Is there a way to measure for methanol in your final product

Is there a way to measure for methanol in your final product?

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How to calculate using counter balance to lift a mass from undersea to above seawater. Answered

A huge beam planted into sea and the height 15meter above seawater. Total length 30m. Using pulley system, both side left and right hung 2 equal weight drum. The whole picture should be similar to Elevator methodQuestion: How counterbalance and pulley system calculation will be? Do I need to consider buoyancy formula and also F=ma.What kind of formula do I have to consider?

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whats the method for the beetlebot?

Whats the method for the beetlebot?

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New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

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Scientific Method Contest

I just saw the contest and was left with a few questions:  the description says entries should apply the scientific method to every day life, but real scientific projects would be acceptable too right? Reason I'm wondering this is because I already had a scientific ible planned, this would be a great moment to make it! I'm also curious about the Youth project prize, do you have to include something in your instructable in order to have a chance of winning it? 

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Alternative scrolling methods

Here's one to challenge your creativity. I read a lot of blogs, engadget, lifehacker etc... and these are mainly long pages of text and images. I've become bored of using a plain ole mouse wheel to scroll down and so i'm looking to make something overall cooler or easier to use. Note the use of OR before reading the next bit. I've had an idea of one method. Get one of those realistic fake cats that breathes and put the scroller in it's back. Then you can cradle it in your arms Dr. No style and stroke it's back, all the while scrolling down a page of your choice. I also thought of somehow making the whole right side of my desk a massive scrollbar, but it would be a bit complicated for my liking. So what do you think? Do you have any good ideas for ways to scroll down a page? Think everyday actions that involve some sort of scrolling motion, and keep it work safe.

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Methods for winding coils

When I read up on the coils used in power generation, I found that the wire used is a type of magnet copper wire, and I bought 1600 feet of it on ebay. My only problem now is winding the coil. I figure I can do something like wrap it a few hundred times around a pole thats slightly larger than the rare earth disc magnets I got. Anyone have any suggestions? Btw, most of my information is adapted from normal rotating wind power generators.

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I need a detailed method of doing, and double checking Algebraic Quadratic equations? Answered

What I lacked in school, over 30 years ago, was a backbone to ask the teacher what he meant, but his hurried learn this style of teaching. What I need now, is something I have having trouble getting, even from any of the several books on the subject I have, that claim to make it simple: that is, I need both the methodology of doing the equations, and I need to know how and why they work, so I can work out when I have done something wrong.

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How could one finish off a paper construct? Answered

I require some method of covering and finishing geometric paper constructs in a durable (can survive the average jean pocket's wear and tear) and aesthetically pleasing manner. Some work with wide sticky tape can produce a fair finish, but the look is not necessarily desirable. I'm thinking melt on contacts, dipping in glue, cutting up book covering paper... that sort of thing. Any ideas? Thanks, ~K

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Which guitar method is the best? Answered

Please, I need recommendations of any guitar methods that you tried and like. Either printed or CD ROMs. Thank you very much!

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heat exchanger making method?

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awesome scientific method project?

I need an awesome project (around 8th grade level) that uses the scientific method. making something glow? making my own keyboard? help?

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Color in Thermomolding, 2 methods

I need someone with a  Thermolding Rig to have a go at this:

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Easiest method for magnetic levitation? Answered

I have a ring magnet of about 4 cm diameter and additional magnet pieces. for my science project, i want to suspend one magnet in the air WITH OUT ANY SUPPORT. how can i do it? what are the factors affecting the stability? can anyone tell me the simplest way to perform that? what other shapes of magnet will i need to do that?

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Winding Method For Guitar Pickups?

I just finished putting together a Savonius wind turbine: of the things I really want to work on for the next version is improving the inductance of the coils. Someone told me today that there's a whole community of musicians focussed on wiring their own guitar pickups. He said they do cool stuff with modified sewing machines and the like.Has anyone run across people or projects like this? Do you have you own favorite methods for quickly and effectively making copper coils? I'm thinking something in the 36 gauge thickness with several hundred wraps. So far, I've managed to do okay with 28 gauge wound up in aluminum bobbins by a variable speed drill, but I know there's got to be a better way.

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Cheaper method for 3D screen

Hey everyone.  I am new to instructables but you guys have really inspired me to see what I can come up with.  By taking a few ideas I have come across on the net, around here, and a quick epiphany after watching a 3d movie, I have an idea.  (sorry for post formatting, still trying to figure this out) I am trying to pull the parts together right now but if someone could build it first they could have the instructable.  Well, to the idea then.  Basically, using 2 ideas from Johnny Chung Lee(a grad from Carnegie Mellon University) that he has released to the public with software(found at, any 2 digital projectors, and several polarized glasses received from movie theaters you can build your own 3d projection system with eye tracking to add perspective. The two projects of johnny Lee's we are using are Wii-mote eye tracking and Projector Stitching.  Projector stitching will be used to automatically calibrate the projectors to perfectly overlap so the offset images are accurate(absolutely critical for 3d images) so we don't have to and the eye tracking would be used by software to add perspective to any live 3d environment/game(not necessary).  The polarized glasses are used both by the projectors and the user so atleast 2 pairs would have to be acquired.  Lenses are placed in front of the projector to filter out all but the correct pole of light.  This will dim the projector slightly as light is being lossed but what you get is cheap polarized image.  I have tested this and it does work if you project light through the back of the lens(the eye side).  The only thing that presents a problem is the projection surface.  Most surfaces scatter and remove polarization from light.  The screens at movie theaters are specially made to not do this.  I am still researching a cheap material that has this property so I can use it but if any of you find it first have at it.  I just want the instructable up so we can see what we can do with it.  What you get with this setup is two overlapping images that can be filtered effectively between the two eyes.  This is what enables a 3d image to be sent.  Add in the eye tracking and you have a 3d image that adjusts based on the position of the users head.  This adds an amazing degree of interactivity to a 1 player game as now you have depth added to the experience and moving actually does something for the game.

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Rubix cube solving method collaboration

Well, i was thinking(wale i was solving my rubix cube) and thought, why don't we pull our solving methods together and we could make a really fast method for solving the cube. then we could make a collaboration for it. i use a modified version of the "beginners" method. i will post my method later, i do not have time right now.

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Improved Method for solving a Rubik's Cube

Hey Guys- I finally wrote up my method for solving a Rubik's Cube. It's a modified version of the solution that comes as instructions with your cube. With this method, I've gotten solves of under 25 seconds!If you're interested, check it out at!-Improved!/ -I'd love to collaborate with someone to create a method even more simple and efficient!

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Rating Method

Some time ago YouTube changed their rating system from stars, to likes and, dislikes. I was just curios if it would be illegal for Instructables to utilize this same method. Also, if anyone prefers the like/dislike method better than the stars method then, tell me in the comments.

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Best Method to Attach and or Sew Feathers on to Clothing or Fabric? Several methods are needed.

I am looking for several methods of attaching and sewing feathers to clothing. I want to avoid using glue if at all possible, or perhaps a combo of glue and needle? Examples might be edging of cloaks, collars, cuffs, etc. Anyone have any neat tricks or ideas?

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Ideas and Methods for DIY Truck Topper

So in 5 months starting February I'll be getting my first vehicle. If I do get a truck, I'll be making my own topper out of wood. Now I have a reference picture but I want it out of wood just because it's more secure and looks pretty. Also because I will be making a door on the back that stands tall but can also be walked through. The first two photos is how I want to make the topper but I need methods and advice to do so. The third picture is how I want the door. I'll try to answer any question when you have them but keep in mind I don't currently own a truck, this is for 6 months down the road.

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Remove, Change order of steps method?

Hi all! Resolved I'm working on an instructables ( ) and I accidentally added a step. I would also like to switch steps 6 and step 7. How can I do that? Thanks! Also, if you have any general suggestions, please give them! Someone answered my question in the instructables IRC (Internet Relay Chat) -  in the editor I hit view all steps, and there there are little xs to delete steps, and you can drag and drop the steps.

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Best method for cutting small stones? Answered

I figured I would create a bit of an imitation to the whiskey stones sold at think geek. I found a few stones which were large enough to create suitable cubes, and had a nice color to them. However, I ran into a problem when I finally got up to cutting them. My dremel tool provided minimal results, Even with solid carbide tips. So, I asked around and the only other suggestion I recieved was to use a diamond tipped table saw. The problem as you probably know is that that would be overkill, and probably ineffective, as I would have a hard time holding down a 2 inch stone. Your help is appreciated, thanks in advance. * note - I have no idea exactly what type of stone I'm using, but I know that it is relatively soft.

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Thoughts on this method to heat my pool? Answered

So, I have an intex easy-set 12' pool. We have finally leveled the ground and re-filled it and it works great. I live in Texas the swim season is pretty long already. I have this all rigged up with a bungee cord tether so I can swim in place for exercise. I dug out the center to give me another foot depth where I needed it. I also have a solar cover and the entire thing is covered by an elevated parachute tent for shade/wind block. (Also modesty). For now the water warms up significantly enough by about 10 am without much heat loss at night. I have thought long an hard and this is what I have come up with to heat it during the colder months. I can build a typical solar collector with hoses and hook it to either my saltwater sand pool pump or the cheapy pool pump it came with (which would be better?) then put it on top of a metal roof piece in the yard slightly elevated from rain water, then attach radiant floor heating mats underneath it. I am hoping this would provide a boost of heat on less sunny days or when it is significantly cold, like December. With a much cheaper energy bill. I am guessing I will need to insulate the heating things a bit or something. Feel free to suggest anything. I am just kinda in plan mode atm.

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When Zombies Attack!

From the University of Ottowa:A mathematical modeling of an outbreak of Zombie infectionWith citations, graphs and MATLAB code.As seen in the movies, it is imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly, or else we are in a great deal of trouble.

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What are all the different methods of shooting knex?

Please give examples

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How many method of storing solar energy?

How many method of storing solar energy; what r they mention how many transducer r ther to convert solar energy to elctrical energy

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Patent Files: Method of exercising a cat (5,443,036)

PatentA method for inducing cats to exercise consists of directing a beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus onto the floor or wall or other opaque surface in the vicinity of the cat, then moving the laser so as to cause the bright pattern of light to move in an irregular way fascinating to cats, and to any other animal with a chase instinct.Discuss!

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Methods of identifying location of miniatures for electronic wargame?

Greetings, I want to make a wargame with miniatures, and somehow have a computer detect the locations of the pieces so that is can keep track of things such as their health and experience. Ideas: - oOptically with a camera and barcodes on each piece, but that would require the surface be transparent with the barcodes underneath. - Is there is possible to determine the exact location of RFIDs? Any ideas? Thanks

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Any thoughts on this method to power a car stereo?

OK, I've seen several posts of using computer power supplies and 12V wall adapters to power car stereos.  I was about to recycle an old portable cd player when I noticed that the power rating was 12V.  I haven't cracked it open yet to see how the power supply is wired, but could the power supply from this stereo be used to power a car stereo? 

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What's the best method of charging a car battery? Answered

I have a 12v car battery (not using in a car) and I also have a fancy charger (I use this to charge batteries for RC vehicles) that can alter voltage, current, end voltage and so on. What voltage and current should I charge at, and what should the voltage be when it's fully charged (so I know when to stop)? (the charger suggests 14.7v) thanks Jack

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Oven bake method on sodimm ram possible? Answered

I have done succesful oven bakes on xbox 360 board and graphic cards. Now i have a sodimm ddr 1gb ram which doesnt work. The laptop does not boot with this ram . I thought that maybe an oven bake would work. I do 8 minutes on 230 C for the xbox 360 and graphic card. Is that overkill for one little ram chip?  thanks in advance

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heat to electricity,what is the most efficent method?

My plan is to build a generator that can be used in a house(prefrably installed into a new build chimney). I'm going to start by building a prototype and i need advice on what kind of devices are out there or i can manufacture. also if possible could you tell me the output it is possible of? (eg enough to power a laptop) thanks any help is much apreciated :)

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How can I scan to roots of plant that inside of the pot?

Dear friends, I am an academician in Faculty of Agriculture. Roots development of plants is an important parameter in our experiments. So I need to display the root length without remove the plants from the pots. I need to find the differences between cultivars or treatments about root length, efficient root depth and root area. If I can display it similar to example images, so if I can distinguish the roots by photoshop, It will be so useful for me. Is there any sensor, method or such thing that I can scan the roots without the damage the plants by using of arduino ? or any DIY device. Coloring is not important for me, I need just selection of roots. Best regards.

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what's the universal math method of calculating how good someone is good in paintball or airsoft? Answered

Show your work and explain it to every detail.

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Online Earning

Does instructables pay the teachers for teaching or it's free teaching ?????

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coding method of resistances in the form of 4k7, 8k2 or 560R? Answered

I just want to know the values of 8k2, 2k2, 1k5 and 560R and what type of coding method it is?

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why is water displacement method used in collecting oxygen?

Why is that water displacement is being used in collecting oxygen and hydrogen gases/

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Whats the best method to tonertransfer a _double_ sided pcb?

I was mad a lot of single sided pcb layouts with the toner transfer method. now i want to make some double sided pcb layouts, but i dunno how i can do it right, so that its 100% same position on every side.

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What is the best connection method when wiring outlets? Answered

They've changed since I last bought outlets.  It looks like there are now three ways to connect the wires.... stab it in the holes, wrap it around the screws, and something I haven't seen before.  I  don't know what to call it, but it looks sort of like a screw down clamp.  So which method is the best practice?  

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What is the correct method to cast a medal using Sulphur?

I keep getting small pins when too hot and large air bubbles when too cold.... there is zero data on the net about casting with sulphur - please help!

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cut plastic pepsi bottles? What is the best method?

I am trying to do a project with plastic pop bottles. I have to make three cuts and am doing it with sissors. My hand is killing me!!! I have looked at the foam wire cutters but nowhere does it say that you can cut plastic using them.

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What brand and method is used to glue inner tubes?

I have several Instructables that I want to make using inner tubes.  I have used a couple of rubber type glues and sanded the inner tube and it still does not bond well.  I will appreciate any suggestions.  I need a good bond.  Thanks. Sunshiine

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Mounting a blade sign to a tent pole—best methods?

Hi there! I'm doing deco for a large event where there will be a line of vendors in pole tents—the kind you typically see at festivals and fairs, with a white top and stuff. I want to see if it's doable to have blade signs hanging for each vendor, mounted to one of the frame poles of the tent. The signs' construction is variable depending on the mounting methodology, I'm thinking the more lightweight the better. One method I was thinking about would be using zip ties to snugly attach a 90 degree bracket to the tent frame pole and hang the sign from the perpendicular arm, but I don't know if zip ties would be sturdy enough. These don't have to withstand a hurricane but do need to be sturdy enough to withstand the occasional nudge or shake by workers/drunk people. I should also emphasize that the tents will be rented, so no permanent alterations can be done (i.e. no soldering brackets to tent frames...) Thoughts/suggestions/possible drawbacks? THANK YOU

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Method for "extrapolating" a skull from a 3d model of a head?

Forensics teams can "estimate"/"extrapolate" a face from a skull, so what my question is would it be possible to do this in reverse? I have been playing around with the 123D apps and i was already planning on making a 3D model of my head with 123D Catch for both the purposes of having a nice 3D model of my head and also so that i might be able to create a "form" , probably with 123D Make , that could be used to create masks that actually "fit" my face, so i was thinking, with the 3D model of my head could i "extract" even a basic model of my skull from it? And if so , does anyone have any ideas on how i might go about doing so?

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How could I build this in a cost effective method?

Hello, I recently went to a Camera supply store and fell in love with this amazing light.. Its a Fotodiox LED 1000 ASV, you can google it or look on to get a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish I would like to make one.. so far I have this is mind.. I can buy a lot of about 1000 LED's for really cheap.. Mirror plexiglass maybe about a 12inx12in to mount all the LEDs and a potentiometer to dim. I would like to run on 12 volt simply because it gives it more power options for my needs, the one thing I'm kind of confused on is, Am I really gonna have to wire 1000 Resistors to make each LED 12v? Or is there a simpler method.. Also, power supply is an issue, I am not sure if I can just wire all the LEDs down to two wire for a regular 110-220V Input, 12v Output adapter.. Do I need an LED driver of some sort? Especially If I want to be able to dim. Building the Housing and stand shouldnt be an issue, Its more the electrical part where I am concerning myself with. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I do automotive 12v as a profession and hobby, I'm just recently getting into "higher voltage" =D "I'M READY TO STICK A FORK IN A SOCKET!!" lol, can anybody give me any tips? details? or even how they would go about doing this? Any advice is better then no advice.. and any direction is better then starting lost, Thanks in advance! I Will start making an instructable soon once I get my supplies in (LED's, Mirror Plexi) Considering that where I have to start.

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Please, I want to methods and techniqes to separate gold from sulfur?

Please, I want to methods and techniqes to separate gold from sulfur.       Thanks in advance

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what is the best method of winding a magnetic pic up coil? Answered

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what is difference between park mc clellans and window method ?

Park mc clellans method - it is iteration algorithm that accept filter specification in term of passband and stopband frequence , ripple and attenuation what is difference between park mc clellans and window method

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Can't Publish Error "please use an allowed HTTP method!

When I try and save my instructable to I receive the message "Please use an allowed HTTP method".  I have powered off my phone and even tried to create another instructable.  I need to get it downloaded tonight.

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