDs. I've attached a pic, sorry it's not great.  The Two LEDs are shining out from underneath the card, and you can see a little row of soldered connections on the topside of the board that run the LEDs, at the closest corner to us (the viewer). My question is: there appear to be 4 soldered connections on the two LEDs poking up.  What do I want to solder the VU meter to, and what are the risks to avoid?  Any comments/thoughts are welcome.  Thanks  :-)

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Arduino-Driven Multiple Liquid Dispenser

Hi all! I'm looking to find an Instructable for an Arduino-driven multiple liquid dispenser.  So for example, let's say I wanted to test 100 different combinations out of 20+ liquids (juices?).  I want to be able to push a button, and that dispenses x-liquid of a-volume, and then I push another button that dispenses y-liquid of b-volume using an electric dosing/metering pump into a main mixing reservoir. Something like the Bartendro, except on a semi-precised millileter scale? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/partyrobotics/bartendro-a-cocktail-dispensing-robot Thanks!  - Bryan

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Charge level indicator for small 4x AA Solar Battery Setup? Answered

Is there a simple way to build a charge indicator for 4 AA NIMH 1.2V 2000 mAh batteries? I thought a small 1-10 volt indicator would do it, but was told it would depend on battery type, etc...

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How to make a 5 channel Vu meter (equalizer)

Hey guys, I'm planning on building a sound equalizer display aka Vu Meter, with 10 segment LED. My idea is to make a central sound system with analog I/O for 5.1, with three stereo amps DIY kits, each one for Front (LR), Back (LR) and Sub/Central. I've been using a 2.1 Logitech since my Samsung 5.1 home theater died, and its not enough.  At first, I though about buying a new 5.1 system, but my budget is not enough right now, and as I always loved to build myself, I though, why not? In resume, its a central with volume control, LED to indicate volume output, and 5 rows of 10-segment LED for graphic equalizer. I'll attach an image with the sketch of the frontal look. Its not final, but it may be enough. Now the problem: My knowledge about this sound frequency area is pretty poor. I can't figure out how to make each LED Segment for an specific hertz. I'd like to divide it into 60Hz, 230Hz, 910Hz, 3kHz and 14kHz. For material, I'm planning on using laser cutted MDF for the box and glass for the front panel, to give it a "pro" look. I may change it for acrylic in the end.  The tools I own right now are:  1x Arduino Uno R3, which I intend to use it for the prototype and tests. 1x Arduino Mini, I'd rather use this one instead of an non-writtable CI for final project, as I may want to change codes and add stuff to it later. 5x 10-Segment LED Bar 5x Lm3914 I'd like to get to know how to divide and convert the frequencies of the sound into graphic, tips about the code for arduino and material list and mounting guide for each segment... Thanks a lot, I'm sorry for the long text, but I could not figure out how to explain it in other way. And again, thanks!

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Digital Capacitance Meter? Answered

Can a digital capacitance meter measure the capacitance of an inductor?

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How can I make a vu meter from an 100ma panel meter?

I want to build an vu meter from my 100ma panel meter but I don't know how to. I am a beginner and it must be cheap . Please help me whit this problem!  I have a panel meter like this

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how to make an electric meter model?

I have to make a 3D model of an electric meter and explain what each part is.

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Signal amp for vu meter- help!

Hi, I am creating a VU meter with my arduino board soon. I would like the vu meter to output the same amount of light even if the input audio is lower or giher (if i change the volume, I dont want the vu meters range to fluctuate). Does anyone know of a device that will maintain a constant signal voltage regardless of whether the inout signal is high or low? I'm not fussed if this amplifying circuit distorts the signal a bit as I am not actually using it to listen to afterwards. Thanks, Joe

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how does a kill a watt work exactly?

Hey everyone i was just wondering how watt meters work. most of you already know the Kill-A-Watt. this is basically what i am looking to understand. Kill-A-Watt may get a little complicated as a device, but i would like to know what the basic idea is behind the meter.is there an instructable on how to make your own simple meter? any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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VU Meter Help?

I can only find an LM324 for a U meter. and the only schematic i could find was confusing....http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk/Circuits/Audio/Vumeter.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.acidmods.com/forum/index.php%3Ftopic%3D35382.0&usg=__JKJHEVkfZz92hhYo8rDxJaU9Roc=&h=401&w=407&sz=10&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=BowIq_ZQanGTBM:&tbnh=134&tbnw=138&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dlm324%2Bvu%2Bmeter%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26biw%3D1440%26bih%3D807%26tbs%3Disch:1&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=124&vpy=167&dur=818&hovh=223&hovw=226&tx=139&ty=123&ei=mrB9TLTbDYSClAffhOjrCw&oei=mrB9TLTbDYSClAffhOjrCw&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0.....<br> So if someone could either explain that circuit or help me with a new one, I'd much appreciate it!<br> <br> THANKS!

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how to make a external pc frequency meter ?

*********** Please be positive and follow instructable's "Be Nice" comment policy . and yes...... i am a newbie to everything (Although it's more than 5 years of ammetuer tinkering)...... so please be positive and don't comment negatively. Thanks A lot. and my english is scrap...... apologies. :)  *********** So  as you can see...... i want to make an external speed meter for my pc ....... and want to display that on a led bar graph . or numerical values on 7 segments.............  all i want to know is that how can i get the pc speed to a microcontroller...........  ? i've got a asus z170 pro gaming mobo....... and i am waiting for 7th gen i3 7100 .........and the mobo also has a external clock generator....... but if i need to get speed through that..... i'd probably need a mcu faster than pc......... so i think the best way to do that is to make a pc program that can recognize pc's current speed........ and send it to a mcu(arduino) through serial connection.......... but now the problem is that i don't know java and c++ that much..... so how to solve this mess ? And can i make same meters for everything else.... like network ram etc. just like a "task manager hardware". And by the way..... i am taking pc building as an art......... and want a stunning stark tech like pc inside a 1.5m x 1.5m man cave. :D 

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Low battery indicator

Can someone please provide me with a schematic to turn on an LED when a 9v PP3 gets low (~<20%), no microcontrollers, the simpler the better. I am hoping you can do this with a few diodes, transistors, resistors, and maybe some capacitors, but I can't think how this would work.

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Is it possible to modify this watt dial to work with less current? Answered

I've got a few of these watt dials that I would love to use in a project, however, they will not be reading wattages and will rather be controlled with Arduino. Right now they are set up to read up to 3750 w at 125v, which is much more power than I can source with an Arduino or would be achievable with this project.  The way it is set up is that current goes through the magnetic coil and creates a magnetic field perpendicular, attracting a small magnetic block (slightly visible in the photo). Would simply rewrapping the coil with thinner magnet wire in more coils work?

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Multimeter Capacitance Meter? Answered

Can a multimeter with a capacitance meter measure capacitance of a home made high voltage capacitor?

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

how to design a prepaid digital electric meter?

Hi, i need to design a prepaid digital electrical meter, that will be able to send alerts when electricity goes off and when lower current is recieved, also there should be an ability to switch electricity off/on remotely. willing to pay for full support. want to use microcontrollers in this.

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Use LED VU meter as Tachometer?

Hi, i want to share and ask something.   Somedays back i bought a digital tachometer with dial and needle. I wanted to test it, so i connected its power terminals (12V) and connected the Tach input wire to audio speakers output (+ve) terminal and played a loud song.  I saw Tach needle going up at certain frequencies. I want to ask that if tach can detect audio signals SAME AS a VU audio meter does. So, CAN A LED VU METER BE CONNECTED SAME IN PLACE OF TACHOMETER  to detect car RPM signals.? Plz help and guide.

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Christmas Spirit -O-Meter (Bah humbug meter)

I'm a school teacher and every year we have a door decorating competition...and we always lose.  Last year, I tried working on an interactive door display that shows the users holiday/Christmas spirit level, ranging from jolly to bah humbug.  My idea was the user would put one or both hands on a metal plate(s) and lights would show up showing their level of holiday spirit.  Essentially, it's a skin conductivity meter that uses a row of led lights indicating the amount of resistance/conductivity. Does anyone have plans available or can direct me to a site where I can find them.  Preferably nothing too elaborate where I can just use a breadboard and electronic parts from Radio Shack. Thanks, Dwight

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lm3916 substitute Answered

Im going to build a rgb vu meter but when looking for parts the lm3916 was pretty exspensive and im trying to see if there is a substitute for it      and a rgb led can two or three of the pins be powered at the same time or only one at a time

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I have a multimeter which has a thermocouple I can plug in to get a temperature reading. I really like the thing, but the thermocouple itself isn't all that robust. Although the meter is capable of reading temperatures up to 1850F, I doubt the thermocouple would last long at only 400-500F. My question is, is it possible to buy another thermocouple and use it in place of the provided one and still get fairly accurate temperature readings? I was thinking of maybe using a thermocouple normally used in furnaces or hot water heaters.

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